Yummy Jewish delicacies for your post-wedding celebration
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Yummy Jewish delicacies for your post-wedding celebration

One of the reasons why everyone looks forward to Jewish weddings is the absolutely succulent feast that awaits every guest afterwards. These feasts are indeed reputed for their decadence, which means that you’re certainly going to have to live up to the expectation if you’re having a Jewish theme wedding. If you’re unfamiliar with Jewish customs, it’s crucial for you to familiarize yourself with the different customs and dietary restrictions. Challah bread, for instance, is regarded as an absolute must because the Rabbi normally blesses the bread before starting the feast.

Jewish Challah bread

Traditional Jewish families will only eat Kosher-certified food, which is actually quite easy to get. Jewish individuals also follow the ‘Kashrut’ dietary customs which state that they can’t eat the eggs, flesh and milk of certain animals. Meat is never eaten with dairy and some orthodox families even try not to eat fish and meat together. However, these can be served at the reception, provided that they’re not included in the same dish. Seared salmon, for example, is an extremely popular dish at Jewish receptions because they are thought to enhance fertility and vitality. However, shellfish such as shrimps, crabs, lobsters, oysters and clams are forbidden, as are any pork-related products.

Kosher meal

As far as alcoholic beverages are concerned, bear in mind that traditional Jewish people will only consume wine produced by Kosher manufacturers while some might even avoid it altogether. A safer bet would be to serve whole grapes fruit cocktails or non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Non-fruity beers are perfectly wine but some people might restrict champagne altogether. If you’re expecting a large party and can’t contact each person individually to enquire about dietary restrictions, it’s best to provide both an alcoholic and teetotal bar.

Seared salmon

Kosher meals for your guests don’t have to be boring either. If you’re unfamiliar with the dietary requirements, why don’t you contact a Jewish caterer who will take care of all the food pairings for you? Don’t hesitate to be creative as well: briskets, sushi, roasted vegetable kebabs, garlic and ginger marinated tenderloins and other such dishes are bound to enthrall your guests. As for the desserts, there are practically no dietary restrictions provided that you refrain from including non-Kosher grapes. A very popular sweet dish found at Jewish receptions is the Sutlac. Not unlike rice puddings, Sutlacs refer to a creamy delicacy made from rice, egg yolk sugar, milk and cornstarch.

Jewish reception

All in all, the most important thing to keep in mind is to learn as much as you can about the various dietary restrictions and requirements while using quite a bit of imagination to provide your guests with a diverse and delectable wedding buffet that they’ll remember in the years to come!

Wedding buffet


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