Yellow Bridal Flower Bouquet
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Yellow Bridal Flower Bouquet

Waking up to a pocketful of sunshine is a great way to start your day and a great habit to form to build up your positive character. There are people who could easily lighten up the mood and set the positive aura for everybody. Those people are God’s angels on earth. If good old friends feel like you are their pocketful of sunshine, then definitely take yellow flowers for your bridal bouquet.Project your happy disposition through these yellow bridal bouquet ideas.

Yellow Tulips
Planning to go for sophistication and simplicity? Pick out yellow tulips and wrap up a ribbon beneath their heads, on their green soft, but burly stems. No need to go over the top when tulips are your flowers for they are already synonymous with effortless elegance. To zest them up, you can use other colored tulips with yellow – purple, white, pink, purple, orange or blue.

Yellow Craspedia
Are you not a fan of the usual yellow flowers? Want to offer something uniquely fun in your wedding bouquets? Then have a bunch of Craspedia tied together. Those yellow puffs would surely pop some color into a plain bridal motif. This type of bouquet is best for weddings with grey, white and pale blue motifs.

daffodil bouquet
Yellow Daffodils
Spring country weddings call for daffodils in your bridal bouquet. The yellow daffodils on a garden wedding screams spring. You can have a bouquet of plain daffodils or you could throw in some accent flowers into the creation. Flowers with the same hue of daffodil yellow would be a nice texture play.

Yellow Sunflowers
Sunflowers remind us to always look for the sun and have some summer fun. Again, the yellow bridal bouquet would be a seemly choice for rustic, country and garden weddings. It would also be pleasant for nautical-themed weddings as the yellow would pop out some color into the predictable blue-and-white décor.

Yellow Combo
If you’re feeling fancy and adventurous, you could principally combine yellow with other colors. Break the monotony by having a color combination or two. White is a safe choice. Blue would throw in some excitement and that can be refreshing. Go vivid and play with some pinks and oranges into the yellow flowers. For an autumn wedding, an addition of orange and brown flowers or acorns or leaves would be interesting.


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