Winter Wedding Wonders
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Winter Wedding Wonders

When you and your soon-to-be husband picked out a date, have you thought of what season is it going to be that day? Maybe you’ll want to reminisce that first conversation you two had over a cup of coffee back when you two were stuck in a café because of the heavy snowing outside? Say yes to a winter wedding, it’s so going to be grand.Here are some of the perks of having a winter wonderland wedding.

Wintery Details

That Movie Poster Wedding Picture

If you think that a man professing his undying love to his lady under the snowflakes can only happen in movies, think again. With a wedding held on winter, you can absolutely make this fantasy come true. Think of you in that pristine lacey white dress with your man in a suit, pecking and kissing under the snow. Yes, snow drama princess, it’s possible.

Winter Wedding Picture

Dress Like You’re a Snow Princess

And since you are living out your snow princess dream, wear your title with pride. Carefully plan out your white bridal dress and your bouquet showing off some blush and neutral hues. Some brides would wear puffy overcoats to keep them warm – perfect when you still want a tube gown in the middle of winter.

Winter Gown and Bouquet

Offer Warmth to your Guests Literally
Finally, you could express your warm gratitude to your awesome friends and families with something tangible and edible – hot chocolate drinks and sweet munch ons. Keep them warm with these little goodies and keep these close to the reception entrance. Your guests will truly love this surprise. You can always play with the goodies. Chestnuts and marshmallows to be roasted right then and there perhaps?

Winter Treats

Say It’s Snowy on Paper
Also, you have to make sure that your guests come prepared. Don’t just give them warm treats to keep the cold out. Tip them to come in their most regal winter outfit. Say it in the invitations subtly. A winter-themed invitation would instantly give them the idea that your wedding will take place on days of snowfalls. That way, they’ll have the opportunity to plan out their transportation and outfit, including their shoes.

Winter Wedding Invites

Wintery Trinkets to Enjoy
Again, a party is made more fun if both guests and celebrants were entertained. Keep your wedding crowd interested and less bored with tiny winter wedding ideas. Extend the acorns on the men’s boutonniere and not just on the bride’s and bride’s maids’ bouquets. Let the guys display their participation too. Have the cookies on the snack bar cut in snowflake forms. Sprinkle some little styro balls on the venue to extend the wintery feel. You can do tons of stuff, but just remember to stick with the white, snowy theme.


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