Wedding veils do’s and don’ts
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Wedding veils do’s and don’ts

There’s nothing like a properly fitted wedding veil to embellish the bride and bring a classy and sophisticated look to her overall attire. Whilst this is certainly an ancient tradition, more and more brides are embracing this ultimate wedding accessory. However, if not properly worn, veils can be detrimental to your outfit and look quite out of place. It is important that you take the necessary precautions to adjust your veil to not only your dress but also your shoes, face and hairstyle. A veil should always compliment your face and outfit.

Veil compliments face and outfit

Indeed, the veil affects the contours and structure of your face more than you can imagine. For example, a bride with a round face should probably steer clear from birdcages or small veils that hide the forehead because these will make her face appear even rounder and rather puffy-like. This is due to the fact that birdcages tend to draw attention to the lower, hence rounder, area of your face. On the other hand, however, birdcage veils look absolutely fantastic on women with thin and long faces because they will draw attention to the cheekbones and define the contours.

Birdcage veil

A bride with a veil always has an appealingly mysterious aura around her. To emphasize this mysterious-like appeal, it’s important to take proper care of your makeup and make sure that it’s visible from underneath your veil. Do not, under any circumstances, tone down your makeup just because your face will be partially hidden. On the contrary, an absolute must-do for wedding veils is to apply more makeup than usual with particular focus on the eyes and lips. Jet back mascara and eye liner paired with glossy lips are going to look absolutely stunning under your veil. If you’re planning on throwing the veil up, be sure to pay attention to your cheekbones as well. Some luminous bronzer and blush will counterbalance any shadow that the veil will throw upon your face.

Bride with veil

Bride with veil 2

Another thing that brides always have to do but very rarely think about is removing the veil after the wedding, especially if it’s long and heavy. Yes, most of us are reluctant to take it off and we won’t feel as special as we do with the veil on. But, truth be told, thirty minutes into the reception will have you hot, sweaty and bothered which means that you’ll have to fumble with the veil and remove it in front of everyone. While this certainly doesn’t apply for shorter veils, long veils can be quite a hassle for the reception and you won’t feel as light and relaxed as you’ll feel without it.

Veil removed for reception


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