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Go back in time with a Gone with the Wind wedding

Undoubtedly one of- if not the most- iconic movies of all time, Gone with the Wind is renowned for its extravagant and elaborate costumes as well as for the airs and graces of the highly acclaimed Scarlet O’Hara. It’s therefore no surprise that several couples want to integrate a Gone with the Wind theme within their vintage wedding. In fact, the 30’s was one of the most fashionable era of all time, filled with debonair tuxes and huge poufy ball gowns with tiny bodices. Best of all, planning this theme for your wedding is actually much easier and less expensive that you think.

Period costume

For starters, remember that first impressions are last impressions, so be sure to start off with a vintage wedding invitation that will set the overall tone and mood of your special day. Antique or lace trimmed stationaries are fantastic options for these types of cards. Also, remember to include a separate note in your invitation to inform your guests about the theme of the day. If you want to really feel like you’ve stepped back in time, don’t hesitate to ask your guests to dress up in various period costumes from the 30’ as well.

Vintage invitation

Next is the location. Gone with the Mind is also reputed for its picturesque and romantic settings that manage to look extremely appealing even in the midst of the civil war. Indeed, who can forget ‘Tara’, the extravagant mansion nestled in the midst of lush greenery? So, forget about typical indoors weddings and try to book an outdoors location, preferably in the middle of nature, next to a river or waterfall. If you can afford it, don’t forget to embellish the place with an appealing white-flower wedding arch, a circular seating arrangement and the likes.

Romantic location

As far as your wedding dress goes, it’s best to stay away from contemporary styles such as A-cut or Mermaid hems.  The 30’s were brimming with huge, Princess-like dresses and Ball gowns so bear that in mind when you shop for your perfect outfit. However, as large and billowy as the skirt portion of the dress is, remember that the bodice was notoriously small and was often worn with a corset. Now, comfort is the key to any successful wedding so you can of course skip the corset. But, brides who want to go all the way in their Gone with the Wind wedding can buy a vintage boned corset to nip in the waist by several inches. As for the groom, he might want to don a gentleman’s suit as well as a top hat for the special day. Of course, growing a mustache is quite a nice idea as well, especially if he wants to look like the ever-dashing and suave Rhett Butler.

Ballgown dress



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Easily enhance your vintage wedding

Who doesn’t love vintage weddings? The old fashioned, Scarlet O’Hara dresses, the soft blue, pink and beige pastels, the groomsmen in suspenders and other such touches are more than enough to wow even the toughest of critics. However, while vintage weddings are certainly growing in popularity, there’s no denying that, with the amount of people adopting this theme, these ceremonies are gradually losing their charm.

Vintage bride and groom

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, be sure to add some special touches that will enhance your vintage wedding theme while providing a stunning visual effect.

Vintage bridesmaid dresses

Vintage clothing for the entire bridal party
It definitely goes without saying that the bride should preferably be dressed in a vintage-theme gown. Of course, there are quite a few eras to choose from, so you’ll certainly have a wide variety of choices. Whether you want to go for a puffy 30’s ball gown or a slinky 20’s wedding dress, be sure to accessorize it with the proper vintage accessories. Chocker necklaces, 20’s headbands and anklets are all items that will instantly draw attention to the old-fashioned atmosphere.

Bride in 20s vintage dress and headpiece

For a more pronounced vintage feel, the groom, as well as the groomsmen and bridesmaids can also dress up in vintage clothes. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and add a bit of a costume-party feel to your vintage wedding for a more striking effect. The groom, for example, can don a thick velvet suit instead of the typical tux. Suspenders, polka-dot bow ties and hats are other accessories that the groomsmen can don for the special day.

Vintage groom and groomsmen

Cake and table setting
Don’t undervalue the importance of table settings as well. This is not the time to invest in ultra-contemporary, sterling silver table settings and decorations. Go for softer hues instead. Pale pink, blue, cream, beige and ecru will definitely enhance your vintage wedding. Lace napkins or tablecloths are absolute must-haves in any old-fashioned weddings.

Vintage table setting

As far as the cake goes, try to decorate it with varying shades of peach or pink for a more pronounced vintage look. Candies in old-fashioned jars or tubes will most certainly make your guests nostalgic for the bygone days. If you can’t afford to invest in some vintage table place cards, why don’t you go for DIY cards using clothes pins, vintage frames and twine? Bear in mind that it’s not necessary to match every place card: in fact, contrasting cards will bring quite a lot of emphasis to the overall theme of the day.

Wedding cakes and desserts in Vintage colors


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A Shabby Chic setting for your special day

Contrary to popular belief, a shabby chic decor has absolutely nothing to do with shabby and poorly arranged decorations. Quite on the contrary, this particular setting is richly infused with warm pastels, white lace and glorious touches of vintage. With such exquisite touches and accents, it’s no wonder that a Shabby Chic decor is one of the most popular choices for vintage-theme weddings. The couple doesn’t even need to have an over the limit budget to go for this theme: all you need is plenty of imagination, some creativity and a hefty dose of fun! So, read on to learn how you can very easily bring a Shabby Chic touch to your vintage theme wedding.

Shabby Chic wedding collage

Soft hues and tones
The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to skip the bold, brazen colors such as reds, blues, blacks, browns and the likes. A Shabby Chic setting is all about soft pastels and warm hues such as pale pink, yellow, pale green, soft marine blue, beige, ecru, ivory, pale gold, white, eggshell and the likes. Best of all, this is quite an easy color combination to go for, especially if you opt for a traditional white dress.

Shabby Chic wedding dress and bouquet

Don’t hesitate to dress up your bridesmaids in similar soft hues as well. Yellow and beige bridesmaids dresses are quite popular in Shabby Chic vintage weddings. As far as the wedding cake goes, stick to pale tints such as white and yellow. The same applies for your wedding bouquet: white, yellow and pink roses will look incredible when held up against your Shabby Chic dress. Don’t forget that Princess-cut, flared ball gowns are not exactly the best options for this theme: instead, favor vintage-style dresses such as straight or mermaid-style frocks crafted from lace or satin.

Shabby Chic bride and bridesmaids

Wedding favors and Invitations
Forget about ultra-contemporary wedding favors. To create the perfect atmosphere for a Shabby Chic vintage theme wedding, it’s always recommended to opt for homemade and rustic-like favors. Jars of homemade jam, for instance, are guaranteed to delight just about any wedding guest. Other such options include scented soap bars, vintage-style candles and aromatherapy sets are all fabulous options.

Shabby Chic wedding favors

Don’t forget that the wedding invitations also play an important role in setting the perfect mood, so make sure to go for old-fashioned parchments and Italian script prints. Most agencies are quite flexible so be sure to discuss your ideas with them beforehand.

Shabby Chic wedding invitation


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The best locations for Vintage weddings

There’s absolutely no question about it: Vintage weddings are literally oozing with romance and will bring a profound rustic-chic charm to your special day as a whole. Contrary to most contemporary weddings, these types of ceremonies tend to lean towards a rustic-like decor and setting. However, to really lay emphasis on the vintage-like feel of your ceremony, it’s important to choose an adequate location. A vintage theme wedding, for example, will certainly not feel particularly rustic if you hold it in a lavishly decorated hall or interior space. It’s therefore quite important to select the adequate location for your vintage wedding.

Vintage wedding in barn

Barns, for instance, have always been a firm favorite among couples who are looking for a rustic-like location for their vintage weddings. Brimming with tranquility and romanticism, barns can be decorated according to your liking, but try to stick to a shabby-chic decoration scheme. Fairy-lights and squares of hay piled on each other can only add to the vintage-like feel of the day. Don’t hesitate to create an aisle made of flower petals and scraps of lace.

Vintage wedding in vineyard

If you want to be in the open-air, however, you may try looking into vineyard weddings. This setting is guaranteed to bring a vintage-like feel to your special day, especially if you hold the ceremony right before sunset.

Vintage wedding in flower field

Couples who can’t afford to purchase a vineyard wedding package may also look into renting a lavender or flower field, two locations that are known for their profoundly vintage feel. In this case, you may even go for white wooden or wrought-iron chairs that will draw attention back to the vintage theme.

Vintage wedding in forest

Alternatively, couples who want to add a mysterious-like feel to their vintage wedding can even get married in a forest. Not unlike the highly romantic scene in the Breaking Dawn movie, forests are definitely one of the most rustic and charming locations that you’ll be able to use for your special day. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box as well: if all you can’t afford to rent any exotic locations or if you’re simply on a limited budget, you can very easily hold the wedding in your backyard and accessorize with a few accents and accessories to enhance the vintage theme. Overhead lanterns dangling from trees, a flower crown around your head and a long, silk old-fashioned wedding gown are all the little accents that will definitely bring a pronounced vintage atmosphere to your special day.

Vintage wedding on ranch


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The Magical Fairytale Wedding Theme

Dreaming of a fairy tale wedding? Yes, you can create your very own happily-ever-after wedding. You can either go to the extreme — with all the Cinderella pumpkin coach wedding favors to glass slippers or swing to the other end of the pendulum, by going subdued fairytale-ish ethereal and tasteful touches. Either way, you can be your own fairy tale princess on your big day.

The Magical Fairytale Wedding Theme Introductory Photo

Pick out your own fairytale iconic princess – the sophisticated and classy bride princess that you’ve been dreaming of. Then choose your fairytale wedding gown. Do you want to be Snow White? Go for an enchanting strapless tulle ball gown with a beaded apple blossom on the waist. Maybe Belle from Beauty and the Beast is up your alley— choose an elaborate draping and pleated ball gown with sparkling bodice of lace and crystal beads. Oh so luxurious and romantic. You can go more classical by choosing Cinderella – go for a spaghetti strap, satin with lace and shimmering crystals and beads and pearls – and why not add a long train? Do you fancy fairytale wedding gowns with long trains? Then choose Aurora of The Sleeping Beauty. Go for spaghetti straps, lace with metallic accents, crystal beads and pearls and satin flowers.

The Magical Fairytale Wedding Theme Flowers

Give your wedding maidens a sophisticated fairytale look by going for cocktail length organza with flowers and spaghetti strap in dreamy and enchanting colors. And your cute adorable flower girls – the smallest in your fairy tale wedding party – let them wear an equally cute and adorable tea length gowns in organza and satin with crystal beads and satin flowers in dreamy colors – eggplant purple, fuchsia, ivory white. Don’t forget the garland to complete the fairytale look. Or let the magic continue to them by letting them wear mini-bridal dresses.

The Magical Fairytale Wedding Cake

For the fairytale wedding cake, oh my, you can delight everybody by picking out your favorite princesses theme. Go for fondant, frosting in bold bright colors – make your fantasy cake come true.

The Magical Fairytale Wedding Theme Flower Girl Dress

For the wedding flowers, choose old colored roses like coffee rose, pink and green hydrangeas – loosely structured in vines to complete the magical feel.

The Magical Fairytale Wedding Favor Boxes

Use lamp posts festooned with small dainty flowers and draped with tiny fairy lights to give a hint of dream land. Enjoy giving your fairy tale wedding a touch of romance and tenderness and yes, magic.


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Great Gatsby Wedding Inspirations

If you can’t get enough of Fitzgerald and his tales of the Eastern lifestyle, then host a 1920s wedding with a specific theme inspired by The Great Gatsby. Surely, you are like Daisy that day, a social butterfly with a voice that can allure everybody. So young, so beautiful. And your husband is Gatsby, a sucker for your attention. He will do everything just to impress and catch you. Live out that fantasy by having a Great Gatsby inspired wedding. Here are some of the things that you need to do in order to achieve that.

Great Gatsby wedding couple

The 1920s was a Golden Age, full of parties and glamorous people. Work on that main focus of your wedding story – the both of you. You need to have that exquisite, old-feel gown and go for French Nest veils adorned with feathers and studded ornaments. Or you could go for that boho-like wedding hair ties. Your groom should be looking crisp in his grey suite as well. Shoes should be squeaky clean.

Gatsby Girls

The women always rule the parties. They set the mood ever so often that they are the ultimate carrier of the party theme. So make sure that your bridesmaids are as glamorous as you too. Have them dressed flapper-style with silky sheaths and studded embellishments, feather accessories and luxurious shawls. Instruct the hair and makeup artist to have their coiffure styled similarly to achieve the royal crowd effect.

Golden Table

The Great Gatsby is a materialistic theme so make sure that your table setting says so. Incorporate the hues of gold, silver and ivory to accomplish this mission. Add fluffy feathers as centerpieces and go for heavily textured table covers. Don’t forget to accent some of the chairs.

Snacks for Wedding

If there is anything worth serving on your Great Gatsby inspired wedding then it would be ambrosia for your guests are the Golden Age gods and goddesses for that today. You can’t get the real ambrosia, but you can have your own version of classy desserts and cosmopolitans. Pay attention to the food and drink details. They shouldn’t be missed.

Na-ah, it’s not only the cuisine and beverage stations that need the detailing, everything else does. Even the art-deco table numbers can make a hefty difference. Start with your wedding invites all to the wedding flowers used to the wedding car. Even the reception program and the emcees’ accents and choice of words.

Experiment.Come on. Relive the 1920s and have the best time of your life.


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A Brief Idea on Vintage Themed Weddings

Tired of the standard weddings that are held in the world today? A lot of people don’t prefer opting for a modern day wedding, and are looking forward to having a vintage themed wedding for themselves.

A Vintage Wedding Style

Vintage themed weddings are not only classy and stylish, but they are also quite different when compared with other types of weddings, with the most obvious difference being in the venue that the wedding has been staged in. Rather than wearing standard suits, the men could adorn their vintage dress, while the women can opt for either a traditional dress or the white wedding dress as per their wishes.

Vintage Wedding Dress Styles

However, vintage doesn’t only mean clothing. For instance, the dining area could be completely altered so as to make it look more vintage. Ranging from old fashioned table cloths to small treats wrapped in old newspaper, there are a lot of different things that can be done to make a vintage wedding look good.

A Vintage Wedding Decorations

Apart from that, a vintage wedding can be enhanced by flowers and decorative ideas. A small canary cage placed at the side, with a little birdie and flowers along the sides gives a beautiful impression of the ‘vintage’ design, and will do wonders in terms of décor.
The invitations and flower bouquets could be done in a similar manner too, since vintage weddings aren’t really focused upon modernism.

Vintage Wedding FLower Decors

Invitations could be made on older newspaper, which speak of your wedding and showcase it as a piece of news. Similarly, the design of the furniture could be altered as well, so as to make it look more vintage. From wedding parasols to older umbrellas and simply lit/ set dining tables, having a vintage wedding isn’t difficult if you know which company to contact. Obviously, creativity plays a major role.


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