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Vineyard weddings: Keeping your guests comfortable

There’s something about the great outdoors that never fail to make people hungry. Maybe it’s the fresh air, the feel of the sunrays seeping into the skin or the tantalizing scent of grapes. But, whichever the reason, guests do tend to feel hungrier during outdoors gathering.

Bride and groom in vineyard

So, if you’re having a Vineyard Wedding, it’s your duty as the host to provide them with satisfying dishes. This is not the time for delicate scotch salmon fillets. Instead, go for heartier meals that include potatoes, meats, chicken and fish. Of course, it goes without saying that you should tend to favor wine as the beverage of choice if you want to stick to the overall theme of the day. In fact, it’s not such a bad idea to make a wedding toast with wine instead of champagne.

Comfortable flooring in gazebo for dancing

Bear in mind that you also have to assure the comfort of your guests during winter as well. In this case, you can even have ushers pass out some warm mulled wine or cider during the ceremony. This will not only help them feel snug and warm, but they’ll also appreciate the personal gesture. Winter or not, it’s always recommended to go for a tent or, at the very least, a gazebo to protect your guests against the sun and potential winds.

Gazebo to protect guests from sun and wind

Don’t forget that a vineyard means quite a bit of mud and grass and most of your female guests will probably be in high heels. If you don’t want to see them struggle with every step, make prior arrangements to place a carpet or some kind of comfortable flooring which will make things easier for them. This definitely applies to the dancing area as well. A homely touch would be to invest in some vineyard-related decorations. Bunches of grapes scattered over the buffet table and garland of vine leaves and fairy lights are all special touches that will enthrall everybody. If the vineyard is equipped with a barn, it would really be better to host the pre-wedding party inside for the convenience of your guests.

Mulled wine to keep guests comfortable during vineyard wedding

Parking spaces can also be quite an issue with vineyard weddings. The last thing you need are frustrated and harassed guests who don’t have the faintest idea where to place their vehicles, so, contact the vineyard owner to arrange for parking facilities. Couples who are not on a restricted budget can even hire valet services to take this extra burden off your guests’ shoulders!

Hearty dishes for vineyard wedding


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Unique Backyard Themed Weddings

Backyard themed weddings are becomingly famous now a day. Having your wedding ceremony and reception right from your backyard is awesomely cool. By simply planning the details ahead from your wedding day, you can have a unique wedding in an inexpensive way. Backyard, as your wedding venue can wrap your guest with relaxing ambiance of nature.

Backyard Wedding Theme Table Toppers
The planning should start earlier before the wedding day. The availability to accommodate from minimal to large number of guests depends on the backyard’s range. If you’re planning to invite vast numbers of guests, then bigger backyard is required.

Backyard Wedding Theme Decoration
It is important to study the whole house exterior for better planning. If the backyard seems so plain for a wedding venue, consider planting ornamental flowering plants. It is best to calculate the blooming days of your flowering plants to be exactly on your wedding day. If the wedding is approaching, trim the plants, trees, and lawn according to your taste of design. Also, pay attention to the facilities in need of repair or replacement, fences for example.

Wedding Theme with Tents
For backyard themed wedding under the sun, you can simply decorate the arbor to cover the sun light. Putting tents is also an option. Night backyard themed wedding is quite gorgeous. Putting lanterns around the dark sides of the backyard will make the venue wonderful.

Backyard Wedding Theme Tree Decoration
Don’t dismiss in mind to decorate the significant areas such as restroom and portal. The trees around the backyard can also be so much useful as it adds serenity in the ceremony. Put some stuffs like chaplet, garden grapple, and flower pots from the trees around. This will count a lot to make the venue more brilliant.

Backyard Wedding Theme at Night
Experience a solemn wedding with sun or stars and moon witnessing your vows and unity. Backyard themed weddings can be from simple wedding to extravagant.


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Everything You Need for A Magical Vineyard Wedding

What is dreamier than tying the knot right in the middle of lush greenery and vines? Indeed, if you want an outdoors-themed ceremony with a twist, you could even host your special day right in the middle of a winery. Intimate and highly romantic, Vineyard weddings can either be simple and classic or elaborate and extravagant.

Vineyard Wedding Inspiration Theme

The major advantage with Vineyard weddings is that they provide you with exquisite backgrounds of magical forests, old, strong trees, orchards and in some cases, long rows of mountains. Best of all, space will never be an issue: with a large stretch of vast, empty land, you can very easily cram as many wedding guests as you want into your Vineyard Wedding!

Vineyard Wedding Themes

The perfect Bridal Attire for a vineyard wedding
While you can go for just about any dress cut for an outdoors Vineyard wedding, an A-line, figure-hugging gown would look perfect amongst the vines. Instead of pure white, you could also try to slip into a slinky, ivory beaded outfit.
Don’t neglect the veil: a long, thick gauzy fabric will look simply exquisite against the winery backyard.

Wedding Dress for Vineyard Theme

Keep your makeup light and simple. Indeed, some pink blush, pink lip-gloss and dark eye liner are more than sufficient to turn you into the most glamorous outdoors bride.

vineyard wedding shoes

When it comes to footwear, make sure to select a pair of shoes that’s comfortable, particularly since you will have to walk through grass, stones and other small debris. Kitten heels or wedges are your perfect choices. Bear in mind that your shoes will barely be visible under your long dress, so, don’t hesitate to put on a pair of well-worn, albeit comfortable heels.

Things to consider

There are quite a few things to take into consideration when planning your outdoors Vineyard wedding. For example, some couples may choose to put up a tent or a gazebo, especially during rainy seasons. Alternatively, you can put up a couple of elegant, veiled shady areas where your guests can stand under and relax as they mingle after the ceremony.

Vineyard Wedding Theme Decorations

When it comes to the wedding altar, you can either tie the knot right under the streaming sunshine and billowy winds, or you could arrange for a kiosk. A large, white and purple flowery arch would look extremely fitting for your Vineyard wedding. A great idea would be to create a makeshift aisle through the vines and have your groom stand under a large tree while you walk towards him. Don’t hesitate to cover the aisle with large flower petals for a more romantic look.Vineyard Wedding Theme Kissing Time

Of course, to draw attention towards the general theme of the wedding, you can decorate the reception tables with large clusters of black and green grapes. For an extra special touch, consider using aged wine for your wedding toast instead of the typical champagne.


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Brief Ideas on Vineyard Wedding Themes

Do you like drinking wine? Almost everyone loves a cup of champagne or wine, and if it plays a major part in your life, then why not opt for a vineyard themed wedding? We understand that you want your wedding to be different than a common man’s wedding, and for that purpose, all kinds of ideas have to be put in to consideration.

A Vineyard Wedding Theme

If you are looking for a wedding plan unlike no other, a vineyard themed wedding is just the perfect option. Not only does it allow you to showcase your ‘crazy’ side, but it also helps you to add something different and completely new!

A Modern Vineyard

We can help you design your wedding in the most appropriate manner. Ranging from a beautiful décor to even the smallest of decorative pieces, we are going to help you get the perfect vineyard themed wedding. For instance, if you are opting for a themed wedding, you’d obviously want each of your guests to receive a bottle of wine at least. Moreover, just like a vineyard, we’ll make sure that a historic theme is followed, rather than a modern setting.

A Vineyard Wedding Table Decors

From elaborately designed bouquets to flowers on the walls as well as the stage, we’ll make sure that you feel as if you are standing right within a vineyard! The lighting plays a very important part when it comes to setting up a vineyard reception, and we can help design an elaborate lighting setup so that it looks just like a vineyard.

Vineyard Wedding Themes

Moreover, if there is a vineyard nearby, we can also try and get it booked for your wedding! For the perfect vineyard themed wedding, you require authentic materials and attention to the finest of details, and that is just what we can provide to make your wedding one of a kind!


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