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Surf Wedding Inspiration

Do you still remember that one fine afternoon during the rain months when the waves were at their highest peaks, this surfer lolita emerged from the wave tunnel and you were blown away. Just like that and she’s got your heart riding on some waves. Now, you two are getting married and you can go surfing together for the rest of your lives. Nail that surf wedding with these wacky suggestions.

Couple on Surfboard
Take lots of pictures – on the shore or in waters
This is your surf wedding day. Immortalize it and make it divine. Let your friends make a royal aisle of surfboards and march in between. Sit on a surfboard over the calm waters and kiss. Have that shot framed. Don’t worry about your clothes getting wet – it’s all part of the surfing lifestyle. Or better yet, let all your surfer friends sit on the surfboard on the waters with your wedding attire on and have the precious moment snapshotted.

Surfboard Guestbook Alternative
Surfboards aren’t just for surfing
On your wedding day, you can use surfboards as cool alternatives. Make it a menu holder near the table. Transform them into entrance decorations along the aisle and adorn it with flowers. Make a photo booth with standing surfboards as background. Make mini-surfboards and include them in the boutonnieres. Or make mini surfboards invite or table card holders. If you want, transform a surfboard into a wedding guestbook where your guests can write their messages to you and your hubby as a couple.The options are endless!

Menu on Surfboard
Rent a surf car or decorate your own
The wedding car will take you from the church to the beach reception so you have to tickle your guests’ fancy after the church wedding by having a surfer car bring you and your hubby to the reception. If you don’t have a surf car, there are online companies which offer surf car rentals. Take a pick from the split screen bus, a 1940 Ford woody wagon and the good ‘ol beetle.

Wedding Car
Take the details seriously
Surf weddings are splendid so you better make one worth remembering. Focus on the details. Have low tables and cushions to sit on. The sand are meant to be felt and not just to walk on. Have colorful cocktails on the cocktail bar and play some Hawaiian music on the background. Jack Johnson would be a cool addition to your playlist too.

Surf Wedding Decorations



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Destination Wedding Etiquettes

The idea of exchanging your vows barefoot on the pristine sand of the Caribbean while the sunset, which starts to kiss the horizon, sets your skin outline and hair strands aglow seems the perfect wedding plan for you and your partner. No matter how seductive your vision of a destination wedding is, you two should first consider the dirty works behind that glamorous out-of-town wedding. Are you willing to sponsor your guests’ fare? How will you convince your guests to leave work or their homes on the date of your wedding? Will you be the one responsible for their hotel rooms? To get a clue about these destination wedding questions, read on.

Couple on beach
Trim Down the Guest List
Since you are already doing a huge favor from your guests by requesting for their presence on an island far away from home on a specific date, you should only invite people whom you can’t be wed without. Family is already default on the list. Sure, you have a lot of circles, but choose the group you are the most intimate with. After all, the size will dictate the majority of the budget that you need to set aside for your wedding. You could always have another party for the more distant relative, friends and colleagues when you fly back home.

Wedding guests
Sponsor at least a Portion of your Guest’s Expenses
It is just your courteousness that would dictate your willingness to sponsor your wedding-incurred expenses of your guests. If you think you can’t handle paying for the airfare of 250 guests, then you could do either of the following: revisit your guest list and cut down the number, pay only half of the airfare or pay for the dresses and hotels instead. Whichever expense you’d like to cover, you should always weigh the rest of the expenses that would be charged to the guests, if it’s reasonable or not.

Give out specific details
For your guests to be able to prepare themselves for the wedding, you should give out the details of your wedding date and place the soonest, as long as the places are already surely booked. Expose these information at least 8-12 weeks in advance to let your guests plan out their vacation leaves. You should also indicate (not necessarily on the invites) which of the expenses you would cover so that they can prepare their own fund for your wedding. To entice them more, you could shoot them a mail indicating the activities that they can do and tourist spots that they can visit. They might want to stay on the hotel a little longer. They might want to go around town. Be sure, however, to point out which of these things they can avail for free (translation, the things that you would be paying for).



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Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme

Induce a flair of darling quaintness into your wedding by having an Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme. There are lots that you can do for this theme and that’s what makes it exciting. Take a trip down memory lane and follow the white rabbit into that hole once again. You’ll have this quick visual rush of mismatched chairs, singing flowers and sassy silkworms. As if that’s not enough inspiration, here are solid tips that you can adapt for your very own Alice in Wonderland wedding.

AIW Invitations

The Invitations
Insert mimicked antique pages of this Lewis Carroll literature into the wedding for some kick up. Set the mood just by sending out the invites. Use rhyming phrases such as “Don’t be late, Save the Date”. Insert a tea bag if you like. Stimulate your guests’ imagination by the chess-like patterns or playing cards spade patterns.

AIW Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom Attire
You can choose to be all out and have a hipster Alice in Wonderland wedding and dress like Alice, only more grand. Or you both could still have the traditional formal attire and get busy with the other details instead to infuse the theme. For instance, you could hang different-sized clocks here in there in your wedding reception and display some sliced cakes, teapots and saucers on the tables.

AIW Cakes

Quaint Cake
Have a full teapot as your wedding cake topper instead of the usual bride and groom figurine. You could have it layered in an irregular manner to invite more strangeness. Add significant details like clocks, mushrooms and flowers.

AIW Bridesmaids

Mismatch Everything — and Everyone
If you want to keep the Alice theme true, stick with mismatching things — and persons. It would be interesting if your bridesmaids sport different gowns and hairdos. The more mismatched, the better. Inform your guests, especially your bridal entourage about this. Also, one of the most easiest and effective things to mismatch on the reception are the chairs. It has a fun effect to the guests and to the eyes.
Other Alice-y Details
Never run out of tea on the beverage section. Add labels to everything like add “Eat Me” notes on your cupcakes and cake slices. Pink flamingos on the reception are dainty choices. Queen of hearts can be filled up by both mothers of the bride and groom. Everything is lovelier if you would have an outdoor garden wedding. It’ll be a whole lot easier too.


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5 Most Beautiful Wedding Destinations in Europe

Held your wedding in a spot where the romantic heroes have been born and where people fall in love… On a place where setting up a dreamy environment is effortless. If you are going to be wed just once in your lifetime, then better make it grand. Have a European Wedding Destination, an opportunity only a few can achieve. Take your pick.

Santorini, Greece
Feel like Venus in Santorini where the salty smell of the ocean, the warm heat of the sun and the cheery disposition of the locals mix. Santorini is a breathtaking place to be wed, given the view of the bluest oceans during the day and the sparkly lights on layered hill houses at night.

pre wedding photoshoot in Paris
Paris, France
Of course, your dream is to get married right in the city of love with the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop. There, you dream of being swooned by your groom, your vows as high as the tower or even surpassing the tower itself. Drive a vintage car and hire a photographer to follow you around as you and your groom take the city in your wedding dress. The city is every inch of romance.

Basilicata, Italy
Get married on the sacred grounds proclaimed as the heritage of humanity by UNESCO. If you are planning for a small and intimate wedding, Basilicata is a perfect place – secluded with medieval churches and castles, and a lush countryside to add. You can drive around town in a retro motorcycle and have lots of artsy photos taken.

Mallorca, Spain
The small island of Mallorca in Spain boasts a great weather, beautiful beaches, quaint villages and dainty resorts – perfect for a getaway wedding for your set of families and friends. You can even have a beach wedding or a mansion wedding there. As for the things to do in there, there are lots. Water sports and afternoon walks on the villages are equally awe-inspiring.

Alps, Switzerland
Tie the knots in a medieval castle or on cliff sides with an exhilarating view of the Alps Mountains. Schedule your wedding such that it would be the time of the year when it snows moderately. The snow would add some flakes of romance into your wedding. The white-topped grounds and the chilly air. Now, it’s the time and place to get intimate. Serve some hot cocoas to spread the warmth!


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Victorian Themed Weddings

If you want a wedding that is full of class and a great sense of panache, go for a Victorian themed wedding. Victorian themed weddings are all about romantic things – pink and white rosebuds, lots and lots of lace, dainty little floral teacups, and fine chinaware.

For your location, pick out a rose garden with sprawling manicured lawns. Make sure there’s a fountain somewhere with a statue. You know, all those things you see in a Victorian movie. Or pick out a place where big trees like willow trees and large oak trees abound. For indoor weddings, look for an old art mansion for rent or a Victorian inspired hotel. Go for Victorian color palettes: pink, burgundy, copper, royal blue, copper, greens and gold.Use old vases with rose blooms. Antique lace must always be present.

Victorian Themed Wedding Reception Ideas

It should definitely be a white wedding gown for a Victorian themed wedding. Think lacy lace, petticoats, and corsets. Think of an over elaborate wedding gown with a profuse amount of ruffles and lace. Don’t forget your corsets – Victorian dresses are synonymous to full skirts with petticoats and hoops, tiny waists, and fitted bodices. And oh, don’t forget those leather gloves, embroidered hankies, a pair of flats or heels. Let the men wear waistcoats or frockcoats. And of course, don’t forget your top hat.

Victorian Themed Wedding Dress

Make sure your invitations are Victorian themed as well. Go for ivory paper, calligraphed envelopes, Victorian lettering. For the flowers, it’s definitely roses and lots of them. But tulips and pansies and tulips, and hyacinths are welcome too.

Victorian Themed Wedding Invitation

Make sure your meals come in a fanciful food fete, with fresh jams and berries, roast beef, plum puddings and mince pies and chocolate-covered strawberries. Serve champagne and wine and of course all kinds of teas for drinks.  Choose fruitcake as your wedding cake and frost it up with white icing. Add some orange blooms to perk it up. For wedding favors, give out lace hankies, or lucky horseshoes.

Victorian Themed Wedding MealVictorian Themed Wedding Cake


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Unique Whimsical Indoor Weddings

When getting married, brides often bury themselves in preparation of a whimsical, dreamy wedding that will mark their wedding as unforgettable. Going with a whimsical theme for a wedding, the future husband and wife are in for an engaging and wistful ride.

Unique Whimsical Wedding Theme Centerpieces
Since it will be indoors, there are a lot of ideas you can come up with that will give that warm, fun feeling. A masquerade ball is perfect for indoor weddings, along with guests wearing masks during the reception. A made up forest inside a giant tent can also be perfect, think of “Tuck Everlasting” and the magical spring of youth.

Unique Whimsical Wedding Theme with Tent
For invitations, choose stationery that really speaks for the chosen theme. Usually, when we are talking about whimsical styles, we can choose from a variety of quaint effects like bird feathers, open windows, unique floral paired with a not so heavy or glossy paper – an invitation that tells your guest, “Hey, you’re in for something fun!”.

Unique Whimsical Wedding Theme Masks
You can go all out with your wedding dress, depending on the theme you have chosen. You can opt for something for a ball with a ballooning effect on the gown, or you can opt for something elegant like a Snow Queen with a few crystals on it, or to stand out, choose bursting colors for your choice of belt, head ribbon or shoes. Add in extra accessories like an interesting hat, a not so ordinary bouquet of flowers or a colorful array of bracelet.

Unique Whimsical Wedding Theme Feathery Bouquet
The cake should be the center of attention – think unique and never forgotten. Instead of a normal cake, come up with a design that will blow your guests. Use bright colors instead of the normal white and black for the cake to achieve a fun effect.

 Wedding Theme Cake and Food


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Unique Travel Weddings

A well-travelled couple could definitely consider having a travel-inspired wedding theme. It would be easier for them to think about the decorations of the venue since they for sure have so many souvenirs from every travel they have made. They can hang these souvenirs all over the place or maybe put some of it on the table as center pieces. They can decorate the place with cruise ships, airplanes, pictures of the different tourist’s spots they visited, basically everything that they have done together in all travels they made.

Unique Travel Wedding Decoration Ideas
The couple may want to consider showing a video clip of pictures taken from their travels and show this in a timeline. This could set a romantic feel during the wedding. The couple can look back on the travels they have together as well as somehow bring their guests with them in these travels.

Unique Travel Wedding Flower Decoration
For the invitations, small pictures of the different places they have been to can be incorporated and place little cut out airplanes or cruise ships outside the invitation. Or they can create passport-like wedding invitations or even plane ticket invitations.

Unique Travel Wedding Invitation
For the wedding cake, go for a fondant icing of a small replica of the most favorite spot they have visited, something that is very sentimental for them. They can share to the guests the story behind it and exchange sweet words before the slicing of the cake. If the places are just too many to mention, then prefer a three-tiered suitcase wedding cake instead.

Unique Travel Wedding Cake
For the wedding tokens, they can give out souvenirs taken from the different places they have been to. They can have these souvenirs copied and packaged perfectly to be given out on the wedding day. They can attach a small picture of the place where it came from and personalize it by placing a small thank you card with the couple’s names.

Unique Travel Wedding Favor
Travel weddings are fun since the couple is to share their travel experiences with the guests. It will surely be a memorable one.


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Unique Star Weddings

What do you think of when someone says they want a star themed wedding? You think of a night sky studded with stars.  So to accomplish this theme you need to have decorations, favors and clothing that match the theme of a night sky.

Color is one of the biggest factors in setting the theme. You should choose colors that represent the stars and the night sky. Some good color choices would be: blue, silver, gold, and black and of course you’re going to need some glitter mixed in.

Unique Star Wedding Introductory Photo
The hardest part is going to be incorporating this theme in your clothing. It will be difficult, but not impossible. While you’re out looking for that perfect dress look for something that has crystals or sequins sewn into it. If you’re going to wear a veil choose one that will shimmer when the light hits it. Your bridesmaids can choose to add star shaped hair accessories and wear gowns that are in silver or maybe gold.

Unique Star Wedding Under the Night Sky
You will find that decorating for your reception is a lot easier and you have more options to choose from. You could always hang stars from the ceiling with ribbon that glitters. Cover your tables with a dark colored tablecloth and use a material that shimmers as an overlay. Take some star shaped confetti and sprinkle it over the tables. For your centerpiece, buy star shaped candle holders and add white pillar candles decorated with stars, moons and glitter and you will have made yourself a lovely centerpiece. If you choose to you can light your centerpieces, which will make your decorations shimmer giving off the illusion of twinkling stars.

Unique Star Wedding Glittering Centerpiece
If at all possible choose a location for your reception that is outside. An even better way to enjoy this theme would be to hold your reception at night. This way you can take full advantage of a star studded sky.

Unique Star Wedding Cake
Star themed weddings may be harder to plan and take a little more imagination, but with a little help from family and friends you can have a wedding that is unique. It will be a wedding that you and your guests will remember for years to come.


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Unique Rock n’ Roll Weddings

Music is a great part of everyone’s life; it tells what we feel without saying the exact words, it makes a good atmosphere and could refresh or revitalize our mind. Whether you’re a music performer or just a music lover, choosing a music theme for your wedding could be entertaining and fun for you and your guests. You might into rock n’ roll music or your soon-to-be wife or husband may be a member of a rock band, and so choosing a rock themed wedding is a great idea to be considered. You could make the reception become more alive with music inspired decors, music, and even the guests’ attire.

Unique Rock n' Roll Wedding Couple on Motorcycle
If you choose on a rock themed wedding, you could plan your wedding around certain bands. Riding on a big motorbike as wedding couple and requiring the guests to wear color black dress and suit will be fit in this themed wedding.

Unique Rock n' Roll Wedding Guests in Black
The rock themed wedding is really diverse, providing a range of different styles. You will have to choose what rock songs you would like to be played during the wedding. Remember that should keep a combination of music forms in your playlist.

Unique Rock n' Roll Wedding Decorations
Your reception could be decorated as if you’re in a rock band concert venue, or you could add some instruments as your main decorations. Centrepieces can be placed around music sheets on stands bounded with flowers – or a set an electric guitar instead. Rather than the typical numbers, the tables for the guests could be named after song names. The cake can be shaped into musical notes. The dance floor could be emphasized by different colors of lights and fog.

Unique Rock n' Roll Wedding Cake
For wedding giveaways, why don’t you give your guests a custom-made music CD with the playlist of the songs that are played during your wedding or you and your bride or groom’s favorite rock songs? The choices are yours!

Unique Rock n' Roll Wedding Attire
The ideas for planning a rock music inspired wedding are boundless; all you need to do is to be creative since it’s a non-traditional and a very unique theme for a wedding.


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Unique Polka Dots Weddings

Everybody loves retro style. Who could ever forget about polka dots, rock and roll, and hair spray? Retro is definitely not long gone, in fact, you can even use this as a theme for your wedding. Retro polka dots style is very classy and unique.
Every couple would want their wedding to be original. Polka dots wedding is perfect both indoors and outdoors. You can have vintage decorations all over the venue and have your guests be in their most charming retro style outfit. The wedding will definitely be like living in the 80’s.

Unique Polka Dots Wedding Flower Girl Dress
For your entourage, you can have the girls wear polka dots inspired outfits with matching unique vintage headpieces. Don’t be afraid to let your bridesmaids wear polka dots dresses with red shoes for a real drama. All together they can come in to the beat of a retro music.

Unique Polka Dots Wedding Bridesmaids Dresses
Your invitations will definitely be fabulous having a retro polka dots themed wedding. You can incorporate retro colors and perhaps you can use memory lane inspired designs or just go for the plain black and white colors. You can be creative by placing the invitations in old cassette tapes or print it on paper with old designs.

Polka Dots Wedding Invitation
For your wedding dress, you can still wear that traditional white dress and make sure that it is a bit lacy to make it more vintage and wear your hair in a bun just like the one in hair spray. If you want your wedding gown to be simple, just put more emphasis on your accessories. You can wear a nice big necklace and a pair of retro earrings as well. You will definitely look elegant without compromising your motif.

Unique Polka Dots Wedding Idea Photo
Choose a multi-tiered wedding cake with cherry polka dots. This will definitely be something everyone would be talking about. Also, make sure that the DJ is playing all that in style retro tunes. Putting this all together would definitely make one memorable party.

Unique Polka Dots Wedding Cake
Polka dots theme is something really new for a wedding, but with the right arrangements, every time and effort exerted will be all worth it.


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