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The Christmas Wedding Theme

T’is the season to be jolly! And the season to tie the knot under the mistletoe. If you’re thinking of having a winter wedding and you absolutely love Christmas, then why not mingle your wedding day and Christmas together?The merry colors of red and green can be your wedding color scheme. Or you can pick out a softer pallet and add in some creativity and you will have a wonderfully unique Christmas wedding. Choose from traditional, to classic to rustic.

The Christmas Wedding Theme Intro Photo
Add some sparkle by incorporating snowflakes on your theme. Let it work with soft blues and silver and white. Splash some glitter and crystals to give a winter wonderland feel to your Christmas-themed wedding. Start with the invitations, then bring down to your decorations—tables and chairs and cardholders etc.

The Christmas Wedding Theme Decoration

Put some silvery snowflake sprinkles on your tables. Prettify the chairs along the aisle with Christmas trimmings and berries. Use silvery wintry pinecones too. Add some birds in fancy birdcages. This idea is simply timeless.  For a Christmas feel add some dark reds and deep greens or rustic browns and some cream. Use stars and hollies. And butterflies, if you wish. Create a magical snow-covered forest in your reception venue. Use icicle centerpieces and frosty lighting. Adorn white sparkly white birch branches with crystals and white orchids. Use twigs and put them in big vases. Candles and berries and sticks from willow trees are great ideas too.

The Christmas Wedding Theme Flower Idea
To add more panache to your Christmas wedding, get to church on time in a white horse-drawn carriage.For your wedding dress, you can upstage the holiday by being bold enough to wear ruby red. Or go for gown tinged with light champagne color with a dramatic train. Or simply go for the classic white wedding dress with silvery and sparkly ornaments. Put on your crystal-adorned shoes. Wear uber-romantic red lipstick. Keep your flower girls warm and toasty with fur wraps and warm fuzzy boots. Make your bridesmaids happy by incorporating fur stoles and elbow length gloves to their wedding attire.

The Christmas Wedding Theme White Cake
Make sure you have a yummy spread of baked Christmas goodies for dessert. Serve Christmas comfort foods, hot soups, potpies, fondues, and roast. Your sweet treats can come in fancy little glasses. Have a Christmas-inspired or winter-inspired wedding cake. As wedding favor, treat your guests with something to keep them warm when they get home by sending them a pack of gourmet coffee, tea, cider and hot cocoa.And finally, if it’s snowing outside, make sure your photographer snags a picture of the falling snow as you walk down the aisle.


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Ideas about Weddings in a Bar

More and more couples today choose to have their wedding receptions in a bar, where guests can have unlimited drinks during the whole event. While it’s definitely the most gracious method, it is also the costliest; it can actually cost as much as 10% to 30% of your total financial budget for the whole wedding. And this cost can be really painful. A good alternative to this is what we call limited or soft bar, where a waiter will approach you and offer you drinks at the bar on specific times, usually during the meals.

Ideas About Weddings in a Bar Introductory Photo
Thankfully, many people are aware how expensive it is to have weddings in a bar and come ready to purchase their drinks. However, you may still want to provide drinks for the toast and maybe wine to go with any food that will be served to them.

Ideas About Weddings in a Bar Venue
What you can do is to shop around. Discuss with the management of the venue what their rule is about this. There are venues who will force you to use their supply, but there are some who might be ready for you to take charge of the drinks. By this, they might charge you more money for opening the wine and serving it. It’s what we know as the corkage fee; nevertheless it might still be much cheaper to choose this as your option.

Ideas About Weddings in a Bar Free Signature Cocktail
To the extent that bar drinks go, if you want to make your guest to enjoy more, you can provide them the bar’s signature drink to start the party, or maybe the first couple of drinks for free, and then tell them that they have to pay the following drinks that they will have. Or, you can consider putting time limit on your open bar, and after that certain of period of time, they’ll be in charge of every drink they will have. Provide food on margarita glasses and sweets on the bar’s corner. This will distract them from getting drunk instead.

Ideas About Weddings in a Bar Food
To avoid confusion, you need to make sure to inform your guest about the drinking policy. Maybe you can state it on the wedding invitations. Or the DJ or the host of the event may inform everyone about this before the event starts. It is very important to let them know about the plan prior the event. You have to know that any kind of policy you might choose for your event, right communication and good preparation will guarantee a hassle-free, happy, and fun time for this once in a lifetime event in your life.

Ideas About Weddings in a Bar Sweets-to-Go


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Ideas About Wedding Food Bars

Food bars at weddings are transforming the wedding-scape these days. They’re slowly gaining popularity because food bars are fun and festive and easy. Guests have more fun picking out the food they really fancy. Food bars also give the guests a chance to mingle with the other guests.
It’s actually simple to set up a food bar during weddings. Think about what your guests love the most. Ice cream? Sushi? Popcorn? French fries?
Choose something that has special meaning to you and your partner. Did you have your first date in a coffee shop? Pick out a coffee bar. Did you feel the spark while you were sharing a pancake? Go for a pancake bar. You can come up with three or four, or even more food bars for your wedding reception.
Food bars are surefire instant hits. Here are some popular, easy and really good food bar ideas.

Ideas About Wedding Coffee Bar
Coffee Bar
A cup of coffee is a great pick-upper. Your guests will love this especially in nippy nights. Provide fancy sugar cubes and cute stirring sticks. Or serve your coffee in pretty colorful cups.
Pasta Bar
Make everyone happy by allowing your guests to choose the pasta sauce and topping of their choice. And of course, the pasta they prefer.
Taco Bar
Everybody loves a good taco. But not everyone has the same choice of shell or filling. Serve mini tacos in hard shells, soft shells, whole wheat shells or vegetarian fillings.

Ideas About Wedding Salad Bar
Salad Bar
From greens to olives and pesto sauce to Caesar dressing — Salad bars are sure winners for the health buffs. The different colors of the vegetables are definitely a pretty sight to behold.

Ideas About Wedding Fruits Bar
Fruit Bar
Fruit bars are the sweet counterparts of salad bars. Fancifully and colorfully cut up fruits are delectably refreshing. Let your guests happily pick away.

Ideas About Wedding S'mores Bar
S’mores Bar
S’mores bars are definitely a super fun and awesome idea. What fun it is to make your own s’mores – nothing beats melting your mallows.

Waffle Bar
Sweet waffles are tasty snacks and fun alternatives to a dessert table. Pick out a variety of fruits and nuts, chocolate chips, syrups and toppings and even frozen yogurt too!

Ideas About Wedding Burger Bar
Burger Bar
Whether your guests want beef or veggie or chicken or turkey, a burger bar will solve that. Arrange toppings and condiments and type of bread together with these burgers. This is perfect for weddings with a laidback vibe.


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Ideas About Rooftop Weddings

Rooftop weddings are usually classy and elegant – especially when you have the skyline of a big city as your backdrop. If you’re going for a rooftop wedding, make sure the season calls for it. Of course, getting married on a rooftop during winter is not exactly a good idea. Choose a season when the air is just slightly nippy. Not too cold and not too hot either.

Ideas About Rooftop Wedding Introductory Photos
You can have your wedding ceremony and reception all in one place if you opt for rooftop wedding. Make sure you serve cocktails before the reception itself. The idea is just like throwing a party up in the penthouse with some friends. Decide whether you’re going all-out party or an intimate get together of special friends and family. Either way, you can create your own version of a super awesome rooftop wedding.

Ideas About Rooftop Wedding Ceremony Seats Arrangement
You don’t have to think much about the decors – you have the fantastic skyline as your backdrop. That’s why rooftop weddings in the metropolis are easy to come by. There is no such thing as a dearth of venues for this type of weddings. And oh, just like in any other wedding, but most especially in this one, make sure you get an excellent wedding photographer to catch the unique beauty of the city.

Ideas About Rooftop Wedding Skyline View at Night
You can plan a super awesome event from beginning to end. From the pre-wedding shooting, to your invitation, to the clothes you’ll wear. Make sure your gown will embody the classy, chic city girl that you are. The groom must look handsome in a tuxedo. Rooftop weddings are modified with the words elegant, posh, modern.

Ideas About Rooftop Wedding Prenuptial Shoot
With that in mind, you can well dress up your wedding party in sophisticated fashion. Think city, think modern. Choose an elegant wedding color scheme – burgundy, champagne, navy blue. Simple yet elegant – that’s the perfect pair in picking out dresses and shoes and of course, the wedding decors. Don’t let the decors compete with the fantastic view.

Ideas About Rooftop Wedding Dusk View
If you want to come in with style and extra oomph, rent out a chopper in lieu of a bridal car.  The perfect time for a rooftop wedding to take place is early morning or dusk. Dusk is magical as you will see how the day transitions into night as you exchange I dos.

Rooftop weddings are not just confined in cities. There can be hillside views and ocean views. So depending on your view, that’s how you should choose your décor.


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Ideas About Resort-Style Weddings

Imagine the wedding of your dreams – romantic sunset, white sandy beach, dazzling turquoise waters…palm branches sway with the wind as the billowing waves hit the shores. Imagine the gentle waft of the sea breeze as it softly blows your hair and your toes play with the sand as you vow your undying love for each other. Those are the ingredients of a romantic resort style wedding.

Ideas About Resort-Style Wedding Cake
Whether you find a sea-side resort with a charming gazebo or you opt to have your ceremony barefooted by the shore, a resort style themed wedding is perfect for the starry-eyed romantic in you. You can go full blast on your budget or keep the expenses on a bare minimum.

Ideas About Resort-Style Wedding Venue
The beautiful seascape will serve as your backdrop – the panoramic vista of the sea and the orange sunset will make a spectacular stage set for the wedding ceremony. It’s easy to prettify a gazebo by the beach with the hills and the cliffs and the sparkling blue sea on the background. But if you want to have it by the shores, it’s more fun to spruce up the place. Transforming a shoreline into a space for a wedding ceremony is an artistic endeavor. Some shores have flowing grasses and flowers mixed with the sand – that’s just perfect. Scatter some succulents on driftwoods and put some shells and bottles around the place. Who says, you don’t need a door when you’re outdoors with the open sky as your ceiling. Hang an old door and make it your entryway to the ceremony space.

Ideas About Evening Resort-Style Wedding Reception
The right mix of flower combination will make it perfect. Beautiful garden roses, lilac, succulents and bunny tail grass will make an elegant and classic flower arrangement. Use them as a bouquet or as table top décor. Your wedding reception venue can be just as beautiful. Find bamboo chairs, mix-matched old dining chairs, capiz shell chandeliers. For the resort style themed wedding cake – let your imagination run loose. Go for custom-made wedding cakes, with seashells and starfishes as a cake topper. Anything that reflects you and your husband-to-be’s personality. For your wedding favors, you can choose from the wide gamut of choices —  from starfish bottle openers to personalized lip balms.

Ideas About Modern Resort-Style Wedding ReceptionIdeas About Evening Resort-Style Wedding Table Topper
Of course, you’re not forgetting your wedding dress, go for an off-the shoulder style with sheer back and a bit of dramatic flare at the bottom. Your wedding entourage will look wonderful with a blue or green color scheme.



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Ideas About Masquerade Weddings

Masquerades are full of color, extravagance and opulence. You can even call it flamboyant if you wish. So if you’re a huge fan of anything ostentatious and grandiose, a masquerade themed wedding is definitely up your alley.

Ideas About Masquerade Wedding Invitation
Find a place that best calls to mind the glam vibe that a masquerade wedding is trying to express. Pick out a venue that evokes a Venetian or Renaissance-like ambience – with posh chandeliers, huge columns, floor-to-ceiling-mirrors and of course, a grand ballroom. An indoor canal with a gondola ride sounds like a very splendid idea as well. Decorate the place with ridiculous lavishness. Don’t miss out the ceiling draping, candelabra centerpieces oozing with big colorful flowers or feathers or sequined candles and masks. Make sure there are lots of candles. Remember, ‘superfluous’ is the name of the game.

Ideas About Masquerade Wedding Venues
Then think about your wedding dress – needless to say, go for frills and layers and fine fabric. Go for theatrical and glittering jewelry. Of course, don’t forget the mask – why not get two masks for extra flair? Dress up your wedding entourage with exquisite extravagance – huge ball gowns reaching down to the floor. Match the color of their bouquets with their masks – gold, plum, metallic – anything bright and bold. Dress the female waiters in ballerina outfits or painted bodies in metallic gold, bronze, or silver.
Go for a wedding invitation with an antique feel – make sure it matches your color motif. Guests should know that you are requiring them to wear a costume and a mask. After all, it’s a masquerade wedding.

Ideas About Masquerade Wedding Intro Photo
For wedding giveaways, give the guests cute little trinkets – small keychain masks or small chocolate masks in fancy boxes. Put up a lavish chocolate fountain in your dessert table. Pick out Venetian themed wedding cake. Of course, in a masquerade event, big bright and opulent should best describe your masquerade wedding cake.Serve really good food with lots of fancy hors d’oeuvres and amuse bouches. Of course, serve champagne.

ideas about masquerade wedding centerpiece
Put out an extravagant show for your party guests – hire fire-eating jesters, send in the jugglers, or hire men walking on stilts. If you can hire the trapeze artists, go ahead and put on a big show. Bring in the Mardi Gras festival to your wedding. Make sure everyone dances the night away with lively festive music. Mix it up a bit with a classic ballroom vibe coupled with modern music.

Ideas About Masquerade Wedding Flowers


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Ideas About Jungle-Themed Weddings

If done with artistic flair and thought, it’s fun to pull a classy chic jungle-themed wedding. You can get inspirations from animal prints and from safari ideas. Just make sure you set your jungle-themed wedding on a summer because jungle weddings are definitely hot.

Ideas About Jungle-Themed Wedding Elephant
You can maintain sophistication and class if you go easy on the animal prints and bold colors. Be careful not to carry the cheap, vulgar animal prints too far. Go for leafy green and other earth-tone colors as your color scheme. Or play around with different shades of green. It’s simply awesome.

Ideas About Jungle-Themed Wedding Ceremony
Think about the venue. It should definitely be somewhere away from the maddening crown and the bustling city. A place with a body of water and lots of big trees with vines is a perfect choice. If you can borrow an elephant, why not? Yes, seriously. Elephants are gentle and are known to symbolize wisdom, longevity, happiness and strong family ties. There are all components of a happy marriage. So why not bring in the whole package of a jungle-themed wedding by bringing along a wonderful elephant with big ears and big feet and yes, with a big heart?
For decor, make it as simple and as original as the jungle. Lots of trees and wood elements. You can go a dash of blue and maybe some orange. Play around with the flowers and the bride’s bouquet. Use nature and dry elements from nature and incorporate them in the hotel. You can opt to cover the reception tables with animal print tablecloths. Add some candles and palm leaves. With the right touch of elements of nature in your wedding, you will surely have the jungle-themed wedding of your dreams.

Ideas About Jungle-Themed Wedding Attire
The bride can wear as many as three wedding dresses for a jungle-themed wedding. Go for a simple dress but with an eye-catching detail. Like feathers and big flowers – all from nature. You can then change into another wedding dress. Go for soft tones and elegant pieces of jewelry and rustic and ethnic accents. Make sure you look beautiful in pictures. And who says you’re the only one who can play dress up. Your groom can too. And your wedding entourage as well.

Ideas About Jungle-Themed Wedding Cake
Jungle-themed wedding cakes are wonderful and easy to get by. Go for multi-tier wedding cakes. Alternate plate cakes with printed cakes. For wedding favors, you won’t go wrong with chocolates and keep them in a cute animal printed small boxes.


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Ideas about Heart-Themed Weddings

A heart has been branded to signify love. As the most enduring sign of love, using this symbol is usually limited to the people who we only love. In the events where love is involved, like wedding days, this symbol makes the occasion more romantic. A heart-themed wedding lets you follow everything old-fashioned yet, offer more passionate and adoring touch by making everything around in a shape of heart.

Ideas About Heart-Themed Wedding Introductory Photo
You can find a lot of ways to incorporate hearts to your wedding theme without being very messy or overpowering. You can use your creativeness and make the heart-shaped item look unique; you can also ask your wedding planner to help you on getting heart-shaped stuff that will be suitable for your wedding.

Ideas About Heart-Themed Weddings
You could get your invitation printed with heart. This will let the guess know that you are having a heart-theme wedding. Just be careful about overdoing your invitation. You can put heart prints on its outline and you have to make sure that there will be enough space for the message before sending it to the shop and make a lot of copies of it to distribute.

Ideas About Heart-Themed Wedding Invitation
You can also choose heart-shaped pillow for the rings. You can find them in many designs and made with many different materials, but its shape should prominently be heart. You could also have the place cards cut in heart shapes, and you could consider serving cookies in all tables that are also shape of heart.

Ideas About Heart-Themed Ring Pillow
When it comes to the wedding favors, you can have a lot to choose from like cupcakes, small picture frames, key chains, paper holder, and writing pad, and of course, they should be in heart shape. For more ideas, you can just go in front of your computer and search online.

Ideas About Heart-Themed Wedding Sweets
A heart-themed wedding is a classic theme that’s just incapable of going wrong. Filled with love and romance, this theme could truly touch people’s hearts and could be really exceptional in comparison to the other themes for wedding. You can use your creativity in choosing the colors and adding up more style. There’s no other thing that can really express love more than the heart symbol. This symbol carries its meaning for many centuries and until now it still holds the same meaning. It is known that love that comes from our heart is the real kind of love and a very good way of showing that love to your significant other is by giving them a wedding with a heart theme.


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Ideas About Country Club Weddings

Think about a luxurious and elegant well thought-out wedding. Chances are you have a country club in mind.Country club weddings are definitely relaxing for the bride. Just tell the country club runners how you want it, and they will do it for you. Think elegant ballrooms, exquisite food or panoramic golf course views. Country clubs are the perfect venue for a wedding.

Ideas About Country Club Wedding Centerpiece

Once you’re booked, you can be rest assured everything will fall into place. Most country clubs have excellent menus for dinner as well as the dessert table. But insist on having those cute and adorable and colorful and tasty wedding cupcakes. For some reason, they’re perfect for a country club wedding. Those who run the country club will definitely make sure your decors are beautiful. Move over, Martha Stewart. In short, a country club wedding is a no frill, no fuss wedding. The whole package is a done deal. The planning process can be done in a flick of a finger.

Ideas About Country Club Wedding Cake
With that in mind, you can now relax and have more time to pick out a classic elegant wedding dress – in weddings like this, with the picturesque background, a classic attire is soothing to the eye. Let your bridal entourage wear something that matches your color scheme. Go for gorgeous and big colorful flowers—go lavish on the flowers. The bouquets must look lovely and elegant. Those lovely flowers and bouquets and bows go perfectly well with the green background.

Ideas About Country Club Wedding Grand Ballroom Reception
Make sure you hire an excellent wedding photographer. Even if the place is perfect, a great wedding photographer can still do wonders in capturing those precious moments of your wedding day.For your color scheme, go for pink, white, or green or silver. They’re the perfect colors for the traditional country club backdrop. Just add a little flair to your wedding, by adding ice cream carts and offer cool iced popsicles to the guests while waiting for the reception. Just let the food come rolling.

Ideas About Country Club Wedding Golf Course Photo Shoot
Make your country club wedding uniquely yours by adding a photo booth – with funky and wacky costumes. That’s just to break the formalness of your black tie wedding. Your country club wedding is definitely elegant and formal and richly well appointed. Just make sure it’s the venue that you’re looking for and it’s something that matches your personality and style. Just make sure the aesthetics just feels right. Liken the feeling to love at first sight.


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Ideas About Carnival Weddings

Do you want a carnival-themed wedding or do you really want to get married in a carnival? The latter can be easy but expensive. Renting out a carnival for your wedding sounds whimsically fun but outrageously expensive. But don’t despair, if you’re a big fan of carnivals and you want it to represent your wedding, then read on.Think of carnival ideas like pinwheels, cotton candies, hotdog stands, big stuffed toys, carousels and oodles of fun.

Ideas About Carnival Wedding Intro Photo
For your decorations, think about brightness and exciting colors. A carnival is full of lights – so don’t skimp on the lights. Hang colorful pendant lights from the ceiling in varying lengths. You can put small colorful balloons together and make a balloon bouquet to perk up your reception tables or some corners in the venue. Choose for pastel cotton candy colors — pink should be the first color to come to mind, along with baby blue and mint green. You can play along those colors.

Ideas About Carnival Wedding Traditional Attire
For your wedding attire, you can go for the classic bride and groom look. Go classic since your venue is totally unique anyway. Or you can opt to take the quirky side when it comes to your wedding getup. Either way, make sure you did it with taste and style.

Ideas About Carnival Wedding Artistic Attire
Food is very important in carnival themed weddings. Carnival brings to mind food. Like cotton candy of course. But not just that, there are funnel cakes and popcorn and corn dogs and shaved ice with lemonade. You can choose to display these treats on a stand pretty much like the food stands you see in carnivals. And for your wedding cake, that should be easy… a perfectly cute wedding cake with a carousel as a topper. How’s that for a whimsical wedding? You can’t get enough of the carnival fever? Let your guests play with carnival games – shoot the loop or catch a duck.

Ideas About Carnival Wedding Table Toppers

Your party favors should be something that describes the fun-filled carnival. Why not small chocolates in fancy boxes sealed with clown stickers. Create a zany photo booth with big clown wigs and humongous shades and clown noses. Display photos for all the guests to see. Their photos can also double as a wedding favor.

Ideas About Carnival Wedding Invitation
Make your thank you card and invitation card look like a real canival ticket. Make it look like an authentic ticket. Or make thank you cards or invitations with a carnival themed on it – carousels and ferries wheels.


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