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Top Guide to Vineyard Wedding Theme

Getting married in a vineyard means having far-reaching rows of grapes in a bucolic setting as your backdrop. The romance quotient is definitely way up there for vineyard weddings. Find a sweet little vineyard tucked in the hillside with old oak trees and rolling lawns speckled with roses and lavenders and lots of soothing green.

Top Guide to Vineyard Wedding Theme Introductory Photo
For the vineyard wedding color scheme, it should definitely be pops of bright colors — like a rich romantic lovely shade of ruby red. It’s perfect for a vineyard wedding. Bright plum with ivory is another gorgeous combination. Although soft pastels like soft cream, metallic silver, baby pale pink and muted green are dazzling color choices.

Top Guide to Vineyard Wedding Theme Rustic Style The bride will surely look smashing in a classic, simple and sophisticated vineyard wedding dress with a surprising little element like a girlish ribbon at the natural waist. Tiny jewels and floral embroideries will add a beautiful touch to this gorgeous gown in a princess skirt.Pick out sweet and simple and fragrant flowers for the bride’s bouquet. Mix in roses, tuberose, and dahlias. Hypericum berries will give dimension to the boutonnieres.

Top Guide to Vineyard Wedding Theme Tradiotional Style
Decking out the place is easy – Candlelight is gorgeously romantic. Dot the surrounding areas with lots of candles. Make sure the candles are sheltered from the breezes with a votive or hurricane lamp. Hang strings of lanterns and glittering lights. Prettify long rows of tables with recycled vintage champagne corks. Wrap each cork with a satin ribbon – use them as guest name cardholders. Bottles of wine to be given away as party favors will also add glam on your table settings. Add customized letterpress labels with your names and wedding date and venue on the wine bottles.

Top Guide to Vineyard Wedding Theme Cake
Serve food that goes perfectly well with wine. Pick out a tiered wedding cake adorned with fresh grapes or flowers. Choose a gastronomical delight – like chocolate cake with some spicy kick like cinnamon-chocolate stuffing or chili-soaked chocolate ganache. Make dessert interesting by adding chocolate-dipped figs soaked in brandy.

Top Guide to Vineyard Wedding Theme Favors

Remember, chocolate and wine is an awesome combination. However, don’t just serve champagne and wine, pass along non-alocholic herb and fruit punches to the wedding guests.As an added party favor, give each guest some chocolates packed in small pretty hand-wrapped boxes. Add your favorite romantic quote—tie it with a twine. Or you can give away small bottled wines from the vineyard itself!Of course, make sure everyone dances the night away so your guest wouldn’t mind the chill the night breeze brings in the vineyards.


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Top Guide to Spanish Wedding Theme

American and Spanish weddings are totally different from each other and it’s usually more challenging to follow a foreign theme because of the different beliefs and traditions that should be observed throughout the event. The good thing about Spanish themed weddings is that there’ll a whole lot of vintage going on and the reception or the party after the ceremony is usually very festive. Here’s a simple guide to make your Spanish wedding a success!
The Setting
If you can’t afford an authentic Spanish wedding (in Spain!) don’t worry because you can still find thousands of places that give off a certain Spanish Hacienda feel. Keep your eyes open for venues that are full of vintage stuff and look like it was built in another era. Add some quirky touches of candelabras, brass furniture, old portraits, and whatnots to make the place look more authentic. Instead of the usual cushioned chairs for your guests, you can use long wooden benches with brass linings to keep up with the theme. Old Churches and Villas are perfect to celebrate this type of wedding!

Top Guide to Spanish Wedding Theme Cathedral Ceremony
The Couple
You want to know the real kicker in a Spanish themed wedding? Instead of the usual white or cream wedding gowns, the traditional Spanish bride wears a silk black gown and veil! The bride is also expected to embroider the groom’s inner shirt to wear during the wedding ceremony. However, you can still choose whatever you want to wear to your wedding. Wedding rings are a must, as it symbolizes a never ending union.

Top Guide to Spanish Wedding Theme Cake and Cookies with Almonds
The Ceremony
Spanish weddings usually follow old traditions closely. If you want to pull off a realistic Spanish themed wedding, you also have to practice some of their traditions such as including orange blossoms in the bride’s bouquet or the floral arrangements, the groom’s presentation of thirteen coins to the bride, the bride’s father escorting her down the aisle, among others. The ceremony usually takes place in the early evening instead of the usual morning to afternoon celebrations. It’s up to you if you’re going to follow this, of course. You can still celebrate a Spanish themed wedding without actually going through all these nitty-gritty and technical stuff.

Top Guide to Spanish Wedding Theme Paella
The Menu
Now, for the best part! Planning a Spanish menu is pretty easy—most of their food and delicacies are really special, even their most ordinary dish can be a memorable one for your guests! You can hire a catering service that specializes in Spanish cuisine if you want the perfect menu for your theme. A complete seafood meal and their native paella dish are usually present at Spanish wedding receptions. Wedding cookies with almonds and seasoned with different spices are also a must. For beverages, sangria and wines are preferred but you can also serve Tequila if you’re up for a night of partying. The traditional Spanish wedding cake has to be filled with almonds and chunks of different fruits.

Top Guide to Spanish Wedding Theme Sangria
The Festivities
As promised, there would be a long night of festivities—this is what Spanish weddings are known for! Spanish wedding receptions are filled with lots of fun activities for everyone—kids and elders alike. There’s the ever present band or lively Spanish music which people can dance to. Yes, dancing is a must—even the most bashful of your guests will not be able to resist dancing to the engaging music and lively crowd. A traditional dance called Sequidillas Manchegas is also performed during a Spanish wedding reception. This is also the time when the bride tosses her bouquet and also give out small pins to all her unmarried lady friends—it’s a belief that the one who loses the pin during the reception will be the next to get married.


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Top Guide to Nautical Wedding Theme

Planning to sail away with your groom? Then go for a nautical-themed wedding. Think ships and anchors and the sea. It’s definitely navy blue and white nautical color scheme. Add a fresh color of bright and light green. Infuse berries and other textures and details to the wedding arrangements. Speckle the ornaments with ribbons and anchor pins to complement your décor. Beautiful flowers like button mums, hydrangeas and hypericums are perfect for a nautical wedding bouquet.

Top Guide to Nautical Wedding Theme Introductory Photo
You can look like the classic beautiful blushing bride in a chiffon gown with sweetheart neckline, with beads and lace up back – add some touches of nautical theme to your gown by sewing in silver charms of anchors or ships or seashells. Or you can go for an informal nautical blue dress – don those fire engine red heels to finish the trick. Let your groom and his men wear topsiders. Whether you go formal or laidback – it’s easy and fun to pull off a nautical themed wedding.
Nautical themed weddings more often have a preppy playful vibe. Use ribbons with blue and white and red stripes to secure bouquets, boutonnierres, bags and programs. It’s fun to use all kinds of ribbon colors with different textures, sizes and style.

Top Guide to Nautical Wedding Theme Invitation
For your wedding invitations, choose shipshape stationery and use hues of blue from navy to periwinkle. Put some tiny navy embellishments like a compass, or a knot or a white rope to add to the nautical feel.

Top Guide to Nautical Wedding Theme Favor Box
A cute idea for table markers can be toy sailboats with navy and blue stripes as its sail. Place a number on each boat’s sail. Stencils or paint or adhesive numbers can do the trick. They can also double as a wedding souvenir or favor too.

Top Guide to Nautical Wedding Theme Bouquet
Another cute idea is lifesavers. Small lifesavers can be used as cute decor. Hang them on the doors, or at the chairs or centerpieces with a floral arrangement inside them. Seashells beautifully tucked inside a beach glass are great decors for a nautical wedding theme too. Comb the beach during low tide and find the best tiny gems on the shore.

Top Guide to Nautical Wedding Theme Cake
Pick out a classic white cake and add details in the design – of course, use blue fondant stripes and blue anchors. Add a tiny lighthouse or a ship or a compass as a cake topper. Choose lemon cake with butter cream frosting.Serve your guests a good looking and good tasting cocktail –with a tinge of blue of course.


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Top Guide to Georgian Wedding Theme

Do you drink tea from a dainty teacup with your pinky extended? Do you love the sound of the English language with the stiff upper lip accent? Do you dream of being Mrs. Darcy someday? Then a Georgian themed wedding is right up your alley.

Top Guide to Georgian Wedding Theme Venues
Begin with picking out a grand romantic venue. For what good is a Georgian themed wedding when the venue does not have the elegance and sophistication of the Georgian era. The Georgian period extends from the 1700s to the mid 1800s. The period featured classical structural designs with identical proportions and précised ratios producing a perfect harmony. Georgian houses are perfect for wonderful and dreamy wedding photo ops. Its large French windows and honey-colored bricks speak of the opulence of the Regency era. Find a venue with authentic interior design too – luxurious chandeliers, striking staircases, impressive fireplaces, patrician works of art, delicate walnut and mahogany furniture. Or why not choose a church with a Georgian-inspired architecture? Nothing can definitely beat this romantic and pleasant setting for a perfect Georgian wedding.

Top Guide to Georgian Wedding Theme Carriage
Some venues allow you to hold wedding celebrations inside their spectacular and historic grounds. Look for venues that you can rent out for the whole weekend so you and your guests can enjoy the splendor and glam of this bygone era even after the wedding celebration and feast is over.

Top Guide to Georgian Wedding Theme Attire
Thank the heavens for popular classic films like Pride and Prejudice. The Georgian wedding gown is back in style. Choose a romantic and classic Georgian-inspired wedding dress with wonderful fabrics and distinct ornaments. A lace parasol and lacy white gloves will go perfectly great with a Georgian themed wedding gown. And oh, don’t forget the horse-drawn carriage. Choose ivory or oyster or burgundy or alabaster for your wedding color scheme. Enjoy dressing up your flower girls and wedding entourage.

Top Guide to Georgian Wedding Theme Invitation
Create invitations that look like the Georgian era. Of course, throw in some Georgian wedding hymns and music. Make sure you and your guests enjoy all the dancing you can get.

Top Guide to Georgian Wedding Theme Elegant Banquet
For the food – prepare ridiculous amounts of food on the wedding table. Roll out the buckets of caviar and the cucumber roses and those good bottles of wine. Eat really good food, drink wine, listen to speeches and dance the night away. Cap the wedding dance with an accordion and strings on a balalaika broke. Keep the revelry going as the Georgian era was distinctly famous hosts and drinkers.


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A Guide to a Circus Themed Wedding

For those couple who will have circus-themed wedding, the most fun part of the whole celebration will be the reception. In decorating the wedding venue, you can put the same decoration as the reception area. Circus-themed wedding is perfect to be held outdoor sunder a big tent or big top. A shed or big place with some rooms for the following suggestions can also be perfect if you are thoroughgoing with that circus theme. You can hang some colorful circus bunting flags, small blinking lights, balloons with different shapes and colors, and colored cloth in lined colors on ceiling and the walls, this will give a good circus feel.

Top Guide to Circus Wedding Dark OutfitsTop Guide to Circus Wedding Cake and Cupcakes
Rather than having a big traditional cake, you may want to consider a smaller two layers of cake decorated with amusing, circus colors and strips. You can also serve cupcakes with bright colored icing to the guests. Today candy bars are really popular in weddings as it gives the guests the chance to satisfy their sweet tooth. You can put the cupcake stand on the middle of the candy bar and can be walled by bagged cotton candy, candy apples, and/orjars with big twirled lollipops, lemon drops, and some other colorful sweets. As wedding favors, you can give your guest a popcorn and candies or chocolate bars.

Top Guide to Circus Wedding CupcakesTop Guide to Circus Wedding Table Topper
A bride who chooses to have a circus themed wedding could wear a simple white gown, but as opposed to a traditional gown she can choose a dress that is shorter to boast her heels in a bright color like red, turquoise, pink or yellow stiletto. Choosing a gown for a circus-themed wedding is not really difficult as there are a lot of wedding shops online that offer all the wedding gowns for different themes. Whether you choose to have a gown, a red gown, or another color dress, with a cage veil, tiny top hat, or sunhat rather than a traditional veil, there will be shops to provide you what you need. When the bride chooses to wear a white gown, the bridesmaids on the other hand can wear bright colored gowns but in different styles, or you can also consider pastel colors instead of bright ones, as this will give the same circus feel. When the bride chooses to wear bold colors, her bridesmaid could still wear a colorful gown, but make sure that it is not too knottily styled that will grab people’s attention from the bride, as she is supposed to be the most beautiful girl on that day.

Top Guide to Circus Wedding Reception


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Top Bride’s Guide to Tropical Weddings

Tropical-themed weddings are getting more and more popular today. Tropical weddings need planning that’s the same with the traditional ones, but this can be a bit more challenging.Tropical weddings give an exclusive challenge that you might need to depend on your selected resort or a wedding organizer to assist you in sorting out every detail. As you might be very busy before the wedding, you should have a strong team who will assist you on planning.

Top Bride's Guide to Tropical Wedding Location
In order to have a tropical wedding, a tropical location is needed. If you’re already living near a beach, then it’s not going to be a problem anymore. For those who live far from the beach, this has to be the first thing to be prepared. Look for a nice resort, hotel, or a place that has the facilities you need that is suitable for your budget. You also need to be sure that the wedding coordinator and other personnel are proficient and ready to help you with every detail.
When you’ve already chosen a great beach to be the location of your wedding, the next thing you have to prepare is the tropical wedding gown. This sort of wedding theme is normally calmer than the traditional wedding, and that is always obvious in the wedding gown that you wear. You can also pick up a non-traditional silver sequined wedding gown that will make you sparkle within the tropics. Promise it won’t be over glaring to the eyes. There are a lot of styles to choose from such as strapless, halter, or sarong styles which really suit perfectly.

Top Bride's Guide to Tropical Wedding Centerpiece

You can also freely go barefooted during the wedding. Ask your guests to do the same. Or you can pick a perfect flip flops that will elegantly match your tropical wedding gown.
When it comes to the hair, you will have a lot of different kinds of hair bridal accessories which you could simply select from, these choices include garlands, veils, or flower tiaras, clips, rings, hair combs, and just plain flowers. It will be the best to match your hair with your dress; the most ideal bridal hair is something which matches your gown.

Top Bride's Guide to Tropical Wedding Bouquet
Having the wedding in a tropical location can give you a wedding experience that you can never have anywhere else. The use of flowers is a good reason for this. You can have tropical flowers that can only be found to the place of the wedding. For instance, birds of paradise and orchids are can only be found in tropical locations like Hawaii and a lot of islands in the Caribbean, and they’re very beautiful for the wedding flowers.


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The Ranch Style Wedding

Wildflowers and fresh pies and burlap bags. These are just one of the pretty little things that can come in a rustic ranch-style wedding theme. Many couples are picking out ranch-style weddings today because they’re fun, chic and gorgeously rustic.

The Ranch Style Wedding Vintage Chapel
Pick out a venue for your ranch style wedding. A lovely quaint vintage chapel in a ranch setting, perhaps? Or a rustic barn in an arcadian setting? You will surely find one in your state — there are many venues you can choose from coast to coast.

The Ranch Style Wedding Attire
For rustic chic inspiration, pick out a lot of pastel accents against a backdrop of an authentic country ranch. Soft whites and soft pinks and some mint greens will never look prettier in a ranch style wedding. There’s something about its sweet elegance that blends perfectly well with a rustic ranch setting. Get excited about those amazing rustic and vintage elements – like rustic wood wedding signs, mason jar recipes and lots of wildflowers.

The Ranch Style Wedding Wooden Door Entry
Decorating the place rustic style can be done in a cinch. Couples who have done it before are letting it on a secret – rent out vintage items for your wedding centerpieces. Try renting vintage books. Mismatched chairs and furniture with shabby chic paint or plain wood colors. Ditch the glasses and let the mason jars join the celebration – they come in blue and clear colors. What about mismatched china? They will surely look great on your rustic wedding table. Throw in some vintage suitcases and crates — they’re a pretty sight to behold. They can also come in handy to put your wedding favors on or where to put the wedding gifts. Make sure you got lots of string lights and chalkboards or even church pews. Was that enough to get those creative juices flowing?

The Ranch Style Wedding Wooden Signage
We’re not talking about flowers yet. Use wild flowers as delicate touches to your wedding look. Weave them between your locks or add them to your bouquet. Spritz on an earthy scent or don those spunky cowboy boots. Throw in a lot of country touches to your look. Let your bridesmaids join in the fun too.

The Ranch Style Wedding Mason Jars as Glasses
Serve some real good old-fashioned country food fare – smoked gouda mac and cheese, roasted vegetables and salad greens, tacos, baked beans, potato salad, warmed rolls. Set up a trailmix food bar, or home-baked goodies. Make traditional family recipes of fruit jams and jellies and keep them in pretty glass jars – they’re great as wedding favors for your ranch-style themed wedding.


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The Rainbow Wedding Theme

Weddings are one of the most special occasions in one’s life that is why couples who are getting married want this most treasured moment to be unique and one of its kind.There are numerous and great wedding themes that are continuously evolving to make weddings distinctive.Rainbow wedding theme is one of the exceptional ideas nowadays. It breaks the trend of typical single or double color motif wedding themes. Aside from the brightness it brings, rainbow theme symbolizes fun, cheerfulness and delight. Colors also reflect a personal identity on the couple. The following are some ideal tips on how to use a rainbow theme appropriately in a wedding.

The Rainbow Wedding Theme Introductory Photo
The Wedding Dress. There is no need to break the traditional color of white wedding gowns. Just add a colorful accent of butterfly or flowers on the tail of the bridal gown to suit the rainbow theme. Peeping colorful layers underneath the dress will also do a number especially when the bride picks the skirt up when dancing.

The Rainbow Wedding Theme Ceremony Decoration
The Bouquet. The bride’s bouquet can be a mix-match of flowers with rainbow color. And to match also with the bridesmaids dress, the bouquet of each bridesmaid can be with the same color of their dress.

The Rainbow Wedding Theme Bouquet
The Shoes. The shoes of either the bridesmaids and groomsmen or godparents can also be a great detail of the rainbow color scheme of a wedding.

The Rainbow Wedding Theme Bridal Shoes
The Centerpieces. The table centerpiece brings out a general outlook in the wedding reception. Table centerpieces can be one of the details appropriate enough to apply the rainbow color scheme. A rainbow color vase of flowers or fruits is one of the suggested centerpieces.
The Cake. The wedding cake is also one of the particulars in a wedding that is suitable to apply the rainbow theme. There are many ways on how to decorate the cake with the rainbow color scheme on the cake. Colorful icing of roses or candies can be used as toppings on the cake.

The Rainbow Wedding Theme Cake
The Ceremony and Reception Decor. The ceremony and reception venues are the two central facet of a wedding. There are various ways on how to apply the rainbow wedding theme on these venues. An arc of rainbow color balloons can be placed on the entrance of the wedding ceremony or reception venue. Hanging rainbow-colored lanterns will also brighten up the reception area.


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The Graffiti Style Wedding

Graffiti are drawings or scribblings that are painted, sprayed or scratched on surfaces or walls in public spaces. Right now, vinyl wall adhesives are the hot items in the world of design. They add flair to your walls, your ceiling, your furniture or even your wedding.A graffiti inspired wedding will definitely keep everyone a-buzzing. Move over, shabby chic retro weddings. Yes, you can have a wonderfully chic graffiti inspired wedding theme.There’s a plethora of awesome graffiti designs to choose from. Choices range from the bold to whimsical to modern contemporary. Pick out your artistic self.

The Graffiti Style Wedding Wall Backdrop
If you pick out the graffiti artist style on a city art scene, then find a cool outdoor space for your wedding. Like a gravel parking lot, perhaps. Or an old building. A whole lot of creativity can help you pull off a beautiful fun and meaningful wedding. Express your creativity and allow those juices to flow for your big day. Use a colorful painted graffiti wall as your backdrop during the wedding ceremony. Use an American graffiti inspired wedding invitations – go bold or go for subtler hues. Sprinkle flowers in every corner of the wedding venue. Or shun the flowers altogether. Use artsy graffiti art in lieu of the floral designs.

The Graffiti Style Wedding Invitation
Bring in a live pop artist to draw your wedding portrait – ala graffiti style or hire a graffiti artist to capture the precious moments of your life with a paintbrush. The watercolors add a whimsical and personal touch. Allow the artist to paint pictures of your family and friends – let your guests keep their picture as a wedding favor. Have a funky nail art booth on the side.

The Graffiti Style Wedding Food Bar
Serve bite-sized sliders and soda in cute mini soda bottles topped with a fancy straw. Serve watercolor martinis and lemon drops and blue raspberry martinis too. Mini pizzas are perfect food to go with the soda along with creamed tomato with basil and tuna tataki in edible cones and watermelon feta cilantro salad with a drizzle of lemon. To get the party going, prepare a food bar of gourmet taco – with choices of beef, chicken, fish and oodles of cabbage and tomatoes.

The Graffiti Style Wedding Desserts
For dessert, serve cut-out letter shaped cookies with whimsically colored icing. For the wedding cake, choose those funky graffiti hand painted wedding cake – it’s orginal, it’s fun and it’s personal.

The Graffiti Style Wedding Cake Design
A graffiti inspired wedding is a true reflection of the artist inside you.


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The Festival Wedding Theme

A lot of wedding themes are available these days. Festival wedding theme is one of these various wedding types. The following are some of the wedding ideas that will help you make your special day a real festive one.

A festival wedding theme projects a country wedding, full of fun and epical. The setting is usually held in outdoor venues like farms, cornfields, vineyards, gardens and other open field locations.

The Festival Wedding Theme Hay Bale Seats
The bridal gown and even the bridesmaids’ dresses are usually made up of tweed fabrics embroidered with beads or sequence. It is also a great idea for the bride to have a double layered skirt to adapt the all day celebration. The bride may just remove the lower layer after the formal ceremony to reveal the shorter skirt that is apt for the celebration in the reception.

The Festival Wedding Theme Feather Head Dress
The groom and groomsmen may also use tweed suits or coats or even cowboy costume instead formal tuxedos. Feather headdress or wild flower hair accessories will add festival vibe on the auras of the major participants of the wedding. Horse-drawn wedding carriage is very much idyllic for this type of wedding.
If the wedding ceremony will be held in a pergola or marquee, buntings are essential to stick with the festival wedding vibe. Place buntings also around the reception area. Spread pretty wild flowers or daisies throughout the reception venue. Hay bales galore are also essential for guests to have a sit. Cover the hay bales with blankets or fabric covers, or if you prefer a picnic style, lay plenty of picnic blankets around the lawn area.

The Festival Wedding Theme Buntings
In this type of setting, foods and drinks are usually in a buffet style wherein all the foods are set in one table and the drinks are placed on a keg. Then the guests can get their own food and then sit on the hay bales or picnic blankets afterwards. Foods served are usually foods that are common in feast celebrations like roasted pigs, beef, fish, barbeque, rice cakes, and the like instead of traditional three-course meal. You can also set up an ice cream booth or candy and chocolate stall for dessert.

The Festival Wedding Theme Food
If you plan to continue the wedding celebration until evening, setting up a bonfire adds fun and ethnic feeling. Fire lanterns or torch also adds festival wedding vibes. Have some fun with games and activities like singing, dancing and other festival games.


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