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Tropical Wedding Ideas

Loving the beach too much that it became an integral part of your lovestory? Better yet, have you fallen in love with each other one sunset-filled afternoon on the shore? Speak your vows to one another on top of the ocean hushes. Have a tropical wedding and let the sun, sky, sea and sand be your witnesses.

Pick Out A Beach
After you and your better half have cozied up on the idea of having a tropical beach wedding, you would want to pick out probable places where you could hold the wedding and reception. It could be your usual beach hangout where you, your friends and family can easily go to. It could be your dream tropical beach wedding destination. It all lies on your hands. Keep in mind the budget and the efforts that you’re willing to put into this tropical wedding.

Flower up
Since it’s all tropical, you might want to tap up your local florist. Tropical equates to bright, happy colors. The sunset. The happy blooms. Decide on your flower portfolio. Of course, you should choose the flowers that would be in season with your wedding date so you wouldn’t have a hard time gathering them up. Have everything covered – the center tables, the aisles, the bouquets, the photo booth.

Tropical Wedding Cake
Inject Some Cake Fun
Play up a little and fancy up your cake. Make sure that your cake give out that tropical vibe. Have little cake toppers in bikinis. Cue up your baker on your tropical cake ideas. Icing up some coconut leaves. Stick with the green and white food coloring. Dot some fake red icing flowers. Or, place some real fresh orchids on your cake.

Tropical Wedding Set up
Keep it Cool
As for your wedding reception, keep it cool and casual. A beach wedding may entail a windy breeze, so make sure to not put up heavy breakable wedding decors. It’ll also be hot so make sure that the area is shady to keep your guests comfortable. Candles and lights are romantic, but remember that the wind may not be your ally that day. You could opt to go with artificial lightings instead.

Tropical Wedding Decors
Tropical Details
Don’t take for granted the little details as they may be the ones who could have the greatest impact onto your setting. Having Hosta leaves as coasters for your drinks is a cute idea. Tropical drinks served by Hawaiian-dressed waiters are also a fun welcoming sight. Sea shells can be used as table napkin or table label holders. Your boutonnieres could also be little palm leaves with brightly colored flowers.


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A Red Christmas Wedding

Do more than feel the Spirit of Christmas. Do more than listen to the church bells ringing. Make the Christmas season even more sacred and jolly by having a Christmas wedding. Take advantage of the fact that people are going home to their hometowns during this special time of the year. You wouldn’t have a hard time gathering all your families and friends for your wedding in this case!
What color could be more symbolic than red for Christmas? Paint the town red during your Christmas Wedding. It’ll be winterwonderland-y fabulous. Here’s how to nail it.

The Jollyish Invite
Spread the joy to your families and friends months early with your Christmas theme invite. Make sure that you give it a little early to them so that they could arrange their schedule and flights. You can have a simple card printed out for you or you could do your own DIY, complete with little red poinsettias if you wish.

Christmas Bridal Gown
The Magnificent Burgundy Gown
White may not make the cut for a Christmas wedding gown. Play up with the season by having a red wedding gown made for you. If red is a little too bright and non-modish to you, then you could always pick her darker sister, burgundy. Be as elegant as ever in this color. You can also play up with the texture and the gown’s cut.

Red Christmas Wedding Cake
Your Cheery Cake
When guests arrive on your wintery reception area, make sure they would take notice of your chic wedding cake trimmed up to the theme. Plucked-in poinsettias on a white frosting is a lovely idea. However, you don’t need to put around Christmas lights around your wedding cake to nail the leitmotif.

Christmas Bouquet
The Ultimate Christmas Bouquet
Let your wedding bouquet speak for itself. Choose the reddest roses and some white tail-like flowers as accents. Contrasting the dark flowers and the pristine white ones makes a majestic effect. To stand out, let your bridesmaids carry all-red ones. It would be equally elegant, but the bride needs to have that extra attention on her big day.

Christmas Wedding Details
Other Christmas-y Details
Now that the major elements have been identified, you can proceed with brainstorming about the little things. How to make them riveting in the Christmas scene wouldn’t be that difficult. Go with red dinnerware, hang some mistletoes, outline with LED lights… There’s a lot of features which spell Christmas, love.


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Polka Dots and Stripes Kind of Wedding

Feeling playful and vibrant? Display these charming traits of yours on your wedding day. Mix in the unconventional patterns – polka dots and stripes. Yes, it is entirely possible without looking like you just came from a circus performance. To know how to make that subtle fusion turn into an awesome theme, here are a few tips.

Dots and Stripes Wedding Cake

Pick out a mood
If you already set out your heart to have a polka dots and stripes kind of wedding, you need to pick out a specific mood for it – sort of like a subtheme. You can have the Sweet and Romantic kind or you could actually go for the classy one. For the sweet and romantic, you may need to settle with pastel colors. For the classy one, you could pick out black and white as the base colors and you could throw in a metallic shade with that. After picking out the mood, you could already plan out the specifics of your wedding. This should be done to make the overall feel of your wedding coherent. Just a reminder though: keep the colors limited to four at most.

Dots and Stripes wedding table

Apply the theme on the little things
Now that you have the mood, you could already plan for the wedding details. You could have the dots and stripes printed over napkins, paper origami, the guest book and of course, the invitation. You could even buy dotted or striped paper straws for your beverages. For the bouquets you could have spherical flower balls with two colors, imitating dots and you could tie them using striped ribbons. Of course, don’t forget the wedding cake! Alternate the dots and stripes design on each layer and you’ll have yourself a fun wedding cake.

Dots and Stripes Shoes and Napkins

Try it on the gowns and suits.
You can also extend the theme to the wedding attire. The men and the boys got to wear stripes and the women and the girls get to wear polka dots. Men can just wear striped polos and they’re good to go. As for the women, there are lots of adorable dotted dresses out there. You can even have a polka dot design on your bridal gown! With the right textile choice, you could pull off that dainty and exciting look.

Dots and Stripes on Him and HerDotted Bride


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Plaid Weddings

Weddings almost always have pink and glitters and silky dresses. Weddings always have fondant flowery cakes or cakes with fresh fruits. Weddings always have lace things and other lovely things. But, how many weddings have you been to that have featured plaid as their theme? Plaid weddings are truly unique. Adopt the theme and be one of the few who braved this theme. Challenging, it may seem, but once you got into it, you can think of elegant ways on how to incorporate plaid into your wedding. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Plaid Wedding INvites

On the Invites
It’s easy to add some plaid into your wedding. Pick out a color theme and a plaid paper as an accent to the invite. A few tricky typography and some minimalistic design are ideal for this type of invite. It will tone down the plaid accent. You don’t want to have many things going on in the invitation cards.

Plaid Menu

On the Menu
The menu can be instantly classic with a plaid accent on the sides. Like in the invitation, balance out the plaid with a simple font in monochromatic color. You can choose to have a square invite and have the plaid placed on the edges or just on the top and bottom part of the paper menu.

Cake with Plaid Accent

On the Wedding Cake
Fondant cakes are darn expensive, but they are a quick way of achieving cake sophistication so a lot of couples ship fondant icing. To keep the fondant icing on a minimum, you can ask your pastry chef to just build a plain fondant cake and cover up the sides with a plaid cloth. Add some flowers on top and viola – you have yourself an instant plaid cake.
On the Art Decors
Go creative on the art deco. Stitch on plaid hearts. Fold plaid napkins in creative origami. Make a plaid wedding garter. Create your own plaid wedding topper. Tie a plaid cloth around bottle candle holders.

men can wear plaid ties

On Your Bridal Entourage
Men can wear plaid ties and women can wear plaid shoes. Just pick ones which match the dresses and the theme of your wedding.

The Bride in Plaid

Yes, Even On your Wedding Gown
Brides who go for country weddings can even wear plaid tops with their ruffled bridal skirt. It’ll be charming and alluring and with all that country charisma. You can opt to tie around the waist for a clean clothing division and end with a huge bow at the back.


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The Modern Minimalist Wedding

Simplicity is beauty as they say. Sometimes, the way to a sophisticated elegance is to tone things down a bit without having to secretly scream out cheap. There’s a fine line between borderline classy simple and effortlessly cheap and a wise lady ought to know where that line lies. Going minimalist on your wedding can cut your budget, but know how to add some fine touch to every single detail. Read on how.

Simple Wedding Gown
The Bridal Look
To achieve a bridal finesse while donning your wedding gown, make sure that your minimalistic dress would be flowy, divinely white and crisp. Integrate subtle accessories like a silver studded belt or sparkly earrings. Also, remind your makeup artist that your aiming for simplicity. Do away with dark hues and stick with bronzes or pinks. However, double check if you’ll look too pale in your artist’s rendition.

Simple Cake
The Cake
The cake do take away everyone’s attention at some point of your reception program and it’s important that your cake look deliciously dainty. You need not adorn your cake with expensive fresh flowers or luscious seasonal fruits. A classically designed fondant cake would do. Add some classy accessories and a single flower and you’re done.

Simple Art Deco
The Flowers
You know very well that fresh flowers don’t come cheap. They are imported from other countries and they demand care for them to be able to exude their fancy aura during the wedding. Yes, they’re bratty. Now that you have a modern minimalist wedding, then you have a fine excuse to pick the tiny kinds or even some artistic garden ferns. A lone flower in a mason jar is already delectably cunning for a minimalist wedding. Just right.

Minimalistic Rings
The Ring
Who says you need some major bling on your ring? A bronze ring with a small circle stud spells a bewitching impression.

wedding invitation

The Invites
Don’t go fancy on the invites. After all, the modern art says the letters can do it all. Typography is a powerful thing nowadays. Keep them hanging and keep them interested by providing the only needed details on your invites. Save some space. Let the letter breathe.
The Table Setting
The reception is better off with hues limited to 2 to 3. For a clean look, you can go with white, grey and some crystal clears. Have only the needed utensils on top of the tables and nothing more.


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Hunger Games Inspired Wedding

Can’t get enough of Catching Fire? Well then, don’t wait for next year’s Mockingjay. Extend a show for your guests to see during your wedding. Make the wedding that didn’t happen in the fictional story. Move over, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, you and your groom will nail that fictional Hunger Games Story 2.5. Here are some ideas for your Hunger Games inspired wedding.

Hunger Games Bridal Dress
Stunning Bridal Dress
Being a die-hard Katniss fan, you really would want to mirror her character in one of her glorious moments. To do just that, why not have the transforming wedding dress created especially for you? Well, you need not a real life Cinna, you just need a cunning fashion designer to infuse that hint of flames and bird-like wedding gown beneath. You certainly could play with the colors.

Bride with flower girl
Braids for Everybody
Remember how President Snow’s little girl in the movie mentioned that everybody in her class wear braids because of Katniss? You are not an exception. Braid your hair and let it dangle on one side. If you have short hair, you could always look for braided hair extensions. Require your bridesmaids to do this too.
Mockingjay Art Deco
A great deal of symbolism can be found on the mockingjays in the movie. Thus, they should be present in your wedding too. You could use them as background details for your photo backdrop. You could even have custom-made pins to be the men’s boutonniere.

Hunger Games wedding paraphernalia
Cuffs and Feathers
A theme is always built up in the details. So, on your Hunger Games inspired wedding, you could translate your accessories into Hunger Games details. You can wear cuffs with an arrow-scribed design. You could also have feathers on your hair, or on the reception table or on the wedding invites.

Hunger Games reception setting
Arrows Everywhere
Another great detail that your wedding shouldn’t miss is the arrow. It is Katniss’ undying symbol of strength. Have arrows as designs on your cake toppers, wedding invites, pouches and even bouquets.

Hunger Games wedding food
District Food
Seal the Hunger Games deal with your wedding food. Serve old school pies, nuts, jams, breads and berries. Assure them the berries aren’t poisoned. Your cake would be the ultimate food topper. Have a rustic wedding cake with icing twigs and berries.


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2014 Wedding Trend: Black and White Stripes

There are tons of wedding themes to choose from, but if you want to go with classic sophistication, then you should make yours a black and white stripe wedding. Black and white may be the plainest of all colors, but when paired together, you should watch out for the eventual magic the duo can bring. Know how you can achieve this kind of charm below.


Bridesmaid Dresses
Striped dresses can be oh-so stunning if the styling is done right. It’s so Audrey Hepburn. Timeless classic, full blown refinement. You can talk to your fashion stylist regarding the style and textile that you want to pursue. You can choose between wide stripes and thin stripes. Wide stripes are ideal for modish, simple cuts. With thin stripes, you can do a lot of styling, arranging stripes on multiple ways for that chic look. For color accents, you can wear solid-colored shoes.


Paper Straws
Another subtle way to integrate black and white stripe into your wedding is through paper straws. You can use them on water bottles, beverages and colored drinks. You can even cover an apple candy stick with it for some style.

Stripe Flower Ribbons

Wedding Signage
Integrate the black and white style into your wedding signage – table numbers, reception directions, table reservations and guest book lists. It will give out a sort of retro glam.
Wedding Cake
For a unique wedding cake, you could have a three-layer vertical striped cake. Simple, yet voguish. For some accents, you could line some white flowers on each layer base.

Striped Wedding Decor

Table Accessories
An easy way to style your wedding tables is by having a black and white table mantle or just a striped table liner on the center. The choice is entirely up to you. You could also make use of solid black kitchenwares – black plates, black spoon and fork. You could tie a white ribbon or some white accent just to break out the monotony.

Stripes wedding backdrop

Overhead Curtains
Overhead curtains can cheer up a rather empty reception room. Line up some lights along the curtains and you’re good to go. You wouldn’t need a huge chandelier to light up the entire room.


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Love Bird Themed Wedding

Wherever your partner is, there you are. You constantly fly over him and he does the same with you. It’s as if you two are like behaving as if you’re imaginarily cased together – in a good way. Your laugh is his early morning churp. If that’s the case, then a love bird-themed wedding is the perfect choice for you two. This would be more perfect if you’re having a suburban location so that the overall feel of the even is quite rustic, homey and most of all, romantic. So, here are little ways on how to nail that love bird theme wedding.

Bird Wedding Invitations
Send Out the Churps
Of course, include that bird flair into the invitations. Have bird silhouettes flock all over the invites. Add a bird cage for that whimsical and feminine aura. A party is only as good as the mood that you set, so better take your chance upon a great wedding by setting the mood with the invites.

Couple Peck
One of the pictures that you should never miss on your wedding is your wedding portrait. Stay away from the usual, boring shots. Integrate your theme into the picture so that decades after, you still get to remember the wonderful details about your wedding. Have your picture taken on with a natural environment as a backdrop. Include some typography too, say, the words, “love birds”.

feather hair
Feather Hair
And since sparrows and hummingbirds are your wedding peg, why don’t you have feather hair accessories to make the bridesmaids look as lovely as the little chirpers. There are lots of feather hairs that you could choose from online. You can have the feathers in every style and color there is. Just make sure that the color and style do match their dresses otherwise, they would look so much lesser than adorable.

Bird Table Number
Birdy Cutouts
Have numbers engraved into a bird cutout and make it into your wedding reception table numbers. You can ask someone to make this out for you. Bird cut outs are usually retro-istic that you can do a lot of things with it. For DIYers, you can cut out bird silhouettes out of pale-colored art papers and make it as a confetti. You could even make paper cranes and scatter them around the reception area or hang them around on the wall.

Love Birds Wedding Details
Other “Internesting” Details
For other interesting details, you could make use of nests – on tables or on wedding paraphernalia. Example, you could have a nest cuddle a soup of bowl, taking the Birds Nest Soup literally. You could have a nest integrated into the ring bearer’s pillow along with two little eggs, inside which are the wedding rings.


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Beach Wedding Color Palettes

There’s nothing more romantic that to say your ‘I Do’ to the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with against the vermillion sun, setting beneath the horizon. For the beach bums out there, a summer wedding on the beach would be the greatest wedding ever. However, with all those pretty beach shades and vintage hues, how could you possibly ever decide on which to side on? Here are five sweet romantic beach wedding color theme which could get you started.

Coral and Teal

Coral and Teal
For a sweet and balanced effect, you could go with the coral and teal style. The calming blue shade would even out the saccharine sweetness that the color coral can induce. You can playfully accent with white if everything becomes so colourfully congested. Teal and coral wedding accents aren’t hard to find. You can find ready-to-use wedding paraphernalia like paper straws, ribbons, floral cake toppers and many more in those colors.

Yellow and green

Yellow and Green
For a vibrant and soothing aura, a yellow and green beach wedding would be energizing. Imitating the suns rays, the yellow will surely brighten up the mood of the guests. The green would be a nice contrast to the sand and the blue oceans. If bright hues of these colors seem to be disturbingly contrasting to you, then you could always go for ombre – olive green to the palest yellow. It would be interesting.

Blush and Toast

Blush and Toast
If you’re planning to go for a whimsical beach wedding, then you could go for the lighters shades of pink and brown. Think of moss beside blush. Add a touch of rose on gold accents. To play as the alpha dark color of a wedding palette, you could add in toast. The pale and subtle transitions of these shades will surely make your beach wedding fanciful.


Moonstruck Hues
Whip up some beach romance with moonstruck hues ranging from midnight blues, deep sea blues, dark browns and fancy pale greys. This would totally spell night time elegance on the seashore. For an even more sophisticated effect, you could make use of the magic of velvet textiles.

Green and Aqua

Green and Aqua
You could always go earthy with a beach wedding. Water and tree hues, represent. The combination of the color green and aqua brings with it an ever-calming effect, perfect if your wedding would start a little early in the afternoon.


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Beach Wedding Altars

Have you met your special someone while you were having a tanning session at the beach? Did you meet him while you were babysitting your nephew in his beach swim? Or did you meet one summer when you were out of town on a beach? Then you two definitely must have a beach wedding celebration. The fact that you two are now saying your I Do’s meant that you two didn’t take that beach meet up lightly. So, mean those vows and prepare a stunning altar for your wedding. Here are beach wedding altars which could ignite your creativity.

Wooden and Organic
Wooden and Organic
For a simple altar, you could just put up some wooden poles, dress them up with white curtains and adorn with frail flowers. This look is easy to put up with. It will give you a relaxed feeling, that sort of fuzzy feeling when you are having marshmallows over the bonfire on the beach. However, make sure that the knots on the wooden poles are sturdy enough to stand the moderately strong breezes.

All white altar
All-white altar
For a classic beach altar look, you could have a simple-design wooden altar painted all white. Your altar will have this clean and minimalistic finish. You could balance the whiteness with the colored chairs that you would be preparing for your guests though.

Shaded Altar
Shaded Altar
If you sweat easily enough and you would want to prevent the sun’s rays from kissing your skin on your wedding day, then you could have a custom-made beach gazebo made especially for your wedding. It should be made of light materials and should have an exposed sides so your guests could still see your dazzling faces.

Surf Wedding Altar
Surf Wedding Altar
For the surfer lovers out there who are planning to have a surfing beach wedding, then you should definitely do a surf wedding altar. Plant two surfboards on the altar and adorn the bottom with flowers and local ferns. Be sure though to reinforce the surfboards. You wouldn’t want them to fall off during your wedding ceremony.

Beach Tree Wedding
Beach Tree Wedding Altar
For the hopeless romantics and uncanny pairs, beach trees are actually amazing props to be used for your altars. They’re bare and lovely. You could hang on mason jars with candles insides or paper cranes or dream catchers on it. It will be totally adorable, charming and whimsical.


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