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Alaska: A deeply romantic yet neglected wedding destination

Anyone who has seen the movie “The Proposal” will be awed by the breath striking images presented by the Alaskan scenery that’s rendered even more romantic by the constant preparations for an upcoming wedding. Weirdly enough though, whenever anyone mentions a destination wedding, the initial images that springs to mind are quite far from the freezing Alaskan surfaces. Palm beaches, turquoise seas or even a lush green vineyard are usually the favorite locations for a destination wedding.

Alaskan wedding collage

If you want to be different, though, an Alaskan wedding can be quite a deeply romantic location to fly your guests to. Of course, given the colder-than-average climate, you do have quite a few arrangements to do in order to render your location even more comfortable.So, read on to familiarize yourself with a few aspects to take into consideration for your special destination wedding.

Alaska wedding collage 2

Okay, let’s face it: you do want to be different, but you don’t want to be drastic either. There’s absolutely no reason why you should fly your guests to Alaska during winter. That will only dampen your special day and you might even find yourself lacking quite a fair amount of guests! So, it’s best to go during warmer months, where you will still be able to enjoy the white Alaskan scenery, but without the freezing cold.

Alaskan destination wedding

If you want to borrow a leaf out of Sandra Bullock’s wedding in “The Proposal”, getting married in a barn in Alaska will certainly add a special touch to your wedding day. Of course, you can very easily get married in a church, chapel or hotel, but don’t hesitate to push the boundaries and be different as well: retreats, lodges, roadhouses or even lakesides are wonderful places that will let you enjoy the stunning Alaskan scenery.
Couples can also run a few online searches to find some companies that provide full Alaskan wedding packages, complete with location and catering.

Bridal party in Alaska

Bear in mind that this is Alaska that we’re talking about: strapless dresses are quite striking, but, if you’re getting married in the great outdoors, you may find yourself being completely frozen to the ground even before you walk down the aisle. Fashion-conscious brides shouldn’t worry though. There are quite a few ways to warm up your outfit without going for a drab, old-fashioned gown. If you do want a strapless gown, don’t hesitate to opt for a thick, faux fur shrug that will keep your shoulders warm during the ceremony. Don’t neglect your feet as well: ankle boots are other trendy options that will help you look stylish while keeping you warm on your special destination wedding day.

Bride wearing boots for Alaskan destination weddingBride wearing faux fur shoulder shrug


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Garden weddings: Everything you need to make things easier

Airy, serene and definitely romantic, gardens can be the perfect location for your wedding. In fact, with the recession and ever increasing prices, it’s probably a good idea to hold your wedding in your own garden instead of renting a more expensive location. By cutting back on such expenses, you’ll definitely be able to spend more on other things such as your dress, shoes or accessories.

Bridal party in garden

If you don’t have a large backyard, you can always check with your local municipality or council to rent any green space or garden in your locality. While garden weddings are undeniably easy to prepare and set up, there are several things that the couple should take into consideration: bear in mind that an outdoors theme wedding means that you’ll need to bring in some extra supplies to ensure the comfort of your guests, especially if you’re holding the reception outside.

Garden wedding

Since you’re holding your wedding in a garden, it’s crucial to take into consideration the type of weather that you’ll be having. While spring and summer are the perfect seasons for wedding under the sun, bear in mind that sudden downpours can occur. If you want to be particularly careful, you can set up a gazebo to shelter your guests in case of rainfall. Ladies who are lucky enough to have a gazebo in your backyard can certainly get married under it for some added charm and romance. Alternatively, garden ponds and flower arches are other incredibly dreamy and romantic locations that you can incorporate into your special day. Try to dress up your bridesmaids in green as well in order to bring a homogenous atmosphere and draw attention back to the outdoors theme.

Bridesmaids wearing pale green dresses

As far as the aisle goes, it’s best to keep it as natural as you possibly can. After all, this is an outdoors wedding and you need to stay in harmony with nature. So, if possible, ditch the red or white carpet in favor of flower petals and scraps of lace. Of course, you’ll need to create your own aisle by using some garden chair and in that case, remember that it’s always best to go for white or cream-colored chairs. These hues usually provide a beautiful contrast with the lush green grass and trees.

Groom and bride in garden

If you can afford it, then by all means feel free to add a few unique touches to add some charm and flair to your outdoors wedding. An arrangement of flowers spelling out the couples’ name is undeniably a special touch that will forever mark your wedding day. As for the reception, it’s quite a good idea to hold it outside, especially if you’re expecting a nice weather. In this case, couples usually have a choice of two arrangements: you can get a long buffet table and a long banquet table to seat all your guests, or you can get several rounded tables to seat small groups.

Table settings for garden wedding

Don’t forget to invest in some garden lights or string a few fairy lights among the trees if you’re expecting your reception to go well into the night. A naked patch of green grass would also provide a magnificent area for your guests to dance the night away as they celebrate the union of two hearts.


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The best locations for Vintage weddings

There’s absolutely no question about it: Vintage weddings are literally oozing with romance and will bring a profound rustic-chic charm to your special day as a whole. Contrary to most contemporary weddings, these types of ceremonies tend to lean towards a rustic-like decor and setting. However, to really lay emphasis on the vintage-like feel of your ceremony, it’s important to choose an adequate location. A vintage theme wedding, for example, will certainly not feel particularly rustic if you hold it in a lavishly decorated hall or interior space. It’s therefore quite important to select the adequate location for your vintage wedding.

Vintage wedding in barn

Barns, for instance, have always been a firm favorite among couples who are looking for a rustic-like location for their vintage weddings. Brimming with tranquility and romanticism, barns can be decorated according to your liking, but try to stick to a shabby-chic decoration scheme. Fairy-lights and squares of hay piled on each other can only add to the vintage-like feel of the day. Don’t hesitate to create an aisle made of flower petals and scraps of lace.

Vintage wedding in vineyard

If you want to be in the open-air, however, you may try looking into vineyard weddings. This setting is guaranteed to bring a vintage-like feel to your special day, especially if you hold the ceremony right before sunset.

Vintage wedding in flower field

Couples who can’t afford to purchase a vineyard wedding package may also look into renting a lavender or flower field, two locations that are known for their profoundly vintage feel. In this case, you may even go for white wooden or wrought-iron chairs that will draw attention back to the vintage theme.

Vintage wedding in forest

Alternatively, couples who want to add a mysterious-like feel to their vintage wedding can even get married in a forest. Not unlike the highly romantic scene in the Breaking Dawn movie, forests are definitely one of the most rustic and charming locations that you’ll be able to use for your special day. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box as well: if all you can’t afford to rent any exotic locations or if you’re simply on a limited budget, you can very easily hold the wedding in your backyard and accessorize with a few accents and accessories to enhance the vintage theme. Overhead lanterns dangling from trees, a flower crown around your head and a long, silk old-fashioned wedding gown are all the little accents that will definitely bring a pronounced vintage atmosphere to your special day.

Vintage wedding on ranch


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Planning the perfect cruise wedding

We all have an idea of how we’d like our wedding day to be. While some of us are fixated about the traditional idea of walking down the church aisle and towards the love of our life, others may want something just as romantic but less traditional in the form of a beach wedding. In fact, cutting-edge brides are even more than eager to get married in hot air balloons or under waves during sea-walks expeditions.

Cruise wedding

So, if you want to have an outdoor theme wedding, don’t hesitate to think outside the box. Too many brides hastily limit themselves to the typical vineyards or garden as the perfect outdoors setting. However, if you can afford it, you can also opt for a highly romantic cruise wedding.

Couple getting married on cruise ship

Highly romantic and exotic, cruise weddings are rapidly growing in popularity, with several companies offering special packages, not only for the bride and groom, but also for your guests. Indeed, nothing can ever beat the exquisite sensation of standing on the deck of a luxurious ship as you say your wedding vows. If done properly, a cruise wedding can be one of the dreamiest and most romantic ceremony you’ll ever be part of, especially with the salty sea breeze and gentle rocking of the ship.

Couple on cruise ship deck

Of course, it’s important to talk to the Captain beforehand in order to families yourself with the various types of accents and accessories that you can use to enhance your wedding day. Alternatively, several ship offer their own decoration and catering services that will help you cut back on some expenses. In some cases, the ship can be entirely decked up in golden fairy lights that will add some extra charm to your special day. Best of all, if you choose to hire a complete wedding cruise package, you’ll be able to avoid the stress that usually accompany all the planning. Just remember to go for a ship-related wedding cake to keep in line with the outdoors theme.

Ship wedding cake

As far as the reception goes, you can either hold an all-night dance party on the deck or throw a more formal affair in the ship’s ballroom. The main advantage of throwing a cruise wedding is that you’ll be able to enjoy a lovely honeymoon with your husband right on the ship. However, not all of us can afford a cruise that spans over the course of several days. Some companies offer exclusive sunset or one-day cruises whereby you’ll be able to get married and enjoy a few hours on the ship before going back to shore. Exotic locations such as Mauritius and Seychelles even offer specially chartered Wedding Catamaran packages whereby you can privately rent the entire catamaran for an entire day.

Cruise ship


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Chinese theme weddings: A colorful celebration of love, life and harmony

Rich and vibrant in colors, Chinese weddings are among the most grandiose celebrations that signify the start of a new life together. While contemporary couples are nowadays going for a more low-key ceremony, authentic Chinese theme weddings usually include fireworks and even a traditional dragon dance. A real feast for the eyes, these weddings are also centered around red hues, a color which represents peace, love and harmony in Chinese culture.

Bride wearing traditional red brial dress

If you want a Chinese-theme wedding, the one thing you should consider is your wedding dress color. Other than red, Gold is another hue which, according to Chinese culture, is supposed to bring luck, joy and wealth to the new couple. Hence, brides who want to adopt a more traditional look can go for a bright red and gold cheongsam wedding dresses. Still, if you don’t want to give up the big white dress, fret not: many modern Chinese brides are now going for traditional white dress but with red accessories. Think red shoes, red-stoned tiara or even ruby red earrings.

Chinese wedding with red accents

As far as the decorations and wedding favors go, it’s recommended to stick to the red color palette. You can, for example, enhance the reception with some red accents such as red tablecloths, napkins and the likes. Glasses of sparkling red wine are also going to bring a festive feel to the ceremony, without deviating from the overall theme. Crystal keychains, scented sachets, manicure sets, mini champagne bottles, mini wine glasses and monogrammed chocolates are all among the various tokens that you can present your guests with to thank them for attending your special day. To add a Chinese-feel to the favors, don’t hesitate to present them in bright red boxes.

Traditional dragon shows after chinese wedding

It’s also quite important for the bridesmaids, groom and best man to keep in line with the Chinese theme wedding. Hence, while the groom can don a bright red tie, the bridesmaids can don gold or red dresses that will definitely draw attention to the overall theme.

Bride wearing white dress and red shoes for luck

As far as the cake goes, ask your baker to trace some typical Chinese patterns in the form of thin, dark branches and flowering trees. Of course, if you want to go all the way, don’t hesitate to go for brightly lit firecrackers that you can set off at the end of the ceremony or during the reception. Small gold bells as well as red and orange flower garlands are other small touches that are going to infuse a deep Chinese-like feel to the overall atmosphere.

Chinese wedding cake


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Things to consider for a perfect beach wedding

Nothing screams romance more than gliding down an aisle on the beach with the vermillion sun setting on the horizon. Indeed, if you do have the chance to go for a beach wedding, bear in mind that while your ceremony will undeniably be extremely romantic, there are quite a few things to consider to ease your comfort and that of your guests.

Beach wedding collage

For example, while many dream of sinking their toes in the warm, powdery sand as they stride down the aisle, a more practical option would be carpet the area where you’re getting married. If you absolutely must feel the sand under your feet, try to consider carpeting the area where your guests will be suited: don’t forget that several of the ladies might be in heels and you certainly want to assure their comfort.

Wedding chairs and aisle facing the sea

The bride’s choice of footwear, however, will ultimately depend on her overall attire. If you’re going for a flower-girl, vintage-like look, with a long, breezy gown and a crown of flowers on your head, then you can very easily go barefooted. Alternatively, you will find that there’s absolutely no shortage of toe rings and bejeweled flats that will complement your beach wedding dress while adding a touch of glamor to your outfit as a whole.

Colorful beach wedding clothes

As far as the wedding altar goes, don’t hesitate to dress it up in light gauzes, flowers or even seashells. These little touches will ultimately enhance any beach theme wedding. Don’t hesitate to favor marine-like colors such as ecru, turquoise, marine green, eggshell, white, ivory and other sand-related hues. This palate can also be used for the reception, even if you’re not having the actual reception on the beach itself. In fact, a particularly lovely idea would be to have a cake made up in sea blue and white with fondant or sugared seashells draped over it. Don’t hesitate to run a few online searches to find some really original cake toppers that will bring out the marine theme of your special day.

Beach wedding decorations

Another important factor to consider is the seating arrangement: in most beach theme weddings, the seating area and aisle are parallel to the sea. However, a more romantic option would be to seat the guests and create an aisle that actually faces the sea. This way, the bride will be able to stride towards the shoreline as her groom waits for her under the wedding arch.

Beach wedding cake


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The various types of dresses for a mysterious Goth Wedding

A Goth-theme wedding can be an extremely beautiful and mysterious affair if done properly. While this type of wedding is certainly gaining in popularity, a lot of people are simply throwing themselves in a dark, morbid-like setting that borders on tacky. Indeed, plenty of Goth brides just slip into the first dark-colored dress that they find- and many of them end up regretting it later!

Gothic wedding collage

This is exactly why you should be extremely careful when it comes to your type of dress, especially if you want to throw a mysterious aura around your Goth wedding. Black, of course, is the color of choice for most Goth brides. Sensual, mysterious and highly elegant, black also has the advantage of being extremely flattering on every type of figure. If you’re on the curvaceous side, for example, don’t hesitate to slip into a black, Empire-waist dress with long lacey bell sleeves. More slender ladies can go for a figure-hugging black satin dress for a more flattering look. Whatever type of dress you decide to go for, make sure to select the type of accessories and jewelry that will provide a contrasting effect with your dress.

Black gothic wedding dress

For instance, if you choose to go for a black dress, you can select bright red earrings and even a black and red headpiece to enhance your gothic dress. However, bear in mind that Goth weddings do not only mean black dresses. Red and deep purple are other extremely popular choices for Goth brides. A red full-skirted, Princess-like dress is another fabulous choice for these types of weddings. In this case, you can dress up your bridesmaids in dark purple frocks for a more pronounced Goth look. Also, remember that red wedding dresses look best if they’re flared: after all, a straight strapless dress can look like just about any cocktail dress and you do want to look different on your wedding day!

Goth bride wearing white dress with black trim

If you absolutely want your white wedding dress, don’t hesitate to go for an all-white one with black trims. Another option would be to wear a black leather corset and a mermaid-style black leather skirt with a dress tail. In this case, a tiara studded with black stones will definitely enhance your overall look and bring a deep touch of sophistication. Don’t forget that your shoes have to match with your overall attire. Spiky stiletto boots are going to look absolutely gorgeous with just about any type of Gothic wedding dress. But, if you’re not much of a heel person, don’t hesitate to go for flats as well. After all, the essential thing is that you should feel comfortable and at ease in whatever footwear you choose to don. Make sure to pay attention to your makeup as well: scarlet red lipstick, purple eye shadow and a white base foundation will certainly transform you into a deliciously alluring Goth bride.

Bridesmaids wearing purple for gothic weddingGothic bridal makeup


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The best colors and accessories for a perfect Indian Wedding

Extremely grandiose and rich in colors, an Indian theme wedding is certainly not a small affair.Indeed, in some parts of India, weddings are usually held within the span of an entire week, with all the friends and families gathering at both the bride’s and groom’s place. Dancing to traditional Indian beats and intricate henna applications on the arms, hands and feet are just a few of the festivities that happen during these ceremonies.

Indian wedding collageIndian wedding invitation

So, if you’re planning on having the perfect Indian Wedding, it’s quite important to familiarize yourself with the typical Indian palette and various accessories that will bring a pronounced Oriental touch to your special day. Bear in mind that sparkling red, yellow, green, orange and gold are Indian wedding colors by excellence. Indian brides, for example, are often decked up in a bright red sari with heavy gold jewelry. However, in more contemporary times, some brides are substituting the red sari for white, cream, beige, pink, turquoise or even pale lavender.

Indian brides usually favor heavy, ornate bangles

As far as the accessories go, don’t forget that Indian brides usually favor heavy, ornate bangles that go all the way up to the elbows. These bangles are readily available online and come in a variety of colors but it’s always best to go for a completely contrasting shade. This way, if you’re wearing a red and gold Indian bridal attire, try to go for gold and black bangles. A large nose loop with a chain that links the loop to your earring is another common accessory for Indian brides.

Indian bride with Henna patterns on hands

Some ladies also choose to wear a “Mang-Tika”, which is basically a chain that the bride wears on her hairline parting. This particular piece of jewel is held in place with pearled or beaded beads.
Henna application also forms a vital part of Indian weddings, with a special ceremony dedicated especially to the application process. A highly trained makeup artist comes to the bride’s place and applies henna on her arms, legs and hands while other female relatives sing and dance during the application process.

Indian wedding altar

Other than the clothes and accessories it’s extremely important to properly decorate your wedding altar. In comparison to the tall wedding arches that usually accompany white weddings, Indian altars are not unlike a stage set on an elevated platform, with two chairs or stools for the bride and groom to sit on. Don’t forget that Indian wedding ceremonies can last up to three hours so it’s important to have comfortable seats. Like everything else, the stage is very lavishly decorated with thick velvet rugs and curtains in order to bring a highly elegant and luxurious feel to the entire ceremony.


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How to throw a proper Celtic Wedding

Firmly rooted in the balance and power of nature, Celtic weddings are extremely romantic and project an almost mystical feel on the ceremony. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be Irish or even believe in the Celtic faith in order to throw such a ceremony. Indeed, all you need is a beautiful, airy green space- preferably a forest- and a firm knowledge of the traditions that usually accompany Celtic theme weddings.

Celtic wedding collage

The one important thing to bear in mind is that you should stick to the proper color palette. Indeed, bright pinks and vivid reds are certainly not going to do it. Don’t forget that Celtic cultures are very focused on nature which means that your wedding will have to be centered a deep, forest green hue.

Different types of Celtic wedding dress

If you’re hesitant about slipping into a green wedding dress, don’t panic. You can very easily bring some green touches to your outfit by donning some emerald jewelry. A typical look for Celtic brides is a long, flowing gown with bell sleeves, emerald earrings and a matching emerald chain around the forehead. Some Celtic brides choose to skip the forehead chain in favor of a flower crown.

Celtic hand fasting ceremony

Celtic weddings are also quite focused on hand fasting ceremonies; a tradition during which the priest ties the hands of the bride and groom together to symbolize an ever-lasting relationship. By this token, make sure to select the proper fabric for the hand fasting ceremony: deep gold, silver or green are the most typical colors for these rituals.

Celtic unity candle

Some Celtic couples also choose to engage in the burning of the unity candle, whereby both the bride and the groom light one candle at the same time to symbolize their union. If you want to perform this deeply romantic gesture at your wedding, it’s important to get a proper Celtic candle that’s tall and large enough to be visible to all the guests.

Wedding cake with Celtic symbols

As far as the reception goes, Celtic culture is also reputed for its highly sophisticated and elegant banquets. So, if you can afford it, try to go for long, banquet-like tables and chairs for your guests to feast on. Don’t neglect the wedding cake either: a white, ivory or green cake with Celt-like symbols engraved all over it will most certainly bring a pronounced Celtic feel to your special day.


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Destination Weddings: Thinking outside the box

Fun, yet profound and romantic, Destination themed weddings very often brings to mind an image of white sandy beaches bathed by the lavender glow of the setting sun. However, while islands such as Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mauritius remain the favorite places for destination weddings, it does pay off to think outside the box and whisk the bridal party off to different locations. Indeed, there’s no rule which dictates that destination weddings should absolutely be held on the beach and if you want something different, don’t hesitate to look into other, more exotic places that you can book for your wedding.

Destination wedding-beach

No one can deny that the very mention of destination weddings brings to mind enticing visions of a sparkling, turquoise sea. So, if you’re planning on having a beach destination wedding, don’t hesitate to go all the way and hire the whitest, purest beach you can find. After all, this is your wedding day and you want to celebrate it as it should! Don’t forget to do everything you can to enhance your guests’ comfort: after all, they did take a break out of their own busy schedules to attend your special day so make sure to provide them with adequate refreshments and shading options from the sun, especially if you’re going to hotter places like the Caribbean.

Destination wedding- French Riviera

If you want a more elegant and refined setting next to the sea, the French Riviera might just be the perfect location for your destination wedding. After all, France is reputed for its cozy, romantic location and a wedding overlooking the French Riviera will most certainly add a great deal of charm and flair to your special day. However, couples who are looking for something a bit more rustic can even consider vineyard or lakeside weddings. These vintage-like locations usually provide acres and acres of land and enough shade to keep everybody cool and comfortable.

Destination wedding- lake

For a dreamy, fairytale-like touch, it’s recommended to throw vineyard or lakeside weddings at night, where you can illuminate the lush greenery with beautifully colored lanterns or fairy lights. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate to fly your guests to California or Utah, since these two places are often reputed for their majestic vineyards and sparkling lakes.

Destination wedding- vineyard

Couples who are quite fond of sophisticated and aristocratic settings are undoubtedly going to find their joy in a Castle-based destination weddings. These unions are rapidly growing in popularity and several castles do offer special wedding packages that include fights, catering, accommodation, decorations and live music. If you’re interested in a Castle destination wedding, bear in mind that England, France and Scotland are reputed for their stunningly romantic historical castles.

Destination wedding


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