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Unique Greek Weddings

A Greek wedding is famous for its traditions and therefore, most Greek weddings may have some things in common. That is why, when wanting a unique way to get married in Greek, we need to have a little more ideas.

Unique Greek Wedding Flowers

Unique Greek Wedding Welcome Kit
Choose a venue where everyone can dance the night away. Since it is all about tradition, we can fill out the tables with miniature cakes showing off what has been done to be able to marry at that point – meet the parents, receive dowries if there are any, the long engagement, the blessings of the ring. It’ll be nice to see this on tables as they represent the struggles of the couple so that they can marry.

Unique Greek Wedding Tables and Chairs Ideas
When it’s time to walk out the church and head off to reception, tradition almost always require candied almonds to be given out once the couple has just marched out of church. Instead of putting the almonds on a cloth, put in a mini glass capped with a colorful top and add some captions, like “This is so Greek” or “Candied Almonds from a Greek Wedding”.

Unique Greek Wedding Reception Idea
Don’t hold off on the wedding gown, as Greek brides are famous for their big gowns. Top it off with a favorite flower, or even a braided hair do with some angel’s breath on it. Add in a tiara to finish the princess look, with big earrings and necklaces that brides from Greece have been known to wear.

When it’s time to chow down, amaze the guests with a not so ordinary wedding cake. Add in mini cake versions of the bride and groom, but for a twist, put the parents in on the background too, symbolizing Greek big families and how Greek traditions in weddings has been known all over the world. Adorn the tables with cards that have the names of the couple, and add in a few important parts of the couple’s courtship, for example on one table: “I met Gerry on a bus stop on June 5, 2004. She was also on her way to a wedding.”

Unique Greek Wedding Table Toppers
End the night with dancing with the famous band/ group in town, for what is a Greek wedding if it is not big.


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Underwater Wedding Ideas

Most ladies often daydream about frilly dresses and shimmering glitter for their wedding day. But some ladies get wild and crazy ideas about their big day. Perhaps you’re one of those who want to depart from the traditional wedding ceremony and walk (or dive) on the wild side while tying the knot. A crazy but brilliant idea would be an underwater wedding ceremony.

Underwater Wedding Entourage on the Boat
Well, that’s if you both love the water. And if you don’t mind wearing an unwieldy wet suit with a cumbersome tank attached to your back in lieu of a pretty white wedding dress with a long train. And that is if you also don’t mind getting your wedding kiss with a mask and regulator on. But there’s a way to work on that.

Underwater Wedding in a Tank
So let’s get going if you’re all geared up for an amazing underwater wedding experience. First thing you need to do is rent a big boat. Bring along your family and friends as you take the plunge. (Metaphor intended). Of course, not everyone can dive so set up a video on the boat so they can watch the ceremony on real time. You’ll need an officiant with a diver’s license. Otherwise, technology will allow him to officiate the wedding on the boat while you are underwater.

Underwater Wedding Honeymoon Suite
You don’t have to worry about the wedding decor because you’ve got multi-colored corals and fishes in all shapes, sizes and colors. And once the wedding vows are shared, you get back on the boat and let the celebration begin.

Underwater Wedding Reception
Your wedding can be very personal and intimate, as a boat can’t really hold too many people. Look for a diving company to take care of everything for you – from the food, drinks, and all the other sweet things about love and life.Underwater Wedding Cake on Top of a Fish Tank

Still can’t get enough of the underwater adventure? Find a hotel with an underwater suite for your honeymoon night.


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Tropical Themed Weddings

Laid back and comfy clothes, lots of beach vibe, flowers and palm trees and sunshiny smiles. Nope, you’re not headed for a summer vacation — you’re heading to a tropical-themed wedding.

Tropical Themed Wedding Introductory Photo
Incorporate the beach and summer vibe in your invitation. If you want to make it real, then choose to DIY your programs with a watercolor illustration of a beach scene. Tie it with a straw ribbon to add the beach vibe to it.

Tropical Themed Wedding Invitation
Pick out a simple wedding dress. Stick to the tropical theme. Pick out an elegant yet simple dress. Go for a chapel-length train. Wear a fresh of garland of flowers on your head. Or simply wear a frangipani on your hair. Accessorize your dress with a pair of funky shoes or an off-beat purse.

Tropical Themed Wedding Decoration

Think big and bold and colorful. For the flowers on your bouquet or decors, go for gerbera daisies in different pops of colors – like pink and yellow. Throw in some bright orange roses liven it up. Let the bridesmaids wear bold colored dresses. The boys can come in a regular suit, but funkify their ties with bold blue and yellow stripes.

Tropical Themed Wedding Bouquet
Tie big colorful bows on the chairs out of raffia. Attach sand dollars or starfishes on the bows. For the reception tables, spruce it up with colorful table cloth – use fish bowls as center pieces, fill them up with sand and add some beach shells.

Give out shabby chic picture frames as wedding favors. Attach a shell or a starfish on it. For the wedding cake, feature the tropical beach theme. Pound cake with cream frosting is perfect. Add some chocolate shaped-starfishes or seashells to add some glam. Serve a delectable display of appetizers of tropical fruits, cheeses and nuts for hors d’oeuvres. Pick out barbequed shrimps, lobster medallions or citrus-grilled vegetables – anything that reminds you of the tropics and the sunshiny beaches.

Tropical Themed Wedding Cake


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Tent Wedding Ideas

A lot of women are dreaming about getting married in the backyard of their parent’s house. There’s something just so extraordinary about getting married at the place you grew up at. It adds new memories to the place that you considered as your first home.

A great part of a backyard wedding is the use of tent. If you have a great amount of guests, then you should get one. The main purpose of tents is to protect the guests from rain, in case it’s a rainy day, or to protect them from the heat of the sun. Even though you have to spend additional cost for it, it can make the occasion more enjoyable and comfortable for the guests who are going to witness one of the most important days of your life.

Tent Wedding Idea - Partially Covered Tent Ceiling
The decorations are becoming more important when the wedding is being held in the tent. You might have a strikingly landscaped backyard, but the tent can possibly block the beauty of it. So now is your chance to be truly imaginative and creative with the decoration. On top of the typical centrepieces, you may want to hide the tent poles, by wrapping them with beautiful flowers and/or fabrics. You could also make remarkable effects by covering sheer colourful cloths and small white lights underneath the ceiling of your tent.

Tent Wedding Idea - Arabic-Inspired DecorationsTent Wedding Idea - Sheer Cloth Covered Tent Ceiling
A tent wedding could truly be as casual or formal as you want it to be, so you’re allowed to select any kind of motif you and your guest will follow. Your wedding jewellery and bridesmaid jewellery could be as simple or extravagant as you want. It’s all your choice!

Tent Wedding Idea - Fabulous Drapery
Having a tent wedding on your own yard can offer you total flexibility in the features that you prefer. If you are looking for a unique wedding and want to make it to be more unforgettable, then considering tent weddings is the way to go!

Tent Wedding Idea - Tent Covered Fountain


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Sparkly Wedding Ideas

Do sparkling glitters run in your veins? And you can’t just get enough of sparkle – so you pick out a sparkly inspired theme for your big day. You’re definitely going to have a lot of glittering fun preparing for your sparkly wedding day — from choosing your wedding invitations down to your wedding favors. And you’re not even thinking about sparkly wedding dress and sparkly wedding shoes yet. Who doesn’t love sparkle and shine, anyway? Most women have had an ongoing love affair with all things glittery and sparkly.

Sparkly Wedding Invitation

Start to bring the sparkle in your wedding invitations. Put a glittery strand in your invitation liner – add some sparkly pop up stickers on the envelope. One look at your invitation and your guests can tell you’re having a sparkly theme on your wedding day. Picking out a sparkly wedding dress and a sparkly pair of shoes is the easiest part. Let your wedding party put on a silver sparkly short dress with a bow or a sash of the color of your choice – the best part about sparkly stuff is it can go with just about any color – from navy blue to blush pink. Go for statement necklaces and of course your sparkly diamond engagement ring for accessories. Add sparkly glitter in your bouquet. Tie a sparkly ribbon around the bouquet of your bridesmaids.

Sparkly Wedding Cakes
Dress up your reception tables with sparkly table linen. You can balance it off with a simple all-white floral centerpiece. Scatter glittery stuff on the floor. Decorate your wedding cake with rhinestone studs.Glitter doesn’t necessarily mean you’re confined to the silver shade. Go all out bold with the sparkly gold. It goes perfectly well with pink too. It’s feminine, sweet and classy. Or why not marry the sparkly silver and gold glitter?


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Barbecue Wedding Ideas

Planning a barbecue themed wedding? Barbecues are traditional community affairs – but it can become elegant in a pretty casual way when you carefully set the right vibe with the cute little things —like mason jars, chalkboard displays, colored wine glasses, burlap sacks, wooden boxes and checkered table cloths, wild flowers and throw in some balloons, if you please.
Barbecue weddings are wonderful, casual and relaxing. It’s about sweet intimate and cherished relationships like family and friends. Barbecue weddings are private and are usually done in a backyard. Or a barn, or maybe a nearby park. That means the guests are relaxed, comfortable and at home. You can expect barrelfuls of fan and laughter as you pass along mason jars (it definitely should be mason jars for a barbecue themed weddings) filled with fresh lemonade or iced cold beer.

Barbecue Wedding Reception
The bride can come in any kind of wedding dress she desires– frilly, short, simple, long. She can wear any pair of shoes she wants, colorful flats, wedges or a pair of funky boots. Her entourage can come gorgeously casual as well.

Barbecue Wedding Attire
Bring out the grill, and start grilling your meat – bring out your food bonanza. And grill away. Dress up your side dishes, put the cobs on skewers, your salad in small glasses, sliced fruits on sticks.Go wild in your sweet desserts too. Pick out ice cream, strawberry short cakes, and blueberry cheesecakes.

Barbecue Wedding FoodsBarbecue Wedding Kebabs
For wedding favors, you can put apple crisps in little mason jars (where your names are etched) or put in your prized-barbecue sauce. Or a cute paper bag where your guests can bring their take home wedding cake, desserts or whatnots. Or homemade bread wrapped in burlap bags.Let the good times roll until the night sways in. It’s time to make some s’mores.

Barbecue Wedding Favors


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Science Themed Weddings

Test tubes and Bunsen burners, flasks and the periodic table. They all certainly don’t sound like things you’ll use for a wedding party. But well, yeah. A science-themed wedding is a unique and cool idea if the couple wants their love for science to be reflected as they express their love for each other. Somebody’s science teacher must be grinning from ear to ear.

The theme itself sounds nerdy enough so cute pretty colors will give the wedding theme some kind of a sweet appeal. Dust pink and soft mint are perfect choices. If you pick out a science-themed wedding, it probably means you want something simple and fuss-free. Definitely not on the bold flamboyant side. Simple yet elegant – these words embody a science-themed wedding.

Science Themed Wedding Centerpiece

For the wedding gown, go for the classic, sweetheart strapless gown — maybe with just some hints of lace or a few touches of beads. A wedding bouquet filled with simple flowers and succulents is perfect for the bride.

Science Themed Wedding Bouquet

Invitations to decors to wedding favors can go as DIYed as they can get. For table arrangements and seating chart, use periodic tables. Or give out an equation and the answer would be the guest’s table number. Oh, your non-geeky friends will probably hate you for this. But they will love you if you serve fizzy cocktail drinks generously in beakers – and use those beakers as your science-themed wedding favors. Find beakers, and flat-bottomed flasks, and conical flasks and use them as vases. Put some cute pink roses on them or some succulents – like rose shaped cacti. Or you can fill test tubes with colorful M&Ms or Smarties.

Science Themed Wedding Invitation

Serve really good meals – not something whipped up from a science lab, mind you. A hearty Italian meal is perfect. Don’t leave out on the cake, personalize it and go for something yummy and beautiful.

Science Themed Wedding Cake


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Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Ideas

Nowadays, couples opt for unconventional weddings to make the day more memorable not only to them, but also to their guests. Outdoor weddings, such as celebrating the day deep in the woods or forest adds a little more enchanting feel to the event. This may seem hard to organize at first, but with lots of help and a definite concept, it will definitely be a magical wedding.

Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Design
Starting with the invitations, choose brown paper or something ethnic-looking with rough texture to resemble tree barks. It would be better to have them hand-written to give off a more natural vibe. You can also include dried flowers to add a splash of colors. For the wedding program, you can print it out and glue it on fans so that it will help provide comfort to your guests should they start feeling too warm outdoors.

Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Invitation
For your wedding dress, you can wear something that resembles a goddess of the forest—perhaps something that sparkles under the sun or a dress with floral details or vines embossed in it. Your shoes however, should be picked wisely—you wouldn’t want your heels to sink in the ground while walking down the aisle. If you really, really want to wear high heels, you can use a heel cover or maybe arrange a stone pathway beforehand. Be sure to wear waterproof makeup so you won’t be sweating it all off should the weather turn bad.

Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Attire
Incorporate the outdoor theme to every little detail in your wedding. For your wedding cake, instead of the usual multi-tiered plain white cake, you can add fresh flowers and even a design of crawling vines on it. And hey, you can also choose a chocolate cake! Trees are brown, right?

Outdoor in the Woods Elegant Reception
For the comfort of your guests, be sure to provide cooling refreshments all throughout the ceremony so they won’t be parched. On the other hand, if it’s going to be breezy, provide your guests with blankets or wraps to help ward off the cold. If you’re using uncomfortable outdoor seats with steel backs, provide pillow seats with colorful cases. Mosquitoes are also a source of distraction and discomfort in outdoor events so make sure you remind your guests to bring mosquito repellents or, if you have the means, provide a small spray for each guest on the day itself.

Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Ceremony
There are many ingenious ways to celebrate and effective and memorably outdoor wedding, just make sure that you consider all of your guests and all the possible mishaps you might encounter that day so as to be able to prevent these things from happening or to be able to prepare an easy fix beforehand.


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Oriental Themed Weddings

It is a great idea to make oriental theme as your wedding concept. Asian themed wedding is a remarkable way in combining Asian tradition in your wedding. It doesn’t matter even if you’re an Asian or not. The Oriental themed wedding’s details are quite something to be well-researched.

Oriental Themed Wedding Reception Idea
Make sure to secure your invitation with Asian concept. With such personalized invitation, your guest will recognize that they are attending an Asian themed wedding. It will be perfect to make Oriental flowers as your invitation’s front cover. It is important to research the right color combination to desist misinterpretation of Asian’s aspect about colors.

Oriental Themed Wedding Invitation Card
When choosing the right attire for Oriental themed wedding, it is not necessarily to imitate the traditionally Asian wedding attire. By artlessly adding Oriental adornments like sash, jacket or slipper, Asian theme can be implemented. On the other side, if the couple prefers to wear the tradition Asian attire, there are some things to be considered.  The bride and the groom should wear attire made of silk, knitted with oriental print to emphasize Asian tradition.

Oriental Themed Wedding Attire
Choosing right food for Oriental themed wedding needs several traditional guidelines.  Korean usually serve “noodle- feast.” Noodles for Korean and Chinese represent long life, best wishes, and joviality. In Japanese and Chinese weddings, animal dishes symbolize plenitude of a new accord. Such animal dishes include duck, lobster, and fish. Presenting a whole roast pig from the groom’s to the bride’s family is a durable tradition of Chinese. Also, Chinese usually serves eight dishes excluding dessert. Eight is a lucky number for Chinese. This tradition symbolizes purity.

Oriental Themed Wedding Bamboo and Lotus CakeFlowers plays important role in Oriental themed wedding to make wedding venue and reception more adorable. Flowers that will perfectly suit in Oriental themed wedding include orchids, cherry blossoms, lotus seeds and lilies. It is also a great idea to add bamboo in floral arrangement. Your primary choice of flower and its color can also be use as your wedding cake’s garnish decoration. Usually, cream and white orchids and lilies are the most popular used flowers. Thus, it is also extravagant to use bright color flowers such as pink and purple.

Include Oriental themed decoration in wedding and reception venue. Paper lanterns, pagodas, water basin with inflated lotus flowers, and ornate fans can be perfect.  Use appropriate colors of designs. It is advisable to use the color line in your wedding theme to avoid misusing excessive colors. Red and gold is the tradition color use in Chinese wedding. For Korean wedding, purple is usability.

Oriental Themed Wedding Bamboo Decorations


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Hot Air Balloon Wedding Ideas

Up in the clouds, particularly cloud 9 — that’s the best place to exchange I do’s . And that can be made possible if you go for a romantic and adventurous ride up on a hot air balloon on your wedding day. After all, isn’t it a fitting description of marriage? Don’t you agree?

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Invitation
Google hot air balloons that allow wedding ceremonies. Choose the area that you want to fly above as you share your wedding vows – do you want fly above spectacular views of rivers or forests or the mountains? Choose what time you want to fly up in the air and take the leap (figuratively speaking, of course!) Sunsets or sunrises are definitely the best time to share wedding vows. Not to mention, it’s the best time to take awesome photos as well.

Hot Air Balloon Paper Lantern Decoration
Check the weather forecast and find out if the weather permits. You don’t want gusts of winds and splashes of rain shower to ruin that perfectly intimate wedding up in the air. As you go up romantic heights, you will only have the wedding officiant, the pilot and your photographer to witness your vows.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Centerpiece
Hot air balloon weddings are usually done during summer so it’s not as chilly up there as you probably thought. So go for a comfy but classy wedding gown. You may opt to dress up for the reception for a snazzier wedding dress if you wish.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding
Aside from great photos and over the top venue, you will surely have oodles of fun creating the reception venue. Prepare mini hot air balloons to deck out your dessert tables. Go for a wedding cake with a hot air balloon topper. Go for sweet pastel colors or bold romantic shades.  Either way, it’s sure to be a knock out. Make hot air balloon cookie pop for wedding favors.  Let your creativity ride high. Don’t forget the celebratory toast after the wonderful experience.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Cake


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