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Unique ideas for an outdoors wedding

If you’re among the lucky couples who are planning an outdoors wedding, you’re definitely in for a treat. In fact, it has been shown that outdoors weddings are amongst the easiest to plan and decorate, particularly because of the vast space that’s available to the couple. So, here are a few unique ideas that will turn on the charm and welcome factor at your outdoors wedding.

Japanese lanterns

Lanterns and more lanterns
Whether you’re going for Japanese lanterns or traditional outdoors one, the one thing that you should remember is that lanterns have a special glow and charm that will bring an almost magical feel to your wedding day. Of course, it goes without saying that these will look fabulous at night, but, these lanterns will also look stunning during an outdoors sunset wedding, especially if you use them to line the aisle.

Lantern lit path

Luxurious Drapes and Cushions
Tourists who visit Saudi Arabia often gush about the opulent luxury that surrounds them. A closer look at the decor will show quite a few drapes and cushions scattered all over the place, especially in far-away places like the dessert. This is because drapes, cushions, rugs and outdoors furniture stand out so much more easily in a stark environment- which make these accessories even more important for your outdoors wedding.

Drapes across aisle

Don’t hesitate to vamp things up with some silk cushions and gauzy drapes as a unique twist to the traditional outdoors wedding decoration. In fact, if you want to pluck a leaf out of the Middle East, why not arrange some cushions on a soft and mossy surface where your guests can sit down and relax? This works best with informal outdoors wedding.
Drapes across the chairs, lining up the aisle, will also help you bring to the great outdoors the same romantic feel that decorated pews bring.

Cushions and drapes for luxurious effect

Ponds and water works
For a pronounced romantic touch, don’t hesitate to hold your wedding right next to any water scenery. Even a backward pond will work. If you can afford it, though, never hesitate to book an even more stupendous location such as waterfalls, lakes or even the beach. If you’re choosing a public space, however, be sure to book it quite a few weeks in advance. Don’t forget that boat houses are other fabulous options to help you make the most out of the soft splashes of water that will serenade you as you tie the knot.

Outdoors wedding next to pondDecorating the gazebo


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Garden weddings: Everything you need to make things easier

Airy, serene and definitely romantic, gardens can be the perfect location for your wedding. In fact, with the recession and ever increasing prices, it’s probably a good idea to hold your wedding in your own garden instead of renting a more expensive location. By cutting back on such expenses, you’ll definitely be able to spend more on other things such as your dress, shoes or accessories.

Bridal party in garden

If you don’t have a large backyard, you can always check with your local municipality or council to rent any green space or garden in your locality. While garden weddings are undeniably easy to prepare and set up, there are several things that the couple should take into consideration: bear in mind that an outdoors theme wedding means that you’ll need to bring in some extra supplies to ensure the comfort of your guests, especially if you’re holding the reception outside.

Garden wedding

Since you’re holding your wedding in a garden, it’s crucial to take into consideration the type of weather that you’ll be having. While spring and summer are the perfect seasons for wedding under the sun, bear in mind that sudden downpours can occur. If you want to be particularly careful, you can set up a gazebo to shelter your guests in case of rainfall. Ladies who are lucky enough to have a gazebo in your backyard can certainly get married under it for some added charm and romance. Alternatively, garden ponds and flower arches are other incredibly dreamy and romantic locations that you can incorporate into your special day. Try to dress up your bridesmaids in green as well in order to bring a homogenous atmosphere and draw attention back to the outdoors theme.

Bridesmaids wearing pale green dresses

As far as the aisle goes, it’s best to keep it as natural as you possibly can. After all, this is an outdoors wedding and you need to stay in harmony with nature. So, if possible, ditch the red or white carpet in favor of flower petals and scraps of lace. Of course, you’ll need to create your own aisle by using some garden chair and in that case, remember that it’s always best to go for white or cream-colored chairs. These hues usually provide a beautiful contrast with the lush green grass and trees.

Groom and bride in garden

If you can afford it, then by all means feel free to add a few unique touches to add some charm and flair to your outdoors wedding. An arrangement of flowers spelling out the couples’ name is undeniably a special touch that will forever mark your wedding day. As for the reception, it’s quite a good idea to hold it outside, especially if you’re expecting a nice weather. In this case, couples usually have a choice of two arrangements: you can get a long buffet table and a long banquet table to seat all your guests, or you can get several rounded tables to seat small groups.

Table settings for garden wedding

Don’t forget to invest in some garden lights or string a few fairy lights among the trees if you’re expecting your reception to go well into the night. A naked patch of green grass would also provide a magnificent area for your guests to dance the night away as they celebrate the union of two hearts.


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Planning the perfect cruise wedding

We all have an idea of how we’d like our wedding day to be. While some of us are fixated about the traditional idea of walking down the church aisle and towards the love of our life, others may want something just as romantic but less traditional in the form of a beach wedding. In fact, cutting-edge brides are even more than eager to get married in hot air balloons or under waves during sea-walks expeditions.

Cruise wedding

So, if you want to have an outdoor theme wedding, don’t hesitate to think outside the box. Too many brides hastily limit themselves to the typical vineyards or garden as the perfect outdoors setting. However, if you can afford it, you can also opt for a highly romantic cruise wedding.

Couple getting married on cruise ship

Highly romantic and exotic, cruise weddings are rapidly growing in popularity, with several companies offering special packages, not only for the bride and groom, but also for your guests. Indeed, nothing can ever beat the exquisite sensation of standing on the deck of a luxurious ship as you say your wedding vows. If done properly, a cruise wedding can be one of the dreamiest and most romantic ceremony you’ll ever be part of, especially with the salty sea breeze and gentle rocking of the ship.

Couple on cruise ship deck

Of course, it’s important to talk to the Captain beforehand in order to families yourself with the various types of accents and accessories that you can use to enhance your wedding day. Alternatively, several ship offer their own decoration and catering services that will help you cut back on some expenses. In some cases, the ship can be entirely decked up in golden fairy lights that will add some extra charm to your special day. Best of all, if you choose to hire a complete wedding cruise package, you’ll be able to avoid the stress that usually accompany all the planning. Just remember to go for a ship-related wedding cake to keep in line with the outdoors theme.

Ship wedding cake

As far as the reception goes, you can either hold an all-night dance party on the deck or throw a more formal affair in the ship’s ballroom. The main advantage of throwing a cruise wedding is that you’ll be able to enjoy a lovely honeymoon with your husband right on the ship. However, not all of us can afford a cruise that spans over the course of several days. Some companies offer exclusive sunset or one-day cruises whereby you’ll be able to get married and enjoy a few hours on the ship before going back to shore. Exotic locations such as Mauritius and Seychelles even offer specially chartered Wedding Catamaran packages whereby you can privately rent the entire catamaran for an entire day.

Cruise ship


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Barbecue Wedding Ideas

Planning a barbecue themed wedding? Barbecues are traditional community affairs – but it can become elegant in a pretty casual way when you carefully set the right vibe with the cute little things —like mason jars, chalkboard displays, colored wine glasses, burlap sacks, wooden boxes and checkered table cloths, wild flowers and throw in some balloons, if you please.
Barbecue weddings are wonderful, casual and relaxing. It’s about sweet intimate and cherished relationships like family and friends. Barbecue weddings are private and are usually done in a backyard. Or a barn, or maybe a nearby park. That means the guests are relaxed, comfortable and at home. You can expect barrelfuls of fan and laughter as you pass along mason jars (it definitely should be mason jars for a barbecue themed weddings) filled with fresh lemonade or iced cold beer.

Barbecue Wedding Reception
The bride can come in any kind of wedding dress she desires– frilly, short, simple, long. She can wear any pair of shoes she wants, colorful flats, wedges or a pair of funky boots. Her entourage can come gorgeously casual as well.

Barbecue Wedding Attire
Bring out the grill, and start grilling your meat – bring out your food bonanza. And grill away. Dress up your side dishes, put the cobs on skewers, your salad in small glasses, sliced fruits on sticks.Go wild in your sweet desserts too. Pick out ice cream, strawberry short cakes, and blueberry cheesecakes.

Barbecue Wedding FoodsBarbecue Wedding Kebabs
For wedding favors, you can put apple crisps in little mason jars (where your names are etched) or put in your prized-barbecue sauce. Or a cute paper bag where your guests can bring their take home wedding cake, desserts or whatnots. Or homemade bread wrapped in burlap bags.Let the good times roll until the night sways in. It’s time to make some s’mores.

Barbecue Wedding Favors


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Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Ideas

Nowadays, couples opt for unconventional weddings to make the day more memorable not only to them, but also to their guests. Outdoor weddings, such as celebrating the day deep in the woods or forest adds a little more enchanting feel to the event. This may seem hard to organize at first, but with lots of help and a definite concept, it will definitely be a magical wedding.

Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Design
Starting with the invitations, choose brown paper or something ethnic-looking with rough texture to resemble tree barks. It would be better to have them hand-written to give off a more natural vibe. You can also include dried flowers to add a splash of colors. For the wedding program, you can print it out and glue it on fans so that it will help provide comfort to your guests should they start feeling too warm outdoors.

Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Invitation
For your wedding dress, you can wear something that resembles a goddess of the forest—perhaps something that sparkles under the sun or a dress with floral details or vines embossed in it. Your shoes however, should be picked wisely—you wouldn’t want your heels to sink in the ground while walking down the aisle. If you really, really want to wear high heels, you can use a heel cover or maybe arrange a stone pathway beforehand. Be sure to wear waterproof makeup so you won’t be sweating it all off should the weather turn bad.

Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Attire
Incorporate the outdoor theme to every little detail in your wedding. For your wedding cake, instead of the usual multi-tiered plain white cake, you can add fresh flowers and even a design of crawling vines on it. And hey, you can also choose a chocolate cake! Trees are brown, right?

Outdoor in the Woods Elegant Reception
For the comfort of your guests, be sure to provide cooling refreshments all throughout the ceremony so they won’t be parched. On the other hand, if it’s going to be breezy, provide your guests with blankets or wraps to help ward off the cold. If you’re using uncomfortable outdoor seats with steel backs, provide pillow seats with colorful cases. Mosquitoes are also a source of distraction and discomfort in outdoor events so make sure you remind your guests to bring mosquito repellents or, if you have the means, provide a small spray for each guest on the day itself.

Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Ceremony
There are many ingenious ways to celebrate and effective and memorably outdoor wedding, just make sure that you consider all of your guests and all the possible mishaps you might encounter that day so as to be able to prevent these things from happening or to be able to prepare an easy fix beforehand.


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Hot Air Balloon Wedding Ideas

Up in the clouds, particularly cloud 9 — that’s the best place to exchange I do’s . And that can be made possible if you go for a romantic and adventurous ride up on a hot air balloon on your wedding day. After all, isn’t it a fitting description of marriage? Don’t you agree?

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Invitation
Google hot air balloons that allow wedding ceremonies. Choose the area that you want to fly above as you share your wedding vows – do you want fly above spectacular views of rivers or forests or the mountains? Choose what time you want to fly up in the air and take the leap (figuratively speaking, of course!) Sunsets or sunrises are definitely the best time to share wedding vows. Not to mention, it’s the best time to take awesome photos as well.

Hot Air Balloon Paper Lantern Decoration
Check the weather forecast and find out if the weather permits. You don’t want gusts of winds and splashes of rain shower to ruin that perfectly intimate wedding up in the air. As you go up romantic heights, you will only have the wedding officiant, the pilot and your photographer to witness your vows.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Centerpiece
Hot air balloon weddings are usually done during summer so it’s not as chilly up there as you probably thought. So go for a comfy but classy wedding gown. You may opt to dress up for the reception for a snazzier wedding dress if you wish.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding
Aside from great photos and over the top venue, you will surely have oodles of fun creating the reception venue. Prepare mini hot air balloons to deck out your dessert tables. Go for a wedding cake with a hot air balloon topper. Go for sweet pastel colors or bold romantic shades.  Either way, it’s sure to be a knock out. Make hot air balloon cookie pop for wedding favors.  Let your creativity ride high. Don’t forget the celebratory toast after the wonderful experience.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Cake


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City-Inspired Wedding Ideas

Hip, quirky, classy. Pick out what kind of city-inspired wedding you want to have. Couples who fall in love and tie the knot in the big cities have this big wonderful laid-back vibe – they’re full of character and yes, attitude. After all, that’s what everyone needs to make it in the big city.

City-Inspired Wedding Introductory Photo
Chances are you met in the subway or in a bookstore or maybe in a yellow cab? Your pre-nuptial photos must show these places where you met, or where he proposed or where you had your first date, where he first held your hand. The big city is a smorgasbord of picturesque ideas. From there you can combine the glamour of the city with the chic and character-rich elements for your wedding day.

 Wedding City Photo Shoot
Find a unique venue for the wedding – a park, a bookstore, or a café or at the public library or the city hall. It depends on what kind of city experience you want your city-inspired wedding you want to have.

City-Inspired Wedding at the City Hall
Finding a beautiful dress is not hard to get by in the big city. So go choose the wedding dress of your dreams. Accessorize with character – remember you’re a city gal.For the wedding décor, go for something that comes with your city-inspired wedding theme. Is it chic, glam? Bring out the chandeliers, and formal long stem vases. Is it quirky and hip? Pull out the rustic and vintage stuff. Deck out the place and tables with roses, hydrangeas, and calla lilies in sleek vases.

City-Inspired Wedding Centerpiece
Or you can combine modern and vintage with awesome and glamorous crystals and elegant candelabras. Throw in some pastel-colored flowers as well. A city-inspired themed wedding gives you the freedom to go from elegant to quirky to sweet and hippie. It’s all about character. So, go ahead and exchange “I do’s” with a lot of character.City-Inspired Wedding with Candelabra Decoration


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Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme Ideas

It is common knowledge that the bride is the main character in a wedding. The day is all about her—and what better way to put the bride under the spotlight than to do an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding? It will be a colorful event, with lots of magical characters and playful decorations to add more fun and zest to the wedding.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Introductory Photo
The good thing about an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding is you can choose to set it indoors or outdoors. Whichever you decide on will be a good place to create a wonderland. If you prefer an outdoor wedding, it will basically look like a garden wedding except for a few quirks and quaint wonderland decorations—you can incorporate a little of all the outdoor sceneries from the story or perhaps stick to a specific scene like the tea party or the Queen’s backyard. On the other hand, if you prefer an indoor wedding, you can design the place with a vintage theme and odd details such as quilted chairs or giant furniture.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Food
The wedding gown can be simple or, if you feel like going deep into the theme, it can have a little resemblance to any character in the story. You can opt for something blue and vintage including real lacy pantaloons if you want to go for a contemporary Alice-look. The groom can accessorize his dashing tuxedo with a top hat, something that looks like the Mad Hatter’s.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Dress and Bouquet
The palette theme can either be really loud and festive colors or calm pastel colors, depending on your preference. Consider doing things with a little bohemian influence such as a relaxing ambience teamed with crazy theatrical decorations such as quirky teapots and clocks that will create a great impact on your guests. You can even hire mimes or magicians if you want to go all out on the magical experience.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Decoration
For your party favors, you can give out colorful shiny bottles with sparkling liquid in it and a tag that says “Drink Me.” or maybe a box of colorful fondant cupcakes or cookies with a tag that says “Eat Me.”

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Favor


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Unique Pirate Wedding Theme Ideas

Pirates have been notoriously famous since they began existing years and years ago, too famous even that some weddings are themed after them. It’s surely a fun and creative way to give guests a run for their money.

Unique Pirate Wedding Ceremony

Get the invitations out on a black or grey stationary with an “X” mark or a black flag, or whatever symbols pirates use these days. Invite them to your wedding Pirate style, complete with the “Hey mate, we’re tying the knot. Join us and our stolen treasures on the dock by half past one this Saturday afternoon”.

Unique Pirate Wedding Invitation

Since it is a pirate wedding, receptions would be best on a bar, boat, or a yacht or somewhere near a dock, or sea. Indulge in a gown that’s a little off white, or highlight your accessories with pearl (a pirate’s beloved treasure). You can make the setting more real by adding a couple of unlit candles then and there, some empty barrels of beer and a few treasure chests lying amuck in some places of the reception hall.

Unique Pirate Wedding Centerpiece

During the walk down the aisle, aside from chosen flowers, put fake swords there as well to imitate a pirate’s most important tool. Add in more details to the pirate themed wedding, instead of putting your rings on a pillow, put them in a mini wooden bucket, stuffs pirates use on their boat. Put your party favors inside a big chest too, so as they would feel like searching for a lost treasure.

Unique Pirate Wedding Decorations

When talking about food, maybe we can have more percentage of heavy meat, or finger foods as what pirates are accustomed to. Pies, cakes and cupcakes shaped in black flags, treasure chests, or skulls can be accentuated with a table setting that’s not too crowded, or probably a handkerchief with a label “You’ve been captured”.

Unique Pirate Wedding Cake


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Unique Picnic Wedding Theme Ideas

Planning a wedding can be very demanding. Choosing the best theme and venue for your wedding and thinking about all the preparations that have to be made, all these can be very tough for couples who are planning to finally tie the knot. If you are one of those who want something differently out-of-the-ordinary you definitely have to consider tying the knot in a very unique picnic wedding. It is very simple but not the typical wedding for any one.

Unique Picnic Wedding Introductory Photo
Picnics are made to have fun, to bond with family and friends, and to enjoy. If you come to think of it, these are also some of the reasons why people get married. It’s about red and white checkered picnic blankets, mom’s mouth-watering apple pie, drinks in a barrel and loads of grass and flowers.

Unique Picnic Wedding Invitation
In picnic weddings, make it lively and vibrant by decorating the venue with flowers of different colors. Use decorations that would make the ambience look and feel bright or stick on the old school picnic what-have. You can use pastel colors for the cloth or you can use the typical red and white ones.

Unique Picnic Wedding DecorationsFor your wedding dress, if you want to wear the traditional white dress you may do so with additional bright touches like a flowery headband or maybe put some designs on your dress most appropriate for a picnic wedding. If you want it simple, you can always use that perfect elegant sun dress of yours and just feel comfortable on your wedding day. Food-to-go in paper boxes are perfect wedding favors. You can add your own little trinkets inside like a “Thank You” card on a tiny picnic basket. You can also incorporate in your invitations picnic inspired designs such as veggies, fruits and picnic blankets.

Unique Picnic Wedding Dress Down Attire
Picnic weddings can be the best cool wedding you are dreaming about. There is so much you can love about it, from the simplicity to the colors and most importantly the happiness it can give to you and your family.


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