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Easily enhance your Goth wedding

Goth weddings can be quite a sober affair if not done properly. With all the black clothes, deliberately morbid atmosphere and gloomy settings, these weddings can seem quite depressing to outsiders. Still, if you’re into gothic culture, there’s absolutely no reason why you should have a traditional wedding. Indeed, being different is not always a bad thing. In fact, if you dare to be different, your wedding is certainly going to be unique, stand out from others and give all your guests something to talk about for the years to come! You should, however, take some extra precautions to enhance your Goth wedding and make it an enjoyable experience for every single guest. For instance, think about giving edible black and red Gothic wedding favors to your guests instead of the usual gifts.

Goth wedding favors

While it is customary to wear black on your Gothic wedding day, a more pronounced touch would be to give this usual tradition a twist. For example, a deep brown bridal gown might look even more stunning on the bride, especially if you accessorize it with some Goth-like jewelry and accessories such as elbow-length black satin gloves, chocker necklace and even a birdcage brown veil. Pair this outfit with a slick of scarlet red lipstick, jet black mascara and eyeliner, white base foundation and you’ve got yourself a super glamorous Gothic look.

Brown goth wedding dress

The one thing that’s present in nearly all Gothic wedding is, of course, the traditional black, white and red Goth wedding cake. To take it to the next level, however, why don’t you cut it with an axe? Not only will this add a pronounced touch of goriness to your special day, but it will also make you stand out from the other Gothic couples. Of course, you’re also going to need a Goth bridal bouquet. However, don’t limit yourself to just flowers: ribbons, stems, leaves or even jewels are going to take your bouquet to that next level. Just be sure to stick to the black and red color palette for some extra panache.


As for the wedding decorations, it’s best to follow the same color scheme, but, don’t hesitate to indulge in some other hues as well. For example, if your basic decor is black and red, it’s recommended to add a few touches of purple and green around the reception area. Think glass chandeliers, dried flowers hanging from the ceiling and dried roses strewn over the floor. Red LED candles are other fabulous accessories because they will throw a mysterious glow over the entire affair. Be sure to go for proper lighting as well: dim lights with occasional candle flickers dancing over the wall are certainly going to enhance the overall Goth theme of the day.

Goth wedding decorations


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The various types of dresses for a mysterious Goth Wedding

A Goth-theme wedding can be an extremely beautiful and mysterious affair if done properly. While this type of wedding is certainly gaining in popularity, a lot of people are simply throwing themselves in a dark, morbid-like setting that borders on tacky. Indeed, plenty of Goth brides just slip into the first dark-colored dress that they find- and many of them end up regretting it later!

Gothic wedding collage

This is exactly why you should be extremely careful when it comes to your type of dress, especially if you want to throw a mysterious aura around your Goth wedding. Black, of course, is the color of choice for most Goth brides. Sensual, mysterious and highly elegant, black also has the advantage of being extremely flattering on every type of figure. If you’re on the curvaceous side, for example, don’t hesitate to slip into a black, Empire-waist dress with long lacey bell sleeves. More slender ladies can go for a figure-hugging black satin dress for a more flattering look. Whatever type of dress you decide to go for, make sure to select the type of accessories and jewelry that will provide a contrasting effect with your dress.

Black gothic wedding dress

For instance, if you choose to go for a black dress, you can select bright red earrings and even a black and red headpiece to enhance your gothic dress. However, bear in mind that Goth weddings do not only mean black dresses. Red and deep purple are other extremely popular choices for Goth brides. A red full-skirted, Princess-like dress is another fabulous choice for these types of weddings. In this case, you can dress up your bridesmaids in dark purple frocks for a more pronounced Goth look. Also, remember that red wedding dresses look best if they’re flared: after all, a straight strapless dress can look like just about any cocktail dress and you do want to look different on your wedding day!

Goth bride wearing white dress with black trim

If you absolutely want your white wedding dress, don’t hesitate to go for an all-white one with black trims. Another option would be to wear a black leather corset and a mermaid-style black leather skirt with a dress tail. In this case, a tiara studded with black stones will definitely enhance your overall look and bring a deep touch of sophistication. Don’t forget that your shoes have to match with your overall attire. Spiky stiletto boots are going to look absolutely gorgeous with just about any type of Gothic wedding dress. But, if you’re not much of a heel person, don’t hesitate to go for flats as well. After all, the essential thing is that you should feel comfortable and at ease in whatever footwear you choose to don. Make sure to pay attention to your makeup as well: scarlet red lipstick, purple eye shadow and a white base foundation will certainly transform you into a deliciously alluring Goth bride.

Bridesmaids wearing purple for gothic weddingGothic bridal makeup


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All You Need for A Gothic-Egyptian Style Wedding

If you want a Gothic wedding, forget about the typical Halloween- Twilight Vampire themes. These have been completely and utterly saturated by couples from all over the world and most certainly lack in flair and originality. Instead, if you really wish to bring your big day to the next level, why not adopt a Gothic-Egyptian style wedding theme?

Different Gothic Wedding Ideas

Indeed, ancient Egypt was full of mysterious, rather foreboding sculptures which will definitely bring a pronounced Goth-feel to the event.For an extra special touch, you could even ask the Minister or Officer to dress up as an Egyptian Pharaoh or High Priest.With the proper clothes, food, makeup and location, you can be sure that your Gothic-Egyptian wedding will be a magnificent day to remember!

egyptian High Priest

Transform yourself into a Gothic Egyptian Bride

As a Gothic Egyptian bride, you can certainly break free from the typical white dress and embrace a wilder, rather darker fashion sense Black is the ultimate gothic color, but, if you want to be different, you could even go for a blood red, grey, moss green or even chocolate brown dress.

Black Gothic Wedding Dress

As for the style, steer clear of Princess or A-line cuts in favour of Greek or Egyptian style outfits. You could even go for a classical black Cleopatra dress and pair it with a white wedding veil. Of course, the world-famous Cleopatra headgear would largely draw attention towards the general theme of your wedding.

Gothic Egyptian Purple Wedding Gown

When it comes to Gothic bridal footwear, forget about dainty ballets or flats. Red, black or white studded stilettos or ankle boots would be perfectly suited for the occasion. As for your makeup, stick to the usual white-base, black eyeliner and red or black lipstick. Gothic Egyptian brides shouldn’t neglect their jewellery: gold, serpent-shaped cuffs, gold colored chokers and matching earrings would certainly beautify any lady, while sticking to the overall wedding theme.

Egyptian Wedding Accessories

Don’t neglect your long black silk or net gloves for a more striking effect. And of course, a sober, rather chilling music would be quite suited to accompany you while you stride down the aisle and towards your Gothic Egyptian groom.

Location and Wedding Favors
Of course, a darkened castle hall is the Gothic Wedding venue by excellence. However, not all of us can easily afford to rent a castle, so, if you are on a restricted budget, you can very easily hold your Gothic-Egyptian wedding under a black gazebo, or even in an ancient chapel. Instead of renting two different venues, you can even host the reception in the same building.

Gothic Egyptian Wedding Vennue Styles

To really lay emphasis on the overall theme, don’t neglect the wedding favours: Coffin shaped boxes filled with chocolates, pyramid key chains, mini Egyptian Sarcophagus, black candle holders, dried roses in black or red organza boxes, fake blood jam (strawberry of course!), black candied apples, skull-shaped bottle openers, among many other similar choices.

Egyptian Style Wedding Favors - Choclate

And it certainly goes without saying that your cake should also reflect the Gothic-Egyptian mood of the wedding. A brilliant example would be to go for a Sarcophagus-shaped white cake with red icing dripping down the sides. Don’t hesitate to toss out the traditional Bride and Groom toppers. Instead, replace them with bespoke sculptures of Cleopatra and Anthony, or more morbidly, Dracula and his bride.


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