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Planning the most romantic Ireland wedding

As a country that’s full of striking sceneries, lush green vegetation and majestic ancient castles, Ireland certainly presents an excellent wedding destination. With the epic, almost picturesque cliffs and moors, this country sees a plethora of couples who flock to this glorious country to tie the knot. If you’re one of them, scroll down to learn how to very easily plan the most romantic Ireland Destination Wedding.

Irish wedding collage

Say I Do in a fairytale castle

The venue is, of course, the most important thing to consider when you’re planning any destination wedding. Fortunately, Ireland is brimming with venues which are so stunning that they’ve even been used as prized locations for Hollywood movies. Of course, there’s no lack of castles in Ireland: all you have to do is look around and find the perfect one that matches your budget and personal preferences. Newlyweds-to-be are going to be happy to learn that, as Ireland’s favorite wedding venues, most castles do offer an assortment of marriage deals. In fact, the majority of them take care of the flowers, the decorations, the catering and may even put a wedding planner at your disposal.

Wedding inside irish castle

Start a new life on the cliffs and wild sea

Ireland is also reputed for its awe-inspiring wild seas that lash against the side of steep cliffs. If you’re a fan of nature and if you love adventure, you’re certainly going to love getting married in such a dramatic setting. If you want to get married on the cliffs, however, there are a few certain things that you should consider to guarantee your comfort. A long billowy veil, for example, is not really recommended because of the furious winds. For the same reason, it’s best to keep your hair up. Short wedding dresses are huge No’s, unless they are straight and hang close to the body to avoid flying up.

Irish castle

Irish wedding on cliffs

House Hotels

Several couples also chose to hold their weddings in one of Ireland’s numerous House hotels. These normally accommodate your guests as well but it’s important for you to make the reservation several months in advance, especially if your bridal party is on the larger side. Killashee House Hotel, for example, is an extremely popular Irish venue that can very easily cater to a multitude of guests. It’s also recommended to go for a house hotel that boasts of a large backyard to accommodate your ceremony. If you’re lucky enough to have a summer Ireland wedding, don’t hesitate to throw the reception outside as well: indeed, your guests are going to enjoy the warm balmy evening and fresh air, away from the normal city pollution.

Irish wedding at Killashee House Hotel


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A Destination Wedding at the Very Heart of Africa

Fans of destination weddings normally consider typical venues such as tropical islands, France, London or even Australia, among others. However, very few couples would think about getting married in the wild exotic wildlife. In fact, while African destination weddings are extremely popular, they normally happen in hotels or resorts.

Destination wedding in African wildness

But, if you’re an avid fan of nature, what better place to tie the knot than the rugged beauty that made the wild African plains popular all across the world? In spite of what you may believe, it’s relatively easy to plan an African wedding as long as you’re flexible and don’t mind the heat. Of course, it goes without saying that you may fly to Africa during the winter to beat the heat, but then again, winter is an extremely unpredictable season in this continent and temperatures can drop drastically, especially at night.

African wedding on private reserve

Several companies actually offer the couples the chance to say ‘I Do’ on a private reserve. These companies normally offer a few luxurious touches such as air conditioning in the reception hall, lush grounds and wide seating areas. The good news is that these wedding agencies normally take care of everything, from the catering to the decoration or even the seating arrangement and wedding favors. The one important thing to remember is that you should constantly stay in touch with the wedding planner to make sure that everything is up to your expectations when you show up in Africa with the bridal party.

Wedding in wildlife reserve

A destination wedding in the great African wilderness doesn’t necessarily need to be in a luxury private reserve. If you don’t mind roughing it up, the African forest is actually a pretty romantic place to tie the knot. Of course, don’t just venture into any other forest with your groom and bridal party in tow unless you want to come nose to nose with some wild predators: always contact a tour guide or a wedding agency that will locate the safest and most beautiful forests for your wedding. This is a wonderful option for nature lovers as well since you’ll be able to go all the way with a flowered aisle and leafy canopy.

Wedding in African forest

Alternatively, if you’re fond of animals, why don’t you hold your African destination wedding in a wildlife reserve? In fact, couples may even hold the actual ceremony as well as the reception in the savannah? It goes without saying that space won’t certainly be an issue and you’ll be able to arrange your tables and dance floor in just about any way you want!

Reception table setting in the savanah



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A post London wedding for the glamorous couple

The leading capital of fashion, design, culture and glamor, London is certainly the most sophisticated place to get married. Each year, couples flock from all over the world to go tie the knot in this extraordinary place. If you’re planning a London Destination wedding as well, you can certainly be sure that you’re headed for an adventure. Best of all, there’s absolutely no lack of picturesque wedding venues that will add some extra charm and flair to your special day. Imagine leaning over the rail to pose for pictures on the iconic Westminster Bridge as you stand surrounded by floaty, billowy clouds of white lace.

Bride posting on Westminter bridge

The iconic Westminster Abbey, for example, has housed countless of wedding ceremonies in the past, including nearly every royal wedding. So, don’t hesitate to book a package that will allow you to pluck a leaf out of Kate Middleton’s book and glide down the impressively long aisle like an enchanted princess. If you want something more toned down, however, keep in mind that London is home to countless other chapels and churches that each have a deep and fulfilled history.

Westminster abbey

Since London’s black taxis are among one of the city’s primary landmarks, it’s not a bad idea to book one as your wedding car. Couples will be happy to learn that several black taxis do offer the possibility of hiring their vehicles for the big day. In fact, several cab drivers will even decorate their taxis in ribbons and sequins for your wedding. However, it’s extremely important to book your taxi as early as you can because they are always in huge demand. Car decorating service do come at an extra fee, but, if you’re on a limited budget, you can take care of the decorations yourself or ask a close friend to do them for you.

London black cab as wedding car

Couples who are more interested in the great outdoors but who still want a British destination wedding can try to seek some wedding venues out of London. Essex, for example, is full of lush, sprawling grounds that will offer the perfect backdrop to your special day. A very popular venue is the Braxted Park Wedding Venue in Essex. Not unlike an aristocratic fairytale-like castle, this park is surrounded by wide, spacious grounds that will look simply magical in pictures. Brides and grooms who are looking for an indoor venue can also check out the grand Bloomsbury Ballroom. While this is certainly on the pricey side, the ballroom is bound to provide you with an enchanted backdrop that you will remember for decades to come.

Braxted Park Wedding Venue in Essex

The Bloomsbury Ballroom



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Destination Weddings in Australia: The most coveted venues

Dotted with sandy white beaches, lush vineyards, piers and elegant halls, it should come as no wonder that Australia is one of the world’s favorite wedding destinations. After all, with the sun, the soft sloshing of the waves and the general air of merriment and contentment, what else could a soon-to-be married couple want more?

Destination wedding in Australia

And, to make things even better, Australia is simply brimming with wedding venues to suit every budget. Since this is a destination wedding, you probably won’t have the chance to visit the venue beforehand so it’s quite important to run as many online searches as possible to learn more about the location of your choice. Don’t forget to contact the site manager as well and discuss- in as much detail as you can- everything that you want to be ready for your arrival date. Most crucially, be sure to book everything, from the location to the caterer, several months in advance. Indeed, destination wedding venues in Australia are always in high demand so try to book as early as you can. Once you get all these pesky little details out of the way, you will be able to really relax and enjoy the best locations that Australia has to offer.

Savannah Function Centre

The Savannah Function Centre, for example, is the perfect wedding venue for couples who are looking for an elegant, fairy-tale like location. Nestled in the middle of lush, airy grounds, with a stunning lake and artificial waterfall right next to the reception hall, this place usually provides catering and band services to those who need it. But, if you want something a little more low-key, why not look into one of Australia’s numerous vineyards? Spacious and romantic, these will definitely bring some extra romance and charm to your special day. The Borrodell vineyard, for example, is quite a popular choice for foreign couples who want to have the most stunning destination wedding.

Borrodell vineyard

Couples who are looking for something a little more casual might want to check out one of Sydney’s numerous piers. But, bear in mind that some of them are on the small side so you might want to keep your guest list to a strict minimum. Pier weddings are quite a common sight in Australia, but, on the flip side, the bridal party will normally have to move to another location for the reception due to lack of space. If your bridal party is on the larger size, you might want to consider a beachside wedding. Reputed for its marvelous beaches, Australia has quite a lot to offer in terms of tropical weddings. For example, the picturesque Sapphire coast provides couple with a sublime, almost ethereal backdrop for them to tie the knot.

Pier at Sydney


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Destination weddings: How important is the morning after brunch

Destination weddings are never boring. The fun and excitement of being in a new place, the exotic decorations and the simple fact that you can have both your wedding and honeymoon in the same place is definitely guaranteed to take the romance factor up a notch. However, that being said, destination weddings also involve several friends and relatives who have flown quite a long distance to share your special day with you. This is why one of the main destination wedding traditions is to host a morning-after brunch to show them how grateful you are for their presence.

Destination wedding

Of course, certain couples may feel reluctant to host this brunch. After all, the one thing that most couples seek after their wedding is some alone time together in a quiet, cozy and romantic environment. This leads to quite a lot of couples wondering whether it’s even important to have a morning-after wedding brunch. The answer is- yes. Plain as that. You’ll get all the alone time you want afterwards; in fact, you’re in for a lifetime of alone time now. A morning-after brunch is definitely considered as common courtesy: these people have flown over oceans just to watch you tie the knot and ditching them right after can be quite rude.

Wedding brunch

It is completely understandable, though, that the stress and exhaustion of planning a wedding will catch up with you, hence making the morning-after brunch quite a tedious process. In such cases, bear in mind that this is not a wedding, this is not a wedding reception and you certainly don’t have to invite the whole world. Stick to the closest persons to you and those whom you really want to thank for their help. The couple’s parents, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen are more than enough. If you don’t feel like planning another even, you may even talk to a wedding planner or book an entertainment service to take care of everything. All you’ll have to do is show up. Catering services can also provide a wedding brunch buffet to make things easier for you.

Wedding brunch buffetSetting for destination wedding brunch

A morning-after wedding brunch doesn’t have to be long either: an hour or two is plenty. After all, everyone understands that you’ll be in a hurry to escape back to your own quiet time together. Contrary to what several people think, it’s quite easy to plan a quick and easy brunch with just a few things. Some wedding brunch decorations and a nice setting will easily convey how grateful you are to those special people in your life.

Wedding brunch decoration


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Romantic New York locations for your destination weddings

New York. City of passion, excitement, sophistication and everything’s that glamorous and cutting edge. It is said that New York changes an individual’s mindset forever, something which can explain the incessant wedding flocks to the Big Apple. Indeed, while several people content themselves with flying to the beach to tie the knot, more daring individuals choose to go for a New York Destination wedding instead.

New York wedding

The good news is, New York is positively brimming with endless wedding venues that can very easily accommodate your own personal needs, budget, as well as the size of your bridal party. Here are just a few of the most romantic New York locations for your destination wedding.

New York wedding 2

The Central Park Boathouse, for example, is definitely the location that will please just about any romantic couple. Imagine the lush lull of the river serenading you as you walk down the aisle and towards your awaiting groom. This venue is best suited to couples who are looking for something airy, elegant but not overly formal. For a dreamier setting, you may even hire a boat to carry you to the venue while your groom awaits you on shore.

Central Park Boathouse

Couples who are looking for something more elegant can also book the ornately decorated Gotham Hall. Definitely suited to individuals who aren’t on a restricted budget, this hall is the type of venue which will help you feel like some kind of fairytale princess who’s getting married in an exceptionally luxurious castle. However, since this is one of the most popular wedding spots in New York, it’s recommended to book this hall several months in advance. This place also offers several package options that caters to your meals, decorations and even bands. There are quite a lot of packages to choose some, which means that you’ll most certainly find something that suits your budget.

Gotham Hall

If you’re more of an intellectual and if academics are your passion, you’ll definitely be glad to learn that New York City offers an array of age-old, stunningly furnished libraries that will be glad to accommodate your wedding. Indeed, there’s nothing more romantic than tying the knot surrounded by the greatest love books of all time. However, if you’re more of an outdoorsy person, be sure to check out the City’s internationally renowned botanical garden. With its stunning glass dome, lush greenery, rare plants and flowers, the botanical garden is definitely the type of venue that will complement a cozy outdoors wedding.

Botanical garden



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Tips and Secrets for a successful Destination wedding

Fun, relaxing and undoubtedly filled with surprises, Destination weddings are steadily growing in popularity. The good thing about Destination weddings is that you’ll get a chance to explore new places and hang out with your friends and partner prior to the ceremony. This certainly provides the couple with a chance to unwind before the wedding, instead of constantly stressing about minor details. After all, destination weddings are not unlike a fancy holiday!

Destination wedding collage

However, there are quite a few things to consider before embarking on a destination wedding. It’s important to think beyond the vows or the table settings: Destination weddings also demand practical issues that should be dealt with even before you embark on your flight. For example, several brides underestimate the importance of properly storing their wedding dresses before they step into the plane; something that usually results in stains or maybe even rips.

Tropical bridesmaids dresses

Hence, it’s crucial to properly protect and pack your dress before your jet off to whichever exotic destination that you’ve chosen. Invest in a few protective sleeves that will protect your dress during the trip. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to speak to the airline and ask if they would consider storing your dress in the first class closet to avoid any accident.

Protective sleeve to protect wedding dress during travelling

Tropical islands will undoubtedly result in romantic destination weddings, but, you should also remember that the climate can get quite hot and humid. This is a factor to consider even before you chose your wedding dress because the last thing that you need is patches of sweat dotting your precious white dress. Don’t forget about your bridesmaids as well: short, light and floating tropical bridesmaids’ dresses will ensure that your special ladies are comfortable at all times.

Romantic destination wedding

If you can afford it, it’s also a good idea to fly to the wedding location a few weeks before the big day to avoid any unwanted surprises. This will also give you the chance to discuss with the hotel or wedding planner and fine-tune any last-minute details. However, if you can’t afford the plane fare, don’t hesitate to check out some high-quality and reliable travel websites that will help you get a general idea on how the location truly is. Factors too look out for are room size or chapel size, a hall or bare space for the reception, as well as the catering. Many destination weddings tend to serve local delicacies but this can be quite a risk if your guests don’t have an adventurous taste buds. Try to keep a balance between familiar and more exotic dishes to make sure that everyone appreciates the wedding feast.

Destination wedding on the beach


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Why should you go for a destination wedding?

With a rising need to explore and seek new adventures, destination weddings are constantly on the rise. However, some couples may feel compelled to stick with traditional church or garden weddings just because it’s the norm. Still, it’s always a good idea to opt for a destination wedding, especially if you prefer a more exotic, cozy ceremony.

Destination wedding on an exotic holiday

Extremely flexible, destination weddings are also suited to more adventurous couples, because they allow you the freedom of going for even the most unconventional of locations. The Grand Canyon, the rocks on the beach or even adventure parks are all fantastic, adrenaline-pumping locations that you can select for your destination wedding. Other unconventional albeit adventurous locations include Alaska, the African plains, the Himalayas or even in front of the pyramids in Egypt.

Destination wedding on beach

Since destination weddings are usually limited to your very closest friends and relatives, these ceremonies will most certainly be ultra-cozy, which means that the bride and groom will be able to spend more time with their loved ones. Best of all, since the guest list will be quite limited, you won’t be faced with the stress that usually accompanies large scale events. In fact, since you won’t even have to draw up table arrangements and other such tiring tasks, you will certainly be able to enjoy your special day to the maximum. You will definitely have less guests than in a formal marriage which means that you’ll also be able to save up on various items such as meals, seating plans and wedding favors.

Destination wedding with only close friends and family

With a destination wedding, couples will be make the most out of a virtually stress-free holiday, especially if they book an all-inclusive wedding package. This way, you can just lie back and relax while a team of experts takes care of all the complicated arrangements. Most hotels do provide wedding packages that usually include catering, decorations, cake, ministers, photographers and the likes. So, make sure to check with the hotel before your book your package.

Flying off to Destination wedding

Destination wedding

Because of the informal vibe that usually accompanies destination weddings, you’re certainly not going to be restricted by any dress code. So, if you’re the sort of non-traditionalist who doesn’t want to get married in a white dress, don’t hesitate to don whatever you want to wear. So, feel free to wear mini dresses, swimsuits, pants or even beach kaftans on your destination wedding. And of course, it goes without saying that thanks to your destination wedding, you will be able to honeymoon in the exact location which you’ve chosen to tie the knot.

Destination wedding


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Alaska: A deeply romantic yet neglected wedding destination

Anyone who has seen the movie “The Proposal” will be awed by the breath striking images presented by the Alaskan scenery that’s rendered even more romantic by the constant preparations for an upcoming wedding. Weirdly enough though, whenever anyone mentions a destination wedding, the initial images that springs to mind are quite far from the freezing Alaskan surfaces. Palm beaches, turquoise seas or even a lush green vineyard are usually the favorite locations for a destination wedding.

Alaskan wedding collage

If you want to be different, though, an Alaskan wedding can be quite a deeply romantic location to fly your guests to. Of course, given the colder-than-average climate, you do have quite a few arrangements to do in order to render your location even more comfortable.So, read on to familiarize yourself with a few aspects to take into consideration for your special destination wedding.

Alaska wedding collage 2

Okay, let’s face it: you do want to be different, but you don’t want to be drastic either. There’s absolutely no reason why you should fly your guests to Alaska during winter. That will only dampen your special day and you might even find yourself lacking quite a fair amount of guests! So, it’s best to go during warmer months, where you will still be able to enjoy the white Alaskan scenery, but without the freezing cold.

Alaskan destination wedding

If you want to borrow a leaf out of Sandra Bullock’s wedding in “The Proposal”, getting married in a barn in Alaska will certainly add a special touch to your wedding day. Of course, you can very easily get married in a church, chapel or hotel, but don’t hesitate to push the boundaries and be different as well: retreats, lodges, roadhouses or even lakesides are wonderful places that will let you enjoy the stunning Alaskan scenery.
Couples can also run a few online searches to find some companies that provide full Alaskan wedding packages, complete with location and catering.

Bridal party in Alaska

Bear in mind that this is Alaska that we’re talking about: strapless dresses are quite striking, but, if you’re getting married in the great outdoors, you may find yourself being completely frozen to the ground even before you walk down the aisle. Fashion-conscious brides shouldn’t worry though. There are quite a few ways to warm up your outfit without going for a drab, old-fashioned gown. If you do want a strapless gown, don’t hesitate to opt for a thick, faux fur shrug that will keep your shoulders warm during the ceremony. Don’t neglect your feet as well: ankle boots are other trendy options that will help you look stylish while keeping you warm on your special destination wedding day.

Bride wearing boots for Alaskan destination weddingBride wearing faux fur shoulder shrug


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Destination Weddings: Thinking outside the box

Fun, yet profound and romantic, Destination themed weddings very often brings to mind an image of white sandy beaches bathed by the lavender glow of the setting sun. However, while islands such as Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mauritius remain the favorite places for destination weddings, it does pay off to think outside the box and whisk the bridal party off to different locations. Indeed, there’s no rule which dictates that destination weddings should absolutely be held on the beach and if you want something different, don’t hesitate to look into other, more exotic places that you can book for your wedding.

Destination wedding-beach

No one can deny that the very mention of destination weddings brings to mind enticing visions of a sparkling, turquoise sea. So, if you’re planning on having a beach destination wedding, don’t hesitate to go all the way and hire the whitest, purest beach you can find. After all, this is your wedding day and you want to celebrate it as it should! Don’t forget to do everything you can to enhance your guests’ comfort: after all, they did take a break out of their own busy schedules to attend your special day so make sure to provide them with adequate refreshments and shading options from the sun, especially if you’re going to hotter places like the Caribbean.

Destination wedding- French Riviera

If you want a more elegant and refined setting next to the sea, the French Riviera might just be the perfect location for your destination wedding. After all, France is reputed for its cozy, romantic location and a wedding overlooking the French Riviera will most certainly add a great deal of charm and flair to your special day. However, couples who are looking for something a bit more rustic can even consider vineyard or lakeside weddings. These vintage-like locations usually provide acres and acres of land and enough shade to keep everybody cool and comfortable.

Destination wedding- lake

For a dreamy, fairytale-like touch, it’s recommended to throw vineyard or lakeside weddings at night, where you can illuminate the lush greenery with beautifully colored lanterns or fairy lights. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate to fly your guests to California or Utah, since these two places are often reputed for their majestic vineyards and sparkling lakes.

Destination wedding- vineyard

Couples who are quite fond of sophisticated and aristocratic settings are undoubtedly going to find their joy in a Castle-based destination weddings. These unions are rapidly growing in popularity and several castles do offer special wedding packages that include fights, catering, accommodation, decorations and live music. If you’re interested in a Castle destination wedding, bear in mind that England, France and Scotland are reputed for their stunningly romantic historical castles.

Destination wedding


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