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An exotic buffet for your Chinese themed wedding

If you’re planning a Chinese themed wedding, you will, of course, go for traditional dresses, accents and accessories that will reflect the overall theme of the day. The bride, for example, might either don a traditional cheongsam for the ceremony or she might wear a white dress and change into a red outfit for the reception. And in keeping with an important Chinese belief, couples might even indulge in some red and gold decorations for good luck.

Bride at chinese wedding reception

However, the one thing that you should absolutely not neglect is the Chinese-food buffet. Indeed, no Chinese wedding would be complete without the traditional Asian delicacies that made this culture so popular all over the world. Of course, you might go for fusion cuisines and serve both Asian and Western dishes, but, a more traditional approach would be to go for a pure Chinese cuisine and allow your guests to sample some of the most delicious dishes. Just remember to decorate the individual tables, place settings and buffet tables in red for good luck!

Chinese wedding table

Rest assured though: a Chinese wedding table is much easier to plan than you believe. While you may give your regular caterer a list of Chinese dishes to serve, it’s best to contact an experienced Asian caterer who will not only be able to whip up some of the most luscious delicacies, but who will also be able to advise you on the most popular Chinese dishes. Peking Duck, for example, is the type of main course that you might see at just about any Chinese wedding. But, bear in mind that Asian receptions are brimming with food and a couple of course will not be enough.

Chinese wedding menu

So, be sure to serve something light albeit exotic for the entrees. Dumplings are your best options because they come in an astounding number of varieties. This will hence provide your guests with a choice between steamed, fried, calamari, fish, chicken, prawn or even meat dumplings. Whichever main course you chose to go for, try to also provide a consistent side dish such as noodles or boiled rice. In fact, noodles also play a major role in Chinese cuisine and they come in several different varieties. From soba noodles to thin rice vermicelli, there certainly won’t be a lack of choice for you to browse through!

Chinese dessert

Chinese desserts are bound to be very well received. For example, chilled tapioca pearls pudding served with some fruit and two scoops of coconut and vanilla ice cream is one of the most refreshing desserts that you will ever taste.

Tapioca pearls for dessert


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Chinese theme weddings: A colorful celebration of love, life and harmony

Rich and vibrant in colors, Chinese weddings are among the most grandiose celebrations that signify the start of a new life together. While contemporary couples are nowadays going for a more low-key ceremony, authentic Chinese theme weddings usually include fireworks and even a traditional dragon dance. A real feast for the eyes, these weddings are also centered around red hues, a color which represents peace, love and harmony in Chinese culture.

Bride wearing traditional red brial dress

If you want a Chinese-theme wedding, the one thing you should consider is your wedding dress color. Other than red, Gold is another hue which, according to Chinese culture, is supposed to bring luck, joy and wealth to the new couple. Hence, brides who want to adopt a more traditional look can go for a bright red and gold cheongsam wedding dresses. Still, if you don’t want to give up the big white dress, fret not: many modern Chinese brides are now going for traditional white dress but with red accessories. Think red shoes, red-stoned tiara or even ruby red earrings.

Chinese wedding with red accents

As far as the decorations and wedding favors go, it’s recommended to stick to the red color palette. You can, for example, enhance the reception with some red accents such as red tablecloths, napkins and the likes. Glasses of sparkling red wine are also going to bring a festive feel to the ceremony, without deviating from the overall theme. Crystal keychains, scented sachets, manicure sets, mini champagne bottles, mini wine glasses and monogrammed chocolates are all among the various tokens that you can present your guests with to thank them for attending your special day. To add a Chinese-feel to the favors, don’t hesitate to present them in bright red boxes.

Traditional dragon shows after chinese wedding

It’s also quite important for the bridesmaids, groom and best man to keep in line with the Chinese theme wedding. Hence, while the groom can don a bright red tie, the bridesmaids can don gold or red dresses that will definitely draw attention to the overall theme.

Bride wearing white dress and red shoes for luck

As far as the cake goes, ask your baker to trace some typical Chinese patterns in the form of thin, dark branches and flowering trees. Of course, if you want to go all the way, don’t hesitate to go for brightly lit firecrackers that you can set off at the end of the ceremony or during the reception. Small gold bells as well as red and orange flower garlands are other small touches that are going to infuse a deep Chinese-like feel to the overall atmosphere.

Chinese wedding cake


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Oriental Themed Weddings

It is a great idea to make oriental theme as your wedding concept. Asian themed wedding is a remarkable way in combining Asian tradition in your wedding. It doesn’t matter even if you’re an Asian or not. The Oriental themed wedding’s details are quite something to be well-researched.

Oriental Themed Wedding Reception Idea
Make sure to secure your invitation with Asian concept. With such personalized invitation, your guest will recognize that they are attending an Asian themed wedding. It will be perfect to make Oriental flowers as your invitation’s front cover. It is important to research the right color combination to desist misinterpretation of Asian’s aspect about colors.

Oriental Themed Wedding Invitation Card
When choosing the right attire for Oriental themed wedding, it is not necessarily to imitate the traditionally Asian wedding attire. By artlessly adding Oriental adornments like sash, jacket or slipper, Asian theme can be implemented. On the other side, if the couple prefers to wear the tradition Asian attire, there are some things to be considered.  The bride and the groom should wear attire made of silk, knitted with oriental print to emphasize Asian tradition.

Oriental Themed Wedding Attire
Choosing right food for Oriental themed wedding needs several traditional guidelines.  Korean usually serve “noodle- feast.” Noodles for Korean and Chinese represent long life, best wishes, and joviality. In Japanese and Chinese weddings, animal dishes symbolize plenitude of a new accord. Such animal dishes include duck, lobster, and fish. Presenting a whole roast pig from the groom’s to the bride’s family is a durable tradition of Chinese. Also, Chinese usually serves eight dishes excluding dessert. Eight is a lucky number for Chinese. This tradition symbolizes purity.

Oriental Themed Wedding Bamboo and Lotus CakeFlowers plays important role in Oriental themed wedding to make wedding venue and reception more adorable. Flowers that will perfectly suit in Oriental themed wedding include orchids, cherry blossoms, lotus seeds and lilies. It is also a great idea to add bamboo in floral arrangement. Your primary choice of flower and its color can also be use as your wedding cake’s garnish decoration. Usually, cream and white orchids and lilies are the most popular used flowers. Thus, it is also extravagant to use bright color flowers such as pink and purple.

Include Oriental themed decoration in wedding and reception venue. Paper lanterns, pagodas, water basin with inflated lotus flowers, and ornate fans can be perfect.  Use appropriate colors of designs. It is advisable to use the color line in your wedding theme to avoid misusing excessive colors. Red and gold is the tradition color use in Chinese wedding. For Korean wedding, purple is usability.

Oriental Themed Wedding Bamboo Decorations


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Top Trendy Styles for Cheongsam Wedding Dresses

Chinese weddings come in big lavish packages. Naturally, the Chinese bride must look ravishing on her cheongsam wedding dress for her big day. Here’s how to look hot and stylish without defying tradition.

The Color Red
More often than not, the characteristic color for a cheongsam wedding dress is red. The color red is auspicious. It’s believed to bring luck, joy and happiness – all the stuff that make for great weddings and marriages. Sometimes, the cheongsam wedding gown highlights an embroidered phoenix, perhaps to throw in more luck.

Top Trendy Style Wedding Veil for Cheongsam Dress

Color Enhancer and Color Departure
Some Chinese brides wear a long ornamental jacket over their dress – usually they use a different color palette like gold or white or blue and black needlework to enhance the color red.

Pink Satin Mini Sheath Cheongsam with Side Slits
A gold cheongsam wedding dress will give a feeling of luxury. Gold is a symbol of fortune and wealth for the couple. Don’t want to use gold as your main color? Use this gorgeous hue for touches of gold embellishment.

Floral Sequined Tulle over Satin Mini Sheath Cheongsam
Daring to go a bit more stylish? Go for a silver cheongsam wedding dress instead. This will make a lustrous and chic wedding. Aside from the sparkle a silver color brings, silver indicates fulfillment and purity. Plus a silver cheongsam wedding dress is a sure ringing stunner.

Rosy pink is more fun and playful than the classical red color. Pink still has the touch of red – luck will still be on your side plus it brings more romance and love.

 Straight Neck Phoenix Patterned Red Satin Mermaid Cheongsam

Go for Elaborate Royalty
The Chinese bride can wear a crown-like veil to accessorize the cheongsam dress. Decorate it with pearls and feathers to represent the phoenix. You can choose to wear this only for posterity and show.

 White Cotton Sheath Cheongsam with Plum Blossom Pattern

Go for Figure-Hugging Knockout Dress
Svelte Chinese brides will look knock out gorgeous in a long form-fitting cheongsam or Qipao wedding gown. You can opt for a mermaid Chinese dress that blends coolly with a crochet lace fabric. This is perfect for an evening wedding. The silhouette will enhance the bride’s slim figure. It highlights a mandarin collar, a cutout at the back of the dress and a traditional Chinese hand-made knot button.

 White Sleeveless Mandarin Lace over Satin Ankle Length Sheath Cheongsam

Go for Sweet-styled Wedding Dresses
Some hip Chinese brides do away with the Mandarin collar. Modern Cheongsam wedding dresses are stylishly designed like red sweetheart or sleeveless brocade, others are straight-neck – the color red and the Chinese design woven in metallic threads will pay homage to Chinese tradition.

Two Toned Floral Sequined Lace over Satin Mermaid Cheongsam


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