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How to throw an amazing reception on the beach

If you’re having a beach party, don’t hesitate to make the most out of the beach to throw one of the feistiest receptions ever! With the sloshing waves, powdery sand and amazing stretch of free space, you’ve certainly got quite a lot of potential to work with. So, here are a few tips that will help you throw an absolutely amazing beach wedding reception.

Beach wedding

Bonfires and Decorations

Festive decorations are the order of the day. If you’re hosting your beach wedding reception at night, by all means go ahead a build the hugest bonfire you can manage. Of course, don’t forget that in certain regions, you might need a special permit to build a fire so act accordingly and seek proper permission first. After all, the last need you need is for the cops to swoop down on what could have been an absolutely perfect wedding reception!

Wedding beach reception

So, once you’ve gotten your permit, don’t hesitate to go ahead and decorate your stretch of beach as much as you can. Evening receptions could certainly use accents like garden or Chinese lanterns or even some fairy lights strung around the makeshift aisle. The good thing about beach weddings is that you very rarely need to invest in a whole lot of decoration, since nature’s taking care of all the scenery. And then of course, you’re going to need some upbeat and rhythmic songs that will encourage your guests to throw off their heels, bury their toes in the sand and dance the night away.

Bonefire at wedding receptions

Beach wedding buffet

A beach wedding buffet has very little in common with a regular buffet. Unless you’re able to afford fancy furniture that will hold steady in the sand, no matter what, and a very polished catering service, odds are that you’re going to make some adjustments to the wedding buffet that you’ve always dreamt of. Let go of the caviar, the steaks, the beef wellington and other fancy dishes that you’ve always wanted to serve at your wedding reception. Instead, it’s recommended to favour more beach friendly foods to make things easier for everyone.

Beach themed buffet

Picnic fares such as sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw, Buffalo wings, pasta salad and garlic bread are actually great options because they’re so easy to handle. For something fancier or for an evening meal by the beach, you can take it up a notch, but try to stick to easy-to-handle dishes. Some extremely practical example would include skewers, hamburgers, hotdogs and assorted salads.

Barbecued skewers for easy eating


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Dress options for a beach wedding

In terms of romance, nothing can ever beat a dreamy beach wedding, complete with the dusty white sand, soft sloshing of the waves and cool sea breeze fanning your hair. With its picturesque and fairytale-like setting, it’s certainly not a surprise that beach weddings have been soaring in popularity during these past few years. In fact, compared to other wedding themes, this one is extremely easy to pick off and definitely on the less expensive side: after all, there’s no need to invest in pricey decorations since nature already took care of everything!

Beach wedding

One main concern, however, are the various dress options for a beach wedding. While indoors weddings allow you to wear whatever you want without a second thought, beach weddings can be just a tad complicated in that department because there are quite a few factors to take into consideration: for example, you have to consider whether you’re amendable to soiling the hem of your long dress with sand and sea water. Don’t forget about the infamous sea breeze as well: one gust and your hem can billow up in quite an undignified manner.

Regular wedding dress

So, having taken all these points into consideration, it’s time for you to decide which dress you’ll don to glide down a sandy aisle. Bear in mind that the dress of your choice should first inspire comfort- no matter what style it is. Some traditional brides, for example, feel much better in a classic long white dress, even with the risk of spoiling the hem. That’s not such a bad choice in fact, because it will bring quite a romantic and authentic feel to your special day.

Swimsuit and sarong for wedding

On the other hand, if you’re more of a casual person and couldn’t care less about traditions, consider going for a regular beach outfit, even if it’s on the unconventional side. A swimsuit and sarong, for example, can actually be quite a fun dress option for a beach wedding. By the same token, don’t hesitate to ask your groom to slip into a casual attire as well. A pair of loose slacks or Bermuda, coupled with a loose shirt will definitely complement your casual wedding look.

Bride in calf length dressGroom in casual clothes

Brides who do want a traditional look, but without ruining the hem, can of course go for calf-length wedding dresses. These usually bear the same designs as traditional dresses but with a shorter hem. And of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for a short white dress either. In fact, to avoid all the mishaps that come with the sea breeze, why don’t you go for a straight dress which is guaranteed not to billow up?

Short straight white dress


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Things to consider for a perfect beach wedding

Nothing screams romance more than gliding down an aisle on the beach with the vermillion sun setting on the horizon. Indeed, if you do have the chance to go for a beach wedding, bear in mind that while your ceremony will undeniably be extremely romantic, there are quite a few things to consider to ease your comfort and that of your guests.

Beach wedding collage

For example, while many dream of sinking their toes in the warm, powdery sand as they stride down the aisle, a more practical option would be carpet the area where you’re getting married. If you absolutely must feel the sand under your feet, try to consider carpeting the area where your guests will be suited: don’t forget that several of the ladies might be in heels and you certainly want to assure their comfort.

Wedding chairs and aisle facing the sea

The bride’s choice of footwear, however, will ultimately depend on her overall attire. If you’re going for a flower-girl, vintage-like look, with a long, breezy gown and a crown of flowers on your head, then you can very easily go barefooted. Alternatively, you will find that there’s absolutely no shortage of toe rings and bejeweled flats that will complement your beach wedding dress while adding a touch of glamor to your outfit as a whole.

Colorful beach wedding clothes

As far as the wedding altar goes, don’t hesitate to dress it up in light gauzes, flowers or even seashells. These little touches will ultimately enhance any beach theme wedding. Don’t hesitate to favor marine-like colors such as ecru, turquoise, marine green, eggshell, white, ivory and other sand-related hues. This palate can also be used for the reception, even if you’re not having the actual reception on the beach itself. In fact, a particularly lovely idea would be to have a cake made up in sea blue and white with fondant or sugared seashells draped over it. Don’t hesitate to run a few online searches to find some really original cake toppers that will bring out the marine theme of your special day.

Beach wedding decorations

Another important factor to consider is the seating arrangement: in most beach theme weddings, the seating area and aisle are parallel to the sea. However, a more romantic option would be to seat the guests and create an aisle that actually faces the sea. This way, the bride will be able to stride towards the shoreline as her groom waits for her under the wedding arch.

Beach wedding cake


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Beach Wedding Color Palettes

There’s nothing more romantic that to say your ‘I Do’ to the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with against the vermillion sun, setting beneath the horizon. For the beach bums out there, a summer wedding on the beach would be the greatest wedding ever. However, with all those pretty beach shades and vintage hues, how could you possibly ever decide on which to side on? Here are five sweet romantic beach wedding color theme which could get you started.

Coral and Teal

Coral and Teal
For a sweet and balanced effect, you could go with the coral and teal style. The calming blue shade would even out the saccharine sweetness that the color coral can induce. You can playfully accent with white if everything becomes so colourfully congested. Teal and coral wedding accents aren’t hard to find. You can find ready-to-use wedding paraphernalia like paper straws, ribbons, floral cake toppers and many more in those colors.

Yellow and green

Yellow and Green
For a vibrant and soothing aura, a yellow and green beach wedding would be energizing. Imitating the suns rays, the yellow will surely brighten up the mood of the guests. The green would be a nice contrast to the sand and the blue oceans. If bright hues of these colors seem to be disturbingly contrasting to you, then you could always go for ombre – olive green to the palest yellow. It would be interesting.

Blush and Toast

Blush and Toast
If you’re planning to go for a whimsical beach wedding, then you could go for the lighters shades of pink and brown. Think of moss beside blush. Add a touch of rose on gold accents. To play as the alpha dark color of a wedding palette, you could add in toast. The pale and subtle transitions of these shades will surely make your beach wedding fanciful.


Moonstruck Hues
Whip up some beach romance with moonstruck hues ranging from midnight blues, deep sea blues, dark browns and fancy pale greys. This would totally spell night time elegance on the seashore. For an even more sophisticated effect, you could make use of the magic of velvet textiles.

Green and Aqua

Green and Aqua
You could always go earthy with a beach wedding. Water and tree hues, represent. The combination of the color green and aqua brings with it an ever-calming effect, perfect if your wedding would start a little early in the afternoon.


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Beach Wedding Altars

Have you met your special someone while you were having a tanning session at the beach? Did you meet him while you were babysitting your nephew in his beach swim? Or did you meet one summer when you were out of town on a beach? Then you two definitely must have a beach wedding celebration. The fact that you two are now saying your I Do’s meant that you two didn’t take that beach meet up lightly. So, mean those vows and prepare a stunning altar for your wedding. Here are beach wedding altars which could ignite your creativity.

Wooden and Organic
Wooden and Organic
For a simple altar, you could just put up some wooden poles, dress them up with white curtains and adorn with frail flowers. This look is easy to put up with. It will give you a relaxed feeling, that sort of fuzzy feeling when you are having marshmallows over the bonfire on the beach. However, make sure that the knots on the wooden poles are sturdy enough to stand the moderately strong breezes.

All white altar
All-white altar
For a classic beach altar look, you could have a simple-design wooden altar painted all white. Your altar will have this clean and minimalistic finish. You could balance the whiteness with the colored chairs that you would be preparing for your guests though.

Shaded Altar
Shaded Altar
If you sweat easily enough and you would want to prevent the sun’s rays from kissing your skin on your wedding day, then you could have a custom-made beach gazebo made especially for your wedding. It should be made of light materials and should have an exposed sides so your guests could still see your dazzling faces.

Surf Wedding Altar
Surf Wedding Altar
For the surfer lovers out there who are planning to have a surfing beach wedding, then you should definitely do a surf wedding altar. Plant two surfboards on the altar and adorn the bottom with flowers and local ferns. Be sure though to reinforce the surfboards. You wouldn’t want them to fall off during your wedding ceremony.

Beach Tree Wedding
Beach Tree Wedding Altar
For the hopeless romantics and uncanny pairs, beach trees are actually amazing props to be used for your altars. They’re bare and lovely. You could hang on mason jars with candles insides or paper cranes or dream catchers on it. It will be totally adorable, charming and whimsical.


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Brief Ideas on Nautical Wedding Themes

If the love of your life is a man of the sea, then it would be outright justifiable for the both of you to have a nautical wedding. It’ll remind him of your love that can overcome the biggest sea storms in your lives. It’ll remind him that there is a beautiful woman waiting for him when his ship docks off his homeland shores. Here are sure ways on how to pin a nautical wedding.

Nautical Bride and Groom

Have your man wear his pristine white sailor uniform. There’s nothing sexier than a real nautical man wearing those uniforms. You need to have a beach wedding to add a touch of nautical into the wedding per se. As his bride, you need to match the unspoiled whiteness of his suit. Go for an all-white wedding dress.

Nautical Tables, Kids

But before you reach the wedding ceremony made-up altar on the shore, let a fancy beach carriage carry to the spot. It should be dressed in navy blue to enhance the essence of a nautical wedding. Add some marriage sign at the back to announce your nuptial to everybody present in the area. After the ceremonies, the bridal crowd can send you off on this very vehicle too. This would also make a great wedding photo accessory.

Nautical Wedding Vehicle

As for the groomsmen, this is the type of wedding wherein they can show off their natural masculinity. Have them wear Sperry Top-siders to bring out the sophisticated nautical boy charms. They can also wear blue and white suits with thin stripes. The boutonniere could also be styled in a manner that it matches the theme. Incorporate some rope into the flowers to complete the look.

Nautical Wedding Bridesmaid

Your bridesmaids would also look sassy and cute in a dark blue and white striped dress — nothing more nautical than this. You can also create DIY necklaces with anchor signs on it. Utilize the flower bouquets to pop out some color into the bridesmaid look. Striped nautical shoes can also add a flair to the ensemble. However, if you wouldn’t want to pair a striped top with striped shoes, then wear bright yellow monochrome pumps.

Nautical Shoes, BoutonierreYou could add yellow into your nautical motif just to break out the monotony and the stripes. Sunflowers make a smart choice for a nautical wedding since they are bright and attention grabbing. Make them into boutonnieres or headdresses for the little girls.


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Fairytale Wedding Theme Ideas

When we were children, virtually all of us used to spend most of our time in our fairy tale worlds rather than the real one. However, on your wedding, why not let yourself become a part of that world again?

A Cinderella Style WeddingGetting a fairy tale themed wedding isn’t difficult if you know the right people to contact, and depending upon the type of fairy tale that you wish to pursue, your wedding could be done in the simplest of manners.

For instance, if you choose a fairy tale such as Cinderella, we can help you design a ‘ball’, in which the men will be asked to wear long tailed coats and old fashioned clothing, while the women would be asked to wear traditional dresses.

Fairy Tale Wedding Dress

Want to feel like Cinderella? We’ll even get you glass shoes as well! Fairy tale weddings make use of a lot of decorative ideas. From the ginger bread man to Shrek and the tower of Rapunzel, we can help you in setting up these items carefully in your wedding so that the theme fits properly. Obviously, since the fairy tale setting is slightly on the older side, you can’t expect any modern elements within your wedding.

Fairy Tale Wedding Decorations - Teapot

The tables will also be set according to the fairy tale culture. We have a number of different ideas in our heads, such as contrasting the colors of the table cloth and chairs along with the main colors, while the interior could also be further enhanced by the right set of lighting.

Fairytale Theme Wedding - FLower Girls

Having a fairy tale themed wedding might not be easy since the expenses associated with this are significantly higher, but it can be easily done if you work with the right people. The added décor, the designed flower bouquets and the lighting all play a major part in your wedding outlook.


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A Fairy Tale themed wedding on the beach

Beach weddings are undeniably the most popular choices amongst romantic couples. However, most people choose to limit themselves to the classic white summer dress and scattered rose petals on the sand.

If you want to wow your guests with an extraordinary touch, you can go all the way and consider a magical, fairy-tale wedding, complete with a sequinned, full-skirted dress and glass slippers- right in front of the sea!

Sunset Beach Weddings

Awe-inspiring décor

Indeed, the turquoise waves lapping on a stretch of smooth white sand might be the best setting to bring your favourite fairy tale to life. For example, why not transform your venue into a classical scene from Sleeping Beauty?

Beach Fairy Tale Wedding Decor

You can very easily line up the aisle with some artificial birch trees and string some thick green garlands through them in order to create the typical Sleeping Beauty forest. In fact, an exquisitely romantic touch would be to frame the altar in flowery branches that will certainly evoke the woodsy charm of Sleeping Beauty.

Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

A plush green carpet, potted plants, artificial flowers and romantic, sparkling wedding gowns are more than enough to bring a pronounced fairy-tale atmosphere to your special day. For a more stunning effect, you may even hang some gold-tinted or silver light garlands through the artificial trees. This works best for dusk weddings.

Beach Wedding Decors

And of course, it goes without saying that the beach is the best venue for a Little Mermaid theme. Other than the classic mermaid-shaped wedding dress, you can also adopt a pronounced sea-theme for the reception table. Some sea shells, a sparkly blue tablecloth or painted corals will undoubtedly evoke the sweet, romantic charm of this particular fairy-tale.

Beach Wedding Kiss

Sparkle like a Disney Princess

To make your fairy tale beach wedding extra special, forget about straight, floaty dresses that brides commonly choose as they get wed by the sea. Instead, never hesitate to go all the way: satin, tulle, lace and silk are the sort of fabrics that will transform you from an ordinary bride to a Disney Princess. Don’t forget that your wedding dress should not compulsorily be white. Indeed, sky blue or ivory are excellent choices for your beach ceremony.

Little Mermaid Fairytale Wedding ideas

Of course, other than the dress, you should also make sure to properly accessorise: teardrop or diamond earrings will complement just about any dress style. If you really want to draw attention to the fairy-tale beach theme, you can also enhance your overall attire with a delicate pearl and aquamarine tiara, or a blue choker and matching bracelets.

Beach Wedding Cinderella Style

Your Princess outfit will not be complete until and unless you slip your feet into the perfect pair of shoes. While glass slippers will beautifully carry the overall theme, they are not exactly your most practical choices for the beach. You don’t want your heels to dig into the sand as you’re walking down the aisle, do you? Therefore, try to go for an elegant pair of flats, but to make your footwear extra special, make sure to select something that’s quite elaborate and intricately designed.

Disney Wedding Theme in Beach

Slick on some gorgeous nail polish, allow your hair to flow loosely around your shoulders, adjust your train and grab your bouquet. One last touch of lip gloss and you’re all set to walk down the aisle, towards Prince Charming, just as the sun is setting on a gorgeous evening by the sea.


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A Brief Introduction to Beach Themed Weddings

If you’re sick of the rat race and want a bit of paradise for your wedding then a beach theme wedding would be perfect for you. So many couples are choosing to fly away to dream destinations and get married on the beach.

Beach Wedding Theme Ideas

Several factors can influence why couples are taking this route, some no longer want a church wedding so want something less religious. For others it may be they simply cannot afford a big lavish wedding so choose to combine marriage with honeymoon there are also the couples that don’t have much family so they choose to go away to get married or potentially it may be there second or even third attempt at tying the knot!

Thank You Card for Beach Weddings

Whatever the reason for choosing a beach wedding it can be truly magical with the sound of the waves crashing against the shore as you exchange vows. Most beach weddings also have great weather so the choice of outfits is usually a little different to those that you would find in a church such as a light and flowing dress and perhaps the groom would wear shorts and a smart shirt instead of a full suit.

Beach Wedding Themes

There are still practicalities to think of such as flowers and photos but a quick online search of the area you want to get married in and “beach wedding” will no doubt bring up a host of options for you’re to choose from and some packages provide the whole lot from the button holes to the cake.

Beach Wedding Decorations

An important thing to remember is to check out the legalities and translation of wedding certificates as the last thing you want is to return home and find that you are not legally married in your own country.

Beach Wedding Inspiring Ideas

Whether you decide to get married in the Caribbean or on DaytonaBeach you will be joining a unique group of people who have swapped vows in the most natural place in the world.


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Sweet and Sunny Beach Wedding

Nothing can top a beach wedding when it comes to raw fun. The waves and the sand are spellbinding that make brides even in their most superb wedding gowns go barefoot running into the water. Romance by all means can be expressed to the maximum level if there is freedom.

You really do not need a lot of flounce on weddings on the beach because the place is beautiful as it is that it requires just little finishing touches to personalize it. Messages and invitations in a bottle with strings and starfish embellishments are simple but charming.

The flowers will surely be damaged by the furious wind on the seashore so the idea of putting them in tall glass vases with crystal beads and flower boxes to give them a strong grip is a good strategy. Pouring the petals on the aisle that follows the wind and the bride is as well a nice detail.

Beach wedding receptions can be set on the shore itself with or without a tent. The decors can be as easy as scattering seashells on the table and putting minimal, random floral elements.

For the beach wedding cake; corals, sand, beach loungers, seashells, seaweeds and pearls made of sugar icing are the usual picks.

The bride’s footwear when it comes to destination weddings has evolved from slip-ons to flip flops and now barefoot sandals which is an exciting feature suitable for sandy scurries.

Leave a box of flip-flops at the entrance on the reception so the guests could pick their size and join the fun.

The sweetness in the sun is always remembered in photos so do not forget to have a good photographer to capture the precious times.

Being married on the beach is not only present pure elation with its natural wonder but also perfect place to celebrate true love.




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