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Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Theme for your Winter Wedding

Charming and magical, with stunning scenery and colors, Disney’s ‘Frozen’ movie is considered as one of the best animated films of the year. The costumes and hues are so absolutely wonderful that more and more brides are choosing to integrate this theme in their special day. In fact, a ‘Frozen’ theme is absolutely perfect for colder weathers, given the winter backdrop that lingers through the entire movie. Best of all, this theme is quite a versatile one and can be tweaked to your liking.

Married couple in the snow

To begin with, it’s important to decide whether you want to go for a traditional white dress or adopt Princess Elsa’s iconic frock from the movie: an ice blue shimmery mermaid gown with a fishtail, this ‘Frozen’ inspired costume has captured the hearts of brides from all over the world, which means that it’s quite easy to find it in bridal stores these days. Alternatively, you can also find this dress online. Of course, let’s not forget that unlike Disney’s animated Princess Elsa, we do happen to be non-animated which means that you’ll certainly need something to cover up and keep warm if you chose to don this dress during winter. A blue glittery shawl or a snowflake-printed coat will work wonders with your Disney ‘Frozen’ wedding dress.

Frozen Inspired Costumes

Winter themed snowflake cupcake as wedding favor

Another dominant theme in the movie is the color blue to represent the ever-lasting winter. So, be sure to really lay this color on thick for your wedding day but don’t go for any shade of blue: toss aside cherry turquoises and dark blues in favor of grayish and pale blues. You can very easily include this color in your blue wedding cake. Also, remember that snowflakes are present in nearly every scene of the ‘Frozen’ movie, so, be sure to include this as well. For examples, a blue-iced cupcake with a sugared snowflake would make a wonderful wedding favor without distracting from the overall theme of the day.

Frozen inspired wedding cake

Don’t hesitate to play with a few ideas until you find the best décor for your ‘Frozen’ themed winter wedding. For instance, to keep in line with the natural palette that winter often brings, you may even add some blue food coloring to your cocktails and garnish the glass with a plastic or iced chocolate snowflake. Of course, brides and grooms should also make the most out of the natural winter setting as well: the snow, for example, provides a stunning backdrop for pictures and will certainly enhance your ‘Frozen’ theme. Another easy way to achieve this purpose is to go for ice sculptures or maybe even some ‘Frozen’ inspired Pyramid-shaped vases for your flowers and centerpieces.

Ice blue drinks

Frozen inspired glass pyramid vases as centerpiece


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Unique locations for a winter wedding

There’s no denying it: winter weddings are absolutely stunning in terms of backgrounds and settings. After all, the snow, the rain and the overall dark, misty atmosphere that comes with winter are undeniably romantic, which maybe accounts for the fact that weddings usually escalate during winter time. Whether you choose a typical winter wonderland theme or a wilder one amidst the snow and the cold, you can be sure that you’re in for a treat.

winter wedding

The one important thing, however, is to select the perfect location that will do justice to your winter wedding. It would be entirely pointless to throw a fantastic winter-themed wedding in a shoddy-looking venue. On a more positive note, however, there certainly isn’t a lack of winter wedding locations that’s bound to suit both your budget and your personal needs. If you want a Destination ceremony, for example, don’t hesitate to check out places such as Lapland.

Wedding venue in lapland

The winter destination by excellence, Lapland is home to one of the most stunning wedding venues in the world. Whether you want to rent an expensive chalet or a more affordable hall, you can be sure that Lapland will provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. Several companies even offer special wedding packages that cover everything from the seating arrangements to the catering and even the band. However, it is extremely important to book these places in advance because they’re always in high demand. Couples who can’t afford to spend too much might even rent a venue and book a dinner package in a nearby restaurant for the after-party.

Ice sculpture wedding buffet at Lapland venue

If you can afford it, some high-end winter weddings venue- such as Lapland, Greenland or even Iceland- are happy to offer a few perks such as an ice sculpture buffet table to take your overall decor up to the next level. Speaking of Greenland, few people are aware of it, but, it’s entirely possible to get married at the very edge of a glacier. Perfect for adventurous couples, glacier weddings are entirely safe and usually accompanied by highly experienced tour guides.

Glacier wedding

Some companies even offer special packages that will allow couples to get married under the glowing Northern lights. Yes, you do have to fly yourselves and the entire bridal party up North for that, but honestly, it’s completely worth it. If you’re on a restricted budget, however, you may simply set up a small gazebo in a snow, decorate it with some dried flowers and fairy-lights and you’ve got yourself the coziest, homeliest winter wedding venue ever!

Wedding under gazebo in the snow


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Pulling off a successful outdoors winter wedding

If you’ve always dreamt of having an outdoors wedding, but if you’re getting married during the winter, don’t panic: contrary to what most people believe, it’s not such a difficult task to pull off a successful outdoors wedding during the winter.

Outdoor wedding in winter

It does, however, require quite a fair amount of planning and arrangement to make sure that both your you and your guests are as comfortable as can be. For starters, know your limits: you might have always wanted to have an outdoors wedding but a below zero temperature might put most of your guests off the wedding. No one wants to sit outside during an ice storm, no matter how close they are to the bride and groom. In fact, if you’re reckless about hosting an outdoors winter wedding, you might even end up losing most of your wedding vendors, especially the videographer, cameraman or even DJ.

Bride and Bridesmaids in faux fur

Having said that, if the weather conditions aren’t too hostile, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t hold a great outdoors winter wedding. For example, you can have ushers pass on new complementary scarves and gloves for each guest to wear during the ceremony. Think about your bridesmaids as well: instead of imposing your dress choice on them, allow them to pick out their own dresses and see which outfit they would feel more comfortable in. Faux fur coats and shrugs are fantastic options for both the bride and her bridesmaids. By that same token, the groom and groomsmen can don thick, floor-length coats over their suits.

Gazebo for outdoors winter wedding

Winter often rhymes with strong winds or maybe even gales. This is why it’s also important to invest in a sturdy gazebo or tent to host the reception. This can be quite an advantage because it will allow you to string some fairy lights, hence adding some extra decor. In fact, there’s no reason why you can’t hold the actual ceremony right under the gazebo, especially if there’s chances of snow.

Serving hot chocolate during or after ceremony

To show your guests that you really appreciate their presence, be sure to hire an usher to pass around mugs of hot cocoa prior to the ceremony. After all, everyone loves hot chocolate, right? You may even have a tea, hot chocolate and coffee station at the reception. Similarly, skip the light wedding nibbles in favor of hot and filling dishes which will bring some added warmth to your guests after the ceremony. Think fried chicken, baked or whipped potatoes, macaroni and cheese and the likes. These may not be the type of dishes that you’ll typically find on wedding buffet tables, but, they’re definitely the sort of food that anyone would appreciate during winter.

Hot and cosy food for reception


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A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Dreamy and romantic, with just a hint of nostalgia, a winter theme wedding can be quite striking if you do it properly. Indeed, to create your own winter wonderland ceremony, it’s exceedingly important to take into consideration the comfort of your guests and assure that they won’t get too cold. While an indoors ceremony is recommended for winter weddings, we just can’t deny the lure and appeal of getting married in a glorious fog of snowy mist.

Winter wedding invitation

Candles for added warmth in winter wedding reception

So, if you have decided to hold your winter theme wedding outdoors, you should definitely be considerate of your guests’ well-being. It is therefore advised to go for a thick marquee or tent under which you can hold the actual ceremony before pausing for pictures in the snow. Never neglect the importance of candles as well, particularly if you’re throwing the reception in a marquee. Soft, romantic and sensual, candles are also going to add charm and panache to your wedding. In fact, if you want to take the decor to the next level, you can even scatter them around in long, ornate translucent candle holders.

Faux fur shrug for winter wedding dress

Since your bridesmaids are so eagerly braving winter to share in your special day, it’s your duty as the bride to keep them warm. Forget about the typical short and strapless bridesmaid dresses. Instead, be sure to select long-sleeved ones made from thick, supporting fabrics such as velvet or linen. Gloves are wonderful winter accessories: not only will they keep the bridesmaids warm but they’ll also add a touch of glamor to the outfits. Of course, thick cardigans are absolute must-haves for winter weddings. In fact, even the bride can accessorize her dress and keep warm by going for a thick, faux fur shrug which will protect her shoulders from the cold. This is particularly handy if you’re going for a strapless dress. Bear in mind that bridal shoes are very rarely noticeable under the wedding dress. So, if the need arises, don’t hesitate to don a pair of white faux leather boots to keep you extra snug on your special day.

bride and bridesmaids wearing cardigans

As far as the decorations are concerned, it’s best to focus on colder tones such as icy white, blue, silver and gray. These hues will instantly bring the winter theme to the foreground. You can, for example, place a centerpiece of white and blue flowers on each table for the reception. A really easy way to set off the theme even before the special day is by going for a typically winter wedding invitation made up in grey or white with silvery snowflakes printed over it.

Winter wedding decorating ideas


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Winter Wonderland Themed Weddings

A winter wonderland themed wedding is something short of magical. When the world is swathed with glistening snow and the whole town is decked out in all shimmering lights.

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Introductory Photo
Do you want a classic winter wonderland wedding or you want a chic hippie kind of winter wonderland wedding? The first one could mean, cream colored fur coats or a pretty white coat as a wedding dress accessory. It could also mean saying your vows in a quaint chapel with icicle-inspired crystal-dripped chandeliers.  The latter could mean, fur wraps and warm boots, and statement metallic tops and tweed skirts for your wedding party. And you and your loved one exchange I-dos in front of a cozy stone hearth.
Whatever style you pick out for your winter wonderland wedding, you will surely rock in a silvery gown with snowflake-like embellishments. Or a champagne-hued wedding dress with a dramatic train. Since the bling is out, put on a pair of crystal-adorned shoes. Wear elbow-length gloves and fur stoles. Go for red lips and dark eyes – bold make up is definitely romantic.

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Attire
Arrive in the chapel on a horse-drawn carriage. Capture the falling (faux) snow as you walk down the aisle. Adorn the venue with white flowers, wintry pine cones. Add silver stars and golden ornaments and wash the place with icy blue or soft purple up-lighting. Choose sophisticated color palette.

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Chapel
Dress up your reception area with snow-covered branches, hang white feathers and white flowers and ice crystals. Spruce up the tables with Christmas candles nestled among berries. Go for dramatic all white centerpieces with pops of gold and crystal. Or you can mix rich colored trimmings in your centerpieces. Use holly wreathes, ivy berries, romantic red roses, candles…

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Decoration
Make snowflake shaped-white chocolates or holiday-inspired chocolate peppermint, gingerbread and eggnog as wedding favors. Serve a candy buffet for dessert or a cup of cocoa to your guests. Let your wedding cake glow with small lighted trees or a red-rolled fondant icing and trim it with gold pinecones.

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Favors


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Winter Wedding Wonders

When you and your soon-to-be husband picked out a date, have you thought of what season is it going to be that day? Maybe you’ll want to reminisce that first conversation you two had over a cup of coffee back when you two were stuck in a café because of the heavy snowing outside? Say yes to a winter wedding, it’s so going to be grand.Here are some of the perks of having a winter wonderland wedding.

Wintery Details

That Movie Poster Wedding Picture

If you think that a man professing his undying love to his lady under the snowflakes can only happen in movies, think again. With a wedding held on winter, you can absolutely make this fantasy come true. Think of you in that pristine lacey white dress with your man in a suit, pecking and kissing under the snow. Yes, snow drama princess, it’s possible.

Winter Wedding Picture

Dress Like You’re a Snow Princess

And since you are living out your snow princess dream, wear your title with pride. Carefully plan out your white bridal dress and your bouquet showing off some blush and neutral hues. Some brides would wear puffy overcoats to keep them warm – perfect when you still want a tube gown in the middle of winter.

Winter Gown and Bouquet

Offer Warmth to your Guests Literally
Finally, you could express your warm gratitude to your awesome friends and families with something tangible and edible – hot chocolate drinks and sweet munch ons. Keep them warm with these little goodies and keep these close to the reception entrance. Your guests will truly love this surprise. You can always play with the goodies. Chestnuts and marshmallows to be roasted right then and there perhaps?

Winter Treats

Say It’s Snowy on Paper
Also, you have to make sure that your guests come prepared. Don’t just give them warm treats to keep the cold out. Tip them to come in their most regal winter outfit. Say it in the invitations subtly. A winter-themed invitation would instantly give them the idea that your wedding will take place on days of snowfalls. That way, they’ll have the opportunity to plan out their transportation and outfit, including their shoes.

Winter Wedding Invites

Wintery Trinkets to Enjoy
Again, a party is made more fun if both guests and celebrants were entertained. Keep your wedding crowd interested and less bored with tiny winter wedding ideas. Extend the acorns on the men’s boutonniere and not just on the bride’s and bride’s maids’ bouquets. Let the guys display their participation too. Have the cookies on the snack bar cut in snowflake forms. Sprinkle some little styro balls on the venue to extend the wintery feel. You can do tons of stuff, but just remember to stick with the white, snowy theme.


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A Brief Introduction to Winter Wedding Themes

If you’re looking for a change from the usual bog standard summer wedding why not go for a winter one instead. Yes its cold and yes it may rain or snow but just think of the positive sides, it’s a lot cheaper and you can get some fantastic deals and savings especially if you book an all in one package though a venue.

A Winter Themed Wedding Style

You can easily incorporate a theme such as white and red to make it look really Christmassy. How about even having some fake snow and hiring reindeers, the photography would be fantastic and they would be some really great photos.

An Indoor Winter Wedding Ceremony

At the reception you could have an ice sculpture; these can be made for a relatively fair price. You can find additional touches on-line such as snow flake shaped confetti or pretty invitations and save the date cards. By sending out everything like invitations your family and friends will know you are having a winter themed wedding and dress accordingly!

Winter Wedding Style Themed Games

Don’t forget even though its unlikely to be sunny you don’t have to completely rule out an outdoor wedding, there are some really beautiful ideas like getting married in an ice covered forest at twilight, add some beautiful fairy lights to make it look like a magical winter wonderland. Some couples elegantly wrap up their Christmas presents and give these out instead of favours. Using colors such as silver and purple will also give you wedding the theme of a winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Decorations

If however you like grand gestures and want everyone to remember you wedding why not hire an ice rink with bar and music instead of an indoor party that would be great for some people but maybe have a marquee as well of the older or younger guests that may not be quite so steady on their feet. With these endless choices you really can make your dreams come true and have that perfect winter themed wedding you have been waiting for.


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Wintry White Wedding Wish

The white wedding that you wished to have in your life is literally the soft and supple snow in winter. You set the date on the wintry month with the hope that you could walk down the white vastness with your most loved. This wish will now come true as exact as what you hoped for and as vivid as what you dreamed of it to be.

winter wedding ideas2

You always liked the furry hat that matches your hair and the skin that your mom and dad have given you. You opt for the glittery white cloak that wraps your body just like your man that never leaves you.

winter wedding gown

The best girls in your life will play with you on this very day in dresses that are alike but yours only white.

winter wedding bride bridesmaid

Every drop of the cottony and cold snow will mean happiness for the groom and you. Every howl of the wintry air seems the promise that this will linger without end.  The feathers in your hair will always be the very best trimming even time bypasses.

winter-wedding-hair-pieceThe snowflakes all of them you adore; the leafless tress all of them you look for.

winter wedding bride

And you celebrate your union in an iridescent chapel that you promise forever. They are truly divine that heaven seems so near.

winter wedding venue ice hotel

Your wintry wedding wish in its crest is what you pray for because you believe that love is on fire even the coldest season, even in the cosmic ice and even in places where love is less expected.winter-wedding-venue


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