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A touch of freshness for your summer wedding

Summer’s definitely the time when the flowers bloom, the birds chirp and everyone strolls out to enjoy the Great Outdoors. This is also one of the most popular seasons for weddings. Indeed, summer brings with it a sort of poetic joy and sense of contentment which no other season can bring.

Summer wedding collage

However, the downside is that summer also rhymes with sweat. This is why it’s extremely important to take your guests’ comfort into consideration and add a pronounced touch of freshness to your summer wedding. After all, you want them to enjoy the ceremony and not melt into a puddle while you’re saying the vows. So, be sure to provide a lively summer wedding buffet which you can decorate with colorful touches and accents. Your buffet can contain a variety of light dishes and snacks such as garden salads, smoked fish, cookies, chicken salad and the likes.

Lively summer wedding buffet

As far as the dessert goes, steer clear from overly heavy and creamy dishes which will bring an uncomfortable overly full sensation to your guests. In fact, if you want to take the freshness factor up a notch, consider going for cooler treats such as frozen yogurt, ice cream, or even maybe some shaved ice. The caterers can take the cool desserts out of the kitchen in several batches to keep it from melting. If you’re not comfortable with these desserts, why not go for flans, chilled chocolate brownies or even cold chocolate mousse.

Serving shaved ice at the reception

Bear in mind that alcoholic beverages tend to provide a slight warming effect as it goes down. Of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t serve wines, champagnes or liqueurs at the reception, but, it’s also a great idea to provide your guests with several types of non-alcoholic drinks that will keep them cool and fresh. Mint coolers, virgin coladas, milkshakes or even virgin mojitos are fantastic options for your teetotal drink list.

refreshing non alcoholic beverages

To take things up by another notch, be sure to place some self-serve juice bars all around the reception area. If you’re holding your wedding during tea-time, why not serve some iced Frappuccino, iced coffee or maybe a tall glass of perfectly chilled ice tea to your guests? Don’t neglect the buckets of ice cubes either: to really make an impression, you may even freeze some cubes of juice which will add extra flavor to the drinks. If you’re having an outdoors summer wedding, it’s also important to provide several bottles of mineral water for anyone who gets dehydrated.

outdoor summer wedding


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The Essentials for a Perfect summer wedding

One of the most anticipated season, A summer theme wedding definitely infuses joy and merriment in the heart of everyone. It should be no surprise therefore, that this particular season remains a firm favorite for weddings all across the world. Indeed, who doesn’t wish to get married in the great outdoors, serenaded by the soft chirping of birds?

Summer wedding

A summer theme wedding might be the easiest to host but there are still a few things that couples should take into consideration in order to pull off the perfect ceremony. For starters, brides should bear in mind that not all wedding dresses are weather-appropriate for a summer wedding. A high-necked, long-sleeved puffy taffeta gown, for example, will most certainly result in unsightly stains of sweat all over your outfit. Hence, it’s recommended to go for lighter cuts and fabrics such as cotton, gauze, organza and lace. Guaranteed to keep you cool, a strapless, Grecian-style dress would be absolutely perfect for a summer wedding, especially if you’re having an outdoors ceremony.

Outdoor summer wedding

Alternatively, some brides might even find it easier to beat the heat in a short wedding dress. This is particularly suited to beach or informal affairs. Another fantastic choice would be to go for an oblong frock, where the front hem plays above the knee while the back hem skims the floor. In fact, this particular style will not only keep you cool during a summer wedding but it’s also extremely suitable for long veils and trains.

Oblong summer wedding dress

Since it’s summer, couples shouldn’t hesitate to showcase a fabulous display of bright, vivid colors in the likes of green, turquoise, yellow, red, fuchsia, bright pink, pale brown, gold and other such hues. The bridal bouquet, for example, can be crafted using bright purple flowers with a couple of daisies nestled here and there. To create a homogenous look, don’t hesitate to dress up your bridesmaids in the same bright colors reflected in your wedding bouquet.

Summer wedding bouquet

As far as the decorations go, try to go for anything that’s bright and sunny. A bunch of white flowers tied to each pew or chair will most definitely infuse a summery feel to your wedding- whether you’re throwing the ceremony indoors or outdoors. By the same token, don’t hesitate to dress up the wedding arch in sunflowers, red roses and the likes. Bear in mind that the main centerpieces of your summer wedding should revolve around flowers: they are, after all, the most potent symbolisms which show that winter’s finally over.

Decorating ideas for chairs


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A Brief Introduction to Summer Wedding Themes

Summer is almost everyone’s favorite season to exchange “I dos.” It gives an idea of sunshine, toasty weather and lots of bright bold colors. Summer exudes warmth, happiness and lots of joy and cheer.

Summer Wedding Introduction

If you’re thinking of having a summer themed wedding, consider elegant and urbane bright colors. Just two bright shades will do the trick. To achieve the classic wedding look, choose two major colors plus one to sprinkle some color accent.

Combine the colors of orange and olive green then splash a little bit of red perhaps? Or you can opt for bold red instead.

Summer Wedding English Tea Style

Garden-inspired weddings and beach motifs are typical themes for a summer wedding. However, it wouldn’t hurt if you opt for a mountain theme – that is if it’s mountain climbing is your hobby.

The idea is to go for a theme that showcases your favorite pastime or leisure pursuits. Other popular summer themed weddings are rustic windswept prairie and quaint English Tea-inspired weddings.

After you’ve decided on the color and theme of your summer wedding, go for a surprising twist on your invitations. Use ecru print on a hot pink paper. Or go for fabric in your invites to give a summer vibe.

Summer Wedding Venue

Now, it’s time to pick out the music to set the romantic summer ambiance –look for lively summer music styles for the dance. Go for a string ensemble or a plain piano to accompany the guests during cocktails. If you go for a beach-inspired wedding, throw in some sounds of the ukulele to radiate the beach side feel. Use an upbeat rhythm during the dance to make it summery lively.

Summer Wedding Accessories

To jazz up the venue, go for decorative paper lanterns, bouquets of simple mono-chromatic flowers. Go for one color scheme or two to create a pulled-together look.

Use jars to hold the tea lights – as long as your theme is rustic and country look. Or use wooden vases with real grass or moss as your table’s centerpiece. Or why not use an edible centerpiece – like oranges or lemons with other vegetables and fruits in season. Or why not use a seashell bouquet to prettify your tables?

Summer Wedding Food

For the wedding feast, choose organic home style cooking like roasted pork or chicken or grilled fish. Serve good bottles of wine. For the wedding cake, go for chocolate. Hands down, it’s still everyone’s all-time favorite. However, go for flavors that inspire the thought of summer – like lemon and orange and strawberries with whipped cream.

Finally, for your favors, choose eco-friendly stuff like herbs in recycled cans or glass jars or flower seeds in pretty brown paper bags with fancy strings.


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