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Colorful scheme for a spring wedding

One of the most- if not the most- coveted wedding season, spring radiates health, color and beauty. If you want to have a spring themed wedding, there are a few color schemes that you should follow to emphasize the stunning beauty that is usually associated with this season. After all, let’s not forget that some of the greatest poems of this century were centered around this time of year, so, as a Spring Bride, it’s your duty to do justice to this exquisitely stunning season.

Colorful spring wedding

When drafting your color palette for spring, the one thing that you should remember is to steer clear from any dark and drab hue, no matter how appealing the combination is. Granted, black and red provide a marvelous contrast, but is this really how you’d like to portray your spring wedding? These types of combinations can be found in any other wedding so it’s quite crucial to highlight the particular season that you’ve chosen to tie the knot. Above all, your spring wedding ought to be colorful, even if the hues don’t match in a conventional manner.

Lanterns hanging from trees

Bridesmaids, for example, can wear purple dresses with green sashes around the waist. Or, failing that, they can each hold a green parasol to complement their outfits, especially if you’re having an outdoors wedding. For an evening wedding, don’t hesitate to string several lanterns together and allow them to hang from trees for a more pronounced effect. The soft flickering of the yellow flames, mingled with the balmy spring night air will undoubtedly highlight the special theme of the day. In fact, you may even take the extra step and string colorful lanterns or fairy lights instead of traditional yellow and white ones.

Pastel colors

Pastel colors are your main allies if you’re having a spring wedding. Having said that, it’s important to properly select your combination of pastels to avoid a washed-out look. Pales and pales should never, ever match. Instead, always try to balance out a pale hue by another darker pastel color. Bright canary yellow with a more toned down turquoise always works. Other spring-like color schemes include the occasional touch of orange, lime green and yellow, brown and gold, turquoise and pink and the likes. An easy way to incorporate these combinations in your wedding would be through the bouquet and cake. For example, a bright pink bridal bouquet with a turquoise and pink wedding cake will leave no doubt in your guests’ minds that this certainly is a spring wedding.

Orange touches

Pink bridal bouquet


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A lively color palette for your spring wedding

Spring wedding collage

The most popular wedding season, spring certainly does provide the perfect weather conditions for the big day. The warm breeze, the sunshine and the general air of calmness and serenity will most definitely enhance your wedding. So, if you’re planning on having a spring wedding, read on to learn more about the liveliest color palettes which will make the grand day even more special.

Spring wedding collage 2

For example, keep in mind that you should absolutely avoid anything with cool undertones. Pale, icy blue, frigid green or somber black should exclusively be used in winter or fall weddings. This is spring after all so be sure to indulge in some lively pastels. An absolutely stunning spring color palette, for example, is the ultimate blend of sunny yellow and lime green. If you’re bold enough, never hesitate to go for a yellow wedding dress which you can accessorize with a lime green veil, shoes and bouquet. Yes, it may seem over the top and overly untraditional but if you don’t care about tradition and if you want to leave a sophisticated, rather imposing and spring-like presence on your wedding day, this certainly is the way to go.

Yellow and lime green palette

Of course, if you’re not that daring, you may stick to the white gown and go for lime green shoes and maybe a pretty yellow hairband to accessorize. Another sublime color palette for spring is turquoise and white. Guaranteed to liven up just about any gathering, this palette will instantly infuse life into your special day. An easy way to infuse this combination in your wedding is through the cake. If you’re having a tiered wedding cake, ask your baker to layer each tier according to this specific color combination. Another really original way to use this palette would be to go for a smallish turquoise wedding cake and surround it by white and turquoise cupcakes.

Turquoise and white wedding cupcakes

And of course, it wouldn’t be a spring wedding without a hefty dose of pink. Pink wedding gowns are increasingly growing in popularity so you can be sure to find one in your local store. For a more traditional look, consider wearing a crown of cream and pink flowers instead of the customary bridal tiara. Brides who are ready to go all the way for a pronounced spring-like effect might even include all these different combinations in their bridal bouquet. Yellow, red, white, purple, orange and green flowers, with some bright pink, sparkly ribbons will most certainly bring some extra kick to your overall attire.

Lively pink wedding dress


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Best wedding venue for couples who love spring

The most sought-after wedding season, spring certainly has everything to make one happy: between the blooming trees and the delightful chirping of the birds, this season is certainly brimming with joy and merriment. Understandably, most couples choose to hold their spring theme wedding in the great outdoors. However, if you can afford it, it certainly pays off to look into some of the most recommended venues for your spring wedding.

Spring wedding

For example, while Las Vegas is internationally reputed for its impulsive, often alcohol-infused night weddings, few people realize that there are quite a few picturesque locations in the gambling city.

Vegas Spring wedding

Nevada looks absolutely stunning in spring and its glorious lakes can provide quite a wonderful backdrop to your special day. Alternatively Las Vegas also offers several elegant wedding packages that include champagne, wedding cake and the likes. If you want to skip the Vegas chapel in favor of an outdoors spring wedding, you can check out a few of the numerous hotels or resorts that would be happy to accommodate the bridal party.

Nevada Spring Wedding

Couples who want a spring wedding in front of the sea, but who wish to avoid the hassle of sand and sea-breeze can also check out Mackinac Island in Michigan. With a deep, Victorian-like character, this island is oozing with flowers and sunshine in spring and best of all, since cars aren’t allowed on the island, your guests will get the chance to travel by horse and buggy. In fact, Mackinac Island is a firm favorite among couples who wish to infuse a fairytale-like character to their wedding day. This picturesque place offers several wedding venues including inns, outdoor gardens or romantic resorts.

Spring wedding Mackinac Island

If you’re looking for something a little more tropical, bear in mind that nothing screams spring and romance as much as those tiny Hawaiian islands. With their never-ending stretch of gloriously white sand and sparkling ocean, it’s no wonder that during spring, couples often flock to Hawaii to tie the knot. Since it’s such a popular wedding destination, you can very easily give up the planning and seating arrangements in favor of an all-inclusive wedding package. A spring wedding in Hawaii also has its perks since you can stay on the island for your honeymoon as well, instead of flying to a different location. For financial reasons, however, it is recommended to have a rather smallish ceremony since it can be quite cost-inducing to fly over a hundred guests to the island, unless of course, you’re not on a restricted budget.

Spring wedding Hawaii


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Everything you need to be a radiant spring bride

Fragrant gardens, fresh flowers, the warm breeze fanning your hair. Spring definitely is the most weather-appropriate weather for weddings, which is exactly why so many couples decide to get married in spring. Indeed, this type of weather will certainly turn you into a radiant spring bride. So, read on to familiarize yourself with a few hints and tips that will help you turn your spring-themed wedding into an extra-memorable one.

Spring wedding arch

The Setting
To make the most out of the radiant spring weather, it would be best to host your spring wedding in the great outdoors. Still, if you’ve always dreamt about a big church wedding, don’t worry: it’s not all that difficult to bring a few spring-like touches to the pews and aisles. Since spring is all about bright, lively colors, you may even skip the customary red aisle carpet in favor of a pink, yellow, white or green one. Yes, these colors are not at all conventional for the aisle but they’ll definitely liven up the ceremony and draw attention to the spring theme. As far as the pews go, don’t hesitate to decorate them in bright pink organza with contrasting yellow and white roses.

Centerpiece for spring table

An outdoors spring wedding is much easier to decorate and accessorize since nature certainly provides everything you need for an all-natural décor! If you can find one, try to rent a vast green space of land that comes complete with a field of flowers. Nothing screams spring wedding more than the bride gliding through a flowery field while the love of her life waits under a blooming Magnolia tree. Also, don’t forget that no outdoors wedding would be complete without an ornate wedding arch complete with bright red flowers.

Couple in springtime weather

Dress and Accessories
Its spring, hence the time to be merry! So, if you’re feeling quite daring, why don’t you forget about the traditional white gown and go for a spring-colored one instead? Brides who are not ready to slip into a leaf green or flowery fuchsia wedding dress can go for a more subtle albeit eye-catching gold, wine-colored or pale yellow frock. Of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have your white wedding dress if that’s what makes you feel comfortable but in that case, try to add a few touches of spring to your attire. For instance, brides can skip the usual tiara and don a striking flower crown instead. Another great way to accessorize would be to go for lively-colored jewels such as sapphire earrings or a pink-stoned head band.

Spring bridesmaids

As for the bridesmaids, it’s recommended to forget about pastel colors and go for bright, vivid hues instead. Think bright pink, glorious purple or even forest and lime green. Of course, the groom can even shrug off his black tux for a lavender, pink, green, white or even yellow one. Don’t forget that the cake will also help you enhance the spring theme of the day so ask your baker to decorate it in eye-catching lively hues and sugared flowers.

Spring bride wearing yellow

Try not to neglect the centerpieces as well: if you’re on a limited budget and can’t really afford a lot of special spring touches, an inexpensive albeit effective way to bring a spring feel to your special day would be to place a spring-related centerpiece on each table for the reception. This may include wooden vases full of spring flowers or more ornate pieces such as hanging pearl arrangements with white, blue and pink flowers. Candles and scent diffuses are other great ways to bring a spring theme to your wedding day.

Spring wedding cake


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A Brief Introduction to Spring Wedding Themes

Spring seems like the perfect time of the year to tie the knot – the nippy air, the warm rays of sunshine peeking through, lush verdant gardens sprinkled with flowers. Love is in the air! As spring is a remembrance of life and hope, so it is a fitting time to celebrate a new life together. And oh, think of the many wonderful ideas for a spring-themed wedding.

Spring Themed Weddings Introduction

Those romantic strings by picking out a Victorian Garden spring themed wedding. This simply spells out elegance, sophistication and of course, romance. For this theme, choose soft colors like pale blue, brighten it up and pair it with yellow. Try cream or ecru and match it up with pastel spring greens. Or accentuate it with baby yellow, pink and blue pastels. Celebrate this the traditional Victorian way with oodles of lace and top hats and gloves for the men. The couple can do this right outside their backyard or their lawn preferably in the morning.

Or you can choose a botanical garden. The beauty of nature can bring a pleasant touch to the wedding – from the sights and scents of spring – floral-scented breezes and budding leaves. Nature’s wonderful spring colors can work as your backdrop. It’s fun to release pretty colored butterflies or blow bubbles or birdseeds.Spring Themed Weddings Botanical Garden Set Up

An outdoor spring wedding is all about flowers – cherry blossoms, herbs, butterflies and birds and twigs. It’s all about whimsical floral or even butterfly-printed spring dresses too. Light preppy pink and green in chiffon are cool ways of dressing up the entourage. For the bride’s dress, a tea-length dress is a great choice for a spring wedding. Walk down a petal-strewn aisle on a spunky rain boots, or bare foot or floral-printed footwear or fancy colored shoes – the possibilities are endless.

Spring Themed Weddings Invitation Card

You can even personalize your wedding invitations by making spring butterflies from cupcake liners. Or tissue paper collage to make flowers. Home-made spring invitations are so much fun to make.

Spring Themed Weddings Cake

Choose simple but delish spring chicken recipes and really good gourmet spring vegetable dishes for the spring wedding meal. Spring brings about fresh flavors – herbs, berries and lemons. So try spring cake and cupcake recipes for the wedding cake. How about choosing lemon-thyme pound cake or strawberry cakes with strawberry butter cream. Deck the cake out with floral accents and pastel edible ribbons. Use an edible birdcage with birds and flowers as a cake topper.


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Seasons of Sheer Bliss

You have at least four seasons to choose from to celebrate your love. The expected changes in the weather at each quarter of the year are carefully considered so that the declaration of sincere and loyal passion will be consummated.

Together with the blossoming floras, your love will be celebrated. Spring is always a frequent favorite of marrying couples because in this season, every petal is opened and the foliage is at its fullest that filling the entire venue with it is not a problem.

Summer, whether on the hill or on the beach is a good time to round up some guests to witness the union of two lives that will be taking the oath of perpetual love. In this season, the passion between two hearts will shine as bright as the sun itself.

And during the time of harvest thanking mother earth for what she has given us by celebrating the love shared by the bride and groom is a perfect moment.

 Even if the leaves fall, every time is always the best time to be married. Autumn may mean merriment when the bride is seen in her white dress and in the arms of her groom to be united with him forever.

Certainly, there is no weather too cold for people in love that even in the winter; the air is filled with blazing passion. Love will be love in whatever setting, sentiment, setback and season. There is nothing that can hinder it. Not even the hotness and the coldness of the climate or the greatness and simplicity of the presentation. Love will always be love and getting married in whatever season is bliss.



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