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A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Dreamy and romantic, with just a hint of nostalgia, a winter theme wedding can be quite striking if you do it properly. Indeed, to create your own winter wonderland ceremony, it’s exceedingly important to take into consideration the comfort of your guests and assure that they won’t get too cold. While an indoors ceremony is recommended for winter weddings, we just can’t deny the lure and appeal of getting married in a glorious fog of snowy mist.

Winter wedding invitation

Candles for added warmth in winter wedding reception

So, if you have decided to hold your winter theme wedding outdoors, you should definitely be considerate of your guests’ well-being. It is therefore advised to go for a thick marquee or tent under which you can hold the actual ceremony before pausing for pictures in the snow. Never neglect the importance of candles as well, particularly if you’re throwing the reception in a marquee. Soft, romantic and sensual, candles are also going to add charm and panache to your wedding. In fact, if you want to take the decor to the next level, you can even scatter them around in long, ornate translucent candle holders.

Faux fur shrug for winter wedding dress

Since your bridesmaids are so eagerly braving winter to share in your special day, it’s your duty as the bride to keep them warm. Forget about the typical short and strapless bridesmaid dresses. Instead, be sure to select long-sleeved ones made from thick, supporting fabrics such as velvet or linen. Gloves are wonderful winter accessories: not only will they keep the bridesmaids warm but they’ll also add a touch of glamor to the outfits. Of course, thick cardigans are absolute must-haves for winter weddings. In fact, even the bride can accessorize her dress and keep warm by going for a thick, faux fur shrug which will protect her shoulders from the cold. This is particularly handy if you’re going for a strapless dress. Bear in mind that bridal shoes are very rarely noticeable under the wedding dress. So, if the need arises, don’t hesitate to don a pair of white faux leather boots to keep you extra snug on your special day.

bride and bridesmaids wearing cardigans

As far as the decorations are concerned, it’s best to focus on colder tones such as icy white, blue, silver and gray. These hues will instantly bring the winter theme to the foreground. You can, for example, place a centerpiece of white and blue flowers on each table for the reception. A really easy way to set off the theme even before the special day is by going for a typically winter wedding invitation made up in grey or white with silvery snowflakes printed over it.

Winter wedding decorating ideas


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The Essentials for a Perfect summer wedding

One of the most anticipated season, A summer theme wedding definitely infuses joy and merriment in the heart of everyone. It should be no surprise therefore, that this particular season remains a firm favorite for weddings all across the world. Indeed, who doesn’t wish to get married in the great outdoors, serenaded by the soft chirping of birds?

Summer wedding

A summer theme wedding might be the easiest to host but there are still a few things that couples should take into consideration in order to pull off the perfect ceremony. For starters, brides should bear in mind that not all wedding dresses are weather-appropriate for a summer wedding. A high-necked, long-sleeved puffy taffeta gown, for example, will most certainly result in unsightly stains of sweat all over your outfit. Hence, it’s recommended to go for lighter cuts and fabrics such as cotton, gauze, organza and lace. Guaranteed to keep you cool, a strapless, Grecian-style dress would be absolutely perfect for a summer wedding, especially if you’re having an outdoors ceremony.

Outdoor summer wedding

Alternatively, some brides might even find it easier to beat the heat in a short wedding dress. This is particularly suited to beach or informal affairs. Another fantastic choice would be to go for an oblong frock, where the front hem plays above the knee while the back hem skims the floor. In fact, this particular style will not only keep you cool during a summer wedding but it’s also extremely suitable for long veils and trains.

Oblong summer wedding dress

Since it’s summer, couples shouldn’t hesitate to showcase a fabulous display of bright, vivid colors in the likes of green, turquoise, yellow, red, fuchsia, bright pink, pale brown, gold and other such hues. The bridal bouquet, for example, can be crafted using bright purple flowers with a couple of daisies nestled here and there. To create a homogenous look, don’t hesitate to dress up your bridesmaids in the same bright colors reflected in your wedding bouquet.

Summer wedding bouquet

As far as the decorations go, try to go for anything that’s bright and sunny. A bunch of white flowers tied to each pew or chair will most definitely infuse a summery feel to your wedding- whether you’re throwing the ceremony indoors or outdoors. By the same token, don’t hesitate to dress up the wedding arch in sunflowers, red roses and the likes. Bear in mind that the main centerpieces of your summer wedding should revolve around flowers: they are, after all, the most potent symbolisms which show that winter’s finally over.

Decorating ideas for chairs


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The best color palette for a Fall Themed Wedding

One of the most spectacular seasons for a wedding, fall is all about the harmonious play between rich, deep and nostalgic colors. In fact, to keep in line with the overall nostalgic feel that fall so often brings along, many people opt for a rustic or country-chic like decor for their wedding. Of course, planning a fall wedding is no rocket science but couples have to be extremely careful about the colors that they select to highlight this particular season.

Fall wedding collage

Bear in mind that fall usually equals to golden orange hues, nuts, crisp air, berries, pinecones, dried leaves and the likes. These are therefore the main elements around which you should center your overall decorations. Never hesitate to think outside the box: just because your best friend didn’t scatter dried red leaves down the aisle when she got married doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. In fact, the more you stand out from the average crowd, the more emphasis you’re going to lay on your fall-themed wedding.

Fall wedding shoes and bouquet

Couples should also remember that there’s absolutely no need to build a backdrop from scratch. So, instead of investing a lot of time and money into creating an artificial aisle with birch trees and flowers, why don’t you go for a natural setting? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get married under the beauty of naturally fading trees and plants. In fact, an outdoor wedding in a natural setting is certainly going to bring the fall theme to the forefront. Best of all, there’s quite a big chance that fading autumn leaves are going to descend down on you as you glide down the aisle, hence enhancing the striking visual aspect of your fall wedding.

Fall themed bridesmaids dresses

As far as your bridesmaid dresses and accessories go, the easiest option is to go for intense oranges and golds with just a splash of the occasional red. While some brides can very easily don a red, orange, gold or pale yellow wedding dress, most of us can be quite hesitant about walking down the aisle in a colorful gown. In this case, don’t hesitate to dress up your bridesmaids in fall-related hues. By the same token, brides can also wear a crown of gold, red and orange flowers. Alternatively, you may also go for orange shoes and a matching orange bridal bouquet which will instantly direct your guests’ attention towards the fall theme.

Fall themed decoration for church wedding

Those of you who are planning a church wedding can very easily dress up the aisle and pews using orange and gold flowers with brown organza to wrap up the whole look. As for the reception, there’s no reason why you can’t go for a spiced pumpkin wedding fruitcake to stay in line with your fall-themed wedding. In fact, a particularly eye-catching idea would be to present the cake on a table decorated with small pumpkins, autumn leaves and pinecones.

Fall theme wedding cake and table decorations


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Everything you need to be a radiant spring bride

Fragrant gardens, fresh flowers, the warm breeze fanning your hair. Spring definitely is the most weather-appropriate weather for weddings, which is exactly why so many couples decide to get married in spring. Indeed, this type of weather will certainly turn you into a radiant spring bride. So, read on to familiarize yourself with a few hints and tips that will help you turn your spring-themed wedding into an extra-memorable one.

Spring wedding arch

The Setting
To make the most out of the radiant spring weather, it would be best to host your spring wedding in the great outdoors. Still, if you’ve always dreamt about a big church wedding, don’t worry: it’s not all that difficult to bring a few spring-like touches to the pews and aisles. Since spring is all about bright, lively colors, you may even skip the customary red aisle carpet in favor of a pink, yellow, white or green one. Yes, these colors are not at all conventional for the aisle but they’ll definitely liven up the ceremony and draw attention to the spring theme. As far as the pews go, don’t hesitate to decorate them in bright pink organza with contrasting yellow and white roses.

Centerpiece for spring table

An outdoors spring wedding is much easier to decorate and accessorize since nature certainly provides everything you need for an all-natural décor! If you can find one, try to rent a vast green space of land that comes complete with a field of flowers. Nothing screams spring wedding more than the bride gliding through a flowery field while the love of her life waits under a blooming Magnolia tree. Also, don’t forget that no outdoors wedding would be complete without an ornate wedding arch complete with bright red flowers.

Couple in springtime weather

Dress and Accessories
Its spring, hence the time to be merry! So, if you’re feeling quite daring, why don’t you forget about the traditional white gown and go for a spring-colored one instead? Brides who are not ready to slip into a leaf green or flowery fuchsia wedding dress can go for a more subtle albeit eye-catching gold, wine-colored or pale yellow frock. Of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have your white wedding dress if that’s what makes you feel comfortable but in that case, try to add a few touches of spring to your attire. For instance, brides can skip the usual tiara and don a striking flower crown instead. Another great way to accessorize would be to go for lively-colored jewels such as sapphire earrings or a pink-stoned head band.

Spring bridesmaids

As for the bridesmaids, it’s recommended to forget about pastel colors and go for bright, vivid hues instead. Think bright pink, glorious purple or even forest and lime green. Of course, the groom can even shrug off his black tux for a lavender, pink, green, white or even yellow one. Don’t forget that the cake will also help you enhance the spring theme of the day so ask your baker to decorate it in eye-catching lively hues and sugared flowers.

Spring bride wearing yellow

Try not to neglect the centerpieces as well: if you’re on a limited budget and can’t really afford a lot of special spring touches, an inexpensive albeit effective way to bring a spring feel to your special day would be to place a spring-related centerpiece on each table for the reception. This may include wooden vases full of spring flowers or more ornate pieces such as hanging pearl arrangements with white, blue and pink flowers. Candles and scent diffuses are other great ways to bring a spring theme to your wedding day.

Spring wedding cake


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Winter Wonderland Themed Weddings

A winter wonderland themed wedding is something short of magical. When the world is swathed with glistening snow and the whole town is decked out in all shimmering lights.

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Introductory Photo
Do you want a classic winter wonderland wedding or you want a chic hippie kind of winter wonderland wedding? The first one could mean, cream colored fur coats or a pretty white coat as a wedding dress accessory. It could also mean saying your vows in a quaint chapel with icicle-inspired crystal-dripped chandeliers.  The latter could mean, fur wraps and warm boots, and statement metallic tops and tweed skirts for your wedding party. And you and your loved one exchange I-dos in front of a cozy stone hearth.
Whatever style you pick out for your winter wonderland wedding, you will surely rock in a silvery gown with snowflake-like embellishments. Or a champagne-hued wedding dress with a dramatic train. Since the bling is out, put on a pair of crystal-adorned shoes. Wear elbow-length gloves and fur stoles. Go for red lips and dark eyes – bold make up is definitely romantic.

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Attire
Arrive in the chapel on a horse-drawn carriage. Capture the falling (faux) snow as you walk down the aisle. Adorn the venue with white flowers, wintry pine cones. Add silver stars and golden ornaments and wash the place with icy blue or soft purple up-lighting. Choose sophisticated color palette.

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Chapel
Dress up your reception area with snow-covered branches, hang white feathers and white flowers and ice crystals. Spruce up the tables with Christmas candles nestled among berries. Go for dramatic all white centerpieces with pops of gold and crystal. Or you can mix rich colored trimmings in your centerpieces. Use holly wreathes, ivy berries, romantic red roses, candles…

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Decoration
Make snowflake shaped-white chocolates or holiday-inspired chocolate peppermint, gingerbread and eggnog as wedding favors. Serve a candy buffet for dessert or a cup of cocoa to your guests. Let your wedding cake glow with small lighted trees or a red-rolled fondant icing and trim it with gold pinecones.

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Favors


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The Vintage Fall Wedding Theme


Vintage fall wedding theme plays with subtle colors. The sweetest pink can be paired with the murkiest brown. It is a wedding where taupe can look as elegant and classic as the typical white. Where olive just exudes absolute warmth with the color orange.

The Vintage Fall Wedding Theme Laid-Back Pictorial
Pulling off a vintage fall wedding needs extra care with colors. If you want to settle for simplicity yet a grown-up version, match any fall color with white. It’s the classic style. It releases purity out of earth colors. Use shades and hues present in nature. Prepare a banquet using antique-looking tables pulled out from grandma’s kitchen. Use white or off-white table runners that go past the edges and tie both ends with a ribbon lace.

The Vintage Fall Wedding Theme Introductory Photo
Flower centerpieces are best showcased in ceramic vases that look like hundred years old – an item that normally comes out from Pandora’s Box. You can even use old and slightly chipped teapots for a vintage drama.

Set the venue outdoors. A garden or woods vintage wedding will definitely collide best with fall season. As the trees and bushes change their colors, select shades of yellows and oranges will look rustically jolly and upbeat.

The Vintage Fall Wedding Theme Flower and Table Color
Make your vintage fall wedding unique. Serve food of laid back colors. Orange and pastel drinks atop mahogany colored tables amongst white vintage platters are perfect infusion. Keep the long stem of the flowers and gather them in bouquet. They will look definitely bucolic as wedding bouquet or venue decoration.

The Vintage Fall Wedding Theme Car
Appreciate the vintage guy in your dad’s garage and use his old school Volkswagen Kombi in orange. The favorite off-white color during its fashionable days is also great as wedding car. And before that newly-wed getaway, highlight the theme by doing after wedding photo shoot. Let the bride do a relaxed pictorial with the bridesmaids and flower girls. Make sure that they still have their vintage colored halo of flowers or ribbons or butterflies on top of their head.

The Vintage Fall Wedding Theme Furniture and Ceramics
Sneak more vintage elegance to the venue by using old suitcases as blackboards showing the direction to the place. Lay them on wooden tables adorned with baby’s breath or white roses hanging on the sides.

Want more vintage items for accent and decorations? Visit your old grandma’s place. She may have set aside a phonograph, a duke box, an old bicycle, vintage embroidered curtains and much more!


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Winter Wedding Wonders

When you and your soon-to-be husband picked out a date, have you thought of what season is it going to be that day? Maybe you’ll want to reminisce that first conversation you two had over a cup of coffee back when you two were stuck in a café because of the heavy snowing outside? Say yes to a winter wedding, it’s so going to be grand.Here are some of the perks of having a winter wonderland wedding.

Wintery Details

That Movie Poster Wedding Picture

If you think that a man professing his undying love to his lady under the snowflakes can only happen in movies, think again. With a wedding held on winter, you can absolutely make this fantasy come true. Think of you in that pristine lacey white dress with your man in a suit, pecking and kissing under the snow. Yes, snow drama princess, it’s possible.

Winter Wedding Picture

Dress Like You’re a Snow Princess

And since you are living out your snow princess dream, wear your title with pride. Carefully plan out your white bridal dress and your bouquet showing off some blush and neutral hues. Some brides would wear puffy overcoats to keep them warm – perfect when you still want a tube gown in the middle of winter.

Winter Gown and Bouquet

Offer Warmth to your Guests Literally
Finally, you could express your warm gratitude to your awesome friends and families with something tangible and edible – hot chocolate drinks and sweet munch ons. Keep them warm with these little goodies and keep these close to the reception entrance. Your guests will truly love this surprise. You can always play with the goodies. Chestnuts and marshmallows to be roasted right then and there perhaps?

Winter Treats

Say It’s Snowy on Paper
Also, you have to make sure that your guests come prepared. Don’t just give them warm treats to keep the cold out. Tip them to come in their most regal winter outfit. Say it in the invitations subtly. A winter-themed invitation would instantly give them the idea that your wedding will take place on days of snowfalls. That way, they’ll have the opportunity to plan out their transportation and outfit, including their shoes.

Winter Wedding Invites

Wintery Trinkets to Enjoy
Again, a party is made more fun if both guests and celebrants were entertained. Keep your wedding crowd interested and less bored with tiny winter wedding ideas. Extend the acorns on the men’s boutonniere and not just on the bride’s and bride’s maids’ bouquets. Let the guys display their participation too. Have the cookies on the snack bar cut in snowflake forms. Sprinkle some little styro balls on the venue to extend the wintery feel. You can do tons of stuff, but just remember to stick with the white, snowy theme.


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A Brief Introduction to Fall Wedding Themes

Oh, the wonderful things about fall – the beautiful natural foliage, the crisp temperate climate, pumpkin pies and hot chocolate. Fall is an awesome season to pick out for a wedding.

Fall Wedding Barn Theme

And you can be sure that choosing a fall wedding is worth every bit of your sweat and effort. Think of the infinite unique ideas that you can slip in your fall wedding – come up with fire pits and why not make s’mores? You can up your creativity higher by creating a one-of-a-kind wedding bouquet – how about filling in ornamental vegetables or wheat and cotton plants in lieu of the traditional wedding flowers.

Fall Wedding Food

Pick out a barn-wedding venue and come up with pumpkin cards. And we’re not talking about the food and the oh-so -yummy desserts yet – well, hello smoked barbecue chicken, lobsters and chocolate-dipped pears, marshmallow pops and caramel apples.

Fall Wedding Bouquets

Picking out a color theme for your fall wedding should be easy. Why of course, fall is all about gorgeous colors. Light, cool and breezy colors combined with richly saturated color bursts are all the rage these days. Imagine metallic color palettes and berry or gold and silver with bright red or silver and bright pea green or champagne gold with magenta. If you opt for the elegant look, go for ivory with hints of black and red and gold.

Fall Wedding Invitations

For the wedding invitations and save the date cards, go for plain colors like ecru or cream, accentuate it with awesome details like patterned envelopes or cute wraps or bold print. Add a dash of fall accents – like autumn leaves and trees or lacy patterns.

Fall Wedding Outfit

You can also go for a vintage feel when picking out a gown, choose a form-fitting wedding dress with old world-lace to give out that classic dreamy romantic look. Go for tumbling tiers and embroidered tulle in a fitted bodice—imagine the rays of the sun fall over your shoulders in a rose cliff gown as you say “I do”. Or if you’re the fun bride, go for hot bubbly hi-lo hemline ball gowns. Or you can blend in rustic and romantic in your wedding theme. If you go for a barn wedding, let your bridesmaids wear boots to give that extra kick.

Fall Wedding Cake

For your wedding cake, go for a cupcake tower instead. It’s trendier than a big tiered cake. Choose all kinds of cupcake flavors – like chocolate, or strawberries and cream or pumpkin-spiced cupcakes. For your wedding favors, go for caramel apples tied up in strings or yummy strawberry jam in cute mason jars.


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A Brief Introduction to Spring Wedding Themes

Spring seems like the perfect time of the year to tie the knot – the nippy air, the warm rays of sunshine peeking through, lush verdant gardens sprinkled with flowers. Love is in the air! As spring is a remembrance of life and hope, so it is a fitting time to celebrate a new life together. And oh, think of the many wonderful ideas for a spring-themed wedding.

Spring Themed Weddings Introduction

Those romantic strings by picking out a Victorian Garden spring themed wedding. This simply spells out elegance, sophistication and of course, romance. For this theme, choose soft colors like pale blue, brighten it up and pair it with yellow. Try cream or ecru and match it up with pastel spring greens. Or accentuate it with baby yellow, pink and blue pastels. Celebrate this the traditional Victorian way with oodles of lace and top hats and gloves for the men. The couple can do this right outside their backyard or their lawn preferably in the morning.

Or you can choose a botanical garden. The beauty of nature can bring a pleasant touch to the wedding – from the sights and scents of spring – floral-scented breezes and budding leaves. Nature’s wonderful spring colors can work as your backdrop. It’s fun to release pretty colored butterflies or blow bubbles or birdseeds.Spring Themed Weddings Botanical Garden Set Up

An outdoor spring wedding is all about flowers – cherry blossoms, herbs, butterflies and birds and twigs. It’s all about whimsical floral or even butterfly-printed spring dresses too. Light preppy pink and green in chiffon are cool ways of dressing up the entourage. For the bride’s dress, a tea-length dress is a great choice for a spring wedding. Walk down a petal-strewn aisle on a spunky rain boots, or bare foot or floral-printed footwear or fancy colored shoes – the possibilities are endless.

Spring Themed Weddings Invitation Card

You can even personalize your wedding invitations by making spring butterflies from cupcake liners. Or tissue paper collage to make flowers. Home-made spring invitations are so much fun to make.

Spring Themed Weddings Cake

Choose simple but delish spring chicken recipes and really good gourmet spring vegetable dishes for the spring wedding meal. Spring brings about fresh flavors – herbs, berries and lemons. So try spring cake and cupcake recipes for the wedding cake. How about choosing lemon-thyme pound cake or strawberry cakes with strawberry butter cream. Deck the cake out with floral accents and pastel edible ribbons. Use an edible birdcage with birds and flowers as a cake topper.


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A Brief Introduction to Summer Wedding Themes

Summer is almost everyone’s favorite season to exchange “I dos.” It gives an idea of sunshine, toasty weather and lots of bright bold colors. Summer exudes warmth, happiness and lots of joy and cheer.

Summer Wedding Introduction

If you’re thinking of having a summer themed wedding, consider elegant and urbane bright colors. Just two bright shades will do the trick. To achieve the classic wedding look, choose two major colors plus one to sprinkle some color accent.

Combine the colors of orange and olive green then splash a little bit of red perhaps? Or you can opt for bold red instead.

Summer Wedding English Tea Style

Garden-inspired weddings and beach motifs are typical themes for a summer wedding. However, it wouldn’t hurt if you opt for a mountain theme – that is if it’s mountain climbing is your hobby.

The idea is to go for a theme that showcases your favorite pastime or leisure pursuits. Other popular summer themed weddings are rustic windswept prairie and quaint English Tea-inspired weddings.

After you’ve decided on the color and theme of your summer wedding, go for a surprising twist on your invitations. Use ecru print on a hot pink paper. Or go for fabric in your invites to give a summer vibe.

Summer Wedding Venue

Now, it’s time to pick out the music to set the romantic summer ambiance –look for lively summer music styles for the dance. Go for a string ensemble or a plain piano to accompany the guests during cocktails. If you go for a beach-inspired wedding, throw in some sounds of the ukulele to radiate the beach side feel. Use an upbeat rhythm during the dance to make it summery lively.

Summer Wedding Accessories

To jazz up the venue, go for decorative paper lanterns, bouquets of simple mono-chromatic flowers. Go for one color scheme or two to create a pulled-together look.

Use jars to hold the tea lights – as long as your theme is rustic and country look. Or use wooden vases with real grass or moss as your table’s centerpiece. Or why not use an edible centerpiece – like oranges or lemons with other vegetables and fruits in season. Or why not use a seashell bouquet to prettify your tables?

Summer Wedding Food

For the wedding feast, choose organic home style cooking like roasted pork or chicken or grilled fish. Serve good bottles of wine. For the wedding cake, go for chocolate. Hands down, it’s still everyone’s all-time favorite. However, go for flavors that inspire the thought of summer – like lemon and orange and strawberries with whipped cream.

Finally, for your favors, choose eco-friendly stuff like herbs in recycled cans or glass jars or flower seeds in pretty brown paper bags with fancy strings.


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