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Innovative ideas for your fall wedding


Romantic, soothing, with just a light brush of nostalgia, fall is one of the most popular wedding seasons. The crisp but not overly cold weather creates the perfect atmosphere for both indoors and outdoors wedding alike. Several couples chose to innovate and introduce new albeit different ideas that will take their special day from ordinary to wonderful. After all, it’s not a bad idea to make the most out of this season and introduce a few touches of fall on your wedding day.

Candied pumpkins for guests

Unfortunately, the one mistake that most couples seem to make is drown their wedding decorating scheme in a furious and rather tacky avalanche of orange. Understandably, this is the fall color by excellence and yes, you should certainly integrate this color within your decorating pattern, but, it’s best to be a bit more innovative and go for a really vibrant palette. Indeed, this is one of the rare seasons that’s brimming with a plethora of hues so don’t hesitate to mix and match different combinations, even if they do contrast. Purple, for example, looks stunning against a backdrop of orange, brown and gold.

Contrasting fall colors with bright purple

Every fall wedding seems to have a large bowl filled with dried red leaves at the very center of the table. So, to add an innovative twist to this decor, why don’t you gather a bunch of fall flowers and place them in a flat vase as a centerpiece for each table? This will not only look stunning but it will also bring a rather fresh feel to your wedding reception. Alternatively you can also ask your groom to tuck a single fall flower in the pocket of his tux.

Fall flowers in vase as table centerpieces

Fall is also a great time to have an outdoors wedding. However, remember that it’s best to go for an evening ceremony because this is when the sweet fall scent is more pungent. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate to hire a flowery spot of land or private field to tie the knot. Lakesides and forests are other great venues for your autumn wedding. As far as the guests go, don’t hesitate to really pamper them by giving them some fall-related albeit inexpensive tokens to mark both your wedding and the season. Jars of fall potpourri or candied pumpkins are the type of gifts that are bound to delight just about anyone. By the same token try to favor fall-related dishes for your reception: think thick slices of pumpkin pies, individual apple pies and other such treats.

Holding fall wedding outside in the evening


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Fall wedding buffet

One of the easiest themes to pull off, a fall themed wedding is, without doubt, filled with the special type of coziness and merriment that only the withering autumn leaves can bring. With the alluring scent of Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s no wonder that everyone is in a celebratory mood, hence resulting in quite a spike of ‘Save the Dates’ during this highly poetic season.

Fall wedding

Best of all, this season provides you with one of the easiest catering options. Indeed, fall wedding buffets are practically brimming with an array of homely and highly cozy dishes that will make just about any guest feel welcome and at home. The first rule of the thumb, however, is to avoid any of the typical wedding meals. Filo pastries, tartlets, light cucumber sandwiches and other such finger wedding food are absolute No’s for your fall wedding buffet. Instead, you should stick to heartier meals that will reflect the overall fall mood and spirit.

Serving pumpkin pie as dessert

Therefore, it’s never a bad idea to stick to the traditional Thanksgiving feast for your wedding reception- even if you do happen to be weeks away from Thanksgiving. This will instantly put your guests into a merry mood, hence taking the fun factor up by another notch. Think golden, crackling roast chicken or turkey, yams, mashed potatoes and cranberry dressing. Otherwise, you might even go for the traditional roasted honey and clove turkey alongside jacket potatoes and a nice coleslaw. These dishes will look particularly wonderful on your buffet table if you’re having a rustic or vintage wedding.

Filling and hearty dishes

Dessert-wise, there certainly won’t be a lack of options for you to choose from. Slices of pumpkin or sweet potato pies will bring a pronounced fall theme to your wedding reception. To make your guests feel even more special, consider placing a pumpkin-flavored lollipop next to each table card. Don’t neglect the importance of a properly-themed decor either: this will bring a pronounced fall feel to your buffet table, even if you don’t go for the traditional meals.

Pumpkin flavored sweets

Small pumpkins, dried fall leaves and other such ornaments can be placed all over the buffet table for some added panache. If you can’t find such ornaments, fret not. You can very easily dress up your buffet table in some fall-related color palette. Orange, brown and cream napkins and matching tablecloths will largely draw attention to the overall theme of the day.

Fall wedding decoration


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The best wedding favors for a fall wedding

Fall weddings are not unlike romantic Disney weddings: the golden sprinkling of leaves, the spicy, nutty and pumpkin scents in the air…this season is undoubtedly one of the most sensual parts of the year. This is why it’s so easy to present your guests with various types of fall wedding favors. From pine nuts potpourri or even packed slices of pumpkin pies, you certainly have quite a few choices to pick from.

Fall wedding

So, scroll down to familiarize yourself with some of the best wedding favors that will reap quite a few happy guests.

Fall Wedding favor

Nothing screams falls more than the classic scents of dried leaves and pumpkin. And there’s no easier way to immortalize these fragrances than to present each guest with a fall-scented candle. Favor scents such as cinnamon, apple, pumpkin, nutmeg or even dried autumn leaves. For a more striking effect, try to go for candles that offer combined fragrances like chocolate and cinnamon or even orange and pumpkin.

Fall scents candles

Home wares
Everybody needs home wares. From vases to bowls, plates, kettles or even jars, you can definitely find an extended array of home wares which will reflect the nostalgic mood and colors that usually accompany fall. A small pumpkin-shaped jar, for example, is bound to be useful in just about any household.
Similarly, you may even present your guests with any home ware that bears the typical fall hues of orange, green, dark red, yellow, or brown. For a more special touch, consider handing each guest a jar of spiced apple cake prior to the ceremony.

Fall gift box

Fall gift box
If you’re not sure what to give your guests, why not go for a fall gift box? This can contain several different items such as spiced apple soap, candied maple leaves, sachets of hot chocolate and cinnamon mix and other such items.

Spiced apple cake in jar

Of course, you should absolutely pay close attention to the packaging. Bear in mind that your fall wedding gift favors won’t stand out as much if they’re wrapped in those typically shiny wraps. Be sure to select flowery papers in pale orange, brown or green. If you can afford it, you can even tuck a small fall bouquet with the gift box.

Mini pumpkin shaped jars

While it certainly is a nice touch to add some fall souvenirs to your wedding favors, don’t forget that you can obviously go for traditional gifts as well. A mini bottle of red wine paired with a small individual pumpkin pie will satisfy any guest!


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The best color palette for a Fall Themed Wedding

One of the most spectacular seasons for a wedding, fall is all about the harmonious play between rich, deep and nostalgic colors. In fact, to keep in line with the overall nostalgic feel that fall so often brings along, many people opt for a rustic or country-chic like decor for their wedding. Of course, planning a fall wedding is no rocket science but couples have to be extremely careful about the colors that they select to highlight this particular season.

Fall wedding collage

Bear in mind that fall usually equals to golden orange hues, nuts, crisp air, berries, pinecones, dried leaves and the likes. These are therefore the main elements around which you should center your overall decorations. Never hesitate to think outside the box: just because your best friend didn’t scatter dried red leaves down the aisle when she got married doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. In fact, the more you stand out from the average crowd, the more emphasis you’re going to lay on your fall-themed wedding.

Fall wedding shoes and bouquet

Couples should also remember that there’s absolutely no need to build a backdrop from scratch. So, instead of investing a lot of time and money into creating an artificial aisle with birch trees and flowers, why don’t you go for a natural setting? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get married under the beauty of naturally fading trees and plants. In fact, an outdoor wedding in a natural setting is certainly going to bring the fall theme to the forefront. Best of all, there’s quite a big chance that fading autumn leaves are going to descend down on you as you glide down the aisle, hence enhancing the striking visual aspect of your fall wedding.

Fall themed bridesmaids dresses

As far as your bridesmaid dresses and accessories go, the easiest option is to go for intense oranges and golds with just a splash of the occasional red. While some brides can very easily don a red, orange, gold or pale yellow wedding dress, most of us can be quite hesitant about walking down the aisle in a colorful gown. In this case, don’t hesitate to dress up your bridesmaids in fall-related hues. By the same token, brides can also wear a crown of gold, red and orange flowers. Alternatively, you may also go for orange shoes and a matching orange bridal bouquet which will instantly direct your guests’ attention towards the fall theme.

Fall themed decoration for church wedding

Those of you who are planning a church wedding can very easily dress up the aisle and pews using orange and gold flowers with brown organza to wrap up the whole look. As for the reception, there’s no reason why you can’t go for a spiced pumpkin wedding fruitcake to stay in line with your fall-themed wedding. In fact, a particularly eye-catching idea would be to present the cake on a table decorated with small pumpkins, autumn leaves and pinecones.

Fall theme wedding cake and table decorations


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The Vintage Fall Wedding Theme


Vintage fall wedding theme plays with subtle colors. The sweetest pink can be paired with the murkiest brown. It is a wedding where taupe can look as elegant and classic as the typical white. Where olive just exudes absolute warmth with the color orange.

The Vintage Fall Wedding Theme Laid-Back Pictorial
Pulling off a vintage fall wedding needs extra care with colors. If you want to settle for simplicity yet a grown-up version, match any fall color with white. It’s the classic style. It releases purity out of earth colors. Use shades and hues present in nature. Prepare a banquet using antique-looking tables pulled out from grandma’s kitchen. Use white or off-white table runners that go past the edges and tie both ends with a ribbon lace.

The Vintage Fall Wedding Theme Introductory Photo
Flower centerpieces are best showcased in ceramic vases that look like hundred years old – an item that normally comes out from Pandora’s Box. You can even use old and slightly chipped teapots for a vintage drama.

Set the venue outdoors. A garden or woods vintage wedding will definitely collide best with fall season. As the trees and bushes change their colors, select shades of yellows and oranges will look rustically jolly and upbeat.

The Vintage Fall Wedding Theme Flower and Table Color
Make your vintage fall wedding unique. Serve food of laid back colors. Orange and pastel drinks atop mahogany colored tables amongst white vintage platters are perfect infusion. Keep the long stem of the flowers and gather them in bouquet. They will look definitely bucolic as wedding bouquet or venue decoration.

The Vintage Fall Wedding Theme Car
Appreciate the vintage guy in your dad’s garage and use his old school Volkswagen Kombi in orange. The favorite off-white color during its fashionable days is also great as wedding car. And before that newly-wed getaway, highlight the theme by doing after wedding photo shoot. Let the bride do a relaxed pictorial with the bridesmaids and flower girls. Make sure that they still have their vintage colored halo of flowers or ribbons or butterflies on top of their head.

The Vintage Fall Wedding Theme Furniture and Ceramics
Sneak more vintage elegance to the venue by using old suitcases as blackboards showing the direction to the place. Lay them on wooden tables adorned with baby’s breath or white roses hanging on the sides.

Want more vintage items for accent and decorations? Visit your old grandma’s place. She may have set aside a phonograph, a duke box, an old bicycle, vintage embroidered curtains and much more!


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A Brief Introduction to Fall Wedding Themes

Oh, the wonderful things about fall – the beautiful natural foliage, the crisp temperate climate, pumpkin pies and hot chocolate. Fall is an awesome season to pick out for a wedding.

Fall Wedding Barn Theme

And you can be sure that choosing a fall wedding is worth every bit of your sweat and effort. Think of the infinite unique ideas that you can slip in your fall wedding – come up with fire pits and why not make s’mores? You can up your creativity higher by creating a one-of-a-kind wedding bouquet – how about filling in ornamental vegetables or wheat and cotton plants in lieu of the traditional wedding flowers.

Fall Wedding Food

Pick out a barn-wedding venue and come up with pumpkin cards. And we’re not talking about the food and the oh-so -yummy desserts yet – well, hello smoked barbecue chicken, lobsters and chocolate-dipped pears, marshmallow pops and caramel apples.

Fall Wedding Bouquets

Picking out a color theme for your fall wedding should be easy. Why of course, fall is all about gorgeous colors. Light, cool and breezy colors combined with richly saturated color bursts are all the rage these days. Imagine metallic color palettes and berry or gold and silver with bright red or silver and bright pea green or champagne gold with magenta. If you opt for the elegant look, go for ivory with hints of black and red and gold.

Fall Wedding Invitations

For the wedding invitations and save the date cards, go for plain colors like ecru or cream, accentuate it with awesome details like patterned envelopes or cute wraps or bold print. Add a dash of fall accents – like autumn leaves and trees or lacy patterns.

Fall Wedding Outfit

You can also go for a vintage feel when picking out a gown, choose a form-fitting wedding dress with old world-lace to give out that classic dreamy romantic look. Go for tumbling tiers and embroidered tulle in a fitted bodice—imagine the rays of the sun fall over your shoulders in a rose cliff gown as you say “I do”. Or if you’re the fun bride, go for hot bubbly hi-lo hemline ball gowns. Or you can blend in rustic and romantic in your wedding theme. If you go for a barn wedding, let your bridesmaids wear boots to give that extra kick.

Fall Wedding Cake

For your wedding cake, go for a cupcake tower instead. It’s trendier than a big tiered cake. Choose all kinds of cupcake flavors – like chocolate, or strawberries and cream or pumpkin-spiced cupcakes. For your wedding favors, go for caramel apples tied up in strings or yummy strawberry jam in cute mason jars.


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