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Things to consider for a perfect beach wedding

Nothing screams romance more than gliding down an aisle on the beach with the vermillion sun setting on the horizon. Indeed, if you do have the chance to go for a beach wedding, bear in mind that while your ceremony will undeniably be extremely romantic, there are quite a few things to consider to ease your comfort and that of your guests.

Beach wedding collage

For example, while many dream of sinking their toes in the warm, powdery sand as they stride down the aisle, a more practical option would be carpet the area where you’re getting married. If you absolutely must feel the sand under your feet, try to consider carpeting the area where your guests will be suited: don’t forget that several of the ladies might be in heels and you certainly want to assure their comfort.

Wedding chairs and aisle facing the sea

The bride’s choice of footwear, however, will ultimately depend on her overall attire. If you’re going for a flower-girl, vintage-like look, with a long, breezy gown and a crown of flowers on your head, then you can very easily go barefooted. Alternatively, you will find that there’s absolutely no shortage of toe rings and bejeweled flats that will complement your beach wedding dress while adding a touch of glamor to your outfit as a whole.

Colorful beach wedding clothes

As far as the wedding altar goes, don’t hesitate to dress it up in light gauzes, flowers or even seashells. These little touches will ultimately enhance any beach theme wedding. Don’t hesitate to favor marine-like colors such as ecru, turquoise, marine green, eggshell, white, ivory and other sand-related hues. This palate can also be used for the reception, even if you’re not having the actual reception on the beach itself. In fact, a particularly lovely idea would be to have a cake made up in sea blue and white with fondant or sugared seashells draped over it. Don’t hesitate to run a few online searches to find some really original cake toppers that will bring out the marine theme of your special day.

Beach wedding decorations

Another important factor to consider is the seating arrangement: in most beach theme weddings, the seating area and aisle are parallel to the sea. However, a more romantic option would be to seat the guests and create an aisle that actually faces the sea. This way, the bride will be able to stride towards the shoreline as her groom waits for her under the wedding arch.

Beach wedding cake


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The various types of dresses for a mysterious Goth Wedding

A Goth-theme wedding can be an extremely beautiful and mysterious affair if done properly. While this type of wedding is certainly gaining in popularity, a lot of people are simply throwing themselves in a dark, morbid-like setting that borders on tacky. Indeed, plenty of Goth brides just slip into the first dark-colored dress that they find- and many of them end up regretting it later!

Gothic wedding collage

This is exactly why you should be extremely careful when it comes to your type of dress, especially if you want to throw a mysterious aura around your Goth wedding. Black, of course, is the color of choice for most Goth brides. Sensual, mysterious and highly elegant, black also has the advantage of being extremely flattering on every type of figure. If you’re on the curvaceous side, for example, don’t hesitate to slip into a black, Empire-waist dress with long lacey bell sleeves. More slender ladies can go for a figure-hugging black satin dress for a more flattering look. Whatever type of dress you decide to go for, make sure to select the type of accessories and jewelry that will provide a contrasting effect with your dress.

Black gothic wedding dress

For instance, if you choose to go for a black dress, you can select bright red earrings and even a black and red headpiece to enhance your gothic dress. However, bear in mind that Goth weddings do not only mean black dresses. Red and deep purple are other extremely popular choices for Goth brides. A red full-skirted, Princess-like dress is another fabulous choice for these types of weddings. In this case, you can dress up your bridesmaids in dark purple frocks for a more pronounced Goth look. Also, remember that red wedding dresses look best if they’re flared: after all, a straight strapless dress can look like just about any cocktail dress and you do want to look different on your wedding day!

Goth bride wearing white dress with black trim

If you absolutely want your white wedding dress, don’t hesitate to go for an all-white one with black trims. Another option would be to wear a black leather corset and a mermaid-style black leather skirt with a dress tail. In this case, a tiara studded with black stones will definitely enhance your overall look and bring a deep touch of sophistication. Don’t forget that your shoes have to match with your overall attire. Spiky stiletto boots are going to look absolutely gorgeous with just about any type of Gothic wedding dress. But, if you’re not much of a heel person, don’t hesitate to go for flats as well. After all, the essential thing is that you should feel comfortable and at ease in whatever footwear you choose to don. Make sure to pay attention to your makeup as well: scarlet red lipstick, purple eye shadow and a white base foundation will certainly transform you into a deliciously alluring Goth bride.

Bridesmaids wearing purple for gothic weddingGothic bridal makeup


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The Essentials for a Perfect summer wedding

One of the most anticipated season, A summer theme wedding definitely infuses joy and merriment in the heart of everyone. It should be no surprise therefore, that this particular season remains a firm favorite for weddings all across the world. Indeed, who doesn’t wish to get married in the great outdoors, serenaded by the soft chirping of birds?

Summer wedding

A summer theme wedding might be the easiest to host but there are still a few things that couples should take into consideration in order to pull off the perfect ceremony. For starters, brides should bear in mind that not all wedding dresses are weather-appropriate for a summer wedding. A high-necked, long-sleeved puffy taffeta gown, for example, will most certainly result in unsightly stains of sweat all over your outfit. Hence, it’s recommended to go for lighter cuts and fabrics such as cotton, gauze, organza and lace. Guaranteed to keep you cool, a strapless, Grecian-style dress would be absolutely perfect for a summer wedding, especially if you’re having an outdoors ceremony.

Outdoor summer wedding

Alternatively, some brides might even find it easier to beat the heat in a short wedding dress. This is particularly suited to beach or informal affairs. Another fantastic choice would be to go for an oblong frock, where the front hem plays above the knee while the back hem skims the floor. In fact, this particular style will not only keep you cool during a summer wedding but it’s also extremely suitable for long veils and trains.

Oblong summer wedding dress

Since it’s summer, couples shouldn’t hesitate to showcase a fabulous display of bright, vivid colors in the likes of green, turquoise, yellow, red, fuchsia, bright pink, pale brown, gold and other such hues. The bridal bouquet, for example, can be crafted using bright purple flowers with a couple of daisies nestled here and there. To create a homogenous look, don’t hesitate to dress up your bridesmaids in the same bright colors reflected in your wedding bouquet.

Summer wedding bouquet

As far as the decorations go, try to go for anything that’s bright and sunny. A bunch of white flowers tied to each pew or chair will most definitely infuse a summery feel to your wedding- whether you’re throwing the ceremony indoors or outdoors. By the same token, don’t hesitate to dress up the wedding arch in sunflowers, red roses and the likes. Bear in mind that the main centerpieces of your summer wedding should revolve around flowers: they are, after all, the most potent symbolisms which show that winter’s finally over.

Decorating ideas for chairs


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The best colors and accessories for a perfect Indian Wedding

Extremely grandiose and rich in colors, an Indian theme wedding is certainly not a small affair.Indeed, in some parts of India, weddings are usually held within the span of an entire week, with all the friends and families gathering at both the bride’s and groom’s place. Dancing to traditional Indian beats and intricate henna applications on the arms, hands and feet are just a few of the festivities that happen during these ceremonies.

Indian wedding collageIndian wedding invitation

So, if you’re planning on having the perfect Indian Wedding, it’s quite important to familiarize yourself with the typical Indian palette and various accessories that will bring a pronounced Oriental touch to your special day. Bear in mind that sparkling red, yellow, green, orange and gold are Indian wedding colors by excellence. Indian brides, for example, are often decked up in a bright red sari with heavy gold jewelry. However, in more contemporary times, some brides are substituting the red sari for white, cream, beige, pink, turquoise or even pale lavender.

Indian brides usually favor heavy, ornate bangles

As far as the accessories go, don’t forget that Indian brides usually favor heavy, ornate bangles that go all the way up to the elbows. These bangles are readily available online and come in a variety of colors but it’s always best to go for a completely contrasting shade. This way, if you’re wearing a red and gold Indian bridal attire, try to go for gold and black bangles. A large nose loop with a chain that links the loop to your earring is another common accessory for Indian brides.

Indian bride with Henna patterns on hands

Some ladies also choose to wear a “Mang-Tika”, which is basically a chain that the bride wears on her hairline parting. This particular piece of jewel is held in place with pearled or beaded beads.
Henna application also forms a vital part of Indian weddings, with a special ceremony dedicated especially to the application process. A highly trained makeup artist comes to the bride’s place and applies henna on her arms, legs and hands while other female relatives sing and dance during the application process.

Indian wedding altar

Other than the clothes and accessories it’s extremely important to properly decorate your wedding altar. In comparison to the tall wedding arches that usually accompany white weddings, Indian altars are not unlike a stage set on an elevated platform, with two chairs or stools for the bride and groom to sit on. Don’t forget that Indian wedding ceremonies can last up to three hours so it’s important to have comfortable seats. Like everything else, the stage is very lavishly decorated with thick velvet rugs and curtains in order to bring a highly elegant and luxurious feel to the entire ceremony.


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The best color palette for a Fall Themed Wedding

One of the most spectacular seasons for a wedding, fall is all about the harmonious play between rich, deep and nostalgic colors. In fact, to keep in line with the overall nostalgic feel that fall so often brings along, many people opt for a rustic or country-chic like decor for their wedding. Of course, planning a fall wedding is no rocket science but couples have to be extremely careful about the colors that they select to highlight this particular season.

Fall wedding collage

Bear in mind that fall usually equals to golden orange hues, nuts, crisp air, berries, pinecones, dried leaves and the likes. These are therefore the main elements around which you should center your overall decorations. Never hesitate to think outside the box: just because your best friend didn’t scatter dried red leaves down the aisle when she got married doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. In fact, the more you stand out from the average crowd, the more emphasis you’re going to lay on your fall-themed wedding.

Fall wedding shoes and bouquet

Couples should also remember that there’s absolutely no need to build a backdrop from scratch. So, instead of investing a lot of time and money into creating an artificial aisle with birch trees and flowers, why don’t you go for a natural setting? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get married under the beauty of naturally fading trees and plants. In fact, an outdoor wedding in a natural setting is certainly going to bring the fall theme to the forefront. Best of all, there’s quite a big chance that fading autumn leaves are going to descend down on you as you glide down the aisle, hence enhancing the striking visual aspect of your fall wedding.

Fall themed bridesmaids dresses

As far as your bridesmaid dresses and accessories go, the easiest option is to go for intense oranges and golds with just a splash of the occasional red. While some brides can very easily don a red, orange, gold or pale yellow wedding dress, most of us can be quite hesitant about walking down the aisle in a colorful gown. In this case, don’t hesitate to dress up your bridesmaids in fall-related hues. By the same token, brides can also wear a crown of gold, red and orange flowers. Alternatively, you may also go for orange shoes and a matching orange bridal bouquet which will instantly direct your guests’ attention towards the fall theme.

Fall themed decoration for church wedding

Those of you who are planning a church wedding can very easily dress up the aisle and pews using orange and gold flowers with brown organza to wrap up the whole look. As for the reception, there’s no reason why you can’t go for a spiced pumpkin wedding fruitcake to stay in line with your fall-themed wedding. In fact, a particularly eye-catching idea would be to present the cake on a table decorated with small pumpkins, autumn leaves and pinecones.

Fall theme wedding cake and table decorations


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How to throw a proper Celtic Wedding

Firmly rooted in the balance and power of nature, Celtic weddings are extremely romantic and project an almost mystical feel on the ceremony. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be Irish or even believe in the Celtic faith in order to throw such a ceremony. Indeed, all you need is a beautiful, airy green space- preferably a forest- and a firm knowledge of the traditions that usually accompany Celtic theme weddings.

Celtic wedding collage

The one important thing to bear in mind is that you should stick to the proper color palette. Indeed, bright pinks and vivid reds are certainly not going to do it. Don’t forget that Celtic cultures are very focused on nature which means that your wedding will have to be centered a deep, forest green hue.

Different types of Celtic wedding dress

If you’re hesitant about slipping into a green wedding dress, don’t panic. You can very easily bring some green touches to your outfit by donning some emerald jewelry. A typical look for Celtic brides is a long, flowing gown with bell sleeves, emerald earrings and a matching emerald chain around the forehead. Some Celtic brides choose to skip the forehead chain in favor of a flower crown.

Celtic hand fasting ceremony

Celtic weddings are also quite focused on hand fasting ceremonies; a tradition during which the priest ties the hands of the bride and groom together to symbolize an ever-lasting relationship. By this token, make sure to select the proper fabric for the hand fasting ceremony: deep gold, silver or green are the most typical colors for these rituals.

Celtic unity candle

Some Celtic couples also choose to engage in the burning of the unity candle, whereby both the bride and the groom light one candle at the same time to symbolize their union. If you want to perform this deeply romantic gesture at your wedding, it’s important to get a proper Celtic candle that’s tall and large enough to be visible to all the guests.

Wedding cake with Celtic symbols

As far as the reception goes, Celtic culture is also reputed for its highly sophisticated and elegant banquets. So, if you can afford it, try to go for long, banquet-like tables and chairs for your guests to feast on. Don’t neglect the wedding cake either: a white, ivory or green cake with Celt-like symbols engraved all over it will most certainly bring a pronounced Celtic feel to your special day.


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Everything you need to be a radiant spring bride

Fragrant gardens, fresh flowers, the warm breeze fanning your hair. Spring definitely is the most weather-appropriate weather for weddings, which is exactly why so many couples decide to get married in spring. Indeed, this type of weather will certainly turn you into a radiant spring bride. So, read on to familiarize yourself with a few hints and tips that will help you turn your spring-themed wedding into an extra-memorable one.

Spring wedding arch

The Setting
To make the most out of the radiant spring weather, it would be best to host your spring wedding in the great outdoors. Still, if you’ve always dreamt about a big church wedding, don’t worry: it’s not all that difficult to bring a few spring-like touches to the pews and aisles. Since spring is all about bright, lively colors, you may even skip the customary red aisle carpet in favor of a pink, yellow, white or green one. Yes, these colors are not at all conventional for the aisle but they’ll definitely liven up the ceremony and draw attention to the spring theme. As far as the pews go, don’t hesitate to decorate them in bright pink organza with contrasting yellow and white roses.

Centerpiece for spring table

An outdoors spring wedding is much easier to decorate and accessorize since nature certainly provides everything you need for an all-natural décor! If you can find one, try to rent a vast green space of land that comes complete with a field of flowers. Nothing screams spring wedding more than the bride gliding through a flowery field while the love of her life waits under a blooming Magnolia tree. Also, don’t forget that no outdoors wedding would be complete without an ornate wedding arch complete with bright red flowers.

Couple in springtime weather

Dress and Accessories
Its spring, hence the time to be merry! So, if you’re feeling quite daring, why don’t you forget about the traditional white gown and go for a spring-colored one instead? Brides who are not ready to slip into a leaf green or flowery fuchsia wedding dress can go for a more subtle albeit eye-catching gold, wine-colored or pale yellow frock. Of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have your white wedding dress if that’s what makes you feel comfortable but in that case, try to add a few touches of spring to your attire. For instance, brides can skip the usual tiara and don a striking flower crown instead. Another great way to accessorize would be to go for lively-colored jewels such as sapphire earrings or a pink-stoned head band.

Spring bridesmaids

As for the bridesmaids, it’s recommended to forget about pastel colors and go for bright, vivid hues instead. Think bright pink, glorious purple or even forest and lime green. Of course, the groom can even shrug off his black tux for a lavender, pink, green, white or even yellow one. Don’t forget that the cake will also help you enhance the spring theme of the day so ask your baker to decorate it in eye-catching lively hues and sugared flowers.

Spring bride wearing yellow

Try not to neglect the centerpieces as well: if you’re on a limited budget and can’t really afford a lot of special spring touches, an inexpensive albeit effective way to bring a spring feel to your special day would be to place a spring-related centerpiece on each table for the reception. This may include wooden vases full of spring flowers or more ornate pieces such as hanging pearl arrangements with white, blue and pink flowers. Candles and scent diffuses are other great ways to bring a spring theme to your wedding day.

Spring wedding cake


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Destination Weddings: Thinking outside the box

Fun, yet profound and romantic, Destination themed weddings very often brings to mind an image of white sandy beaches bathed by the lavender glow of the setting sun. However, while islands such as Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mauritius remain the favorite places for destination weddings, it does pay off to think outside the box and whisk the bridal party off to different locations. Indeed, there’s no rule which dictates that destination weddings should absolutely be held on the beach and if you want something different, don’t hesitate to look into other, more exotic places that you can book for your wedding.

Destination wedding-beach

No one can deny that the very mention of destination weddings brings to mind enticing visions of a sparkling, turquoise sea. So, if you’re planning on having a beach destination wedding, don’t hesitate to go all the way and hire the whitest, purest beach you can find. After all, this is your wedding day and you want to celebrate it as it should! Don’t forget to do everything you can to enhance your guests’ comfort: after all, they did take a break out of their own busy schedules to attend your special day so make sure to provide them with adequate refreshments and shading options from the sun, especially if you’re going to hotter places like the Caribbean.

Destination wedding- French Riviera

If you want a more elegant and refined setting next to the sea, the French Riviera might just be the perfect location for your destination wedding. After all, France is reputed for its cozy, romantic location and a wedding overlooking the French Riviera will most certainly add a great deal of charm and flair to your special day. However, couples who are looking for something a bit more rustic can even consider vineyard or lakeside weddings. These vintage-like locations usually provide acres and acres of land and enough shade to keep everybody cool and comfortable.

Destination wedding- lake

For a dreamy, fairytale-like touch, it’s recommended to throw vineyard or lakeside weddings at night, where you can illuminate the lush greenery with beautifully colored lanterns or fairy lights. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate to fly your guests to California or Utah, since these two places are often reputed for their majestic vineyards and sparkling lakes.

Destination wedding- vineyard

Couples who are quite fond of sophisticated and aristocratic settings are undoubtedly going to find their joy in a Castle-based destination weddings. These unions are rapidly growing in popularity and several castles do offer special wedding packages that include fights, catering, accommodation, decorations and live music. If you’re interested in a Castle destination wedding, bear in mind that England, France and Scotland are reputed for their stunningly romantic historical castles.

Destination wedding


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A dreamy white wedding for the romantic bride

Commonly associated with purity and harmony, white is, without any doubt, one of the most popular wedding colors.Indeed, the very idea of traditional brides often bring to mind images of an intricate white gown with a matching, flowing veil. While more and more colors are gradually making their way into more modern weddings, white definitely remains the one color that’s present in just about any marriage ceremony.

Romantic white wedding gown

Contrary to popular belief, however, white doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, if done properly, this color can turn any drab event into a highly glamorous affair. Let’s not forget that some of the most acclaimed weddings of the century- from Grace Kelly’s lavish marriage to just about every other royal wedding- were all centered about this highly harmonious color. Best of all, white being the most popular choice, there’s certainly not a lack of white wedding dresses on the market. Whether you’re looking for an A-line frock or a billowy strapless one, you can be sure to find something of your liking. White even has the advantage of going particularly well with a variety of adornment from sequins to pearls, twinkling stones and so many more.

White wedding dress and tuxedo

While white is the favored color for most brides, there’s no reason why the groom shouldn’t don a white tuxedo as well. This will actually bring quite a homogenous feel the ceremony since both the bride and the groom will be wearing the same color.

Pure white wedding bouquet

A white bridal bouquet is also guaranteed to complement your outfit while bringing a rather dramatic flourish to your look as a whole, particularly if you decide to go for a waterfall arrangement. However, in spite of the white-theme, don’t hesitate to place a couple of pink or yellow flowers here and there: the contrast between these two colors will add even more emphasis on the white while staying in line with the overall color palate. And it goes without saying that pearl and white stone accessories are absolute must-have in just about any white-themed wedding. In fact, both edible and non-edible white pearls can be used to embellish your wedding cake and draw attention back to the theme in general.

white decoration for the wedding aisle

Brides who are planning an indoor wedding and reception can very easily go for a billowy white marquee and matching satin chair covers. However, if you’d rather have an outdoors ceremony, don’t hesitate to place some white candles in a hanging jar to draw attention to the white theme. White fairy-lights will also bring a deeply romantic and dreamy feel to the whole atmosphere.

Decorating ideas for outdoor white wedding


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Sizzle like a siren in red on your wedding day

Symbolically, red has always been the color of love, passion and fire. It is therefore quite fitting that this color be integrated on your special day to add some extra spark and sizzle to the wedding. In fact, in most Indian, Chinese and Arabic cultures, brides are traditionally decked in fiery, glittery red attires that traditionally symbolize wealth, good fortune, joy and prosperity.

Red themed wedding

So, if you’re feeling more adventurous, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go for a red themed wedding to mark the beginning of your new life. Indeed, this hue will most certainly bring a festive, rather feisty mood to the ceremony and is bound to charm all your guests and relatives.Best of all, this is the perfect theme to go for if you’re getting married around Christmas or Valentine’s Day. And don’t worry: adopting a red theme on your wedding day is much easier than you think and contrary to popular belief, it certainly won’t be more expensive than a traditional white wedding. All you need are some minor adjustments, a dash of creativity, a hint of imagination and you’re all set to sizzle like a siren on your way down the aisle.

Dark red bridesmaid dresses and red bridal bouquet

When going for a red themed wedding, the one questions that most brides invariably have to face is whether they’ll need to don a red wedding dress or not. If you want to integrate this color on your special day but you’re unsure about wearing red, fret not. There are several ways in which you can have your red wedding theme without actually wearing a bold frock. In fact, some brides can go for the traditional white dress with a red sash around the waist or even a red fishtail. Another option would be to wear a gauzy red petticoat and allow it to peek from underneath your dress. In fact, you can even wear your white or ivory gown while dressing your bridesmaids in deep red or wine red dresses to keep in line with the overall theme.

Luxurious bridal bouquet with touches of red

Of course, if you’re the type of person who refuses to conform to the norms then you should absolutely go for a bright red, vivid wedding gown. Guaranteed to help you make a statement- as well as a dramatic entrance- this dress will look absolutely marvelous especially if paired with a ruby, pearl or diamond tiara. To lay even more emphasis on the theme, never hesitate to ask for a few red roses in your bouquet. In fact, you can even opt for an all-red bouquet enhanced with a few silver or diamond studs.

Red bridal bouquet with encrusted silver stones

Never underestimate the importance of wedding favors and invitations as well: consider sending out your invitations in red envelopes for a bolder statement. As far as the wedding favors go, there’s no reason why you can’t pack them in glittery red pouches or boxes. To make your guests feel extra-welcome, you may even have an usher hand each of them a single red rose just before they take their seat and wait for you to glide down the red-carpeted aisle.

Red wedding invitation


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