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Wintry White Wedding Wish

The white wedding that you wished to have in your life is literally the soft and supple snow in winter. You set the date on the wintry month with the hope that you could walk down the white vastness with your most loved. This wish will now come true as exact as what you hoped for and as vivid as what you dreamed of it to be.

winter wedding ideas2

You always liked the furry hat that matches your hair and the skin that your mom and dad have given you. You opt for the glittery white cloak that wraps your body just like your man that never leaves you.

winter wedding gown

The best girls in your life will play with you on this very day in dresses that are alike but yours only white.

winter wedding bride bridesmaid

Every drop of the cottony and cold snow will mean happiness for the groom and you. Every howl of the wintry air seems the promise that this will linger without end.  The feathers in your hair will always be the very best trimming even time bypasses.

winter-wedding-hair-pieceThe snowflakes all of them you adore; the leafless tress all of them you look for.

winter wedding bride

And you celebrate your union in an iridescent chapel that you promise forever. They are truly divine that heaven seems so near.

winter wedding venue ice hotel

Your wintry wedding wish in its crest is what you pray for because you believe that love is on fire even the coldest season, even in the cosmic ice and even in places where love is less expected.winter-wedding-venue


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Sweet and Sunny Beach Wedding

Nothing can top a beach wedding when it comes to raw fun. The waves and the sand are spellbinding that make brides even in their most superb wedding gowns go barefoot running into the water. Romance by all means can be expressed to the maximum level if there is freedom.

You really do not need a lot of flounce on weddings on the beach because the place is beautiful as it is that it requires just little finishing touches to personalize it. Messages and invitations in a bottle with strings and starfish embellishments are simple but charming.

The flowers will surely be damaged by the furious wind on the seashore so the idea of putting them in tall glass vases with crystal beads and flower boxes to give them a strong grip is a good strategy. Pouring the petals on the aisle that follows the wind and the bride is as well a nice detail.

Beach wedding receptions can be set on the shore itself with or without a tent. The decors can be as easy as scattering seashells on the table and putting minimal, random floral elements.

For the beach wedding cake; corals, sand, beach loungers, seashells, seaweeds and pearls made of sugar icing are the usual picks.

The bride’s footwear when it comes to destination weddings has evolved from slip-ons to flip flops and now barefoot sandals which is an exciting feature suitable for sandy scurries.

Leave a box of flip-flops at the entrance on the reception so the guests could pick their size and join the fun.

The sweetness in the sun is always remembered in photos so do not forget to have a good photographer to capture the precious times.

Being married on the beach is not only present pure elation with its natural wonder but also perfect place to celebrate true love.




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Seasons of Sheer Bliss

You have at least four seasons to choose from to celebrate your love. The expected changes in the weather at each quarter of the year are carefully considered so that the declaration of sincere and loyal passion will be consummated.

Together with the blossoming floras, your love will be celebrated. Spring is always a frequent favorite of marrying couples because in this season, every petal is opened and the foliage is at its fullest that filling the entire venue with it is not a problem.

Summer, whether on the hill or on the beach is a good time to round up some guests to witness the union of two lives that will be taking the oath of perpetual love. In this season, the passion between two hearts will shine as bright as the sun itself.

And during the time of harvest thanking mother earth for what she has given us by celebrating the love shared by the bride and groom is a perfect moment.

 Even if the leaves fall, every time is always the best time to be married. Autumn may mean merriment when the bride is seen in her white dress and in the arms of her groom to be united with him forever.

Certainly, there is no weather too cold for people in love that even in the winter; the air is filled with blazing passion. Love will be love in whatever setting, sentiment, setback and season. There is nothing that can hinder it. Not even the hotness and the coldness of the climate or the greatness and simplicity of the presentation. Love will always be love and getting married in whatever season is bliss.



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Venues with Verve: The Lavish Indoor and Outdoor Wedding


The place to hold your big day is one of the most important elements on weddings. Even in your imagination, the venue is seen clearly with all the details you always dreamed of. Whether the location is indoors or outdoors there is a plethora of beautiful things to choose from for your celebration. From the luxurious, cozy, homey, simple, special and customized.

If the weather cannot be trusted, having a Mediterranean themed ballroom with great music, old wine and good friends, nothing can be more exhilarating.

If simple and cozy are your favorite words, indoor weddings can be arranged according to your will as a couple. With creativity and a good description of what you really want to have as a place for the occasion, you can always get it.

If a ballroom is not your thing, probably a mansion can change your mind. Big venues are available for couples with many friends and families who would like to have some quality time celebrating. 

A reception hall that has a full access to the garden is always fine for both the couple and the guests. Being one with nature especially on spring and summer seasons is a great advantage for the bride and the groom.

The beach is constantly a good option to hold a wedding ceremony. Some would go for the sunset view so it will be more special and some simply hold the image of the sea so dear that the most special day of their lives must be celebrated on the best place they ever knew.


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