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Innovative ideas for your fall wedding


Romantic, soothing, with just a light brush of nostalgia, fall is one of the most popular wedding seasons. The crisp but not overly cold weather creates the perfect atmosphere for both indoors and outdoors wedding alike. Several couples chose to innovate and introduce new albeit different ideas that will take their special day from ordinary to wonderful. After all, it’s not a bad idea to make the most out of this season and introduce a few touches of fall on your wedding day.

Candied pumpkins for guests

Unfortunately, the one mistake that most couples seem to make is drown their wedding decorating scheme in a furious and rather tacky avalanche of orange. Understandably, this is the fall color by excellence and yes, you should certainly integrate this color within your decorating pattern, but, it’s best to be a bit more innovative and go for a really vibrant palette. Indeed, this is one of the rare seasons that’s brimming with a plethora of hues so don’t hesitate to mix and match different combinations, even if they do contrast. Purple, for example, looks stunning against a backdrop of orange, brown and gold.

Contrasting fall colors with bright purple

Every fall wedding seems to have a large bowl filled with dried red leaves at the very center of the table. So, to add an innovative twist to this decor, why don’t you gather a bunch of fall flowers and place them in a flat vase as a centerpiece for each table? This will not only look stunning but it will also bring a rather fresh feel to your wedding reception. Alternatively you can also ask your groom to tuck a single fall flower in the pocket of his tux.

Fall flowers in vase as table centerpieces

Fall is also a great time to have an outdoors wedding. However, remember that it’s best to go for an evening ceremony because this is when the sweet fall scent is more pungent. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate to hire a flowery spot of land or private field to tie the knot. Lakesides and forests are other great venues for your autumn wedding. As far as the guests go, don’t hesitate to really pamper them by giving them some fall-related albeit inexpensive tokens to mark both your wedding and the season. Jars of fall potpourri or candied pumpkins are the type of gifts that are bound to delight just about anyone. By the same token try to favor fall-related dishes for your reception: think thick slices of pumpkin pies, individual apple pies and other such treats.

Holding fall wedding outside in the evening


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Planning the most romantic Ireland wedding

As a country that’s full of striking sceneries, lush green vegetation and majestic ancient castles, Ireland certainly presents an excellent wedding destination. With the epic, almost picturesque cliffs and moors, this country sees a plethora of couples who flock to this glorious country to tie the knot. If you’re one of them, scroll down to learn how to very easily plan the most romantic Ireland Destination Wedding.

Irish wedding collage

Say I Do in a fairytale castle

The venue is, of course, the most important thing to consider when you’re planning any destination wedding. Fortunately, Ireland is brimming with venues which are so stunning that they’ve even been used as prized locations for Hollywood movies. Of course, there’s no lack of castles in Ireland: all you have to do is look around and find the perfect one that matches your budget and personal preferences. Newlyweds-to-be are going to be happy to learn that, as Ireland’s favorite wedding venues, most castles do offer an assortment of marriage deals. In fact, the majority of them take care of the flowers, the decorations, the catering and may even put a wedding planner at your disposal.

Wedding inside irish castle

Start a new life on the cliffs and wild sea

Ireland is also reputed for its awe-inspiring wild seas that lash against the side of steep cliffs. If you’re a fan of nature and if you love adventure, you’re certainly going to love getting married in such a dramatic setting. If you want to get married on the cliffs, however, there are a few certain things that you should consider to guarantee your comfort. A long billowy veil, for example, is not really recommended because of the furious winds. For the same reason, it’s best to keep your hair up. Short wedding dresses are huge No’s, unless they are straight and hang close to the body to avoid flying up.

Irish castle

Irish wedding on cliffs

House Hotels

Several couples also chose to hold their weddings in one of Ireland’s numerous House hotels. These normally accommodate your guests as well but it’s important for you to make the reservation several months in advance, especially if your bridal party is on the larger side. Killashee House Hotel, for example, is an extremely popular Irish venue that can very easily cater to a multitude of guests. It’s also recommended to go for a house hotel that boasts of a large backyard to accommodate your ceremony. If you’re lucky enough to have a summer Ireland wedding, don’t hesitate to throw the reception outside as well: indeed, your guests are going to enjoy the warm balmy evening and fresh air, away from the normal city pollution.

Irish wedding at Killashee House Hotel


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Ideas for a St Patrick Day’s Wedding Celebration

St Patrick day wedding collage

Undoubtedly one of the most fun celebrations, St Patrick Day is full of merriment, good humor and of course, luck. It should therefore come as no surprise that more and more couples are opting for this day to say ‘I Do.’ In fact, more superstitious couples believe that tying the knot on this special day is bound to bring them good luck through their entire lives, while solidifying their relationship. Green, of course, is the St Patrick Day color by excellence, so, it’s important to really infuse this hue as much as you can in your decoration theme. So, read on to learn how to very easily have a green-themed wedding on St Patrick’s Day.

Green bridesmaid dress

Don’t forget that your bridesmaids are really going to stand out on this day, so, an extremely easy way to bring a St Patrick Day theme to mind is by dressing all of them in green frocks. Of course, it goes without saying that you can opt for several shades of green: from lime green to a darker forest-like shade, the choice is all yours but just remember to keep the dresses on the classy side. Knee or floor-length are the best ways to blend in with the overall St Patrick cheer. Alternatively, the groom can also don an elegant dark green tie with four-clover leaves printed on it.

Elegant st patrick tie

Green St Patrick Day-related wedding favors are other touches that your guests are going to appreciate. A great example would be to go for candy favors such as sugared four-clover leaves, green cookies with leprechaun-shaped icing and other such treats. You don’t have to limit yourself to candy: don’t hesitate to think outside the box: handing each guest a four-clover pin and a small glass of green melon liqueur prior to the ceremony are touches that are always quite appreciated.

St Patrick day candy wedding favor

To really stay within the theme of the day, it’s best to hold your wedding outdoors. You may certainly have an indoors St Patrick Day wedding but then, it might lack that special atmosphere which this particular occasion seems to bring. Most importantly, a lush outdoors wedding will require very little decorations and accents since nearly everything will already be green. It’s recommended to favor venues such as gazebos in the middle of gardens, parks or forests. Several of these locations normally require a license so be sure to take care of all the paperwork beforehand. If you’re on a limited budget, don’t forget that your backyard- or a friend’s for that matter- will work just fine as long as there is plenty of green scenery around.

Lush outdoor wedding venue


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A mystical summer solstice wedding

Celtic weddings very often present a deeply romantic and rather mystical-like affair. Indeed, Celts have an extremely close relationship with nature which is why the majority of Celtic couples choose to tie the knot during summer in a summer solstice wedding. Indeed, in Celtic culture, the summer solstice normally happens around the end of June and is normally centered around the arrival of sun and warmth. The summer solstice is thought to represent joy and courage, fertility, marriage, wealth and overall bliss in their new life.

Mystical outdoors location

There are, of course, several ways to throw a summer solstice wedding. While some couples go all the way and include every Celtic tradition from the Handfasting to the Unity Candle ceremony, others decide to keep things rather toned down by going for a nature-infused wedding instead of indulging in the different rituals. If you’re one of the couples who doesn’t mind going the extra mile, however, don’t forget that it might not be a bad idea to travel to exotic and mystical places where the summer solstice is usually celebrated. Stonehenge, for example, is an extremely popular venue for summer solstice weddings, especially at the crack of dawn. Waterfalls, lakesides or mountains are other fantastic options.

Thick flower crown

Another element that’s nearly always present in most Celtic summer solstice weddings are the various nature-infused touches. Of course holding the wedding in the great outdoors is a great way to do that: your backyard, the beach or even a local park are great venues for these types of ceremonies. However, another much easier way to add a nature-infused touch is through your accessories. For instance, a very thick flower crown, paired with a matching bridal bouquet will instantly bring an alluringly mystical look to your outfit, while keeping in line with the summer solstice theme. Since this ceremony is also supposed to celebrate the sun, try to go for yellow flowers for a more sunkissed look.

Floaty celtic dress

Bridal shops are brimming with floaty Celtic dresses to enhance your overall look. Trumpet sleeves, gathered bodices and lace trimmings are all fantastic options for the Celtic bride. It’s also important to pay particular attention to the overall décor and accents. For example, since it’ll be summer, your guests are probably going to be quite thirsty. So, as a special touch, why don’t you serve some refreshing cold drinks right in antique-looking bottles with straws? Don’t hesitate to go for typical Celtic meals such as scones, corned beef and cabbage, iced Irish coffee and the likes.

Refreshing summer drink in bottles


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A Destination Wedding at the Very Heart of Africa

Fans of destination weddings normally consider typical venues such as tropical islands, France, London or even Australia, among others. However, very few couples would think about getting married in the wild exotic wildlife. In fact, while African destination weddings are extremely popular, they normally happen in hotels or resorts.

Destination wedding in African wildness

But, if you’re an avid fan of nature, what better place to tie the knot than the rugged beauty that made the wild African plains popular all across the world? In spite of what you may believe, it’s relatively easy to plan an African wedding as long as you’re flexible and don’t mind the heat. Of course, it goes without saying that you may fly to Africa during the winter to beat the heat, but then again, winter is an extremely unpredictable season in this continent and temperatures can drop drastically, especially at night.

African wedding on private reserve

Several companies actually offer the couples the chance to say ‘I Do’ on a private reserve. These companies normally offer a few luxurious touches such as air conditioning in the reception hall, lush grounds and wide seating areas. The good news is that these wedding agencies normally take care of everything, from the catering to the decoration or even the seating arrangement and wedding favors. The one important thing to remember is that you should constantly stay in touch with the wedding planner to make sure that everything is up to your expectations when you show up in Africa with the bridal party.

Wedding in wildlife reserve

A destination wedding in the great African wilderness doesn’t necessarily need to be in a luxury private reserve. If you don’t mind roughing it up, the African forest is actually a pretty romantic place to tie the knot. Of course, don’t just venture into any other forest with your groom and bridal party in tow unless you want to come nose to nose with some wild predators: always contact a tour guide or a wedding agency that will locate the safest and most beautiful forests for your wedding. This is a wonderful option for nature lovers as well since you’ll be able to go all the way with a flowered aisle and leafy canopy.

Wedding in African forest

Alternatively, if you’re fond of animals, why don’t you hold your African destination wedding in a wildlife reserve? In fact, couples may even hold the actual ceremony as well as the reception in the savannah? It goes without saying that space won’t certainly be an issue and you’ll be able to arrange your tables and dance floor in just about any way you want!

Reception table setting in the savanah



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Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Theme for your Winter Wedding

Charming and magical, with stunning scenery and colors, Disney’s ‘Frozen’ movie is considered as one of the best animated films of the year. The costumes and hues are so absolutely wonderful that more and more brides are choosing to integrate this theme in their special day. In fact, a ‘Frozen’ theme is absolutely perfect for colder weathers, given the winter backdrop that lingers through the entire movie. Best of all, this theme is quite a versatile one and can be tweaked to your liking.

Married couple in the snow

To begin with, it’s important to decide whether you want to go for a traditional white dress or adopt Princess Elsa’s iconic frock from the movie: an ice blue shimmery mermaid gown with a fishtail, this ‘Frozen’ inspired costume has captured the hearts of brides from all over the world, which means that it’s quite easy to find it in bridal stores these days. Alternatively, you can also find this dress online. Of course, let’s not forget that unlike Disney’s animated Princess Elsa, we do happen to be non-animated which means that you’ll certainly need something to cover up and keep warm if you chose to don this dress during winter. A blue glittery shawl or a snowflake-printed coat will work wonders with your Disney ‘Frozen’ wedding dress.

Frozen Inspired Costumes

Winter themed snowflake cupcake as wedding favor

Another dominant theme in the movie is the color blue to represent the ever-lasting winter. So, be sure to really lay this color on thick for your wedding day but don’t go for any shade of blue: toss aside cherry turquoises and dark blues in favor of grayish and pale blues. You can very easily include this color in your blue wedding cake. Also, remember that snowflakes are present in nearly every scene of the ‘Frozen’ movie, so, be sure to include this as well. For examples, a blue-iced cupcake with a sugared snowflake would make a wonderful wedding favor without distracting from the overall theme of the day.

Frozen inspired wedding cake

Don’t hesitate to play with a few ideas until you find the best décor for your ‘Frozen’ themed winter wedding. For instance, to keep in line with the natural palette that winter often brings, you may even add some blue food coloring to your cocktails and garnish the glass with a plastic or iced chocolate snowflake. Of course, brides and grooms should also make the most out of the natural winter setting as well: the snow, for example, provides a stunning backdrop for pictures and will certainly enhance your ‘Frozen’ theme. Another easy way to achieve this purpose is to go for ice sculptures or maybe even some ‘Frozen’ inspired Pyramid-shaped vases for your flowers and centerpieces.

Ice blue drinks

Frozen inspired glass pyramid vases as centerpiece


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How to throw an amazing reception on the beach

If you’re having a beach party, don’t hesitate to make the most out of the beach to throw one of the feistiest receptions ever! With the sloshing waves, powdery sand and amazing stretch of free space, you’ve certainly got quite a lot of potential to work with. So, here are a few tips that will help you throw an absolutely amazing beach wedding reception.

Beach wedding

Bonfires and Decorations

Festive decorations are the order of the day. If you’re hosting your beach wedding reception at night, by all means go ahead a build the hugest bonfire you can manage. Of course, don’t forget that in certain regions, you might need a special permit to build a fire so act accordingly and seek proper permission first. After all, the last need you need is for the cops to swoop down on what could have been an absolutely perfect wedding reception!

Wedding beach reception

So, once you’ve gotten your permit, don’t hesitate to go ahead and decorate your stretch of beach as much as you can. Evening receptions could certainly use accents like garden or Chinese lanterns or even some fairy lights strung around the makeshift aisle. The good thing about beach weddings is that you very rarely need to invest in a whole lot of decoration, since nature’s taking care of all the scenery. And then of course, you’re going to need some upbeat and rhythmic songs that will encourage your guests to throw off their heels, bury their toes in the sand and dance the night away.

Bonefire at wedding receptions

Beach wedding buffet

A beach wedding buffet has very little in common with a regular buffet. Unless you’re able to afford fancy furniture that will hold steady in the sand, no matter what, and a very polished catering service, odds are that you’re going to make some adjustments to the wedding buffet that you’ve always dreamt of. Let go of the caviar, the steaks, the beef wellington and other fancy dishes that you’ve always wanted to serve at your wedding reception. Instead, it’s recommended to favour more beach friendly foods to make things easier for everyone.

Beach themed buffet

Picnic fares such as sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw, Buffalo wings, pasta salad and garlic bread are actually great options because they’re so easy to handle. For something fancier or for an evening meal by the beach, you can take it up a notch, but try to stick to easy-to-handle dishes. Some extremely practical example would include skewers, hamburgers, hotdogs and assorted salads.

Barbecued skewers for easy eating


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Romantic Celtic wedding traditions

One of the most romantic celebrations, Celtic weddings are always brimming with love, nature and a deep sense of calmness and serenity. So, if you’re planning on having this type of celebration, scroll down to familiarize yourself with some of the most romantic wedding traditions that you should absolutely adopt on your own special day.

Scenic scenery for celtic wedding

Outdoors wedding venue

It is extremely, extremely rare to find a Celtic wedding held in a stuffy indoors area. On the contrary, Celtic weddings are reputed for the sort of scenic sceneries that provide a deeply romantic backdrop for the ceremony. Couples should therefore take the extra time to look for the most striking outdoors venue that they can book.

However, if you want a church wedding, it’s not a bad idea to select a church or chapel in the countryside. This way, you’ll be able to have your church wedding while making the most out of nature’s gorgeous offerings.

Romantic celtic wedding dresses

Celtic Wedding Dress

Unlike contemporary ball gowns or Princess-like frocks, Celtic wedding dresses have a classic look to them. Indeed, brides will very rarely find a Celt-like frock that looks modern. Indeed, these dresses are often rooted in tradition, which may explain why they all look so ultra-glamorous. Admittedly, though, original Celtic dresses might be quite hard to find these days so don’t be afraid to customize. For example, when shopping for your wedding dress, be sure to look out for old-fashioned trumpet sleeves, floaty cuts and gathered bodices. Brides should also select soft and non-shimmery materials like lace, silk, organza and gauze.

Handfasting ceremony

Ceremonies and Rings

Celt couples usually indulge in two exquisitely sentimental traditions during their weddings. Some brides and grooms, for example, chose to go for the ancient Handfasting ceremony. This basically entails the couple holding hands while the priest binds their wrists together with a ribbon or chain. Symbolically, a handfasting ceremony concludes the wedding and joins two spirits as one.

Unity candle

Another very popular tradition in Celtic weddings is the Unity Candle ceremony. Not unlike the handfasting tradition, the lighting of the unity candle happens at the very end of the wedding, after the vows. In some families, the bride and the groom each takes a candles and lights another bigger one together to symbolize their union. In other families, however, the couple’s parents stand behind their children and hold their arms while they’re lighting the unity candle to represent the joining of two families.

Celtic knot ring

And then of course, there’s the typical Celtic knot ring. This is a highly romantic and sentimental piece of jewelry that has been especially crafted to represent an everlasting knot. While these rings are usually crafted for women, more and more jewelers are designing masculine-looking Celtic knot rings for men.


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Pulling off a discreet purple wedding

There’s absolutely no doubt about it: purple weddings are brimming with charm, elegance and class. After all, let’s not forget that this hue was once proclaimed as the royal colour. So, it’s perfectly understandable why couples have started to include this sophisticated colour on their special days. Indeed, you can very rarely go wrong with purple: it matches with just about anything and provides an instant air of luxury, which means that you’ll be able to cut back on other accents and decorations. More and more brides are even embracing the idea of getting married in a bright purple frock, complete with purple veil and matching makeup.

Purple bridesmaids

Bridal bouquet with purple accents

Still, not everyone wants to take sure drastic steps. In fact, some couples might want a more toned down celebration with purple lingering casually in the background. If you’re one of them, the first thing that you should remember is that if you want a discreet colour arrangement, it’s crucial to balance purple out with lighter options such as white, cream, ecru or even beige. Stick to pastels because as soon as you pair purple with more vivid colours like gold and silver, it will instantly draw attention to the darker hue, hence defeating the whole purpose of your discreet wedding. If you want, you may also add some discreet purple touches to your buffet table: a few drops of purple food colouring poured into the punch, purple napkins or even purple-rimmed plates will do the trick.

White to contrast with purple

Another very easy and inexpensive way to discreetly add some touches of purple to your wedding is by adding some small accents such as gauzes and balloons. In fact, couples might chose the combination of white, purple and yellow balloons to decorate the wedding altar, three hues that will draw attention to purple without being too imposing. As the bride, don’t hesitate to add a few touches to your own attire as well. For example, several brides chose to go for a regular colourful wedding bouquet but with some imposing purple flowers nestled into it. A purple necklace and matching earrings, purple shoes and even a purple-stoned tiara will certainly elevate your overall attire. As far as the groom is concerned, why don’t you convince him to wear a purple tie? In fact, this is the sort of look that would work extremely well on a black tux because the dark background will make it stand out more.

Discreet purple decorations

Groom with purple tie



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Colorful scheme for a spring wedding

One of the most- if not the most- coveted wedding season, spring radiates health, color and beauty. If you want to have a spring themed wedding, there are a few color schemes that you should follow to emphasize the stunning beauty that is usually associated with this season. After all, let’s not forget that some of the greatest poems of this century were centered around this time of year, so, as a Spring Bride, it’s your duty to do justice to this exquisitely stunning season.

Colorful spring wedding

When drafting your color palette for spring, the one thing that you should remember is to steer clear from any dark and drab hue, no matter how appealing the combination is. Granted, black and red provide a marvelous contrast, but is this really how you’d like to portray your spring wedding? These types of combinations can be found in any other wedding so it’s quite crucial to highlight the particular season that you’ve chosen to tie the knot. Above all, your spring wedding ought to be colorful, even if the hues don’t match in a conventional manner.

Lanterns hanging from trees

Bridesmaids, for example, can wear purple dresses with green sashes around the waist. Or, failing that, they can each hold a green parasol to complement their outfits, especially if you’re having an outdoors wedding. For an evening wedding, don’t hesitate to string several lanterns together and allow them to hang from trees for a more pronounced effect. The soft flickering of the yellow flames, mingled with the balmy spring night air will undoubtedly highlight the special theme of the day. In fact, you may even take the extra step and string colorful lanterns or fairy lights instead of traditional yellow and white ones.

Pastel colors

Pastel colors are your main allies if you’re having a spring wedding. Having said that, it’s important to properly select your combination of pastels to avoid a washed-out look. Pales and pales should never, ever match. Instead, always try to balance out a pale hue by another darker pastel color. Bright canary yellow with a more toned down turquoise always works. Other spring-like color schemes include the occasional touch of orange, lime green and yellow, brown and gold, turquoise and pink and the likes. An easy way to incorporate these combinations in your wedding would be through the bouquet and cake. For example, a bright pink bridal bouquet with a turquoise and pink wedding cake will leave no doubt in your guests’ minds that this certainly is a spring wedding.

Orange touches

Pink bridal bouquet


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