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Decorating ideas for a Yellow theme wedding

Sunny, fun and light-hearted yellow is the summery hue by default. Indeed, very few colors inspire such cheer and merriment, which is probably why it’s such a popular color for weddings. In fact, some cultures even consider yellow to be a representative of luck and wealth. In India, for example, brides are often decked up in shimmery yellow saris for a pre-wedding purification ceremony on the eve of the ceremony.

Spring Yellow Fever

On the flip side, however, too much yellow can end up looking like Tweedy bird exploded all over the place. It’s important to create a homogenous look and make sure to balance this particular hue with other matching colors. So, if you have decided to go for a yellow-theme wedding, it’s not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with a few decorating ideas that will help you strike the right balance, without overdoing it.

Decorating the wedding cake

For example, too many couples make the mistake of going for an all-yellow cake with even more yellow decorations thrust upon it. The final result is very rarely attractive: in fact, all this yellow ends up looking tacky and gaudy, rather than elegant and sophisticated. Therefore, to enhance your yellow theme wedding decor, it’s best to go for a plain white or turquoise cake and add a few yellow decorations around the cake. Less is definitely more in this case and you can be sure that the yellow decorations are going to stand out more and be much more noticeable against a contrasting backdrops. Large sugared yellow flowers placed over a white cake, for instance, will never fail to make quite a striking impression.

Yellow wedding drink

Another subtle way to add a touch of yellow to your wedding decor is to go for yellow-tinted food or drinks. In this case, you usually have two options: either go for natural yellow dishes or place some lemon wedges around the buffet table, or, don’t hesitate to add a few drops of yellow food coloring to your cocktails. Alternatively, to complement the yellow decor, you may even hang several strings of fairy lights right behind the buffet table.

Fairy light backdrop to complement a yellow decor

The easiest and most noticeable way to enrich a yellow-theme wedding, however, is by creating a makeshift platform seating area where the bride and groom can sit after the ceremony. In this case, be sure to adopt a few contrasting colors that will enhance your primary hue. Lime green, purple, silver or even black are great colors that work superbly with yellow.

Yellow and green seating area for bride and groom


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Yellow: The color of sunshine and happiness

Symbolizing happiness, peace, serenity and pure, undiluted joy, yellow is bound to add a hefty dose of cheer and merriment to your special day. Extremely versatile, this color is suited to both indoor and outdoor weddings. Best of all, this sunny hue can very easily be blended with other colors for a more striking effect.

Yellow wedding theme

Bride wearing pale yellow

One of the easiest colors to work with, yellow also has the advantage of presenting you with a wide variety of shades to work with. Whether you’re looking for a rich, vibrant yellow or a softer, more lemony one, you can be sure that this gorgeous color will embellish your wedding day. Couples who are going for a more informal setting may even create exotic yellow flower garlands for their guests to wear during the ceremony.

Bride wearing sunny yellow

While some brides want to go for a classic white wedding dress and use yellow in the decorations and accessories, the more daring ladies can consider wearing yellow to get married. In fact, this particular color is gaining popularity in bridal magazines. If you don’t feel like going for a deep canary yellow, you may even consider wearing a paler, sun-kissed tinted gown. A good alternative for traditionalists would be to go for an all-white wedding dress with the occasional yellow stone around the bodice.

Yellow wedding chairs for outdoor wedding

The lucky ladies who are getting married on the beach should absolutely consider yellow covers for the outdoor chairs since this color will go superbly with the turquoise waves lapping against the sand. In fact, since you’re at it, why don’t you decorate the wedding aisle with a blend of bright sunflowers and yellow roses. Another easy way to go for a yellow-themed wedding is to bring this particular hue to your wedding buffet table. If you’re serving desserts, you may even create an all-candy wedding buffet table to display an assortment of yellow sweets and treats.

Yellow wedding candy buffet

As for your wedding cake, you may of course go for just about any flavor of your choice but ask your baker to cover it with rich yellow fondant or Royal icing. To create a lovely contrast, consider embellishing your cake with white flowers, all-white cake toppings or even a white Mr. and Mrs. Centerpiece which you can place right in front of the cake.

Yellow wedding cake with  white Mr and Mrs centerpiece


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For the Bubbly Sophisticates: Yellow, White& Grey Wedding

Are you a fun and bright couple? Do you two keep your mutual friends’ parties alive? Yellow would definitely be a perfect choice as your wedding color. If you want to tone down the brightness a bit and add a dash of classiness, then pair yellow with any shade of grey. It’ll work. Integrate white too to compliment the bride’s wedding gown.

Bride, Groom and Entourage

The yellow, white and grey colors conjures a simple, comfortable and tranquil atmosphere, impeccable for rustic country weddings. Picture you and your crew outside a small chapel or a barn, laughing and making poses for the camera.It would just be delicately exciting. Let your bridesmaids wear grey gowns and disturb the monotony by making them carry yellow bouquets. Color popping is a great technique in fashion and in photography.

Yellow Wedding Trinkets

Speaking of flowers and bouquets, you can exude timeless bravura with calla lilies tied in grey ribbons for the bridesmaids. As for the bride, a more regal look is just right – yellow lilies patterned with other white bundled flowers like baby’s breath or hydrangea. Lilies are known to symbolize beauty and magnificence, the very words that describe the bride on her big day.

Wedding flower bouquets

But of course, there are other yellow flower options in case you can’t get your hands on those sillies. You can opt to go with chrysanthemums for joy, long life, fidelity and optimism. On the other hand, daffodils may be used to denote regard and chivalry. Daffodils are also often interpreted to mean new beginnings and eternal life – the start of your lives as a couple.

Solo Bouquet

Keep in mind the colors when planning major matters for your wedding like the cake, invitations, bridal entourage outfit and the reception area.It’ll keep the whole wedding solid and not speckled. Imply your wedding theme on the attendees through a yellow-and-grey wedding invitations. Alternate the colors on the cake layers or do color combinations on a layer. Have yellow pop outs on your ensemble like yellow shoes, yellow ties, yellow boutonnières and yellow headdresses.

Colored Wedding Trinkets
As for the wedding trinkets, there are lots of fun ways of creating crafts for your chosen wedding theme colors. You can readily buy yellow and grey striped straws from craft manufacturers. If you want, you can also make yellow, grey and white pompoms in different sizes to hang them on the reception area. You could even make DIYs necklaces for you and your bridesmaids.


Just be sure though to pick out the yellow and grey hues that would actually complement each other.


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