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How to liven up a white wedding

It is common knowledge that all-white themes automatically bring this special charm, pure and calm feeling to any room. And with white bring the most popular choice for wedding dresses, it should come as no surprise that this particular hue is always increasing in popularity, especially when it comes to wedding decorations and backdrops. After all, this is the color that symbolizes serenity, purity and everything that’s good in the world.

Outdoors white and yellow decor

As stunning as an all-white wedding decor can be, though, an avalanche of white might end up looking like something out of a child’s Christmas cartoon. It is important to properly work with this color to make sure that nothing gets thrown out of balance.  A white wedding may also look quite plain and overly simple if not properly executed, which is why it’s quite important for the couple to liven up the decor.

Fairy lights to vamp up a white decor

However, a common mistake that most couples make when trying to vamp up a white wedding is adding too many splashes of color to the overall decor. Indeed, there’s no point in establishing an all-white theme if you’re going to indulge in a colorful palette. That being said, though, it’s not a bad idea to include a few dashes of color to your white setting.  For example, gold is a perfect complement to white, which is why you should think about adding some gold touches to the reception. White tablecloths with gold napkins, for instance, will certainly provide a deeply sophisticated look.

Adding some touches of gold

Don’t underestimate the importance of fairy-lights as well. These lights do not only reflect off pale surfaces, but, they will also draw attention to your white theme. This will look particularly dramatic if infused in an outdoors wedding, especially if you’re getting married next to the sea. Yellow and white is another fantastic combination for outdoors weddings. As far as the bride goes, she may either go for an entirely white dress or, liven things up a bit by selecting an ivory one. Another option would be to select a dress with a white bodice that flows glamorously into a full ivory skirt.

Wedding dress with with ivory skirt

One of the easiest ways to vamp up a white wedding decor is through the flowers. Whether it’s the bridal bouquets or the small springs of flowers that bridesmaids usually carry, keep in mind that an all-white arrangement does hover on the wrong side of boring. To take things up by another notch, be sure to tuck in just a few tiny springs of green or yellow flowers to the white bouquet.

White wedding flowers enhanced by yellow flowers


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Pros and Cons of a Pure White Wedding Decor

The wedding color by excellence, white is a deeply romantic and soothing color. Used for centuries to represent purity, chastity, love and harmony, it should come as no surprise that most couples choose to go for an all-white decor to mark their special day. After all, nothing infuses class and elegance as much as a white-themed decor.

Black and white wedding decor

However, while this particular hue certainly has its advantages, there are quite a few factors that you should take into consideration before scuttling down the all-white path. Indeed, in some cases, this color might even end up in disaster. This is why it’s extremely important to really weigh the pros and the cons prior to making a final decision.

All white wedding aisle and altar decor

Airy and elegant: If your wedding venue is on the smaller size, going for an all-white decor will definitely bring an airy feel to the room in general. Best of all, it will most certainly infuse quite a lot of airiness and trick the eye into believing that the room much larger than it really looks. By this token, an all-white decor might even be more budget-friendly since you won’t have to rent an overly-large space for the reception.

White table setting

Age-old symbol of purity and love: Because of its symbolism, a white themed wedding will undoubtedly bring an age-old charm and flair to your special day, while enhancing the overall romantic atmosphere. There’s no denying it: white is the purest, most calming color that exists and infusing this hue into your special day may result in quite a spectacular visual effect. It’s no wonder that in some cultures, even the groom chooses to don a white tux to match the bride’s dress.

Groom wearing white

Extremely prone to spills and other accidents: On a darker note, as pure as a white-themed wedding might look, it’s not exactly the most stain-resistant color out there. This can be quite problematic, especially if you’re inviting children to the reception. Also, a white wedding dress can be much too easily ruined because this color tends to reflect sweat, stains and other spills more than other hues. If you’re concerned about such accidents, don’t hesitate to omit the white altogether. A less drastic touch would be to go for a blend of black and white or even white, red and black to minimize the risks of accidents.

White wedding dresses

Not the most flattering color: The sad truth is, white is an extremely unforgiving hue. For example, if the groom is trying to hide last night’s beer belly, a white tux will ultimately draw attention to the problem areas and may even make someone appear much larger than he or she really is. Having said that, if you’re one of the lucky brides who feels completely at ease in her skin, no matter what size you are, then kudos to you! The important thing to remember is that you should don a color which makes you feel attractive and confident so if white’s your color, then by all means, go for it. However, a more insecure lady might feel better in an ivory or even white and gold or white and silver wedding dress.


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A dreamy white wedding for the romantic bride

Commonly associated with purity and harmony, white is, without any doubt, one of the most popular wedding colors.Indeed, the very idea of traditional brides often bring to mind images of an intricate white gown with a matching, flowing veil. While more and more colors are gradually making their way into more modern weddings, white definitely remains the one color that’s present in just about any marriage ceremony.

Romantic white wedding gown

Contrary to popular belief, however, white doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, if done properly, this color can turn any drab event into a highly glamorous affair. Let’s not forget that some of the most acclaimed weddings of the century- from Grace Kelly’s lavish marriage to just about every other royal wedding- were all centered about this highly harmonious color. Best of all, white being the most popular choice, there’s certainly not a lack of white wedding dresses on the market. Whether you’re looking for an A-line frock or a billowy strapless one, you can be sure to find something of your liking. White even has the advantage of going particularly well with a variety of adornment from sequins to pearls, twinkling stones and so many more.

White wedding dress and tuxedo

While white is the favored color for most brides, there’s no reason why the groom shouldn’t don a white tuxedo as well. This will actually bring quite a homogenous feel the ceremony since both the bride and the groom will be wearing the same color.

Pure white wedding bouquet

A white bridal bouquet is also guaranteed to complement your outfit while bringing a rather dramatic flourish to your look as a whole, particularly if you decide to go for a waterfall arrangement. However, in spite of the white-theme, don’t hesitate to place a couple of pink or yellow flowers here and there: the contrast between these two colors will add even more emphasis on the white while staying in line with the overall color palate. And it goes without saying that pearl and white stone accessories are absolute must-have in just about any white-themed wedding. In fact, both edible and non-edible white pearls can be used to embellish your wedding cake and draw attention back to the theme in general.

white decoration for the wedding aisle

Brides who are planning an indoor wedding and reception can very easily go for a billowy white marquee and matching satin chair covers. However, if you’d rather have an outdoors ceremony, don’t hesitate to place some white candles in a hanging jar to draw attention to the white theme. White fairy-lights will also bring a deeply romantic and dreamy feel to the whole atmosphere.

Decorating ideas for outdoor white wedding


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The Chic White and Silver Wedding Theme

Stylish. Elegant. Timeless. Best adjectives to describe a chic silver and white wedding. Silver will definitely bump up and glam up a rather classic ho-hum white wedding.

The Chic White and Silver Wedding Theme Introductory Photo

For the wedding gown, go for frosty white palette with splashes of silver. Oh what fun to accessorize! Think sparkling chandelier earrings, a dazzling tiara on a bun – definitely chic hairstyle for a blushing bride, shimmering bracelets and sparkly high heels for the bridal shoes. Shine like a star on a glamorous smoky eye make-up. Go ahead, add some sparkling shine on the eyes if you dare.

The Chic White and Silver Wedding Theme Wedding Dress

Don’t forget to add those cute tiny crystals on your bouquet to add more sparkle. Let the wedding party join in the magical silvery shine – go for fancy silvery beads on a sweetheart puffy ball gown. The shining wedding party will complete the magical shimmering look. Let the groom and his men wear a metallic bow tie or go for a glamorous black tie dress code and subdued silvery color palette.

Add glitter on your invitation paper —on the save the dates and the programs. Use silvery metallic ink. For the wedding cake, it can go twice as chic too – add edible silver crystals and beads and pearls on an all white cake. Put in something natural –pearly white flowers or silvery snowflakes. Think silver heart chocolates for your favors. Or silver kisses? Set them in a dainty white box with a silver ribbon. How about some silver and white chocolate candies in a see-through organza bag tied up with silver and white ribbons?

The Chic White and Silver Wedding Theme Cake

Decorating the place can be twice as fun. And yes, absolutely elegant. Think flickering candles on the tables and white ice seats – with shiny silver pillows. Candles bring a hint of romance especially when placed in vintage glass holders or polished silver. Think of the vintage look on your pillar stands and candelabras. Oh so chic, indeed.

The Chic White and Silver Wedding Theme Table Setting

Mix those silvery shines with something from nature – like pure white flowers blended with silvery ribbons to soften the metallic touches of silver. Use silvery fabrics with silver textures and sequins. Add those small touches of silver metallic studs on the tablecloth or napkin holders.

The Chic White and Silver Wedding Theme Bouquet

Who needs the moonshine when the whole place is sparkling bright? Adding up the silvery shine definitely brings warmness and royalty to a rather lackluster all white room.
Just remember, to make your chic silver and white wedding timelessly elegant, bear in mind to add just the right touch of shine in the right place.


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For the Bubbly Sophisticates: Yellow, White& Grey Wedding

Are you a fun and bright couple? Do you two keep your mutual friends’ parties alive? Yellow would definitely be a perfect choice as your wedding color. If you want to tone down the brightness a bit and add a dash of classiness, then pair yellow with any shade of grey. It’ll work. Integrate white too to compliment the bride’s wedding gown.

Bride, Groom and Entourage

The yellow, white and grey colors conjures a simple, comfortable and tranquil atmosphere, impeccable for rustic country weddings. Picture you and your crew outside a small chapel or a barn, laughing and making poses for the camera.It would just be delicately exciting. Let your bridesmaids wear grey gowns and disturb the monotony by making them carry yellow bouquets. Color popping is a great technique in fashion and in photography.

Yellow Wedding Trinkets

Speaking of flowers and bouquets, you can exude timeless bravura with calla lilies tied in grey ribbons for the bridesmaids. As for the bride, a more regal look is just right – yellow lilies patterned with other white bundled flowers like baby’s breath or hydrangea. Lilies are known to symbolize beauty and magnificence, the very words that describe the bride on her big day.

Wedding flower bouquets

But of course, there are other yellow flower options in case you can’t get your hands on those sillies. You can opt to go with chrysanthemums for joy, long life, fidelity and optimism. On the other hand, daffodils may be used to denote regard and chivalry. Daffodils are also often interpreted to mean new beginnings and eternal life – the start of your lives as a couple.

Solo Bouquet

Keep in mind the colors when planning major matters for your wedding like the cake, invitations, bridal entourage outfit and the reception area.It’ll keep the whole wedding solid and not speckled. Imply your wedding theme on the attendees through a yellow-and-grey wedding invitations. Alternate the colors on the cake layers or do color combinations on a layer. Have yellow pop outs on your ensemble like yellow shoes, yellow ties, yellow boutonnières and yellow headdresses.

Colored Wedding Trinkets
As for the wedding trinkets, there are lots of fun ways of creating crafts for your chosen wedding theme colors. You can readily buy yellow and grey striped straws from craft manufacturers. If you want, you can also make yellow, grey and white pompoms in different sizes to hang them on the reception area. You could even make DIYs necklaces for you and your bridesmaids.


Just be sure though to pick out the yellow and grey hues that would actually complement each other.


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A Brief Introduction to White Themed Weddings

Classic and elegant. Simple yet versatile. An all-white wedding is definitely stunning. Whether you’re going for the vintage look or the modern wedding, an all-white themed wedding is guaranteed to wow everyone. The color white creates a dreamy delicate effect – white is something soulful…something ethereal…something fresh.

White Wedding Venue and Table Setting

A pure white wedding dress with a soft spray of silver and gold or ivory will surely exude a dramatic feel to it. The groom can wear a white tuxedo for ultimate elegance and style. Or go a bit more subdued by letting him don a gray suit with white buttonholes.
The bridesmaids and your wedding party can pull off a pure white look as well. Let them wear cocktail dresses, or short-length dresses – the frilly kind or the sophisticated kind. Add metallic accessories to spruce up their pretty white dresses. Why not add drama and flair to the wedding ceremony, by riding in a white fairytale horse-drawn carriage?

White and Red Wedding Gown

Sprucing up the place is going to be easy — white flowers and white roses are a plenty. Go for calla lilies, orchids and paper whites and gypsophilia. For your dining tables, think white lacy table cloths, sleek white chairs. Consider white candles as centerpieces.

White Table Cloths

Decorate the tree branches with white birdcages, white paper lanterns, white ribbons or white feathers. Add texture and variety by infusing metals and glasses to the ornaments. Or add an accent color to your white stuff – something not too far away from your white theme – something like silver.
Sometimes a minimal look is perfect for an all white-themed wedding.Go for extra large lanterns and simple flower centerpieces. For the funky newfangled all white wedding theme, bring in the white balloons to deck out the dessert table. Trim the table with lots of white sweets — white macaroons, white-laced cupcakes, white cake pops or white cotton candy.

White Wedding Cake with Crystals

The all white wedding cake will be a perfect show-stopper when iced and decorated with pretty white details – edible pearl beads, Swarovski-like edible crystals, lovely dainty edible white icing flowers.
Your invitation cards will look classy and lively by adding silver texts or white lace edges or silver ribbons. Go white all the way to the wedding menu – serve clear drinks. For the food, go for white meat – in white sauce. Talk to your caterer and together come up with a creative white delish wedding meal.

White Wedding Invitation

For the party favors, try white jelly beans wrapped in sheer white organza bag or white mint chocolate candies in a glass mason jar tied up with a white ribbon.


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Wintry White Wedding Wish

The white wedding that you wished to have in your life is literally the soft and supple snow in winter. You set the date on the wintry month with the hope that you could walk down the white vastness with your most loved. This wish will now come true as exact as what you hoped for and as vivid as what you dreamed of it to be.

winter wedding ideas2

You always liked the furry hat that matches your hair and the skin that your mom and dad have given you. You opt for the glittery white cloak that wraps your body just like your man that never leaves you.

winter wedding gown

The best girls in your life will play with you on this very day in dresses that are alike but yours only white.

winter wedding bride bridesmaid

Every drop of the cottony and cold snow will mean happiness for the groom and you. Every howl of the wintry air seems the promise that this will linger without end.  The feathers in your hair will always be the very best trimming even time bypasses.

winter-wedding-hair-pieceThe snowflakes all of them you adore; the leafless tress all of them you look for.

winter wedding bride

And you celebrate your union in an iridescent chapel that you promise forever. They are truly divine that heaven seems so near.

winter wedding venue ice hotel

Your wintry wedding wish in its crest is what you pray for because you believe that love is on fire even the coldest season, even in the cosmic ice and even in places where love is less expected.winter-wedding-venue


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