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A Brief Introduction to Brown Wedding Themes

Brown is supposed to be versatile color which is supposed to get along with every other color as well. Although, brown might not be the first choice when it comes to color choosing for wedding theme, style, and decor, but it certainly is one of the best choices of colors to choose for a wedding. It varies from pale mocha to deep espresso. It is more of a mature choice when an individual plans for a brown wedding theme. It adds a charm of beauty to the occasion and a touch of sophisticated elegance to the wedding as well. There are various ways for an individual to plan a successful and amazing brown wedding themed occasion.

Wedding Flowers with Brown Elements

Brown is not supposed to be a color which is used as a solo or a color to be only focused on as it lacks that energy or vigor, therefore, it is mostly used with an accent color so that it has that punch to the wedding. However, this all depends on how an individual pick and choose beautiful colors which gets along with each other. A perfect combination of colors can make a brown wedding themed glamorous.

Brown Wedding Centerpiece

The greatest way to use the brown color with some incredible combination is with sage green. It produces mellower than lime green, therefore, this combination is known as one of the best for a brown wedding themed occasion. Though when it comes to the bridal dress, the brown bridesmaid dresses with a sash in lime or aqua blue color enhances the beauty of the dress as well the prettiness of the lady who is wearing that dress.

Brown Wedding Invitations

The color brown when added to a particular part where charm of beauty and elegance is required plays a perfect role at the perfect time. The power of this color is truly remarkable and incredible. Even though, it is not some color which can be put up alone to any wedding theme but the combinations of accent color it has provides great look to a special occasion. All in all, brown is the color which can sometimes looks amazing when put up alone, but it can show truly remarkable signs as it can transform and get along easily with other color or accent colors, if perfectly chosen.

Brown and Gold Wedding Centerpiece Decorations

This color is the best way to upscale the ambiance in such special occasions hence; it is such a versatile color which can be chosen to make a special day more beautiful.


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A Brief Introduction to Gray Themed Weddings

Gray-themed weddings are getting all the rage lately. Blame it on 50 Shades of Grey? But smoky hues and gray shades are newfangled ideas for a beautiful modern wedding. Because gray actually works perfectly great with other colors – think gray and pink, gray and purple or gray and yellow or gray and peach. Or maybe, gray and burgundy. Or gray and classic red perhaps— for the romantic vintage look?

Gray and Pink Wedding Introduction
Gray isn’t such a dull color after all when you create a mishmash of accessories to glam it up. Like funky gray shoes with yellow polka dot heels. Or cool gray chucks for the groom’s men. Your bridesmaids can be outfitted with beautiful charcoal gray cocktail dresses or one shoulder full length dresses with draped skirt and bodice. Use rustic sunflowers to brighten up the bridesmaid’s bouquet. Or splash it with pink roses or white hydrangeas. These colors look great with gray as their backdrop.

Gray Bridesmaid Dresses
A pretty soft color palette of something plus gray will make the wedding gorgeous, romantic, unique and hip and a little quirky. But what will make your gray-themed wedding special is how much of your personality is put in there. You’re the funny side? Come up with gray accessories to go with your funny photo booth. Are you the sweet tooth kind? Make sure your dessert table is bedecked with yummy cake pops or exquisite French macaroons that come in gray and the matching color of your choice. And of course, your cake will look absolutely fabulous when it’s laced with colorful icing and trimmings. Make sure you pick out a delish cake as well. It must taste as good as it looks.

Gray Wedding Giveaways
For your table’s floral centerpieces, go for gray hydrangeas in mason jars. Or lovely orchids in glass vases. Throw in some yellow dahlias or all kinds of green leaves to liven up the space. You can go for a personal and lighthearted touch on your wedding with perhaps a bit of a whimsical feel to it. The same thing goes when you spruce up the ceremony place and the reception area.

Gray Wedding Centerpiece
Finally, there’s a plethora of new gray-themed wedding favors in the market these days – and what’s more? You can actually personalize these stuff. From gray and silver soy candles to personalized lip balms to personalized Hershey’s chocolate bars and nuggets and of course, kisses. Now, that’s one fabulous gray-themed wedding.


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A Brief Introduction to Orange Themed Weddings

Thinking of orange as your wedding theme? That means you have an infectious relish for life, you’re fun loving, spontaneous, positively loud, trendy and full of energy. Bursts of orange mean bursts of vibrant energy. So get on and get giddy about planning your orange-themed wedding. It is surely going to be loads of fun and cheer.

Orange Weddings Introductory Photo
Decide whether you’re going for an all orange theme or orange with a matching color. Like orange and brown or orange and green, or orange or yellow and yes, orange and blue. What shade of orange will you choose? Bright citrus orange or the tangerine hue? If you’re planning a cute wedding, then go for bright orange with splashes of pink and yellow.

An Orange Beach Wedding

If you want the classic rustic wedding, the chic subdued tangerine hue with brown is perfect.Whether it’s a cheery orange wedding loaded with lots of quirky knickknacks or a non-traditional barn wedding with splashes of orange, choosing the decorations and picking out the flowers for the wedding ceremony to the bouquets is going to be as easy as orange pumpkin pie. Orange balloons, orange flowers, orange paper lanterns and orange fruits!

Orange Weddings Rustic Theme
Orange is a great color for brides who think outside the box. Oh what fun it must be to walk down the aisle in a pair of funky orange shoes. Or choose peep-toe shoes and don orange colored toe nails. The wedding party can opt to wear cute orange cocktail length strapless nu-georgette dresses with draped bodice and peplum. Oh so stylish and oh so pretty. The possibilities are endless.

Orange Wedding Shoes
Choosing a venue for an orange themed wedding is just as fun – orange usually exudes wind and the sun and even gorgeous sunsets. Most orange-themed weddings go for cliff top setting, or a beach side or beach barbecue wedding. Top it off with wine tasting and lots of champagne and good food. From the ceremony to the reception, it will surely be a celebration of vibrant colors and fun touches.

Orange Wedding Cake

An orange-themed wedding cake seems fun – what’s not to fall in love with butter cream cake with orange cake toppers, orange garden roses and orange cake flowers. One can only imagine what kind of dessert table an orange themed wedding will offer. Orange cupcakes, orange cake pops and orange macaroons. For the wedding favors, go for edible orange candies. If you’re going for the barn wedding, pack an orange marmalade in a cute jar.


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A Brief Introduction to White Themed Weddings

Classic and elegant. Simple yet versatile. An all-white wedding is definitely stunning. Whether you’re going for the vintage look or the modern wedding, an all-white themed wedding is guaranteed to wow everyone. The color white creates a dreamy delicate effect – white is something soulful…something ethereal…something fresh.

White Wedding Venue and Table Setting

A pure white wedding dress with a soft spray of silver and gold or ivory will surely exude a dramatic feel to it. The groom can wear a white tuxedo for ultimate elegance and style. Or go a bit more subdued by letting him don a gray suit with white buttonholes.
The bridesmaids and your wedding party can pull off a pure white look as well. Let them wear cocktail dresses, or short-length dresses – the frilly kind or the sophisticated kind. Add metallic accessories to spruce up their pretty white dresses. Why not add drama and flair to the wedding ceremony, by riding in a white fairytale horse-drawn carriage?

White and Red Wedding Gown

Sprucing up the place is going to be easy — white flowers and white roses are a plenty. Go for calla lilies, orchids and paper whites and gypsophilia. For your dining tables, think white lacy table cloths, sleek white chairs. Consider white candles as centerpieces.

White Table Cloths

Decorate the tree branches with white birdcages, white paper lanterns, white ribbons or white feathers. Add texture and variety by infusing metals and glasses to the ornaments. Or add an accent color to your white stuff – something not too far away from your white theme – something like silver.
Sometimes a minimal look is perfect for an all white-themed wedding.Go for extra large lanterns and simple flower centerpieces. For the funky newfangled all white wedding theme, bring in the white balloons to deck out the dessert table. Trim the table with lots of white sweets — white macaroons, white-laced cupcakes, white cake pops or white cotton candy.

White Wedding Cake with Crystals

The all white wedding cake will be a perfect show-stopper when iced and decorated with pretty white details – edible pearl beads, Swarovski-like edible crystals, lovely dainty edible white icing flowers.
Your invitation cards will look classy and lively by adding silver texts or white lace edges or silver ribbons. Go white all the way to the wedding menu – serve clear drinks. For the food, go for white meat – in white sauce. Talk to your caterer and together come up with a creative white delish wedding meal.

White Wedding Invitation

For the party favors, try white jelly beans wrapped in sheer white organza bag or white mint chocolate candies in a glass mason jar tied up with a white ribbon.


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A Brief Introduction to Red Wedding Themes

Red is the color of love and passion. When the color red is chosen for a wedding theme it is considered as the color red evokes and induces the feeling of love and passion. However, it is very daring and exciting to select a red wedding theme as it is the sign that the bride wants to try something new and different rather than usual. The color red is considered as a charm of good luck and good fortune therefore many Asian wedding revolves around the color red hence; red wedding themes.

Red and Black Wedding Themes

The choice of red wedding theme is bold and mature as it can be seen from the wedding attire to the decorations. It also adds a spice to the occasion and hotness as well. An individual can arrange a lot of things with the color red for a wedding as this are a color which can outstand solely as well as with the combination of different colors. But it can show more energy and vigor when it is put up solely. The main reason is that this red color is so vibrant that when used, it provides immense and enormous impacts regardless of how and in what ways it is used. An individual can either combine or tone down or use it solely in order to make it look good.

Red Elements in Wedding Decorations

However, mostly the color red is used as accent for the color white. Also, it is livelier when combined with pink or purple. Therefore, the bride must wear the red colored dress as she will be the centre of attention on the special occasion. Although, it is a daring yet exciting move to wear a red colored dress but it adds the charm of beauty to the occasion as well as to the bride.

Bridesmaid with Red Dresses

Also, there are numerous types of flowers which are in red and can make the occasion livelier with their presence on every table. Red will add spice, hotness, and a bit of romance into the occasion. The color is perfect when used with white or pink or purple to get the best result.

Red Flowers for Wedding

Even though it is considered to be a very bold move to go for a red wedding theme but it is certainly fun to work with this color as many creative ideas can come up to an individual’s mind to make the special day more special by using it in many different ways. Hence in a nutshell, red is always best.


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Make A Blue Wedding Theme for Your Big Day

Want to design a wedding based on your favorite color? Well, if your favorite color is blue, your wedding can certainly turn out to be extremely beautiful!

Blue Wedding Ideas

Why opt for a red carpet when the blue one will really sparkle underneath your feet? Or, why opt for a standard white wedding dress when you can go for a beautiful, blue colored one?

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are looking for a blue wedding theme, we have a number of different ideas up our sleeve.

First of all, why not do the drapes of your wedding in blue? Obviously, the reception area has to really showcase the blue theme, which is why the lighting could be slightly altered to provide a bluish hue too. Moreover, the floor plays a major part.

Blue Wedding Table Theme

Rather than going for a traditional carpeted surface, we will opt for a full blue colored design that is not only aimed at giving your wedding a beautiful outlook, but the shades of blue that we use will make the whole setup look even better.

Blue Theme Wedding

From the tablecloths, to the flowers to the wedding drapes, we will make sure that everything is just the way you like. Obviously, when it comes to planning a blue themed wedding, blue isn’t the only color that you want.

Mixing and matching can be done quite well. For instance, the traditional white wedding dress could be coupled with blue dresses for the bridesmaids, which would make it look absolutely stunning. Blue flower bouquets wrapped with white ribbons can be used too.

Blue with Other Color Mixed Wedding

We can also design beautiful blue colored invitations for all the guests that you wish to invite to the wedding party. And most importantly, the cake can be done in blue as well! So what are you waiting for? Check out our ideas now!


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A Breif Introduction to Green Wedding Theme Ideas

Is green your favorite color? Well, if the answer is yes, why not opt for something different and have your wedding designed in a green outlook?

General Green Weddings

Green looks beautiful if done correctly, and once the whole setup is complete, the color green will definitely make your wedding one of the most popular ones.

First of all, in contrast with the white wedding dress of the bride, the bridesmaids must choose a light colored green hue to wear.

Green Bridesmaid Gowns

Secondly, the dining table is a very important part of the whole wedding, and it is important that a lot of vegetables are used in order to give the desired ‘green’ effect. Obviously, these can be placed merely for showcasing purposes, but the beauty that they give is second to none.

Green Wedding Decors

Apart from that, the bouquets can be designed in green as well. Not really needing the standard flowers? Let us design a bouquet full of greens such as spinach, lettuce leaves, mint and peas and you will be sure that it will look absolutely stunning with a multitude of different shades of green. Even the wedding cake could be done in green in order to enhance the outlook of the wedding.

Green Wedding Flowers

In order to ensure that the lighting is gorgeously done, we will make sure that the drapes remain green, while the lighting chosen would be yellow or white, which when striking off the greenish surface will give a beautiful outlook.

Having a green wedding theme is very unconventional for most people since they are not really open to the idea of opting for any other color except the modern ones.

Green Wedding Themes

However, choosing light green for your wedding will make the whole process look extremely nice, and will also set your wedding apart from the standard weddings that are held everywhere else.


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A Brief Introduction to Purple Themed Weddings

The color purple indicates royalty — princes and princesses and kings and queens. Purple also radiates passion, luxury and comfort. That’s why most brides pick out the color purple as the wedding’s motif.


Purple is a blend of warm red and breezy blue. Surprisingly, it can be merged with different colors. Even with colors that don’t seem to match with purple. Everyone knows it blends perfectly well with pink. But purple is also great with other vibrant colors like green and orange and yellow.

Purple can be perfect even for a sunny summer wedding. The bride can opt for lighter tones like lavender and lilac. A deeper purple hue can work just as well if accented with shades of silver and white. Royal purple or eggplant purple will look oh so lovely with silver. Orange can be a good combination too – blend the purple flowers with pretty orange lilies.

Purple Themed Wedding Introduction

Mixing and matching all hues of purple like plum and royal violet with gold and blue will also work perfectly well. Try some shades of purple with aqua – it’s a perfect color recipe for a summer wedding. Purple and lime green is another great mishmash of a purple-themed wedding.

Once the bride has chosen the purple-themed combination motif she desires, it’s going to be easy to plan out the important stuff for the wedding — invitations, save the date cards, thank you cards, wedding favors, wedding cake, wedding decorations, the entourage’s dresses, shoes, and all kinds of wedding what-nots.

Purple Wedding Cake

Start off with the invitation – the bride can opt for metallic paper for a shimmering effect like gold, champagne, ice or silver. It can be a classical wedding invitation when purple is mixed with white – with embossed lines on textured paper.

Purple Wedding Invitation

To spruce up the wedding venue, purple metallic balloons and flowers can be splashed all over the place. There’s a plethora of flowers to choose from – orchids, violets, lavender, iris, and hyacinths to name a few. Blend it with yellow and orange flowers and lime. Prettify it with purple ribbons and glitter. Use vases with purple shades.

For the wedding cake, use purple frosting or purple trimmings. Purple marbles or cake topper and even purple confetti and purple edible beads. Or simply use a simple white wedding cake placed on top of the cake table covered with a purple tablecloth.

Purple Wedding Bouquets

The tables can be decked out with purple candles or just put white candles on purple candle holders. Or wrap them with purple ribbons too. The bridesmaids can wear purple jewelry or purple hair accessories, purple shoes or purple dresses.


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A Brief Introduction to Pink Wedding Themes

With so many different wedding ideas in this day and age it is no wonder Brides and Grooms get stuck for choice. Couples are choosing to become more unique in both their choice of venue and themes. One such theme is themes and there are still so many choices even with this.

Pink Wedding Themes

Pink wedding themes are becoming more and more popular; pink is no longer seen as just a color for girls. There are many places that now offer suit hire with pink shirts, ties and accessories. It doesn’t stop there as you can even get hot pink suits!

Pink Wedding Dresses for Bride

Brides are opting for full hot pink dresses right through to a traditional white wedding dress and adding a touch of the pink wedding theme by placing a pink colored ribbon around the dress giving it both an elegant and pretty pink look without being over bearing.

Pink Feather Wedding Flowers

Flowers and other decorations are a key part in getting the pink color theme right, if picked wisely they can completely change your wedding from hot pink overload to a simple splash of pink. Depending on what look you are after some great pink flowers are Orchids, Roses and Lillie’s all of which can be found in varying degrees of pink.

Pink Wedding Flower Decor

Other things to consider to get the perfect pink themed wedding would be the cake, Whether couples want a big lavish pink cake or many individual cupcakes delicately decorated with fluffy pink butter cream it again give the opportunity to decide whether to go all out pink or just a hint to add some style.

Pink Wedding Certerpiece Decor

There are so many ways to incorporate a pink wedding theme into your own wedding from ribbons and flowers to having pink invitations to get your guests in the mood for your unique pink wedding and how far you take the pink theme is completely up to you.

It is such a nice idea that can suit all tastes because you can control the level of the color intestacy and the effect that it has.


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Unique Wedding Theme Ideas: Green Weddings

If you are looking for a unique wedding this year why not choose a color that is not necessary the first one that springs to mind, I’m thinking green!

Green Wedding Theme Ideas

As we all know green is normally the color associated with envy and yes there will be envy at you wedding when your family and friends see just how gorgeous this color can look. If you wish you can easily team pale green with traditional white and you will instantly have a beautiful garden wedding look.

A Garden Green Wedding Decor

Take inspiration from nature and your wedding will naturally be gorgeous. You will have no problem finding a cake in green as many decorators now really go the extra mile to try and keep their couples happy, after all you will be most likely spending a small fortune on the cake so why should you settle for less.

Some Green Elements in Weddings

It could be suggested that how much green you incorporate into your wedding will really make the difference to how your day will look, it’s quite popular to have mainly white with a splash of bright apple green to give the feel of a green wedding theme without it becoming overbearing.

Creative Green Wedding Gifts

Another popular choice is to have a pale green but use much more of it so your guests can really feel the color. Some really beautiful weddings that have used the green color theme are outside or marquee weddings with fresh daisy flowers and delicate green leaves scattered across the dining tables as grand table displays.

Green Wedding Decors for Christmas

One things for sure when your wedding party see how spectacular this looks they will soon want to follow in your footsteps to try to recreate the idea, it is just a fresh natural take on the sometimes over commercialized side of weddings, the green color theme wedding brings everything back to nature and the fact that you love each other and nothing is more natural than that!


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