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A brown chocolate theme wedding for Chocoholics

Your wedding day is all about you. So, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate your personality in the overall ceremony and reception. In fact, chocoholics can very easily bring a brown, chocolate-infused theme to their wedding by making just a few inexpensive adjustments. Don’t worry: there’s no need to break the bank. Just be sure to use as much creativity and imagination as you possibly can!
So, scroll down to learn how to very easily bring a brown, chocolate-like theme to your wedding.

Chocolate Fountain
Wedding Cake versus Chocolate Fountain
When going for a brown wedding theme, most couples usually decide to go for a chocolate cake. While there’s certainly no lack of brown wedding cakes on the market, you can add a more original twist to your special day by skipping the cake in favour of a glorious chocolate fountain. A few delicious dipping options would be marshmallows, sugar crackers, waffles, apple slices or more elegantly, strawberries.

Brown wedding cake
If you can afford it, then by all means never hesitate to go for both a brown wedding cake as well as the chocolate fountain- two elements that are definitely going to impress your friends and relatives. It may sound quite unconventional but if you- and your husband to be- are absolute chocolate fanatics, you may even replace the customary champagne by tall, chilled glasses of chocolatini.

Brown Bridesmaid dresses
Bridesmaids or Wedding Dresses
The easiest way to incorporate a brown chocolate theme to you wedding would obviously be through the bridesmaids or Maid of Honour dresses. Classy and stunningly sophisticated, brown bridesmaid dresses can even be worn again for cocktail or garden parties. If you’re feeling particularly daring, don’t hesitate to go for a chocolate brown wedding dress. Effortlessly elegant, these wedding dresses have the advantage of easily concealing any unruly bulge or wobble which can be quite visible with white and clingy wedding gowns.

Traditional Indian attire for grooms
If you’re hesitant about going for an all-brown wedding frock, why don’t you play up the colours by going for a part white, part brown dress? In fact, daring brides can even select a glittery brown and red wedding dress which is guaranteed to impress your guests. A more toned down look would be to go for an all white wedding dress with a brown dress tail or hem. Obviously, we shouldn’t neglect the groom either: If you want your man to be dressed in something more exciting than a regular brown tux, a particularly exotic touch would be for him to wear a long brown Sherwani, which is the traditional Indian wedding attire for men.

Brown table setting
Table setting and wedding favours
As far as the reception goes, a brown and white theme would look absolutely divine, especially if you go for dark brown furniture and break it up with cream, ecru, white or ivory tablecloths. Throw in a few striped white and brown napkins and you’re ready to wow everybody! Just be sure to avoid going all brown: this will certainly dampen the wow factor and look dull and boring instead of fresh and eye-catching.
It’s also quite easy to go for brown wedding favours: compact mirrors in the shape of cookie cutters, chocolate fudge or chocolate squares or even coffee scented candles are your best options if you wish to provide your guests with a satisfying token to bring home.


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2014 Trend: Dark Wedding Palette

When you think of weddings, what color pops out of your mind? Pink? Yellow? Light blue? Have you ever been to weddings that feature a dark palette? Dark weddings are unlikely that’s why only individualists and modish people go for them. Having a dark wedding palette doesn’t necessarily translate to a gothic-themed one. You can go sultry or modern with a dark wedding palette. Here are 5 classy dark palettes which you could use for your own wedding.

Dark Blue and Gold
Dark Blue and Gold
A promising sophisticated wedding should better have dark blue and gold hues on it. The mere thought of dark blue invites with a metallic gold print speaks allure. Bridesmaid dresses are best designed in glittery textiles – in varying hues of dark blue, gold and pale yellow.

Glamorous Purple
Glamorous Purple
Purple is the color of royalty. It would be the color of a dragon if they exist. Purple is fierce and sexy. So, why not have a deep purple palette for your modern wedding? Use velvety textiles for your dresses to exaggerate appeal. Hairstyles are strictly buns only made in a sleek way. Dark eye makeup should also be imposed to achieve a couture look.

Vera Wang Dark Red Palette
Dark Red Palette
If traditional is not in your cup of plate, then these Vera Wang inspired dark red palette would surely keep you on the tab to go for this palette. Dahlia to Crimson to Vermilion and Cardinal – irresistible opulence. Your bridal march will surely be likened to a fashion runway show if you go for this palette.

Espresso to Peach
Espresso to Peach
Sultry and sophisticated, the espresso to peach wedding palettes imposes a professional and independent charm. A bushy wedding dress in espresso is whimsically dark so balance out with the lighter hues of lemon curds and canvas. This palette is perfect for a wedding in Europe where traditions never go really old.

Dark Chocolate Browns
Dark Chocolate Browns
Having an autumn wedding, but wouldn’t want to go all orangey? A smart decision is to go with dark chocolate browns and copper tones. Compliment Mother Nature’s rusty looks with your sophisticated browns. This dark color palette would surely work for an outdoor wedding too.


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Black Wedding Dresses

Black wedding dresses, for most people, are equivalent to having crossed ways with a black cat on an alley somewhere. Neither will bring you bad luck. Your married life would be the sum of the your understanding of each other especially on tough times, your level of maturity, your financial stability and a whole lot other things other than your wedding gown color. Wearing a black bridal dress is actually empowering, unique and brave. Here are some black wedding dresses to die for. Pun not intended.

Black and nude shade wedding dress

Mermaid Style Tube
Black is already a slimming color so when a black textile is shaped into a mermaid style clothing, the curves will appear, almost instantly. This style of gown will accentuate your figures and make you the sexiest woman of the day. Make your bridesmaids wear white with minimal black accents so that they’ll miss on the slimming effect. Kidding. They need to wear cream white or other sorts of white in order not to drown and dull out everything with black.

Bride in Black with bridesmaids

Lacey Top
For a glamorous and vogue feel, your top could be a mixture of a long-sleeved laced top with a skintone inner lining. To promote an even more regal look, opt to go for a full floor-length skirt. Tell your makeup artist to go for a natural, nude look, but nowhere too pale. And ahhh, you’ll be exuding the Audrey Hepburn charm – effortless classic beauty.

Lacey top Black Wedding Dress

Almost Tutu Skirt
If you still want to look sassy and playful, you can have the almost-tutu textiles made for your skirt. Throw in a layer or two, each with a different shade of black to still achieve that sophistication over the dress’ mischievousness. If you can work it out, you can have a mid-back exposure. Add a medium floral detail on to it to avoid the flirty aura.

Almost Tutu Black wedding dress

Black Detailed Gown
If you don’t want to go solid black, then you might want to have a textured black cloth on top of light inner lining. Your designer will know what to do with the cloth. If the one you hired is a good one, then different textures and styles can be made from that single piece of clothing. Black is best paired with neutral and nude shades. The end result will be utter magnificence.

Black Detailed wedding Dress


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Unique Black and White Weddings

Having a black and white wedding is classy and elegant. Even though this theme is considered to be a classic that doesn’t mean that you can’t get it to fit your unique style.

Unique Black and White Wedding Cake with Pink Accent
Having a themed wedding starts with the stationary, you need to choose your invitations and have them printed in black and white. You then need to choose a color to use as an accent color. This color will be used throughout your theme. A good way to use this color on your invitations is to have your names printed with it. Make sure to add in your invitations that your guests have to wear black or white. Using great invitations would be a lovely start to a lovely theme.

Unique Black and White Wedding Invitation with Pink Accent
Choosing the right decorations for your wedding and reception can be a good way to show off your creative side. Make sure to do all your decorations in black and white and add just a little bit of your accent color here and there to make it all stand out. You can set your tablecloths up white on the bottom and black on top; your napkins can be done in your accent color. Don’t do anything elaborate with your centerpieces, keep it simple. Try using white flowers in a black vase and add just one or two flowers of your accent color. Another idea for your centerpiece could be to fill a clear bowl with water and add floating candles in your accent color.

Unique Black and White Wedding Ceremony Decoration
One way to make yourself stand out at your wedding is to add your accent color to your dress, also add a little bit of color to your veil. You could line your veil with colored satin. You want to keep your bridesmaid dresses simple.  Have them in classic white with simple lines.

Unique Black and White Wedding Attire
Wedding favors are fun to make and can add just a little bit of fun to your wedding. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making favors. One thing you could do is get black and white M&M’s with your initials printed on them, wrap them in white tulle and tie them with a black bow.

Unique Black and White Wedding Centerpiece
This wedding theme has an unlimited amount of possibilities. You can look into the black and white era to find those finishing touches that will add character to your wedding. Following these simple ideas will help make your wedding unforgettably unique.


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Rose Themed Weddings

Roses are one of the best expressions and symbols of love that is why it is mostly used on celebrations of love like valentines and weddings. Because roses are pliable to any wedding decor, it is very ideal when used as theme for a wedding. The following are some the favorite ideas to make a rose wedding concept perfect.

Rose Themed Wedding Welcome Arch
Aside from the common role of flowers on weddings like bouquets and table centerpieces, they can be set as the main concept of a wedding. From the wedding gown of the bride, wedding invitations, wedding cake, decoration of the wedding ceremony and reception up to the smallest detail of giveaways, a dose of rose can be integrated to create a perfect rose themed wedding.

Rose Themed Wedding Centerpiece
The wedding gown and veil embroidered or sequenced with rose-shape designs adds a dramatic impression on the wedding dress of the bride and so with roses as hair decors for the bride and the bridesmaids. The wedding invitations and wedding cake can be decorated with roses too.

Rose Themed Wedding Cake
Wooden sculptured roses or soap sculptured roses are great idea for giveaways. In the wedding ceremony venue, some of the ideal inclusions of roses are the following—a rose pillow for the ring bearer and kneeling pad of the couple, a rose designed folder or envelop for the marriage contract, and candles carved with rose designs.

Rose Themed Wedding Decor
In the reception, an arc of roses in the entrance beckons a welcoming, romantic and heaven-scented ambiance for everyone. Aside from sprinkled petals of roses on the pathways, gift table, cake table, cocktail buckets or anywhere in the reception hall, lanterns made up of bunched together roses can be hanged to add other wedding favor. Rose napkins, rose candles, ribbon roses and rose stuffed balloons are some of the additional touch of rose themed ideas.

Rose Themed Wedding Favor


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The Chic White and Silver Wedding Theme

Stylish. Elegant. Timeless. Best adjectives to describe a chic silver and white wedding. Silver will definitely bump up and glam up a rather classic ho-hum white wedding.

The Chic White and Silver Wedding Theme Introductory Photo

For the wedding gown, go for frosty white palette with splashes of silver. Oh what fun to accessorize! Think sparkling chandelier earrings, a dazzling tiara on a bun – definitely chic hairstyle for a blushing bride, shimmering bracelets and sparkly high heels for the bridal shoes. Shine like a star on a glamorous smoky eye make-up. Go ahead, add some sparkling shine on the eyes if you dare.

The Chic White and Silver Wedding Theme Wedding Dress

Don’t forget to add those cute tiny crystals on your bouquet to add more sparkle. Let the wedding party join in the magical silvery shine – go for fancy silvery beads on a sweetheart puffy ball gown. The shining wedding party will complete the magical shimmering look. Let the groom and his men wear a metallic bow tie or go for a glamorous black tie dress code and subdued silvery color palette.

Add glitter on your invitation paper —on the save the dates and the programs. Use silvery metallic ink. For the wedding cake, it can go twice as chic too – add edible silver crystals and beads and pearls on an all white cake. Put in something natural –pearly white flowers or silvery snowflakes. Think silver heart chocolates for your favors. Or silver kisses? Set them in a dainty white box with a silver ribbon. How about some silver and white chocolate candies in a see-through organza bag tied up with silver and white ribbons?

The Chic White and Silver Wedding Theme Cake

Decorating the place can be twice as fun. And yes, absolutely elegant. Think flickering candles on the tables and white ice seats – with shiny silver pillows. Candles bring a hint of romance especially when placed in vintage glass holders or polished silver. Think of the vintage look on your pillar stands and candelabras. Oh so chic, indeed.

The Chic White and Silver Wedding Theme Table Setting

Mix those silvery shines with something from nature – like pure white flowers blended with silvery ribbons to soften the metallic touches of silver. Use silvery fabrics with silver textures and sequins. Add those small touches of silver metallic studs on the tablecloth or napkin holders.

The Chic White and Silver Wedding Theme Bouquet

Who needs the moonshine when the whole place is sparkling bright? Adding up the silvery shine definitely brings warmness and royalty to a rather lackluster all white room.
Just remember, to make your chic silver and white wedding timelessly elegant, bear in mind to add just the right touch of shine in the right place.


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Top Trendy Styles for Green Wedding Outfits

Wanting a happy green wedding? How about a rustic green effect?

Top Trendy Style Green Wedding OUtfits Introduction

Green themed weddings can be chic and dreamy. Exude a fairytale effect with a ceremony in the woods or garden. That’s a perfect green option. The leaves and flowers will bring out the best of natural greens in the occasion. The wedding entourage will stand out in their green inspired wedding attires. Leave the bed of grass on the ground and strut down the aisle with a stylish green motif.

A simple bouquet of baby’s breath will perfectly go for the dreamy wedding. The small white flowers with green stems and bits of leaves can give a gorgeous green shade on a pure white wedding gown. Tie it up with a green ribbon lace that hangs in curls while the flower is held by the bride.

Top Trendy Style Green Wedding Flowers

Exaggerate the bridesmaids’ wrists by showing off a wrist corsage of green ribbon lace, white pearls, flowers and sparkling rhinestones. For a simpler look they can highlight their hands with green nail art and a bling. Arm candies are also a stunner. For a rustic vintage wedding, mix the green bracelets with browns and light yellows or put on an artistic arm band with green rhinestones.

Ladies can pop their eyes with green dreamy eye shadows for a twilight effect. Smoky or bright, it’s up to the desired taste of the bride.
A green sash will look cute in the empire cut dress of the flower girls. Alternately, bridesmaids can have the sash hanging down one shoulder and over the back or along their trim waists.

Top Trendy Style Green Wedding Bow Tie and Suspenders

The dreamy green themed wedding is absolutely perfect for the green shoes. Wear wedding dresses that is just high enough to see the shoes. During the march, the entourage will look like they are floating as they walk along the green bed of grass. No need to use carpets. Those are just for indoor weddings or pavements. A garden wedding should maximize the natural beauty of the venue.

Top Trendy Style Green Wedding Shoes

Green ties or bows are perfect for the groom and his men. If donning a vintage style, go for tucked green long sleeves with suspenders. Match it up with a peeping green socks in black shoes. And for the men’s final green vintage look, wear olive green fedora hat with black ribbon lace around the base of the brim.

Top Trendy Style Green Wedding Gloves

Ladies’ vintage final look should be a green bird cage head topper and a calf-length pencil-cut dress in white or cream. Add green elbow-length formal gloves for a classy evening wedding.


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The Chic Purple Bride

Are you ready to make a statement on your big day?

Go ahead. Break tradition. Walk down the aisle on a purple wedding dress and feel like royalty. Purple is a mixture of blue and red – the steadiness and firmness of blue and the get-up-and-go oomph of red. That’s why purple symbolizes luxury, power, extravagance, wealth, mystery and yes, dignity and wisdom.

The Chic Purple Wedding Hat

Purple has always been associated with monarchs and crowns, so it wouldn’t really hurt if you add a purple crown or hat on your head to add a little bit more of purple flamboyance.

Go for a pretty strapless puffy organza and satin purple wedding dress – tote up more glam factor by using beads pattern over the ball gown. Move over, Princess Kate. Here comes, the purple queen.

The Chic Purple Organza Wedding Gown

Purple wedding dresses can come in a plum colored strapless ball gown. Or a satin tiered skirt with embroidery in hot royal purple. A sweetheart ruffled purple wedding gown with splashes of white will surely give out a collective wow from all the guests—groom included of course. Be a blushing beautiful bride on a classic strapless with crystal beads on a purple wedding dress. Or how about a purple strapless lace neckline ruffle satin? You can either choose the bold purple or the sweet lavender or lilac tone. Feel like a million bucks on a beautifully-fitted corset top and ruffled skirt ball gown – oh yes, in purple.

The Chic Purple Lace Overlaid Wedding Shoes

Eager to add more purple power to your wedding ensemble? Kick off your glass slipper and choose purple shoes on your wedding day. Don’t let anything hold you back by daring to make this purple statement. Whether you’ll get lilac or violet or royal purple – lace overlaid purple wedding shoes add a feminine splash to your wedding outfit. Beautify it, add some ribbons and crystals and beads. Let in the rest of your wedding party and don those spunky purple shoes – from lavender to bright purple to dark plum. It’s time for purple reign!

The Chic Purple Satin Wedding Gloves

To complete the purple dream, why don’t you dare put on a cute pair of satin bridal gloves? Or let your entourage put on those pretty purple gloves to complete the picture – choose from wrist length to below elbow length or above the elbow or the opera length. Embellish those purple gloves with beads and ribbons and crystals, if you wish. Imagine a purple lace fingerless below elbow length wedding gloves — perfect for your evening wedding.

While you’re at it, let your groom and his men, put on purple bow ties and let them join the purple wedding party.


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The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme

Bring the vibrant blue and orange wedding theme to life. Set aside fear and instead be fearless enough to use these bright colors as modern wedding motif.

From the many shades of blue, it can be very hard to decide whether to use robin’s egg blue or tiffany blue or navy blue. After comparing and all, the bolder royal blue with the happy orange on the wedding pallet is still the best combination. Put together these pretty shades and create a calm and happy wedding reception that trails to a dreamy happy ever after.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Introductory Photo

Let the colors be picture-perfect with the great weather outside. An outdoor wedding will surely add fantasy and style to the colorful event. The versatility of royal blue goes very well with the sky or the ocean or the garden. Even if accented with bright orange, it can still exude elegance and tranquility.

Mix and match the colors in the wedding venue. Orange flowers can come in royal blue vases. Alternate the colors among tables and chairs. Tie orange and blue ribbons on tree branches or hang flower initials of the wedding color on the entrance of the venue.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Flowers

Let the bride wear a perfect white bridal gown with a mix of blue and orange bouquet. She can also don either a royal blue or orange sparkly shoes. The bridesmaids can alternately wear the colors and initially give an impression of an outdoor wedding while they hold their own fab umbrellas of either color.

Chic Blue and Orange Reception Dress

Strut down the aisle behind the trail of entourage wearing the vibrant colors evident in their shoes, hair accessories, bouquets or outfits. Men can attach orange pocket flowers on the lapel of their coat while a royal blue tie goes with their white long sleeves inset. With the royal blue bridesmaid dress, an orange bouquet will look chic and stylish. They can also put a blossom on their hair.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Umbrella Accessory

The bride can change her dress in the reception area. A butterfly sleeved chiffon dress with beaded appliqué is definitely a show-stopper. Make sure to do the second number after the traditional wedding reception ceremony of cake cutting and first dance. The chiffon dress is meant to make the bride move a lot easier around the tables for some “Thank you” and “Congratulations” photos. And who cares if she and the groom even get on with an upbeat dance number? It’s their big blue and orange wedding day anyway.


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For the Bubbly Sophisticates: Yellow, White& Grey Wedding

Are you a fun and bright couple? Do you two keep your mutual friends’ parties alive? Yellow would definitely be a perfect choice as your wedding color. If you want to tone down the brightness a bit and add a dash of classiness, then pair yellow with any shade of grey. It’ll work. Integrate white too to compliment the bride’s wedding gown.

Bride, Groom and Entourage

The yellow, white and grey colors conjures a simple, comfortable and tranquil atmosphere, impeccable for rustic country weddings. Picture you and your crew outside a small chapel or a barn, laughing and making poses for the camera.It would just be delicately exciting. Let your bridesmaids wear grey gowns and disturb the monotony by making them carry yellow bouquets. Color popping is a great technique in fashion and in photography.

Yellow Wedding Trinkets

Speaking of flowers and bouquets, you can exude timeless bravura with calla lilies tied in grey ribbons for the bridesmaids. As for the bride, a more regal look is just right – yellow lilies patterned with other white bundled flowers like baby’s breath or hydrangea. Lilies are known to symbolize beauty and magnificence, the very words that describe the bride on her big day.

Wedding flower bouquets

But of course, there are other yellow flower options in case you can’t get your hands on those sillies. You can opt to go with chrysanthemums for joy, long life, fidelity and optimism. On the other hand, daffodils may be used to denote regard and chivalry. Daffodils are also often interpreted to mean new beginnings and eternal life – the start of your lives as a couple.

Solo Bouquet

Keep in mind the colors when planning major matters for your wedding like the cake, invitations, bridal entourage outfit and the reception area.It’ll keep the whole wedding solid and not speckled. Imply your wedding theme on the attendees through a yellow-and-grey wedding invitations. Alternate the colors on the cake layers or do color combinations on a layer. Have yellow pop outs on your ensemble like yellow shoes, yellow ties, yellow boutonnières and yellow headdresses.

Colored Wedding Trinkets
As for the wedding trinkets, there are lots of fun ways of creating crafts for your chosen wedding theme colors. You can readily buy yellow and grey striped straws from craft manufacturers. If you want, you can also make yellow, grey and white pompoms in different sizes to hang them on the reception area. You could even make DIYs necklaces for you and your bridesmaids.


Just be sure though to pick out the yellow and grey hues that would actually complement each other.


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