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Orange themed weddings: How to avoid the overblown pumpkin look

If you’re getting married around the time of Halloween, an orange theme might actually be quite fitting for your wedding. In fact, if done tastefully, orange hues can bring a lively and rather fun feel to your special day- something which non-traditionalists will relish in!

Orange wedding theme collage

Let’s be honest though: if you’re not careful with this particular color, an overuse of orange can end up looking tacky and rather vulgar, rather than sophisticated. So, it really pays off to be careful and not go overboard as you start off with your wedding decorations. Bear in mind that you should never, ever go for an all-orange palate. This is quite a difficult hue to pull off so it’s quite important to mix and match and cut through the orange with various other tones. In fact, couples can even consider bringing a Moroccan theme to their special day since this particular decor is quite vibrant and lively with pronounced shades of orange and purple.

Wooden wedding arch with orange flowers

If you’re planning an outdoors ceremony, a particularly glamorous look would be to opt for a natural looking wedding arch made out of wood with just a few bouquets of orange flowers to tie up the whole look. Alternatively, those of you who are going for a church wedding can decorate the aisle with alternating white and orange organza bouquets, but in this case, it would be best to go for glittery fabrics that will take your decor up to the next level.

Orange marquee curtains and wedding decorations

Never underestimate the value of your wedding decorations either. If you can afford it, go for a lavish silk marquee that will instantly bring the orange theme into the foreground. A cheaper alternative, however, would be to go for pale orange curtains with the occasional white gauze to break it up. Dried flowers and decorative twig arrangements are also gaining popularity within the wedding industry and you can very easily spray paint a few of tall twigs before placing them in floor-length vases for a more dramatic look.

Orange wedding bouquet

Of course, as with any other colored-themed wedding, the bridesmaids can wear orange dresses. Failing that, they can always go for orange shoes and black, brown, green, ivory or grey dresses. All these colors go particularly well with orange and will certainly set off the overall mood of the wedding. Another wonderful touch would be to carefully pack your wedding favors in delicate orange organza pouches or dainty boxes. And when it comes to the wedding toast, you can replace the customary champagne by a tall, chilled glass or orange liqueur or punch. However, if you absolutely must have champagne, there’s no reason why you can’t ask the caterers to decorate your glass with a thin silver of orange fruit to keep in line with the overall theme.

Ornate orange wedding cake

Going for an orange-themed wedding certainly requires more care and consideration than other colors but there’s no reason why you should skip this vibrant, lovely hue. Just be sure to always mix, match and contrast and you’re going to have the perfect ceremony which will most certainly impress your friends and relatives!


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The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme

Bring the vibrant blue and orange wedding theme to life. Set aside fear and instead be fearless enough to use these bright colors as modern wedding motif.

From the many shades of blue, it can be very hard to decide whether to use robin’s egg blue or tiffany blue or navy blue. After comparing and all, the bolder royal blue with the happy orange on the wedding pallet is still the best combination. Put together these pretty shades and create a calm and happy wedding reception that trails to a dreamy happy ever after.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Introductory Photo

Let the colors be picture-perfect with the great weather outside. An outdoor wedding will surely add fantasy and style to the colorful event. The versatility of royal blue goes very well with the sky or the ocean or the garden. Even if accented with bright orange, it can still exude elegance and tranquility.

Mix and match the colors in the wedding venue. Orange flowers can come in royal blue vases. Alternate the colors among tables and chairs. Tie orange and blue ribbons on tree branches or hang flower initials of the wedding color on the entrance of the venue.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Flowers

Let the bride wear a perfect white bridal gown with a mix of blue and orange bouquet. She can also don either a royal blue or orange sparkly shoes. The bridesmaids can alternately wear the colors and initially give an impression of an outdoor wedding while they hold their own fab umbrellas of either color.

Chic Blue and Orange Reception Dress

Strut down the aisle behind the trail of entourage wearing the vibrant colors evident in their shoes, hair accessories, bouquets or outfits. Men can attach orange pocket flowers on the lapel of their coat while a royal blue tie goes with their white long sleeves inset. With the royal blue bridesmaid dress, an orange bouquet will look chic and stylish. They can also put a blossom on their hair.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Umbrella Accessory

The bride can change her dress in the reception area. A butterfly sleeved chiffon dress with beaded appliqué is definitely a show-stopper. Make sure to do the second number after the traditional wedding reception ceremony of cake cutting and first dance. The chiffon dress is meant to make the bride move a lot easier around the tables for some “Thank you” and “Congratulations” photos. And who cares if she and the groom even get on with an upbeat dance number? It’s their big blue and orange wedding day anyway.


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A Brief Introduction to Orange Themed Weddings

Thinking of orange as your wedding theme? That means you have an infectious relish for life, you’re fun loving, spontaneous, positively loud, trendy and full of energy. Bursts of orange mean bursts of vibrant energy. So get on and get giddy about planning your orange-themed wedding. It is surely going to be loads of fun and cheer.

Orange Weddings Introductory Photo
Decide whether you’re going for an all orange theme or orange with a matching color. Like orange and brown or orange and green, or orange or yellow and yes, orange and blue. What shade of orange will you choose? Bright citrus orange or the tangerine hue? If you’re planning a cute wedding, then go for bright orange with splashes of pink and yellow.

An Orange Beach Wedding

If you want the classic rustic wedding, the chic subdued tangerine hue with brown is perfect.Whether it’s a cheery orange wedding loaded with lots of quirky knickknacks or a non-traditional barn wedding with splashes of orange, choosing the decorations and picking out the flowers for the wedding ceremony to the bouquets is going to be as easy as orange pumpkin pie. Orange balloons, orange flowers, orange paper lanterns and orange fruits!

Orange Weddings Rustic Theme
Orange is a great color for brides who think outside the box. Oh what fun it must be to walk down the aisle in a pair of funky orange shoes. Or choose peep-toe shoes and don orange colored toe nails. The wedding party can opt to wear cute orange cocktail length strapless nu-georgette dresses with draped bodice and peplum. Oh so stylish and oh so pretty. The possibilities are endless.

Orange Wedding Shoes
Choosing a venue for an orange themed wedding is just as fun – orange usually exudes wind and the sun and even gorgeous sunsets. Most orange-themed weddings go for cliff top setting, or a beach side or beach barbecue wedding. Top it off with wine tasting and lots of champagne and good food. From the ceremony to the reception, it will surely be a celebration of vibrant colors and fun touches.

Orange Wedding Cake

An orange-themed wedding cake seems fun – what’s not to fall in love with butter cream cake with orange cake toppers, orange garden roses and orange cake flowers. One can only imagine what kind of dessert table an orange themed wedding will offer. Orange cupcakes, orange cake pops and orange macaroons. For the wedding favors, go for edible orange candies. If you’re going for the barn wedding, pack an orange marmalade in a cute jar.


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