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Ideas for a St Patrick Day’s Wedding Celebration

St Patrick day wedding collage

Undoubtedly one of the most fun celebrations, St Patrick Day is full of merriment, good humor and of course, luck. It should therefore come as no surprise that more and more couples are opting for this day to say ‘I Do.’ In fact, more superstitious couples believe that tying the knot on this special day is bound to bring them good luck through their entire lives, while solidifying their relationship. Green, of course, is the St Patrick Day color by excellence, so, it’s important to really infuse this hue as much as you can in your decoration theme. So, read on to learn how to very easily have a green-themed wedding on St Patrick’s Day.

Green bridesmaid dress

Don’t forget that your bridesmaids are really going to stand out on this day, so, an extremely easy way to bring a St Patrick Day theme to mind is by dressing all of them in green frocks. Of course, it goes without saying that you can opt for several shades of green: from lime green to a darker forest-like shade, the choice is all yours but just remember to keep the dresses on the classy side. Knee or floor-length are the best ways to blend in with the overall St Patrick cheer. Alternatively, the groom can also don an elegant dark green tie with four-clover leaves printed on it.

Elegant st patrick tie

Green St Patrick Day-related wedding favors are other touches that your guests are going to appreciate. A great example would be to go for candy favors such as sugared four-clover leaves, green cookies with leprechaun-shaped icing and other such treats. You don’t have to limit yourself to candy: don’t hesitate to think outside the box: handing each guest a four-clover pin and a small glass of green melon liqueur prior to the ceremony are touches that are always quite appreciated.

St Patrick day candy wedding favor

To really stay within the theme of the day, it’s best to hold your wedding outdoors. You may certainly have an indoors St Patrick Day wedding but then, it might lack that special atmosphere which this particular occasion seems to bring. Most importantly, a lush outdoors wedding will require very little decorations and accents since nearly everything will already be green. It’s recommended to favor venues such as gazebos in the middle of gardens, parks or forests. Several of these locations normally require a license so be sure to take care of all the paperwork beforehand. If you’re on a limited budget, don’t forget that your backyard- or a friend’s for that matter- will work just fine as long as there is plenty of green scenery around.

Lush outdoor wedding venue


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A green theme for your Christmas wedding

Red and Green may be the Christmas colors by excellence, but, an all-green Christmas wedding can bring a more homely and rustic charm to the ceremony. Getting married at around Christmas time will undoubtedly provide you with one of the most- if not the most- magical events of your life. From the tree to the cookies, there are quite a few ways in which you can very easily incorporate a green theme to your ultra-special Christmas wedding. Best of all, contrary to what most people believe, you won’t even need a huge budget to adopt this theme. In fact, a green festive wedding demands quite a lot of DIY, which ultimately cuts back on certain costs.

Green touches enhanced by red

If you want to go all the way, then, by all means, don’t hesitate to decorate your entire house and yard in a typical Christmas fashion. This way, you can very easily string green fairy lights around your front porch or trees, if you have any. This will certainly provide an exquisite backdrop to couples who are having a home wedding or, at the very least, a home reception. A lavish green Christmas wedding decor will also add a fun and festive touch to the overall atmosphere and put all the guests in a party mood!

Lavish green Christmas wedding decoration for home ceremony

Of course, there’s no rule which states that you can’t go for a green wedding cake. However, if this sounds a bit over the top for you, why don’t you opt for a typical white wedding day and spruce it up by adding some green touches around the cake? Hanging Christmas balls or pine needles are wonderful ways to infuse a festive look to your wedding cake table. Similarly, think about giving the customary champagne the sack in favor of a perfectly chilled eggnog for the wedding toast. In fact, you may even serve it up in green rimmed glasses for an ultra-Christmassy look!

Green touches around Christmas-themed wedding cake

Don’t forget that the best way to enhance a green theme would be to add some red touches to the overall decor. Some red sprinkles or red flowers around the wedding cake will draw more attention to the green theme. Don’t forget to select this hue for your wedding favors as well: Christmas tree cupcakes or Christmas cookies are the best ways to put your guests into a festive mood.

Green christmas tree cupcake wedding favorEggnog wedding toast in green rimmed glass

Of course, the bride can even don a green wedding dress. In fact, if your groom agrees to it, he can either wear a matching green tux or even a red one for a more Christmas-like look.

Green wedding dress


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Let your special day be infused by Nature

If green is your favorite color, or if you’re simply a fan of nature, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go for a green themed wedding. In fact, this particular theme is actually perfect for the environment-conscious bride and groom and it will certainly bring a deep sense of nature on your special day.
Here are a few simple adjustments that you can make to very easily bring a green theme to your wedding.

Green bridesmaid dresses

The Bridesmaids
A particularly summery look would be to dress all the bridesmaids in identical shades of pale lime green. Still, if you want to avoid the whole uniform-like look, you can get each girl to wear a particular shade of green, hence creating an ombre-like effect. Or, if you want to be radically different, you can even dress them up in short jet black dresses with contrasting lime green shoes.
Never neglect the importance of accessories: An emerald bracelet, sequined green clutch purses and green teardrop earrings will certainly bring a soothing, natural feel to the day in general.

Green Wedding Gown

The Bride
It’s no secret that most of the attention is focused on the bride. She’s the one who will ultimately set off the overall mood and theme of the wedding. By this token, adventurous ladies can even go for a deep emerald or pale apple green wedding frock that’s bound to mesmerize guests with its originality. Traditionalists, on the other hand, may go for an all-white frock with a deep forest green Scottish-style sash across it. Another original idea would be to opt for a white beaded bodice that flows gently into a pale green hem. Alternatively, you may even allow a hint of green gauzy petticoat to peek from underneath the hem.

Bridal green french manicure

Of course, if you have the skin tone for it, then by all means don’t hesitate before bringing a hint of green to your makeup palette as well. Pale green eye shadow and eyeliner go particularly well with brown, black, hazel and green eyes. A green-tipped French manicure will also enhance the overall theme of the day. Brides who are particularly fond of this color can even select a green-stoned wedding band, but, in this case, try to break it up by adding a blend of blue sapphires and emerald to your ring.

Green Bridesmaid shoes

Reception and decoration
A green wedding cake can look quite boring and out of place if you don’t properly embellish it. If you’re trying to stick to a nature theme, you can ask your baker to craft a cake in the shape of doves or any bird of your liking. Similarly, a wonderful twist to your wedding decoration would be to turn the aisle into an enchanted forest: artificial green birch trees and bushes will bring quite a magical, almost mystical aura to the wedding.

Green decoration

As far as the reception goes, don’t hesitate to go for green napkins, artificial green flowers or even a wonderful deep green chocolate wedding cake. The contrast between the dark chocolate and green icing will definitely win over the toughest of critics!


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Top Trendy Styles for Green Wedding Outfits

Wanting a happy green wedding? How about a rustic green effect?

Top Trendy Style Green Wedding OUtfits Introduction

Green themed weddings can be chic and dreamy. Exude a fairytale effect with a ceremony in the woods or garden. That’s a perfect green option. The leaves and flowers will bring out the best of natural greens in the occasion. The wedding entourage will stand out in their green inspired wedding attires. Leave the bed of grass on the ground and strut down the aisle with a stylish green motif.

A simple bouquet of baby’s breath will perfectly go for the dreamy wedding. The small white flowers with green stems and bits of leaves can give a gorgeous green shade on a pure white wedding gown. Tie it up with a green ribbon lace that hangs in curls while the flower is held by the bride.

Top Trendy Style Green Wedding Flowers

Exaggerate the bridesmaids’ wrists by showing off a wrist corsage of green ribbon lace, white pearls, flowers and sparkling rhinestones. For a simpler look they can highlight their hands with green nail art and a bling. Arm candies are also a stunner. For a rustic vintage wedding, mix the green bracelets with browns and light yellows or put on an artistic arm band with green rhinestones.

Ladies can pop their eyes with green dreamy eye shadows for a twilight effect. Smoky or bright, it’s up to the desired taste of the bride.
A green sash will look cute in the empire cut dress of the flower girls. Alternately, bridesmaids can have the sash hanging down one shoulder and over the back or along their trim waists.

Top Trendy Style Green Wedding Bow Tie and Suspenders

The dreamy green themed wedding is absolutely perfect for the green shoes. Wear wedding dresses that is just high enough to see the shoes. During the march, the entourage will look like they are floating as they walk along the green bed of grass. No need to use carpets. Those are just for indoor weddings or pavements. A garden wedding should maximize the natural beauty of the venue.

Top Trendy Style Green Wedding Shoes

Green ties or bows are perfect for the groom and his men. If donning a vintage style, go for tucked green long sleeves with suspenders. Match it up with a peeping green socks in black shoes. And for the men’s final green vintage look, wear olive green fedora hat with black ribbon lace around the base of the brim.

Top Trendy Style Green Wedding Gloves

Ladies’ vintage final look should be a green bird cage head topper and a calf-length pencil-cut dress in white or cream. Add green elbow-length formal gloves for a classy evening wedding.


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Posted in Colored Theme WeddingsGreen Theme Weddings on Oct 10th,2013
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A Breif Introduction to Green Wedding Theme Ideas

Is green your favorite color? Well, if the answer is yes, why not opt for something different and have your wedding designed in a green outlook?

General Green Weddings

Green looks beautiful if done correctly, and once the whole setup is complete, the color green will definitely make your wedding one of the most popular ones.

First of all, in contrast with the white wedding dress of the bride, the bridesmaids must choose a light colored green hue to wear.

Green Bridesmaid Gowns

Secondly, the dining table is a very important part of the whole wedding, and it is important that a lot of vegetables are used in order to give the desired ‘green’ effect. Obviously, these can be placed merely for showcasing purposes, but the beauty that they give is second to none.

Green Wedding Decors

Apart from that, the bouquets can be designed in green as well. Not really needing the standard flowers? Let us design a bouquet full of greens such as spinach, lettuce leaves, mint and peas and you will be sure that it will look absolutely stunning with a multitude of different shades of green. Even the wedding cake could be done in green in order to enhance the outlook of the wedding.

Green Wedding Flowers

In order to ensure that the lighting is gorgeously done, we will make sure that the drapes remain green, while the lighting chosen would be yellow or white, which when striking off the greenish surface will give a beautiful outlook.

Having a green wedding theme is very unconventional for most people since they are not really open to the idea of opting for any other color except the modern ones.

Green Wedding Themes

However, choosing light green for your wedding will make the whole process look extremely nice, and will also set your wedding apart from the standard weddings that are held everywhere else.


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Unique Wedding Theme Ideas: Green Weddings

If you are looking for a unique wedding this year why not choose a color that is not necessary the first one that springs to mind, I’m thinking green!

Green Wedding Theme Ideas

As we all know green is normally the color associated with envy and yes there will be envy at you wedding when your family and friends see just how gorgeous this color can look. If you wish you can easily team pale green with traditional white and you will instantly have a beautiful garden wedding look.

A Garden Green Wedding Decor

Take inspiration from nature and your wedding will naturally be gorgeous. You will have no problem finding a cake in green as many decorators now really go the extra mile to try and keep their couples happy, after all you will be most likely spending a small fortune on the cake so why should you settle for less.

Some Green Elements in Weddings

It could be suggested that how much green you incorporate into your wedding will really make the difference to how your day will look, it’s quite popular to have mainly white with a splash of bright apple green to give the feel of a green wedding theme without it becoming overbearing.

Creative Green Wedding Gifts

Another popular choice is to have a pale green but use much more of it so your guests can really feel the color. Some really beautiful weddings that have used the green color theme are outside or marquee weddings with fresh daisy flowers and delicate green leaves scattered across the dining tables as grand table displays.

Green Wedding Decors for Christmas

One things for sure when your wedding party see how spectacular this looks they will soon want to follow in your footsteps to try to recreate the idea, it is just a fresh natural take on the sometimes over commercialized side of weddings, the green color theme wedding brings everything back to nature and the fact that you love each other and nothing is more natural than that!


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