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Decorating ideas for a blue wedding reception

Thanks to the age-old adage of “something blue”, blue is, by far, one of the most popular hues at weddings. The good news is that this is an extremely harmonious color to include in just about any setting. From the drapes or even to the aisle carpet, there certainly isn’t a lack of ways to incorporate blue in your wedding and reception. So, read on to learn how you can very easily bring this color to the forefront on your special day!

Ideas for blue wedding

Wedding cake

The one item that will certainly be on display at your reception, your wedding cake should preferably be done up in varying hues of blue in order to keep in line with the all-blue theme. In this case, couples usually have several options to choose from: for example, you may either go for an all-blue cake or a white and blue cake, or even a plain white cake with a blue cake topper. Adventurous couples might even ask their baker to add a few drops of blue food coloring to their cake batter for a more daring look.

Blue wedding cake

Table settings

If you want to adopt a blue themed wedding decor, one of the easiest ways is to incorporate this shade through the table settings. Indeed, the catering industry is practically brimming with blue tablecloths and napkins. There is one thing that you should bear in mind though: a blue wedding reception doesn’t mean that you should go crazy on this color. Far from being appealing, an overdose of blue might end up short of being sickening.

Blue table setting

It’s therefore crucial to properly balance the various colors and incorporate other tones in the overall decor. For example, a nice idea would be to select a napkin and a tablecloth made of two different shades of blue. Dark blue and turquoise, for example, go superbly well together. Alternatively, you may also go for an entirely contrasting combination such as blue and yellow. Blue-rimmed plate with an ivory surface will also complement your color scheme.

Blue wedding reception decor

Wedding favors and other decorations

Since wedding favors are usually lined up on a same table, a particularly pronounced effect would be to pack everything in the blue boxes or packaging, which will instantly draw attention to the overall theme. Of course, couples should also focus on a few other accents and decorations to liven up the blue theme. Blue candles, for instance, are fabulous choices to vamp up your reception decor.

Blue wedding favorsBlue candles


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How to have your perfect “Something Blue” wedding

“Something old, something borrowed, something new, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe”
While this age-old adage is gradually losing its importance in the face of contemporary and sophisticated weddings, many brides still religiously adhere to the everlasting “something blue”, which according to many, is bound to bring prosperity and good luck to the newlyweds. So, what better way to enhance your “something blue” than to go for a blue wedding theme?

Bridesmaids in blue dresses
Don’t panic: going for a blue-themed wedding is much easier than it sounds and besides, it can be even more tasteful and elegant than traditional white weddings. The only rule to follow is not to go overboard. Indeed, don’t get carried away and drown your guests in violent splashes of restless blue. Instead, it’s always a good idea to break it up and create creative combinations of blue and other colours that complements this particular hue. For example, blue bridesmaids dresses are going to stand out even more if you dress the maid of honour in orange, yellow, brown or pink.

Blue Orchid Wedding Cake
Another way to incorporate a blue theme in your wedding day is to go for an aquamarine-tinted wedding cake. If you want, you can go for an all-blue cake, but by the same token, don’t hesitate to break it up by adding some white and yellow sugared roses. Alternatively, you can ask your baker to create a several-tiered cake with a different shade of blue for each tier. An ombre look would also look quite magnificent on a wedding cake.

blue wedding dress
If you’re the type of ultra-contemporary and sophisticated bride who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and explore new fashion avenues, why don’t you go for a royal blue wedding gown? This can be quite a striking look, especially if paired with a diamond and pearl tiara and matching earrings. Ladies who want a more toned down look, however, can go for the traditional white frock but with a dark blue dress tail to complete the look. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to incorporate other blue touches in the likes of a blue sapphire hair comb, deep blue shoes or blue jewellery and accessories.

Blue wedding shoes
Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if the groom would wear a dark blue tie or even a blue tux as well. Blue bridesmaids dresses are also extremely popular in these aptly-themed weddings. In fact, a particularly nice look would be to dress the bridesmaids in satin blue dresses with clashing accessories such as sunshine yellow earrings and the likes. The couple can even opt for turquoise organza for the wedding flavours and blue cocktails for the wedding toast. A blue wedding invitation will also be a classy and original touch to the overall wedding.

Blue wedding invitations



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The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme

Bring the vibrant blue and orange wedding theme to life. Set aside fear and instead be fearless enough to use these bright colors as modern wedding motif.

From the many shades of blue, it can be very hard to decide whether to use robin’s egg blue or tiffany blue or navy blue. After comparing and all, the bolder royal blue with the happy orange on the wedding pallet is still the best combination. Put together these pretty shades and create a calm and happy wedding reception that trails to a dreamy happy ever after.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Introductory Photo

Let the colors be picture-perfect with the great weather outside. An outdoor wedding will surely add fantasy and style to the colorful event. The versatility of royal blue goes very well with the sky or the ocean or the garden. Even if accented with bright orange, it can still exude elegance and tranquility.

Mix and match the colors in the wedding venue. Orange flowers can come in royal blue vases. Alternate the colors among tables and chairs. Tie orange and blue ribbons on tree branches or hang flower initials of the wedding color on the entrance of the venue.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Flowers

Let the bride wear a perfect white bridal gown with a mix of blue and orange bouquet. She can also don either a royal blue or orange sparkly shoes. The bridesmaids can alternately wear the colors and initially give an impression of an outdoor wedding while they hold their own fab umbrellas of either color.

Chic Blue and Orange Reception Dress

Strut down the aisle behind the trail of entourage wearing the vibrant colors evident in their shoes, hair accessories, bouquets or outfits. Men can attach orange pocket flowers on the lapel of their coat while a royal blue tie goes with their white long sleeves inset. With the royal blue bridesmaid dress, an orange bouquet will look chic and stylish. They can also put a blossom on their hair.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Umbrella Accessory

The bride can change her dress in the reception area. A butterfly sleeved chiffon dress with beaded appliqué is definitely a show-stopper. Make sure to do the second number after the traditional wedding reception ceremony of cake cutting and first dance. The chiffon dress is meant to make the bride move a lot easier around the tables for some “Thank you” and “Congratulations” photos. And who cares if she and the groom even get on with an upbeat dance number? It’s their big blue and orange wedding day anyway.


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Make A Blue Wedding Theme for Your Big Day

Want to design a wedding based on your favorite color? Well, if your favorite color is blue, your wedding can certainly turn out to be extremely beautiful!

Blue Wedding Ideas

Why opt for a red carpet when the blue one will really sparkle underneath your feet? Or, why opt for a standard white wedding dress when you can go for a beautiful, blue colored one?

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are looking for a blue wedding theme, we have a number of different ideas up our sleeve.

First of all, why not do the drapes of your wedding in blue? Obviously, the reception area has to really showcase the blue theme, which is why the lighting could be slightly altered to provide a bluish hue too. Moreover, the floor plays a major part.

Blue Wedding Table Theme

Rather than going for a traditional carpeted surface, we will opt for a full blue colored design that is not only aimed at giving your wedding a beautiful outlook, but the shades of blue that we use will make the whole setup look even better.

Blue Theme Wedding

From the tablecloths, to the flowers to the wedding drapes, we will make sure that everything is just the way you like. Obviously, when it comes to planning a blue themed wedding, blue isn’t the only color that you want.

Mixing and matching can be done quite well. For instance, the traditional white wedding dress could be coupled with blue dresses for the bridesmaids, which would make it look absolutely stunning. Blue flower bouquets wrapped with white ribbons can be used too.

Blue with Other Color Mixed Wedding

We can also design beautiful blue colored invitations for all the guests that you wish to invite to the wedding party. And most importantly, the cake can be done in blue as well! So what are you waiting for? Check out our ideas now!


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