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Gray themed weddings: How to keep things from looking dull

If you don’t properly handle it, it would be far too easy to make a gray themed wedding look dull and uninviting. While this color is undeniably glamorous and elegant, gray weddings can quickly turn to disaster if you do not adopt the proper care required when setting up the decorations.

Add some bright touches

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Here are some tips that will hopefully help you pull off a lively, romantic and exceedingly classy gray-themed weddings.


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Don’t neglect the bright touches

As tempting as it is to go for an all-grey palette, try to adopt this drastic step. This will result in a drab, almost funeral-like look which might even induce quite a few yawns from your guests. Therefore, do go for gray as the main color but don’t neglect the bright touches to break things up a bit. Yellow, for example, is a wonderful way to add some contrast to your wedding palette. Think yellow flowers for the bridesmaids or even a stunning yellow bouquet for the bride herself. Alternatively, you could also go for yellow bridesmaid dresses or yellow place settings. If you’re having a wedding at night, you can even go for yellow Led candles lined across the aisle or all around the reception area.

wedding cake

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Wedding Cake

Most people tend to go for traditional white wedding cakes regardless of the overall color theme because they are afraid of being overly unconventional. After all, wedding cakes do tend to be white most of the time. However, your wedding should be the best platform for you to express yourself, a safe space where you will dare to be different and embrace what you truly want. Consequently, don’t hesitate to go for a gray wedding cake. As always, do break things up a bit with some colorful touches. While the overall surface of the cake might be gray, you could go for pink fondant flowers with some occasional touches of green. For an extra-special touch, you could also go for a dark red cake stand that will throw the gray surface of the cake into focus while beautifully complementing the overall theme of the day.

Bridal party

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Bridal party

The best way to bring a gray theme to the wedding without things looking too dull is through the bridal party itself. If you want, you can dress up the bridesmaids in gray dresses with red, pink or yellow sashes. Similarly, the groomsmen can don gray tuxedos with brightly colored ties. Bear in mind that the ties and sashes do not imperatively need to be uniformed. In fact, the best way to liven up the gray theme is to allocate a differently-colored tie or sash to each groomsman and bridesmaid. For a homogenous look, the Maid of Honor and the Best Man can dress in all-gray ensembles. Of course, the groom and bride can wear gray as well: in fact, the bride can even go for an ombre-style wedding dress with varying hues of white and gray.


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Ideas for a St Patrick Day’s Wedding Celebration

St Patrick day wedding collage

Undoubtedly one of the most fun celebrations, St Patrick Day is full of merriment, good humor and of course, luck. It should therefore come as no surprise that more and more couples are opting for this day to say ‘I Do.’ In fact, more superstitious couples believe that tying the knot on this special day is bound to bring them good luck through their entire lives, while solidifying their relationship. Green, of course, is the St Patrick Day color by excellence, so, it’s important to really infuse this hue as much as you can in your decoration theme. So, read on to learn how to very easily have a green-themed wedding on St Patrick’s Day.

Green bridesmaid dress

Don’t forget that your bridesmaids are really going to stand out on this day, so, an extremely easy way to bring a St Patrick Day theme to mind is by dressing all of them in green frocks. Of course, it goes without saying that you can opt for several shades of green: from lime green to a darker forest-like shade, the choice is all yours but just remember to keep the dresses on the classy side. Knee or floor-length are the best ways to blend in with the overall St Patrick cheer. Alternatively, the groom can also don an elegant dark green tie with four-clover leaves printed on it.

Elegant st patrick tie

Green St Patrick Day-related wedding favors are other touches that your guests are going to appreciate. A great example would be to go for candy favors such as sugared four-clover leaves, green cookies with leprechaun-shaped icing and other such treats. You don’t have to limit yourself to candy: don’t hesitate to think outside the box: handing each guest a four-clover pin and a small glass of green melon liqueur prior to the ceremony are touches that are always quite appreciated.

St Patrick day candy wedding favor

To really stay within the theme of the day, it’s best to hold your wedding outdoors. You may certainly have an indoors St Patrick Day wedding but then, it might lack that special atmosphere which this particular occasion seems to bring. Most importantly, a lush outdoors wedding will require very little decorations and accents since nearly everything will already be green. It’s recommended to favor venues such as gazebos in the middle of gardens, parks or forests. Several of these locations normally require a license so be sure to take care of all the paperwork beforehand. If you’re on a limited budget, don’t forget that your backyard- or a friend’s for that matter- will work just fine as long as there is plenty of green scenery around.

Lush outdoor wedding venue


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Pulling off a discreet purple wedding

There’s absolutely no doubt about it: purple weddings are brimming with charm, elegance and class. After all, let’s not forget that this hue was once proclaimed as the royal colour. So, it’s perfectly understandable why couples have started to include this sophisticated colour on their special days. Indeed, you can very rarely go wrong with purple: it matches with just about anything and provides an instant air of luxury, which means that you’ll be able to cut back on other accents and decorations. More and more brides are even embracing the idea of getting married in a bright purple frock, complete with purple veil and matching makeup.

Purple bridesmaids

Bridal bouquet with purple accents

Still, not everyone wants to take sure drastic steps. In fact, some couples might want a more toned down celebration with purple lingering casually in the background. If you’re one of them, the first thing that you should remember is that if you want a discreet colour arrangement, it’s crucial to balance purple out with lighter options such as white, cream, ecru or even beige. Stick to pastels because as soon as you pair purple with more vivid colours like gold and silver, it will instantly draw attention to the darker hue, hence defeating the whole purpose of your discreet wedding. If you want, you may also add some discreet purple touches to your buffet table: a few drops of purple food colouring poured into the punch, purple napkins or even purple-rimmed plates will do the trick.

White to contrast with purple

Another very easy and inexpensive way to discreetly add some touches of purple to your wedding is by adding some small accents such as gauzes and balloons. In fact, couples might chose the combination of white, purple and yellow balloons to decorate the wedding altar, three hues that will draw attention to purple without being too imposing. As the bride, don’t hesitate to add a few touches to your own attire as well. For example, several brides chose to go for a regular colourful wedding bouquet but with some imposing purple flowers nestled into it. A purple necklace and matching earrings, purple shoes and even a purple-stoned tiara will certainly elevate your overall attire. As far as the groom is concerned, why don’t you convince him to wear a purple tie? In fact, this is the sort of look that would work extremely well on a black tux because the dark background will make it stand out more.

Discreet purple decorations

Groom with purple tie



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Decorating ideas for a blue wedding reception

Thanks to the age-old adage of “something blue”, blue is, by far, one of the most popular hues at weddings. The good news is that this is an extremely harmonious color to include in just about any setting. From the drapes or even to the aisle carpet, there certainly isn’t a lack of ways to incorporate blue in your wedding and reception. So, read on to learn how you can very easily bring this color to the forefront on your special day!

Ideas for blue wedding

Wedding cake

The one item that will certainly be on display at your reception, your wedding cake should preferably be done up in varying hues of blue in order to keep in line with the all-blue theme. In this case, couples usually have several options to choose from: for example, you may either go for an all-blue cake or a white and blue cake, or even a plain white cake with a blue cake topper. Adventurous couples might even ask their baker to add a few drops of blue food coloring to their cake batter for a more daring look.

Blue wedding cake

Table settings

If you want to adopt a blue themed wedding decor, one of the easiest ways is to incorporate this shade through the table settings. Indeed, the catering industry is practically brimming with blue tablecloths and napkins. There is one thing that you should bear in mind though: a blue wedding reception doesn’t mean that you should go crazy on this color. Far from being appealing, an overdose of blue might end up short of being sickening.

Blue table setting

It’s therefore crucial to properly balance the various colors and incorporate other tones in the overall decor. For example, a nice idea would be to select a napkin and a tablecloth made of two different shades of blue. Dark blue and turquoise, for example, go superbly well together. Alternatively, you may also go for an entirely contrasting combination such as blue and yellow. Blue-rimmed plate with an ivory surface will also complement your color scheme.

Blue wedding reception decor

Wedding favors and other decorations

Since wedding favors are usually lined up on a same table, a particularly pronounced effect would be to pack everything in the blue boxes or packaging, which will instantly draw attention to the overall theme. Of course, couples should also focus on a few other accents and decorations to liven up the blue theme. Blue candles, for instance, are fabulous choices to vamp up your reception decor.

Blue wedding favorsBlue candles


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How to liven up a white wedding

It is common knowledge that all-white themes automatically bring this special charm, pure and calm feeling to any room. And with white bring the most popular choice for wedding dresses, it should come as no surprise that this particular hue is always increasing in popularity, especially when it comes to wedding decorations and backdrops. After all, this is the color that symbolizes serenity, purity and everything that’s good in the world.

Outdoors white and yellow decor

As stunning as an all-white wedding decor can be, though, an avalanche of white might end up looking like something out of a child’s Christmas cartoon. It is important to properly work with this color to make sure that nothing gets thrown out of balance.  A white wedding may also look quite plain and overly simple if not properly executed, which is why it’s quite important for the couple to liven up the decor.

Fairy lights to vamp up a white decor

However, a common mistake that most couples make when trying to vamp up a white wedding is adding too many splashes of color to the overall decor. Indeed, there’s no point in establishing an all-white theme if you’re going to indulge in a colorful palette. That being said, though, it’s not a bad idea to include a few dashes of color to your white setting.  For example, gold is a perfect complement to white, which is why you should think about adding some gold touches to the reception. White tablecloths with gold napkins, for instance, will certainly provide a deeply sophisticated look.

Adding some touches of gold

Don’t underestimate the importance of fairy-lights as well. These lights do not only reflect off pale surfaces, but, they will also draw attention to your white theme. This will look particularly dramatic if infused in an outdoors wedding, especially if you’re getting married next to the sea. Yellow and white is another fantastic combination for outdoors weddings. As far as the bride goes, she may either go for an entirely white dress or, liven things up a bit by selecting an ivory one. Another option would be to select a dress with a white bodice that flows glamorously into a full ivory skirt.

Wedding dress with with ivory skirt

One of the easiest ways to vamp up a white wedding decor is through the flowers. Whether it’s the bridal bouquets or the small springs of flowers that bridesmaids usually carry, keep in mind that an all-white arrangement does hover on the wrong side of boring. To take things up by another notch, be sure to tuck in just a few tiny springs of green or yellow flowers to the white bouquet.

White wedding flowers enhanced by yellow flowers


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Decorating ideas for a Yellow theme wedding

Sunny, fun and light-hearted yellow is the summery hue by default. Indeed, very few colors inspire such cheer and merriment, which is probably why it’s such a popular color for weddings. In fact, some cultures even consider yellow to be a representative of luck and wealth. In India, for example, brides are often decked up in shimmery yellow saris for a pre-wedding purification ceremony on the eve of the ceremony.

Spring Yellow Fever

On the flip side, however, too much yellow can end up looking like Tweedy bird exploded all over the place. It’s important to create a homogenous look and make sure to balance this particular hue with other matching colors. So, if you have decided to go for a yellow-theme wedding, it’s not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with a few decorating ideas that will help you strike the right balance, without overdoing it.

Decorating the wedding cake

For example, too many couples make the mistake of going for an all-yellow cake with even more yellow decorations thrust upon it. The final result is very rarely attractive: in fact, all this yellow ends up looking tacky and gaudy, rather than elegant and sophisticated. Therefore, to enhance your yellow theme wedding decor, it’s best to go for a plain white or turquoise cake and add a few yellow decorations around the cake. Less is definitely more in this case and you can be sure that the yellow decorations are going to stand out more and be much more noticeable against a contrasting backdrops. Large sugared yellow flowers placed over a white cake, for instance, will never fail to make quite a striking impression.

Yellow wedding drink

Another subtle way to add a touch of yellow to your wedding decor is to go for yellow-tinted food or drinks. In this case, you usually have two options: either go for natural yellow dishes or place some lemon wedges around the buffet table, or, don’t hesitate to add a few drops of yellow food coloring to your cocktails. Alternatively, to complement the yellow decor, you may even hang several strings of fairy lights right behind the buffet table.

Fairy light backdrop to complement a yellow decor

The easiest and most noticeable way to enrich a yellow-theme wedding, however, is by creating a makeshift platform seating area where the bride and groom can sit after the ceremony. In this case, be sure to adopt a few contrasting colors that will enhance your primary hue. Lime green, purple, silver or even black are great colors that work superbly with yellow.

Yellow and green seating area for bride and groom


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Infuse a touch of the Wild West to your Brown themed wedding

If you’re planning a brown-themed wedding, it’s not a bad idea to take things up a notch by bringing a touch of the Wild West to your special day. Rustic, exquisitely elegant, with a timeless classic charm, these weddings can easily be achieved with just a few special touches. Contrary to what most people believe, brown Western weddings aren’t at all that complicated. All you need is a lot of creativity, some careful planning and a bit of imagination to achieve what’s bound to be a marvelously dreamy wedding.

Brown western bridesmaid dresses

A brown western decor, for example, can very easily be achieved by going for a brown wedding dress or tux. While this may sound unconventional, it certainly is a fabulous idea for couples who don’t want to be restricted by traditions. In fact, come to think of it, why don’t both of you don typical Wild Western attires to get hitched? A cowboy outfit, complete with the hat, will certainly make quite a striking impression, especially if you’re having an informal or Vegas drive-through wedding. For a more toned-down and traditional look, however, don’t hesitate to wear your traditional white dress with a brown sash or maybe even brown cowboy boots.

Bride wearing western boots

Brown cowboy boots aren’t such a bad options for bridesmaids as well, especially if they’ll be wearing Western dresses for the big day. Remember that there’s no actual rule which dictates that they should imperatively wear dresses: Pocahontas-like outfits or even brown dresses and skirts will remain quite in line with the overall theme of the day.

Brown western wedding cake

As far as your wedding cake goes, it’s important for you to stick to the theme. Forget about hearts and flowers pastel-hued cakes. This is the time to get the guns out and really show your wild side. Square brown cakes, with maybe some boots-shaped icing will definitely draw attention to your rustic side. Alternatively, you can very easily add a few western touches by going for brown table settings, brown wooden chairs or maybe even some brown bows around the pews or chairs.

Brown table setting

A brown-themed western wedding is also quite rustic, so, it’s a good idea to stick to country dishes like hash browns, mashed potatoes, fried chicken or fish and the likes. As far as the wedding favors go, stick to engraved rustic pens, miniature faux leather pouches, potpourris, mini ornamental horseshoes and other such items. It’s also important to select an adequate location such as a barn or even a vineyard.

Brown western decor


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A green theme for your Christmas wedding

Red and Green may be the Christmas colors by excellence, but, an all-green Christmas wedding can bring a more homely and rustic charm to the ceremony. Getting married at around Christmas time will undoubtedly provide you with one of the most- if not the most- magical events of your life. From the tree to the cookies, there are quite a few ways in which you can very easily incorporate a green theme to your ultra-special Christmas wedding. Best of all, contrary to what most people believe, you won’t even need a huge budget to adopt this theme. In fact, a green festive wedding demands quite a lot of DIY, which ultimately cuts back on certain costs.

Green touches enhanced by red

If you want to go all the way, then, by all means, don’t hesitate to decorate your entire house and yard in a typical Christmas fashion. This way, you can very easily string green fairy lights around your front porch or trees, if you have any. This will certainly provide an exquisite backdrop to couples who are having a home wedding or, at the very least, a home reception. A lavish green Christmas wedding decor will also add a fun and festive touch to the overall atmosphere and put all the guests in a party mood!

Lavish green Christmas wedding decoration for home ceremony

Of course, there’s no rule which states that you can’t go for a green wedding cake. However, if this sounds a bit over the top for you, why don’t you opt for a typical white wedding day and spruce it up by adding some green touches around the cake? Hanging Christmas balls or pine needles are wonderful ways to infuse a festive look to your wedding cake table. Similarly, think about giving the customary champagne the sack in favor of a perfectly chilled eggnog for the wedding toast. In fact, you may even serve it up in green rimmed glasses for an ultra-Christmassy look!

Green touches around Christmas-themed wedding cake

Don’t forget that the best way to enhance a green theme would be to add some red touches to the overall decor. Some red sprinkles or red flowers around the wedding cake will draw more attention to the green theme. Don’t forget to select this hue for your wedding favors as well: Christmas tree cupcakes or Christmas cookies are the best ways to put your guests into a festive mood.

Green christmas tree cupcake wedding favorEggnog wedding toast in green rimmed glass

Of course, the bride can even don a green wedding dress. In fact, if your groom agrees to it, he can either wear a matching green tux or even a red one for a more Christmas-like look.

Green wedding dress


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Pros and Cons of a Pure White Wedding Decor

The wedding color by excellence, white is a deeply romantic and soothing color. Used for centuries to represent purity, chastity, love and harmony, it should come as no surprise that most couples choose to go for an all-white decor to mark their special day. After all, nothing infuses class and elegance as much as a white-themed decor.

Black and white wedding decor

However, while this particular hue certainly has its advantages, there are quite a few factors that you should take into consideration before scuttling down the all-white path. Indeed, in some cases, this color might even end up in disaster. This is why it’s extremely important to really weigh the pros and the cons prior to making a final decision.

All white wedding aisle and altar decor

Airy and elegant: If your wedding venue is on the smaller size, going for an all-white decor will definitely bring an airy feel to the room in general. Best of all, it will most certainly infuse quite a lot of airiness and trick the eye into believing that the room much larger than it really looks. By this token, an all-white decor might even be more budget-friendly since you won’t have to rent an overly-large space for the reception.

White table setting

Age-old symbol of purity and love: Because of its symbolism, a white themed wedding will undoubtedly bring an age-old charm and flair to your special day, while enhancing the overall romantic atmosphere. There’s no denying it: white is the purest, most calming color that exists and infusing this hue into your special day may result in quite a spectacular visual effect. It’s no wonder that in some cultures, even the groom chooses to don a white tux to match the bride’s dress.

Groom wearing white

Extremely prone to spills and other accidents: On a darker note, as pure as a white-themed wedding might look, it’s not exactly the most stain-resistant color out there. This can be quite problematic, especially if you’re inviting children to the reception. Also, a white wedding dress can be much too easily ruined because this color tends to reflect sweat, stains and other spills more than other hues. If you’re concerned about such accidents, don’t hesitate to omit the white altogether. A less drastic touch would be to go for a blend of black and white or even white, red and black to minimize the risks of accidents.

White wedding dresses

Not the most flattering color: The sad truth is, white is an extremely unforgiving hue. For example, if the groom is trying to hide last night’s beer belly, a white tux will ultimately draw attention to the problem areas and may even make someone appear much larger than he or she really is. Having said that, if you’re one of the lucky brides who feels completely at ease in her skin, no matter what size you are, then kudos to you! The important thing to remember is that you should don a color which makes you feel attractive and confident so if white’s your color, then by all means, go for it. However, a more insecure lady might feel better in an ivory or even white and gold or white and silver wedding dress.


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Girly and Romantic touches for your special Pink Wedding

There’s nothing like a few touches of pink to bring a hefty dose of girlishness and romance to your wedding day. Whether you choose to go for a flirty pale pink or a bolder shade of this same color, there’s no doubt about it: Pink is the one color that’s guaranteed to add charm and coziness to just about any wedding reception.

Different romantic touches for pink wedding

To bring some girly and romantic touches to your pink-themed wedding, it’s particularly important to focus on the cake, the dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses as well as the party favors. Indeed, these are types of accents that will automatically set the tone for your special day.

Girly bridesmaid dresses

While some brides don’t mind donning a pink dress, other traditionalist ladies can easily slip into their typical white wedding attire while the bridesmaids dress up in frilly, girly pink frocks. For a more romantic touch, try to go for knee-length and sleeves bridesmaid dresses with flared, flirty hems. Of course, there’s no reason why the groom shouldn’t get into the spirit of the occasion as well by donning a pink tux- or at the very least, a pink shirt or tie with a black tux.

Girly cupcakes with bows

As far as the dessert buffet goes, you can very easily infuse a romantic touch by going for decadent cupcakes with pink icing in the form of bows. Sprinkles, of course, are the ultimate girlish accessory by excellence so ask your baker to decorate your wedding cake and cupcakes with a generous amount of sprinkles. If you don’t want to serve cupcakes at the reception, bear in mind that you can very easily hand them out as wedding favors.

Pink lights for a romantic and girly reception

Another easy way to bring a girly and romantic touch to your pink-themed wedding is by playing with lights: soft pink and lavender lights will not only bring an ethereal glow to the wedding party, but they’ll also create the ultimate loved-up atmosphere, especially during slow dances and songs.

Pink centerpieces for a more girly look

Table settings and centerpieces should also be selected with extreme care: an overly sophisticated setting will definitely distract from the girly and romantic theme, but try not to go overboard either. Helium balloons and confetti belong to kid’s birthday parties: you want to be girly, not childish, so opt for pink napkins or pink, black and white flower arrangements.


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