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Understanding Wiccan Weddings

Wiccans commonly refer to a group of people who believe in the power of nature and natural energies. This nature-oriented faith very often focuses on the seasons as well as the cycles of the moons. This is why several Wiccan weddings are often held at night in the great outdoors, with the moon shining upon them. Not unlike Celtic weddings, Wiccan weddings are full of traditions and romanticism. Emphasis is often placed on the attire as well as the hand fasting ceremony which is said to forever link the lovers to each other. Some Wiccans also embrace Celtic traditions and consequently add some special touches such as the Claddagh ring and the likes.

Celtic wedding dress

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Wedding clothes

Traditional Wiccan weddings often involve clothes that have been inspired by the Middle Ages. The wedding dress, for example, often boasts of a Celtic style with bell sleeves and laces. The groom either wears a tux or a long coat. Alternatively, couples can also wear contemporary wedding clothes while following ancient Wicca customs.

Handfasting ceremony

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Hand-Fasting ceremony

The hand-fasting ceremony is an essential part of the Wiccan wedding. This particular tradition basically consists of the priest binding the bride’s and the groom’s hands together to symbolically link them for life. It is important to know that the hand-fasting ceremony can either represent a wedding or a betrothal ceremony, depending on the personal beliefs of the couples. This tradition finds its roots in ancient Celtic and European lands, whereby weddings were normally held to join two farming families together for a far better crop production and profit. To mark the joining of the families, the couple would exchange presents before clasping their hands together. Nowadays, this tradition is highly romanticized by Wiccans. In fact, special decorative ribbons are commonly used for the hand fasting ceremony and later on preserved by the couple as a memento of their special day.


Outdoors wedding

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Enjoy the great outdoors

Since wiccans are so often in touch with nature, it is quite understandable that they would want to have an outdoors ceremony. In fact, the majority of Wiccan weddings are held in the forest or in any green area. In some cases, you can even rent a garden to hold your fairytale Wiccan wedding.

earthy tones

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Color palette

Earthly tones are very often favored for Wiccan weddings. Therefore, be sure to lay quite a bit of emphasis on autumn-like colors such as deep gold, brown, dark orange, green and the likes. Wiccan brides often choose to wear white and green dresses to symbolize their attachment to nature. If you want an all-white dress, however, you can add a simple green waist sash to your attire. Don’t hesitate to go for earth-colored cakes as well with fondants in various colors. Similarly, you can also go for LED candles in varying colors to once again draw attention to the Wiccan theme. As far as the buffet is concerned, do not hesitate to go for gold tablecloth and dark green plate settings.


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Spanish Style Wedding dress

The perfect wedding dress can truly make any bride feel like a queen for the day. Often considered as the highlight of the wedding ceremony and reception, the dress should be one that embodies your personality and fashion sense. Luckily enough, the wedding industry does present a wide range of wedding dresses to fit your requirements. From straight A-line dresses to poufy Princess ones, you can certainly find something that will make you look and feel like the very best version of yourself.


Halter backless ball gown, free shipping  $279.99

If you want to embrace a super-feminine and romantic look, you really can’t go wrong with a Spanish-style dress. Frilly, floaty and elegant, these dresses normally come in a variety of fabrics such as satin, lace, Broderie Anglaise and the likes. The best thing about Spanish-style wedding dresses is that you can easily pull it off with whatever body shape you have. Because of the tiers, this dress tends to be extremely flattering. Indeed, they nip in the waist and flare out at the hips for a dramatic touch. Most importantly, Spanish-style dresses are extremely romantic and will add quite a dramatic flair to just about any type of wedding.


Luxury red wedding gown, free shipping  $275

Contrary to popular belief, you can certainly choose between several types of Spanish-style wedding dresses. For example, some brides choose to go for colored dresses for a different albeit just as romantic look. Wine red is quite a popular choice because of the wow factor. If you don’t want to go for a block color from head to toe, you can also break it up with a few splashes of white. For example, a red wedding dress with white frills will undoubtedly add some charm to your Spanish dress as a whole. Alternatively, you can also go for a colored Spanish-style dress and break it up with white accessories and jewelry.  Think white flower crowns or even white necklaces and bracelets.

Neckline Long Sleeved Wedding Dress

Free Shipping spanish style wedding gown,  $139,99

Spanish-style wedding dresses can be quite frilly and conservative, with high necks, long sleeves and enough frills to disguise your overall shape. However, if you’re going for a custom-made dress, you can go for some contemporary twists and alterations such as a backless Spanish dress. In fact, you can even go for a strapless Spanish dress with less tiers to emphasize your body shape. Of course, you can even complement the overall wedding decoration to draw attention to the dress. For instance, don’t hesitate to go for a full Spanish buffet. If you want to go for Spanish decorations, you should preferably go for a colorful palette with vivid hues such as orange, yellow, green and the likes. Of course, brides who are going for Spanish style wedding dresses should preferably go for shoes such as lace stilettos and the likes. Once again, it is possible to break up the formality of a full Spanish wedding dress by going for brightly decorated shoes that are accessorized with multicolored sequins.

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Scottish themed weddings

Scottish themed weddings are full of colors, tradition and liveliness. From tartan touches to full floaty wedding dresses, Scottish weddings are undoubtedly among the most popular ceremonies. Best of all, they are full of traditions that will add a rather vintage-like and romantic feel to the wedding as a whole. While it is entirely possible to hold a Scottish wedding in your own country, it would certainly be an extra-special touch to fly to Scotland for the ceremony. This will also enable you to benefit from the exquisite scenery that is normally only found in Scotland.

Read on for some handy tips on how to pull off the perfect Scottish-themed wedding.

Scottish Wedding Ceremony

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Pre-wedding traditions

Scottish weddings are known for their numerous pre-wedding traditions. Indeed, back in the medieval age, grooms had to prove that they were worthy of winning the groom’s affections by participating- and winning- a series of challenges. The Rocking challenge, for example, consisted of a sewing gathering whereby all the maidens brought their spinning wheels to work on their craft while the men watched. After the sewing is completed, the men gallantly offered to carry the spinning wheels and each woman could choose a potential suitor based on his strength.

Scottish castle

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To stay true to the Scottish theme, don’t hesitate to go for the typical colors that are associated with Scotland. Bear in mind that Scotland is normally known for its earthy hues. Therefore, be sure to lay emphasis on browns and greens. Dark red is also commonly found in Scottish weddings since these colors are usually present in tartans and crests. If you’re not sure what type of decoration to go for, don’t hesitate to select dark red and green tartan napkins coupled with gold-colored plates. Flowers are also excellent ways of adding several splashes of color to both the ceremony and reception.

Kilt and scottish colors

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If you’re getting married in Scotland, you really can’t go wrong with the wide variety of exquisite wedding venues that the country offers. Scottish castles are huge hits because of their traditional, old-fashioned charm. You will be glad to learn that several of these castles are actually available for rent, on a daily, short-term or long-term basis. Consequently, you will also be able to honeymoon in one of those castles for some added Scottish flavor.

Wedding dress with tartan

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Wedding attire

Of course, the wedding attire should be on the forefront of your wedding attire. For instance, brides can add a touch of colorful tartan to their wedding dresses. Similarly, grooms can don kilts in traditional Scottish hues. Of course, if both the bride and the groom want to don traditional wedding dresses, they can also dress up the bridesmaids and groomsmen in traditional Scottish outfits. Bear in mind that Scottish dresses tend to be quite full and vintage-like with quite a lot of lace and frilly bits. If your groom wants to wear a suit instead of a kilt, he can also go for a traditional black wedding tuxedo.


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Indian Wedding Customs

Indian weddings are full of age-old customs and traditions that the couple have to go through before they are officially recognized as husband and wife in the eyes of the Hindu community. Each of these traditions and customs holds a deep significance for the couple. Indian weddings are extremely grandiose and colorful, and most marriages often span across three to five days. Some families even opt for week-long celebrations, with lunch or dinner served to guests on each one of those days. Both the bride and the groom are lavishly dressed and henna is applied to the bride’s hands and feet. Gold jewelry can be worn by both the bride and the groom.

Indian couple

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Giving the bride away

Most Indian weddings have key rituals such as the symbolic moment where the father gives away his daughter. If the father is deceased, the bride’s brother or any older male relative will perform this ritual. This particular custom involves the father holding the bride’s hand in his by the holy fire while the priest recites a particular verse from the prayer book. Afterwards, the groom takes the proffered bride’s hand in a symbolic gesture.

Sacred fire

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Scared fire

An essential part of Indian wedding ceremonies, the sacred fire is supposed to evoke several Hindu gods and goddesses to bless the ceremony and bear witness to the union. The sacred fire is created from wooden sticks and clarified butter and offerings are often dropped into the fire throughout the ceremony. The bride and groom are often seated side by side in front of the fire.

Indian wedding collage1

Source image

The Seven Steps

No Indian wedding is complete without the seven steps. A piece of fabric is tied to the clothes of both the groom and the bride. Then, the couple gets up and walks seven times around the sacred fire as the priest chants seven blessings. Walking around the scared fire is the equivalent of saying the vows in Western Weddings. Each round around the fire symbolizes a particular vow, including being helpful to one another, complementing each other, ensuring the prosperity of each other, making each other happy, creating a harmonious family life, respecting the vows and remaining the best of friends. In some cultures, the bride walks ahead of the groom for the last round around the fire, signifying that she wants to die before her husband.

Henna appliacation

Source image

Exchanging garlands

Hindu couples often exchange ornate fresh flower garlands during or after the ceremony to welcome each other into their respective families. Exchanging flower garlands often marks their union. This normally precedes the vermillion ceremony whereby the groom applies vermillion too the bride’s forehead and in the parting of her hair, hence bestowing upon her the status of a married woman. In some weddings, the groom also fastens a gold necklace around the bride’s neck, the Indian equivalent of the wedding ring.  Other brides choose to go for a toe ring instead. In some cases, the couple also exchanges traditional wedding rings.


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Gray themed weddings: How to keep things from looking dull

If you don’t properly handle it, it would be far too easy to make a gray themed wedding look dull and uninviting. While this color is undeniably glamorous and elegant, gray weddings can quickly turn to disaster if you do not adopt the proper care required when setting up the decorations.

Add some bright touches

Source image

Here are some tips that will hopefully help you pull off a lively, romantic and exceedingly classy gray-themed weddings.


Source image


Don’t neglect the bright touches

As tempting as it is to go for an all-grey palette, try to adopt this drastic step. This will result in a drab, almost funeral-like look which might even induce quite a few yawns from your guests. Therefore, do go for gray as the main color but don’t neglect the bright touches to break things up a bit. Yellow, for example, is a wonderful way to add some contrast to your wedding palette. Think yellow flowers for the bridesmaids or even a stunning yellow bouquet for the bride herself. Alternatively, you could also go for yellow bridesmaid dresses or yellow place settings. If you’re having a wedding at night, you can even go for yellow Led candles lined across the aisle or all around the reception area.

wedding cake

Source image

Wedding Cake

Most people tend to go for traditional white wedding cakes regardless of the overall color theme because they are afraid of being overly unconventional. After all, wedding cakes do tend to be white most of the time. However, your wedding should be the best platform for you to express yourself, a safe space where you will dare to be different and embrace what you truly want. Consequently, don’t hesitate to go for a gray wedding cake. As always, do break things up a bit with some colorful touches. While the overall surface of the cake might be gray, you could go for pink fondant flowers with some occasional touches of green. For an extra-special touch, you could also go for a dark red cake stand that will throw the gray surface of the cake into focus while beautifully complementing the overall theme of the day.

Bridal party

Source image

Bridal party

The best way to bring a gray theme to the wedding without things looking too dull is through the bridal party itself. If you want, you can dress up the bridesmaids in gray dresses with red, pink or yellow sashes. Similarly, the groomsmen can don gray tuxedos with brightly colored ties. Bear in mind that the ties and sashes do not imperatively need to be uniformed. In fact, the best way to liven up the gray theme is to allocate a differently-colored tie or sash to each groomsman and bridesmaid. For a homogenous look, the Maid of Honor and the Best Man can dress in all-gray ensembles. Of course, the groom and bride can wear gray as well: in fact, the bride can even go for an ombre-style wedding dress with varying hues of white and gray.


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Corsets under the wedding dress: Keep or toss?

Wedding dresses come in a variety of styles and fabrics, which is why most brides normally take weeks-if not months- to find the perfect gown. However, once you settle on the perfect dress, there’s a whole lot of issues to consider, including your undergarments and shape-wear. While Spanx is one of the most popular shape-wears on the market, several brides prefer to opt for traditional bridal corsets to attain that perfect hourglass shape on their special day. While these undergarments do bring an enticing shape to your figure- regardless of your weight- there are quite a few cons to this accessory. So, to help you make the perfect choice, let’s examine the various pros and cons of the bridal corset.

Bride wearing bridal corset

Pros: A perfectly sculpted body leads to a confident demeanor

There’s no doubt about the fact that a bridal corset will instantly nip in the waist, lift the bust and create softly rounded curves, even on really thin people. The perfect accessory for overweight brides, a corset is also going to instantly take a few pounds off your body while making your silhouette appear more elongated and balanced.

Of course, to achieve that perfectly sculpted shape, it’s important to make the proper choice of corset. These usually come in various styles including lace up, zip, steel or plastic boned. Your choice should ultimately depend on the reason why you’ve chosen to wear a corset. A steel, lace-up undergarment will suck in your tummy and slim down your waist while a plastic or non-boned one will only serve to create curves and contours.

Bridal corset to take in the waist

Remember that a corset looks absolutely fantastic under a ball gown or mermaid dress because it creates the allusion of an hourglass shape.

Cons: Comfort and mobility

While a corset certainly has the above-mentioned advantages, it can also be detrimental to your wedding day in the sense that it largely limits your comfort and mobility. A bride wearing a corset can look absolutely fantastic but, have you thought about how easy it would be for you to dance or simply sit down? These are definite matters to consider, especially if you’re opting for a boned corset.

Corset to enhance the silhouhette

It’s recommended to buy your corset quite a few weeks before your wedding and occasionally wear it around the house to make sure that you can actually walk in it. A common mistake is to eagerly slip into the corset for the first time on their wedding day- and then spend their reception uncomfortably shifting around, unable to dace or greet the guests.


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Go back in time with a Gone with the Wind wedding

Undoubtedly one of- if not the most- iconic movies of all time, Gone with the Wind is renowned for its extravagant and elaborate costumes as well as for the airs and graces of the highly acclaimed Scarlet O’Hara. It’s therefore no surprise that several couples want to integrate a Gone with the Wind theme within their vintage wedding. In fact, the 30’s was one of the most fashionable era of all time, filled with debonair tuxes and huge poufy ball gowns with tiny bodices. Best of all, planning this theme for your wedding is actually much easier and less expensive that you think.

Period costume

For starters, remember that first impressions are last impressions, so be sure to start off with a vintage wedding invitation that will set the overall tone and mood of your special day. Antique or lace trimmed stationaries are fantastic options for these types of cards. Also, remember to include a separate note in your invitation to inform your guests about the theme of the day. If you want to really feel like you’ve stepped back in time, don’t hesitate to ask your guests to dress up in various period costumes from the 30’ as well.

Vintage invitation

Next is the location. Gone with the Mind is also reputed for its picturesque and romantic settings that manage to look extremely appealing even in the midst of the civil war. Indeed, who can forget ‘Tara’, the extravagant mansion nestled in the midst of lush greenery? So, forget about typical indoors weddings and try to book an outdoors location, preferably in the middle of nature, next to a river or waterfall. If you can afford it, don’t forget to embellish the place with an appealing white-flower wedding arch, a circular seating arrangement and the likes.

Romantic location

As far as your wedding dress goes, it’s best to stay away from contemporary styles such as A-cut or Mermaid hems.  The 30’s were brimming with huge, Princess-like dresses and Ball gowns so bear that in mind when you shop for your perfect outfit. However, as large and billowy as the skirt portion of the dress is, remember that the bodice was notoriously small and was often worn with a corset. Now, comfort is the key to any successful wedding so you can of course skip the corset. But, brides who want to go all the way in their Gone with the Wind wedding can buy a vintage boned corset to nip in the waist by several inches. As for the groom, he might want to don a gentleman’s suit as well as a top hat for the special day. Of course, growing a mustache is quite a nice idea as well, especially if he wants to look like the ever-dashing and suave Rhett Butler.

Ballgown dress



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Dress options for the Indian bride

Red bridal sari

A few decades ago, Indian brides used to be ornately decked in heavy red fabrics and saris. To symbolize the importance of the day, the bride also used to be covered in luxurious gold jewelry including bangles that go all the way up to the elbows, nose ring, large earrings, anklets, as well as a forehead chain known as ‘mang-tika.’

Indian garment collage

While this used to be the traditional attire for brides in India, the emergence of new styles, as well as the myriad of new, emerging cultures ultimately led to an upsurge in Indian fashion. Indeed, Indian ladies are nowadays eager to explore several new avenues and indulge in new trends. For example, other than the traditional sari, one of the most popular dress option for the Indian bride also includes an elaborate two piece colloquially known as the ‘Lehenga.’ Available in any color, this consists of a crop top designed to show off the stomach, coupled with a matching skirt which is usually flared, ball-gown, A-line or mermaid. While most of ‘Lehengas’ are often in red, gold or pink, contemporary brides can experiment with colors and try a multi-colored two-piece in contrasting shades.

Indian bride multi-coloured two piece

Trendy brides might even consider an Indo-Western outfit for their special day. A novel albeit rapidly emerging trend in Indian fashion, these outfits manage to strike the perfect blend between the East and the West. Since there’s no set style in fusion clothing, don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with different combinations until you find the type of outfit that works for you. An idea would be to wear an elaborately decorated mermaid skirt and tunic and add some classical Indian jewelry like the ‘Mang-Tika.

Indowestern indian outfit

And then of course, if you’re eager to venture into new trends and explore different cultures, why don’t you go for a traditional white wedding dress paired with traditional accents? In fact, several bridal magazines have gushed over the exquisite combination of the western white dress coupled with Indian henna patterns, makeup and jewelry. Bear in mind that this is your wedding day so it’s really important that you wear something in which you feel completely confident and comfortable in, even if it’s not within the norms. In fact, some Indian brides- who wish to wear white on their wedding day while infusing a slice of their culture- are opting for white bridal ‘lehengas’. This may or may not include the customary wedding veil and bridal crown that Indian brides usually wear.

White bridal indian outfit


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Top wedding tips for the pregnant bride

Nowadays, more and more brides choose to celebrate both their pregnancy and wedding on the same occasion. Indeed, gone are the days when pregnant ladies used to have a hush-hush and rapid wedding in the dead of the night to keep the unexpected pregnancy a hidden affair from everyone. Instead, pregnant brides now indulge in extravagant affairs- and rightfully so. Expectant mothers usually have a very appealing glow around them so don’t hesitate to use this to your advantage as you transform yourself into an exquisitely elegant and classy bride.

Groom and pregnant bride

However, there are a few things to take into consideration if you’re pregnant. For examples, while brides normally slip into the highest pair of heels they may find to walk down the aisle, this may not exactly be your best option if you’re pregnant. Being fashionable is an important part of the ceremony but then again, you do not want to indulge in any hazards or put your baby at risk. So, it’s best to stick to very low heels or even flats. Fortunately, the bridal industry is brimming with various flat-shoes options which come in a variety of colors, texture and materials. White diamante sandals will look absolutely wonderful poking out from under your dress. Alternatively, you may even slip into a pair of beaded turquoise ballerina shoes to add a special touch of “something blue” to your special day.

Flat bridal shoes

The fact that you’re pregnant shouldn’t stop you from wearing the dress of your dreams. You’ve always dreamt of walking down the aisle in a mermaid dress? Go for it! Bear in mind that your big day should be exactly what you want it to be, no matter what other people think or say. However, it is recommended to have your dress customized because your baby bump might do a bit of growing while you wait for the special day. A custom made frock can very easily be adjusted over your belly and be perfect for the wedding.

Clingy dress to draw attention to the pregnancy bump

Your choice of dress also depends on your mood: some brides would rather be discreet and conceal their bumps. If you’re one of them, remember that billowy gowns are the perfect ways to discern a rounded belly. If your bump is on the bigger size, it’s best to favor Princess-cut ball gowns because they allow quite a lot of movement whilst masking the bump. But, if you’re the sort of bride who isn’t afraid to flaunt her changing body, then by all means go for a straight, long and clingy dress that will show off your baby bump in all its glory.

Billowy dress


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Wedding gifts etiquette

Gifts form an integral part of weddings. From the gift registry to the favors, presents circulate quite freely on wedding days, which is why it’s extremely important to remain courteous and establish a few rules of etiquette. Indeed, merely accepting a wedding gift with a quick “thank you” is not at all enough. There are certainly a few rules of the thumb to follow both during and after the wedding reception.

Wedding reception

For example, it’s an all too common occurrence to stack the gifts in a corner of the wedding reception hall. However, while this certainly adds an air of festivity to your special day, a blatant display of presents might be embarrassing for any guest who got you a smallish parcel. Most importantly, as alluring as gifts are, a wedding should be so much more than just presents. So, be sure to assign someone who will either stack the presents in a different room or place them in a car, ready to be driven to your place after the reception.

Stacks of wedding gift

Of course, we all know that a thank you note is in order after the wedding. Unfortunately, after the high merriment of the ceremony followed by a peaceful and relaxing honeymoon, most couples blissfully forget about thanking the people who took the time and funds to buy them a wedding present. Bear in mind that you don’t have to send thank you notes right away: your guests will certainly understand that the first few days are the wedding are going to be quite hectic will a lot of readjustment from your part. But, a month later, after the honeymoon and after you’ve settled into your new life, it’s really crucial for you to address a note to each guest. Phone calls are obviously too time consuming and texts are too impersonal. Emails are acceptable but, honestly, most people would rather receive an actual handwritten card which will look and feel much more personal.

Small thank you gifts to your guests

During the reception, it’s not a bad idea to give your bridal party and guests a few inexpensive tokens as a thank you for their gifts and presence.  Of course, you already have the wedding favors on hand but a cheap albeit tasteful memento of the wedding is always an appreciated touch. Think simple items like gourmet recipes of every food at your reception, homemade soap or sachets of potpourri. You can also attach a handwritten note to each thank you gift which reads something along the lines of “Thank you for thinking of us.”

Couple and bridal party


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