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Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Women with short hair always tend to look quite exotic and unique. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most bridal and fashion magazines are simply brimming with various ideas for long hair, and very, very few short hair ideas. However, if you have cropped, bobbed or shoulder-hair length hair, fret not: it is actually extremely easy to find some great wedding hairstyles for short hair. In fact, the short hair trendsetter herself, Lady Diana Spencer, did walk down the aisle sporting a gleaming crown of golden hair that went perfectly with her ultra-feminine, frilly dress and epic train. If Lady Di could do it- so can you!

Short wedidng hair collage

To begin with, never hesitate to search for some inspiration online. Think Halle Berry, Madonna or even Rihanna and Pamela Anderson during their short hair phrases. These celebrities often attend red carpet and gala events, which means that you’ll definitely be able to copy off their glamorous short hairstyles. And of course, don’t forget that accessories are you friends. In fact, it’s never a bad idea to decorate your short hair because the back of your head is what’s going to be visible to your guests.

Short wedding hairstyle from the back

An elaborate diamante headpiece, for example, is one of the most alluring headpieces on shorter hair. In fact, you may either go for white or clear diamantes to match your dress, or, if you’re the sort of traditional girl who wants her “something blue”, you may even ask a jeweler to paste some blue precious or semi-precious stones on your headband. Feathers are other fabulous options to add to your wedding headpiece, especially if you’d like to go for the 20’s look. Brides who don’t go by tradition might even go for a set of colorful feathers to match their bob cut.

Headpiece to enhance short hair

Flowers are the ultimate short hair accessory by excellence. A flower crown or even a single flower strung at the back of your head is more than enough to bring a pretty and refreshing look to your entire outfit. Of course, if you want to be more retro and trendy-edge, never hesitate to add some spikes to your cropped hair, not unlike the famous hairstyle that Halle Berry wore for years. That being said, some brides prefer a more simple approach, and if you’re one of them, there’s no reason why you can’t walk down the aisle with just a quick brushing for some extra gloss. Bear in mind that birdcage veils are among the most wonderful short hair accessories for just about any bride.

Flower in short wedding hairstyleSimple short hairstyle


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Preparing your hair for the big day

If you want your hairstyle to look its best for the big day, it’s crucial to start preparing your hair at least two weeks prior to your wedding. Too many brides make the huge mistake of assuming that their wedding hairstyle will automatically look perfect because it will be done by a professional hairdresser. The sad truth is, this is not always the case. Even if you hire the most talented hair stylist, there’s no guarantee that your hair will look its best if it’s lackluster, hence the importance of carefully preparing your pre-wedding hair. So, scroll down to learn how you can have the perfect hair for your wedding.

Wedding hairstyle collage

Oil and Condition as much as you can
Nothing brings some extra shine and body to your pre-wedding hair than some intense conditioning. Try to condition at least three times per week but be sure to go for a high-quality product: your wedding is not the time to skimp on a few cents. If you often use curling or flat irons, try to go for heat-defense conditioners which will repair broken strands and make your hair absolutely perfect for the big day.

Hair oil

Oil treatments are also a huge must-have if you want to have shiny, bouncy hair for your wedding. Indeed, intense oiling will make your head much more supple and easier to manage, which guarantees you the perfect wedding hairstyle. A fantastic tip for the bride to be is to wrap a damp towel around her oiled hair to guarantee that the product penetrates each and every single strand. Don’t hesitate to consult a couple of hairdressers as well: they’ll be able to advise you on the best treatments for your hair type.

Hair treatment

Experiment with various wedding hairstyles
Don’t stick to one single hairstyle either. On the opposite, it’s highly recommended that brides to be experiment with several types of wedding hairstyles prior to walking down the aisle to make sure that you found the style that’s perfect for you. An excellent tip is to try various hairstyles while wearing your wedding hair and accessories: this will give you the best idea on how you’re going to look on the ultra-special day.

Wedding hairstyles

Bridal magazines and websites are also fabulous places to turn to for inspiration. If you’re unable to decide on a single hairstyle, why don’t you pick one for the actual ceremony and another style for the reception? After all, you do deserve to look your absolute best on this memorable day!

Applying hair conditionner


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Bridal coiffure: The most popular styles

A bride’s hairstyle is the one factor that will ultimately set off her entire attire. Whether you choose to go for an updo or leave your hair flowing across your shoulders, there certainly isn’t a lack of wedding hairstyles to choose from. Indeed, since wedding magazines are literally brimming with various styles and hair accessories, some brides can even feel overwhelmed by the number of options displayed in front of them.

Bridal hairstyle collage

Choosing the proper wedding hairstyle that matches with your dress will certainly enhance your look, turning you into an even more striking bride. The easiest way to select the perfect bridal coiffure is to go for one that’s in harmony with your dress. Updos are definitely among the most popular styles but, that being said, there are quite a few different types of wedding updos. If you have curly hair, for example, an intricate knot piled on top your head with a few escaping strands will look absolutely divine. Alternatively, you may also go for a half-up, half-down hairstyle and in this case, it’s recommended to go for a flowing lace dress which will bring a romantic aura to your special day.

Bride with intricate updo

The twisted knot is another popular wedding hairstyle which goes fabulously with curly hair. If you have straight hair, however, bear in mind that it’s more difficult to arrange straight strands in an intricate bun without the use of several pins. For a more dramatic effect, don’t hesitate to go for a beaded or diamante pins. These will also bring some added glamour to your outfit, hence making such accessories perfect for the ultra-contemporary bride. If you want to adopt a more Princess-like, romantic look, try to go for flowered pins. In that case, don’t hesitate to opt for multi colored flowers such as pale pink or yellow. A sapphire-incrusted hair comb is also another original way to add your special “something blue” to your outfit. Bear in mind that tiaras are other fabulous accessories that will go beautifully with bridal updos.

Bride with loose hair

Another very popular wedding hairstyle is a straight, loosely flowing arrangement with just a few curls here and there. However, if you do decide to keep your hair straight, it’s important to make sure that your hairstyle doesn’t look like your everyday, ordinary coiffure. Hence, never hesitate to go for combs or even hair glitters that will bring an ultra-special touch to your wedding coiffure.

Hair pins in brides hair

Several brides also choose to go for a French Braid on their wedding day. In this case, you may string some flowers in your hair or enhance your braid with a couple of multicolored studs.
Ladies who are found of the demure, flower-girl look can even don a flower crown or simple flowered headpiece. Such accessories will look twice as amazing if paired with an intricate French braid, glittery diamond studs and a long, flowing veil.

Bride with her hair down and veil


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A Princess-like hairdo on your wedding day

Every bride deserves to look like a Princess- or a Queen for that matter- on her wedding day. Unfortunately, with the constant avalanche of new, trendy, cutting-edge wedding hairstyles, it can be quite a challenge to settle for the perfect look. Bridal magazines are bursting with suggestions, tips and illustrations which can make it extremely tough for the bride-to-be to make a choice. Indeed, how do you know whether you should go for an updo, a half-updo, curls or no curls, tiara or no tiara?

Updo wedding hairstyle for long hair
Of course, it’s always easier to plonk yourself down in front of a professional and allow him or her to do the work but let’s face it: we’re not always a hundred per cent satisfied with the ideas that our makeup artists or hairstylists come up with. So, to avoid the tricky situation of walking down the aisle with a really uncomfortable and overly heavy chignon on your head, it’s always safer to approach your hairstylist with a few ideas of your own prior to trying the various hairstyles.

Voluminous Updo Wedding hairstyle
The good news is, it’s not that difficult to find the perfect Princess-like hairdo on your wedding day. All you have to do is create a symmetry between your facial features, accessories and of course, wedding dress. Fret not: it’s way easier than it sounds. For example, if you have sharp, angular features with high cheekbones and if you’re wearing a clingy satin or taffeta gown, you’re certainly going to look ultra-glamorous with a voluminous updo or chignon. Best of all, a thick updo is perfectly suited to both short and long hair and you can always top off the whole look with a glittery tiara, pearl pins or an eye-catching headpiece.

Romantic wedding hairstyle with delicate flower tiara
On the other hand, if you have softer features, wide eyes and if you’re going for the traditional belle-of-the-ball princess dress, never hesitate to straighten your hair and let it down to frame either side of your face. This strikingly romantic hairstyle will look even better if paired with a delicate glass or crystal tiara or a simple crown of intricately woven flowers. This wedding hairstyle is bound to set your groom’s heart pattering as he watches you glide down the aisle towards him!

Elegant swept to the side wedding hairstyle
However, this style isn’t exactly suited to brides who have thin hair. In this case, you’ll probably want to create thick bouncy curls that will add volume to your hairdo. If you’re opting for curls, you can either let your hair down, sweep everything to the side or even do a half-up, half-down style. Brides with rounder facial features should preferably opt for the swept to the side hairdo because this style automatically slims and elongates the profile while expertly camouflaging any double chin. Pair this look with a strapless, A-line dress, some artful dusting of gold shimmer over your shoulders and cleavage and you’re all ready to sparkle like a Princess on your wedding day!

Curly wedding hairstyle


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Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles According to Wedding Theme and Season

For most women, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. It has to be perfect; from the choice of carpet, to the last button of her wedding gown. Some women even have their dream weddings already planned as early as their teenage years.There are millions of choices and decisions to make in order to have a successful wedding day; and, believe it or not, choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle is one of them. You’ve picked the wedding gown, listened to your choice of wedding band, and confirmed the menu. Now it’s time to face the hundreds of different wedding hairstyles to choose from—this can be pretty overwhelming but, don’t you worry, here’s a list of some classic wedding hairstyles to choose from.

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Elegant Up-Do
Hairstyle 1: The Elegant Up-Do
This is the perfect hairstyle for a formal indoor wedding. If you have long locks that can easily be styled on top of your head, go for an elegant up-do. This is the most popular among all the other wedding hairstyles because it goes with tradition and can go well with almost any kind of wedding veil. One of the common up-dos is applying some hair volumizer at the back part of the head so it gives an additional illusion of height to the bride. You can ask your hairstylist to do a bunch of twists or braids at the back to add a little more kick to your ‘do.

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Simple Bun
Hairstyle 2: The Simple Bun
If you want your face to be the main focal point of your guests (and your groom!) this is the perfect hairstyle to go for. With a simple bun, your hair still looks elegant and sophisticated but not too flashy that it will take all the attention away from your blooming face. In addition to that, if you have short hair, you can easily trick your guests into thinking that you’ve grown it longer—there are fake hair buns in the market which your stylist can get her hands on! This is a great look for summer weddings; it makes the bride look fresh despite the heat.
Hairstyle 3: The Carefree Waves
For a more relaxed vibe during the wedding, you can opt for a wavy hairdo. This goes well with long, cascading locks. Big waves are the trend nowadays as it adds volume to the hair and makes thin hair look thicker and richer. If you’re worried that your hair is too short to pull off this look, you can get hair extensions at salons—no one will even know it’s not your real hair!

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Side Swept
Hairstyle 4: The Side Swept
Here’s an edgy version of the usual hairdo—all of your hair swept over one side of your shoulder. You can add some waves and curls to add a little class to the ‘do. If you want to achieve a more ethereal look, stick in bejeweled hairpins all over your locks! This hairstyle is great for outdoor weddings as it gives off a more natural aura from the bride.

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Floral Beauty
Hairstyle 5: The Floral Beauty
Now that flower crowns and floral prints are back in the fashion loop, floral brides are also becoming more popular. If you want a garden wedding or a wedding in the woods, this hairstyle is perfect for you! Embrace the beauty of nature by pinning in some flowers along with your locks. You can ask your stylist to loosely braid your hair and intertwine a few fresh or artificial flowers within the braids. This is a simple yet stunningly gorgeous hairstyle for all the nature lovers out there!

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Stylish Curls
Hairstyle 6: The Stylish Curls
There are tons of ways to curl your hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is short or long; you can achieve a curly hairstyle if you want, the longer the hair the bigger the curls. You can also add headpieces if you’re not planning on wearing the traditional veil—headbands, clips, pearls, and other jewels can be used to accentuate the hair.
Hairstyle 7: The Half Moon
One of the traditional wedding hairstyles is the Half Moon. Basically, it’s a half-ponytail but with more volume and style. You can wear a half moon with straight hair, or perhaps keep the other half curled or wavy. This hairstyle is great for formal settings and indoor weddings. You can also add some accessories if you’re not planning on using an extravagant veil.


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Rustic Wedding Hairstyles

Country weddings are intimate. It is when the couples choose to get married on their hometown for varied reasons – the proximity of everyone, the warm feel of the location and for a refreshing and secured familiarity kind of ambiance. Make your wedding even more dreamlike by making your women bridal entourage model these rustic wedding hairstyles.

Floral Crown with braids

Floral Crown with braids
Like a garden pixie, you can be floral queens and princesses with floral crowns worn on top of your blonde and brunette heads. Loosely braid your hair at the back and pull in two little locks towards the front of your face. Design your floral crowns as to the color motif of the wedding for some cohesive effect.

Straight messy locks with boho band

Straight messy locks with boho band
If you’re going for a rustic wedding with a touch of hipster, then boho bands would be delicate additions to your girls coiffure. Let those pretty tresses fall down naturally. You can go for the messy look, but don’t overdo it. You or your bridesmaids wouldn’t want to be appear stressed out and untidy. With garden weddings, the more organic the style is, the more exciting the outcome will be.

loose wedding updo

Loose Wedding Updo
Updos are great choices if you want to show off your neck and back. If your bridal gown calls for some back exposure (for the beadwork at the back is not to be missed), then you can opt for this style. Don’t make the updo too tight to avoid the sleek look. You’re after that loose, comfortable hair which is a must for country weddings. Use slim boho bands, flowers and feathers to accessorize.

Braids with tiny flowers

Braids with tiny flowers
Big flowers and flower crowns would be too over the top? When you want to keep the hair simple or if you’re just after the minimalistic effect, then just accessorize with tiny flowers like baby’s breath. If you’re planning to go very detailed with the braiding, then this tiny flower style would complement your plan.

Half Up Floral Style

Half-Up floral style
For a sweet and romantic look, leave some manes draping on your shoulders. Only clip the top portion of your hair and make it bulge a little for body. For an additional dainty touch, pin some flowers and leaves onto the pinned area.


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The Chic Flower Girl Hairstyles

Adorable hairstyles add fun and charm to the cute flower girls. From the gay floral to butterfly headpieces, they can also don a classic look with a simple bun or a majestic tiara. There are popular choices of styles that will cover the locks of the charming little ladies and it can go from easy-to-do to a quite complicated one.

The Chic Flower Girl Pigtails with Halo Hairstyle

Little girls can be as charming as they are but remember that they are still kids and tend to be playful like any kids their age. You would not want them tied on the chair while finishing their Celtic-inspired hair with lots of knots and ties or you better allot just a few minutes with their hairstyle and let them just strut their stuff.

The Chic Flower Girl Full Braided Hair Up-Do with Tiara

Flower girl hairstyles should not be that complicated. If possible, do not use too many hair pins and hair spray. They are kids. Let them carry a hair-do that looks fascinating, elegant and fun without the extra fuss.

An all-time favorite chic flower girl hairstyle is the pig tail. Divide the hair in two and hold both sides with an elastic band. This style will look cute in wavy or straight hair. Finish the style with a halo of flowers according to the wedding theme color. Some halos have beads as accent while some even use butterflies instead of flowers.

The Chic Flower Girl Straight Hair Do

Glam up your little dolls with a half up-do that emphasizes her waves and curls. Braid the upper part. You can do a half braid, a waterfall braid or a tree braid. You can also put ribbon laces in between the locks of braid for a playful look.

Regency Beaded Taffeta A Line Flower Girl Dress with Pick Ups

An up-do with twisted braids is perfect for indoor and outdoor weddings. Twist and braid the hair on the sides and bring the rest of the hair in a messy bun. A colorful feathery headband or a stem of flower can finish the flower girl look.

Tired of the neat and perfect ballerina bun? Lay down your girls’ hair for an elegant and laid-back style. Just gather the front hair and pull them by the side on to the back part like doing a half up-do only that the gathered hair will remain down at the back side. Clasp the gathered hair loosely and insert a stem of rose for a vintage drama.

The Chic Flower Girl Twisted Braid Hair Up-Do

Want to maintain your darling’s fresh look until the end of the celebration? Then finish her hair with a braided up-do. Braid the sides up to the end. Tie each end carefully gather them into a bun and sparkle up with a cute tiara set a little on the side of the top head.


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5 Braided Wedding Hairstyles That You’ll Love

You’ve finally ironed out all the big wedding details – guest lists, caterers, reception venue, your wedding dress. But, wait. Have you decided on your hairstyle yet? The hair could pull everything together from your jewelry to your wedding dress to your shoes. However, it could also shatter the whole look. To make your look perfect during your big day, get inspiration from these 5 braided wedding hairstyles below.

The messy braid bun
Aside from exuding sexiness and romance in the air, this messy braid bun ‘do will keep your hair in place, making this choice a practical one for beach weddings or summer weddings. To make your look sweeter, you can do a combination of pinned tendrils and plaits or you can weave in some fresh flowers, studs or feathers.

The Messy Braid Bun

The low-braided side fishtail
For a dainty bride donning a long hair, the low-braided side fishtail would magnify her endearing persona. The intricate braiding plus the wispy bits at the front whispers an enchantingsensation. The secret to this hairstyle is to give the braid a loose look for a casual flair. To go bohemian, just pull apart the braid gently.

The Low-Braided Side Fishtail

The waterfall braid
If you are going for a barn wedding or any other easy-themed wedding, then a waterfall braid would be the best choice. You should have at least shoulder-length hair for this hairstyle to work. The fun part with waterfall braids is that you can do a lot of varieties with it. You can interlock laces and studded strings with your braid or you can just put little embellishments on your hair.

The Waterfall Braid

The braided crown
For a classic, vintage goddess look, you can have braided crowns on your wedding day. The look would remind you of cherubs, medieval women and bohochics. This style is perfect for thick-haired women and to those who wants to keep their tresses out of their faces during the whole event. However, if you’re hair is thin, but you want to fashion this ‘do, you can always buy hair extensions and clip on braids.

The Braided Crown

The sleek low bun braid

If you are sophisticated and classy bride, you obviously need a hairstyle that would match your personality. What suits you better than this sleek low bun braid? None of the other hairstyles, of course. This neat and chic style would give emphasis on your neck and shoulders, hence it is an appropriate style if you’re going to wear a tube wedding dress. This would make you look regal.

The Sleek Low Bun Braid


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Wedding Hairstyles for Brides

The best of you is expected on your wedding day and aside from the wedding gown that occupies a large percentage of your look, your hair must be worthy to be called your crowning glory. Here are the bridal dos that you can choose from whether you have long, medium or short hair.

The classic bun is a massive favorite of brides because of its serene and elegant impression the same way for the wavy and natural look that is by all means fit for a woman to be married.

For the vintage bride, either you take it tidily or pull them up relaxed with ancient hair combs, it will look gorgeous.

For the avid fans of fairy tales, there is a choice to either fluff it up or comb it neat and clean with prim curls.

Even if you have the long locks that is commendable to let down or just a little of it, all brides are beautiful, you bet.

For the bohemian aficionados whether you let your hair as it is with a floral accent, or pony-tailed with braids and stones, no one that can stop the most important celebrant of the big day.

Whether you are a Gothic bride or a goddess, your wedding day hair is always for you to decide.

And even if you opt for a medieval hairdo or a modern bride hairstyle, the odds will be eliminated because what your idea of a perfect coiffure is the finest. There are no bad hair days in weddings only good vibes and bliss.



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