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Selecting the perfect symbolic flowers for your wedding bouquet

While contemporary brides usually go for their favorite flowers or, at the very least, the sort of flowers that matches their outfits, there was a time when ladies used to select their bridal bouquets according to the various symbolisms.

Bride with bouquet

This tradition is still practiced by Royal families from all over the world, with Kate Middleton selecting her flowers according to what they represent. For example, she selected Lily of the Valley because, during Queen Victoria’s time, this particular bloom was representative of happiness and trust. The new Duchess very endearingly selected some Sweet William flowers as a nod to her husband. Other flowers included Myrtle- which is a Royal tradition and Ivy because it typically stands for affection, friendship and fidelity.
So, if you want to borrow a leaf from the Duchess’ book, here’s a list of the most popular wedding flowers and their different symbolisms:

Orange flowers

Orange Flowers: Exquisitely festive, this particular bloom will certainly take your look to the next level. Orange flowers commonly stand for Bridal Festivities and are absolutely perfect for cutting-edge brides.

Ivy bouquet

Peony: One of the most popular bridal flowers in Japan, Peonies usually stand for masculinity, virility and a happy marriage. This is why some groom usually tuck a single peony in the pockets of their tuxedos as they tie the knot. Like Kate, you may include this flower in your overall bouquet as a not to your future husband.

Red roses bridal bouquet

Rose: Present in practically every wedding bouquet, roses stand for love in its various forms. Representative of romance and friendship, these flowers come in various colors, hence allowing the bride to create a combination of roses which will match with their dresses. It is a well-known fact that red represent romance, but few people know that blue-lavender or white roses are commonly used to honor the elders. So, if you’re very close to your grandparents, or if you want to honor a departed grandparent on your special day, don’t hesitate to tuck a blue-lavender rose in your bouquet.

Purple Lilac

Purple Lilac: If you fell in love with your significant other at first sight, this is undeniably the perfect flower for you. Indeed, the Purple Lilac is often used to symbolize love at first sight, which is why it’s so often used for wedding bouquets. This bloom is also representative of early love and spirituality, which makes the Purple Lilac quite perfect for church weddings.

Overall, the flowers that you select for your bridal bouquet should ultimately be a representation of your personality and your groom’s. In fact, for a more poetic touch, don’t hesitate to use for flowers t tell your love story.


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Origin of the bridal bouquet

One of the most important accessories that a bride can have, the bridal bouquet is deeply rooted in ancient customs and traditions. Unknown to many, this particular bouquet is so much more than an object which beautifies the bride: indeed, there was a time when the bridal bouquet was used to ward off any negativity and protect the newlyweds from the much dreaded evil eye.

Bridal bouquet collage

Of course, nowadays, the bridal bouquet has become one of the most popular and important accessory that a bride can carry. But, the notion of carrying flowers on your wedding day originated in a far less romantic notion: indeed, during the 15th century in Europe, bathing water was quite scarce which meant that citizens couldn’t wash up frequently. So, in a bid to fight off any unruly body odor, brides used to walk down the aisle with large bunches of sweet-smelling flowers.

Elaborate bridal bouquet

In more superstitious families, however, the wedding flavor was usually carried in a bid to ward off evil spirits. In such cases, they didn’t even carry flowers: brides usually clutched to an all-aromatic bouquet of herbs including rosemary, sage, thyme and even a few bulbs of garlic. Sometimes, the herbs bouquet were adorned with a few springs of freshly cut flowers, which gradually turned into a full-fledged flower bouquet. In wealthy Medieval families, orange blossoms were also added to the bouquet.

Simple bridal bouquet

The tradition of carrying completely flower bouquets stemmed from Ancient Britain during later centuries and at first, it was considered as a symbol of fertility. It wasn’t until much later on, during contemporary times, that the bride started adding symbolic flowers to her bouquet. Roses, for instance, nowadays represent everlasting love. Other such symbolisms include Stephanotis is for good luck, lilac to represent their union and Ivy for fidelity. In ancient times, edible flowers were also added to the bouquet and these were commonly served during the reception.

Old fashioned bridal aromatic bouquet of rosemary

In our modern time, however, brides are gradually ditching fresh flowers for artificial silk or satin ones. Ladies who aren’t on a budget can also consider jeweled bouquets: classy and elegant, these can last for a lifetime, which means that you’ll definitely have a memento of your special day.

Jeweled wedding bouquet

Another modern twist on the bridal bouquet is adding some candy to your flowers. Guaranteed to bring a pronounced touch of fun to your special day, a few lollipops or cake pops nestled among the flowers will definitely add some extra flair to the wedding. More adventurous brides are even going for full-fledged candy bouquets that are later distributed among close friends and families after the ceremony.

Candy bouquet


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Wedding Flowers: How to break free from tradition

There’s no doubt about it: The traditional cascade of white flowers with a few springs of Gypsophila tucked here and there certainly makes for an appealing bridal bouquet. Still, if you’re among the trendy brides who want to vamp it up and stand out from the crowd, don’t hesitate to look into some more original and eye-catching options that will never fail to wow your guests. In fact, some types of untraditional wedding bouquets can even enhance your dress, bringing a classy and sophisticated look to your attire.

Multi-Coloured Bridal bouquet
Brides who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries, for instance, can check out the glamorous Bridal Brooches bouquets. The latest wedding flower trend, these bouquets are entirely crafted from stones- precious or semi-precious- which is the perfect way for you to include your something blue in your overall look! If you can afford it, do not hesitate to ask your jeweller to craft a waterfall bouquet of sparkling diamonds, twinkling blue sapphires and just a few pink stones here and there to complete the look. Brides who are on a limited budget can go for pearls- or even faux pearls for that matter- as well as other affordable semi-precious stones.

Jewelled brooch bouquet
These wedding bouquet brooches are readily available online on various wedding-related stores and best of all, they’ll never wither or dry and you’ll always have a memento of your wedding to keep on your mantelpiece. Of course, it goes without saying that you can always go for a smaller natural bouquet to throw after the ceremony.

Purple wedding bouquet with bejewelled stem
If you don’t want to go for a wedding brooch but you still want to add some sparkle to your wedding flowers, why don’t you ask your jeweller or florist to create a bejewelled stem for your bouquet? Sophisticated and glamorous, these can be done in a variety of colours. In fact, to break free from tradition, try to go for a shade that will drastically contrast with your wedding dress. Red, purple, deep, emerald green, sunny yellow and pink are usually the most popular choices.

Of course, brides can always go for classic bouquets but never hesitate to enhance it up by skipping the traditional wedding roses in flavour of something more exotic such as lilies or even sunflowers. Indeed, a particularly lovely touch would be to go for a stunningly colourful bouquet crafted with the most exotic flowers such as lavender, hibiscus, birds of paradise and sunflowers, among others. After all, your wedding day’s certainly a cause for celebration so feel free to lock up the traditional white flowers and go absolutely crazy on contrasting hues!

Traditional White bridal bouquet


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Top 5 Best Choices for Wedding Flowers

Picking the right flowers is one of the most important things in a wedding ceremony. Can you imagine a ceremony without any flowers at all? Looks a little weird, right? Flowers play a big role in weddings not only for the beauty they add to the whole place and the wonderful scent they carry, but also because flowers have meanings that can be symbolic to the couple. Now, if you are faced with the difficulty of choosing the perfect floral arrangement for your wedding, it’s best to be informed about the top choices of flowers among most weddings and why, exactly, they are chosen by most couples.

Top 5 Wedding Flowers Gardenia
Flower 5: Gardenia
At our fifth spot, we have the ever present Gardenia. It means “You’re lovely” and is also the symbol of secret love. This exquisite flower is one of the most common for weddings because of its heavy scent and its delicate appearance. Once made into a bouquet, Gardenias look vividly stunning and sophisticated. It can also be used to make fragrant corsages. However, the ivory petals of this stunning flower tend to bruise easily so you’ll have to be extra gentle in handling them.

Top 5 Wedding Flowers Hydrangea
Flower 4: Hydrangeas
With the variety of intense colors offered by Hydrangeas, it’s no wonder it has become yet another one of the most commonly picked flowers for weddings. They add a splash of color that brightens up the whole place. Hydrangeas can also be used to add more beauty and class to the bride’s bouquet. Another perk of this flower is that it’s more affordable compared to others which allows for a lighter budget for floral arrangements.


Flower 3: Tulips
A universal symbol of “happy years” and “consuming love”, Tulips come in third on our list. These flowers come in a lot of different colors such as cream, white, pastels, and even brighter shades such as purple and magenta. As they are easily harvested most of the year, Tulips are very budget friendly and hardly goes out of stock. Tulips can easily blend well in bouquets as well as table arrangements—they automatically add a dash of elegance. There are three main Tulip varieties: Dutch, the most common kind which are usually seen in most flower shops and gardens; French, which features longer stems and are more expensive than the common tulips; and Parrot, which come in intense colors.

Flower 2: Peonies
Peonies are commonly found in Central America and around Asia. They work well together with gerberas and orchids, but can also be arranged individually. In contrast to its bright color and strong scent, the Peony means “bashfulness”. A whole bouquet of peonies can be dazzling and it can also be used to make lovely centerpieces and floral arrangements for weddings. However, peonies bloom only from spring to summer which makes it a little expensive.

Flower 1: Roses
Surprise, surprise! For the top flower choice among most weddings, we have the ever dependable Roses. Universally considered a symbol of “true love”, roses have been used to express emotions that one cannot verbally communicate. Despite its being common, roses are far from boring—especially now that they are available in almost any color imaginable! The best thing about roses is that since they are grown commercially all year round, they are very affordable.


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Yellow Bridal Flower Bouquet

Waking up to a pocketful of sunshine is a great way to start your day and a great habit to form to build up your positive character. There are people who could easily lighten up the mood and set the positive aura for everybody. Those people are God’s angels on earth. If good old friends feel like you are their pocketful of sunshine, then definitely take yellow flowers for your bridal bouquet.Project your happy disposition through these yellow bridal bouquet ideas.

Yellow Tulips
Planning to go for sophistication and simplicity? Pick out yellow tulips and wrap up a ribbon beneath their heads, on their green soft, but burly stems. No need to go over the top when tulips are your flowers for they are already synonymous with effortless elegance. To zest them up, you can use other colored tulips with yellow – purple, white, pink, purple, orange or blue.

Yellow Craspedia
Are you not a fan of the usual yellow flowers? Want to offer something uniquely fun in your wedding bouquets? Then have a bunch of Craspedia tied together. Those yellow puffs would surely pop some color into a plain bridal motif. This type of bouquet is best for weddings with grey, white and pale blue motifs.

daffodil bouquet
Yellow Daffodils
Spring country weddings call for daffodils in your bridal bouquet. The yellow daffodils on a garden wedding screams spring. You can have a bouquet of plain daffodils or you could throw in some accent flowers into the creation. Flowers with the same hue of daffodil yellow would be a nice texture play.

Yellow Sunflowers
Sunflowers remind us to always look for the sun and have some summer fun. Again, the yellow bridal bouquet would be a seemly choice for rustic, country and garden weddings. It would also be pleasant for nautical-themed weddings as the yellow would pop out some color into the predictable blue-and-white décor.

Yellow Combo
If you’re feeling fancy and adventurous, you could principally combine yellow with other colors. Break the monotony by having a color combination or two. White is a safe choice. Blue would throw in some excitement and that can be refreshing. Go vivid and play with some pinks and oranges into the yellow flowers. For an autumn wedding, an addition of orange and brown flowers or acorns or leaves would be interesting.


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White Cascading Waterfall Bridal Bouquets

White is a symbol of purity, innocence, completeness and wholeness. These are the essence of being a bride. Go pristine white all the way on your wedding day. To make everything look extra lovelier, start off with your bridal bouquet. Have a white cascading waterfall bridal bouquet that everyone will adore. Pick up inspiration from these flower types which will pin the waterfall style.

Orchids exude elegant per se, but just imagine how this elegance will be doubled all the more when they are arranged on a cascade. All you’ll need is floral tapes, wires and a creative eye to create a lovely orchid waterfall bouquet. You can ask somebody to do that for you since it has to be neat, fresh and grand.

Roses are common blooms, but to give them a breath of new bridal bravura, use them in cascading bouquets. You’ll just need a few roses of different sizes and other floral and leaf accents, depending on your wedding theme color. You can add spike flowers or a branch of colored leaves. You can also choose long-stemmed pastel-colored blooms for some accent.

Another great cascade bouquet style is having a bunch of flowers bundled on top with copious tiny flowers dangling down from the main bouquet. Cream and blush peonies are ideal to be used for the top bouquets and for the dangling ones, you can use any white varieties of tiny flowers. You can use the floral tape and wire technique for the latter to achieve a perfect waterfall floral impression.

Calla Lilies
Calla Lilies
When flower form and color fusion are the basis, Calla Lillies would be the best the other blooms. It’s fairly easy to make a cascading waterfall bouquet out of Calla Lillies since they have long, graceful and bending stalks of green. To make the bouquet, you just need to cut several lilies in different lengths and bundle them together in a willowy arrangement. Raw and supple, simply perfect for rustic and vintage weddings.

Flowers are made up of different forms, which makes them candidates for flower combo cascading bouquets. Just make sure that the two or three or four varieties of flowers will complement each other in terms of their color, form, length and size. Also, stick to the wedding theme in picking out those flowers.


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Pink Bridal Flower Bouquet

On your wedding day, carry your childhood color with you. It’s a symbol for love, gratitude, grace and elegance. It’s the color of your cheeks when it deemed on you that your man is actually proposing for a forever with you. It’s pink and it’s a pretty color for your bridal bouquet.There are actually lots of pink flowers to choose from. You can go with the blush shades to the brightest pink or you can have a combination of both. Here are some of the charming pink flowers that you can choose from.

Pink roses are the loveliest. As one source claimed, it is the most prevalent among the old garden rose types. Choosing to go with a rose bouquet leaves you with a lot of options. You can have a intact bouquet of just plain pink roses – minimalistic and elegant at the same time, or you could join them with other pink flowers and add varieties that are like flower spikes – it would be a breath of fresh arrangement.

Tulips were once made into headdresses for the Persians of the Middle East, few thousand years back. They represent the finer things in life. On your wedding day, give out a vibe of royalty by having tulips in your flower bouquets. No grand arrangement is needed for tulips. Just tie a ribbon around their long stems and viola, you have a bridal bouquet that is elegant per se.

Clove pinks or carnation would fashion an elegant, almost pompom bridal bouquets. The texture and shape of the carnation makes them excellent choices for pompom bouquets. Gather several flowers and arrange them into a half circle. Don’t include anything else. The simpler, the better, the more sophisticated-looking it’ll be. You could tie it with a white ribbon, the only acceptable accessory. You may also use carnations in combo with other pink flowers.

Magenta Gerbera Daisy
Magenta Gerbera Daisy
For a bright and fun bridal bouquet, you can order Magenta Gerbera Daisies. The inner portion which is a vivid and bright pink is wonderfully emphasized by its surrounding paler pink daisy petals. They would be perfect for country weddings, especially if you mix in dark pink spider mums and dusty millers with it.

Peonies. These are Blair Waldorf (of Gossip Girl) flowers, effortlessly classy. Pair peonies with white and other pale flowers for a winter wedding. Hot pink peonies paired with purple spiky perennials will be so modish, perfect for a modern wedding. Actually, a few peony stems make a breathtakingly gorgeous bouquet. It’s that easy.


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On Wedding Flowers: Helpful pointers

A wedding isn’t complete without the sweet aroma filling the air, the graceful colors brightening up the room and the breathtaking arrangement that will win some aahs and oohs from the guests. Flowers, of course. They are essential in every wedding. Book your florist before the best ones are already taken. Make sure the blooms are in their prettiest on your wedding day. Here are steps on how to do it.

Recycle Flowers
Build up a concept first
Just like all the framework, the entire thing should be anchored on a theme. In choosing which flowers to use and how to arrange them, you need to have a clear vision of the reception and the aisle first. Will it be held on the beach? Will the flowers eat up the majority of the room space? Will the flowers solidify the theme more? Talk to your florist or to your friend-turned-creative-director first and work on it before ordering flowers online.

Fixing the flowers
Play up with the colors
Matching your bridesmaids’ dress with the flowers may seem like a bad idea. It would look so monotonous on the pictures – unless it’s the look that you’re aiming for. Holding a violet bouquet against a violet dress would be close to like making the flowers fo invisible. Don’t be afraid to play up with the colors. Use accents and stick to your theme hues. In the contrary, don’t go overboard with putting more than 8 flower varieties in one bouquet. Too much is not good either.

Accent with the dress
Throw some DIYs too
If you’re on a budget and wouldn’t want to hire a florist, you could still have that awesome flower power. Besides, DIYs are popular nowadays. Sometimes, a cut bunch of flowers tied by a simple ribbon spells out undying beauty of simplicity. It’s still chic especially if you’re having a rustic wedding. Place the flowers in colored plastics or place them in mason jars. You could even recycle your flowers in a good way. Gather the aisle flowers and use them as center table pieces. Or, spread their petals on your reception entrance.

DIY Wedding Flowers
Preserve the blooms
No matter what flowers you have chosen, you’ll still have that grand garden effect. That is, if your flowers maintain their freshness all throughout the event. Choose flowers that can last for a couple of hours. Otherwise, you’ll have wilting flowers by the time you exchanged your vows and it’ll spoil the entire look. You can do several things to preserve the life of your flowers. Don’t spray water on the petals. Place them inside the fridge the night before. Don’t place them in areas where they can receive the strong sunlight. Don’t place fruits near them because both release ethylene and this can cause mutual poisoning.

Flowers in photo ops


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Blue Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Blue, being the color of the ocean and the sky, signifies tranquillity, inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. The Ancient Egyptians even believe that lapis lazuli, a deep blue semi-precious stone represents heaven.
Have the same feeling of calmness on your wedding day by having blue-colored flowers on your bridal bouquet. The blue flowers would be perfect as you carry them against your pristine white bridal gown. There are lots of blue flowers to choose from. To get you started, here are a few.


Blue tulips are rare. To get them, you either have to produce a hybrid between violet and lilac tulips or you could die white tulips yourself to achieve the very shade of blue that you want. The effort is worth it though in making one as blue tulips are said to give a message of perfect love. You could even use them with white roses for a unspoiled touch.


Delphiniums are cone- and column-shaped small perennial flowers, gracefully spiking out a main stem as if they were arranged from the darkest flowers to the lightest ones. To arrange a Delphinium bouquet, you first have to pick if you want an elegant spiking organic bunch or a bundled, uniform one. Either way would still look lovely.


Hydrangeas are native flowering plants which grow in panicles or in corymbs at the ends of the stems. There are four major species of this plant, but the most adorable one to use is the arborescens since they would make enchanting mophead flowers or pom-pom-likes bridal bouquets. You could arrange them in a ball and attach a lace to its body and viola, you now have a pom-pom bridal bouquet.


If you want to achieve a sophisticated bridal bouquet, then better use blue orchids for it. Yes, orchids are terribly hard to maintain and pretty expensive, but hey it’s your wedding day, there’s nothing too beautiful for it. Blue orchids are best used on cascade and long bridal bouquets. You can use them in combination with pink and violet blooms. If you’re feeling fancy, you can add peacock feathers as the latter’s blue center will complement the blue orchids.


There are a lot of blue flowers and accent blooms that you can use in your bridal bouquet such as muscari, anemones, nigella and viburnum berries. Experiment and have fun. You just have to match your bridal bouquet with your wedding them, bridal dress and wedding motif.


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Artificial Wedding Flower Ideas

Flowers are a very important part of a wedding as these flowers offer sophistication to the entire wedding itself. It just means that without the presence of the flowers, the wedding will be lifeless.

Artificial Pearl Fancy Bouquet
There are two options to choose from in terms of picking the flowers for a wedding day, and one of them is choosing the fresh flowers. You can find a large selection of florists that are accessible in the market that would help you in getting the flowers for your wedding beautifications.

Artificial Wedding Flower Button Bouquet
Then there’s the second option which is the artificial wedding flowers. This type of wedding flowers could be made of velvet, silk, or satin. Or do away with the basic replica of flowers and go with beads, crystals and pearls! Be all elegant with a pure mother of pearl wedding bouquet. The creamy color of pearls gives the perfect glow to the bride as she walks down the aisle.

Artificial Wedding Flower Crystal Bouquet
Love hemming? Be resourceful and use artistic buttons as wedding bouquet. Use pastel buttons of various sizes. Add few artificial white flowers for a dreamy look. You can also reflect the color all around and march with a crystal bouquet. The clear beads let light in and give crystal shining effect from the hands of the bride. Use this on a winter wedding or, if you want to reflect a snowy, cold wedding hold a snowflake-designed bouquet. The one that’s glassy and looks very fragile (though it isn’t!).

Artificial Wedding Flower Golden Bouquet
Extravagant weddings may set aside the use of the most expensive flowers. They can’t keep it for the longest time, that’s why. Have a jeweller customize a golden brooch wedding bouquet with Swarovski crystals and pearls.

Artificial Wedding Flower Snowflake Design
You can find a lot of reason why one has to choose artificial flowers for the wedding over the fresh ones, and one of the major reasons is that they don’t get withered so you can keep them as long as you want.


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