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Wedding dresses for the tall bride

Tall bride and groom

While tall brides do have the added advantage of being able to wear practically whatever they want without risking the much-dreaded meringue-like look on their wedding day, the unfortunate truth is that there are a few limitations for these ladies as well. Indeed, while you can wear anything you want to, it doesn’t mean that the outfit of your choice is going to suit you, which can yield a less-than-perfect look on the most special day of your life.

Tall bride

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that being a tall bride is much more something of an advantage than a con, even if there are certain adjustments that you have to do within your outfit. For example, while straight and clingy or mermaid dresses look absolutely spectacular on just about anyone, keep in mind that they tend to emphasize your silhouette and can make you look much taller than what you really are. If you are tall and curvy, a mermaid frock might just work for you. Tall and skinny brides, on the other hand, should preferably refrain from adopting this style.

Princess cut dress

On the other hand, be eager to look into the type of dresses that most averagely-sized ladies yean to slip into, but can’t. Poufy princess-cut wedding dresses, for instance, feature the sort of cut that made us dream of our wedding day since a very young age. The good news is that, if you’re just as tall as Lady Di, why not take a leaf out of her highly-fashionable book and don a full-skirted fairytale princess-like dress for your wedding day? In fact, since you’re at it, feel free to explore different options and play around with various styles. A corset-like, gathered bodice with a full, billowy skirt will look positively spectacular on just about any tall bride. Of course, there’s no reason why you should stick to just one color either: while petite brides can’t mix colors for fear of appearing wider in the middle, taller ladies can easily indulge in several shades without dreading that dilemma. White and red, white and silver, white and blue or even white and ivory are fabulous shades that will bring a deeply sophisticated look to your overall attire.

Gathered bodice and billowy skirt

And then of course, there’s the train: one of the most prized wedding accessories, the train has the added advantage of trailing behind you to create a mesmerizing optical illusion by balancing your height with the shape of your body. Don’t forget the shoes as well- you certainly don’t need any extra height so ditch the heels and start looking into beautiful bridal flats.

Long train


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Successfully wear a jacket over a wedding dress

Pulling off a winter wedding dress is never an easy task, particularly considering the thin, flimsy fabrics that are normally used for wedding gowns. This is when a dressy jacket comes in really handy. Indeed, a formal jacket will keep you warm on colder days, without distracting from the design of your wedding dress. Cold weather aside, jackets are universally flattering as they create a gorgeous, streamlined look while enhancing the nips and curves of your body. Most importantly, jackets are extremely handy in camouflaging any unruly bulge or lumps that tend to be visible with lighter fabrics.

Long white jacket

Contrary to what most people believe, it’s not that hard to wear a jacket over a wedding dress. If you’re wearing a standard Princess-cut or Ball gown, for example, any long white jacket would do. However, don’t hesitate to embellish it by going for flattering fabrics in the likes of satin, silk, gauze or even linen. A shimmery or pearled jacket would look absolutely wonderful when paired with your wedding dress. Just be sure to take the jacket in at the waist to enhance your silhouette. If it’s really cold, brides may even go for a faux fur coat to sheath their arms and shoulders. But, leave it unbutton to avoid distracting attention from your dress.

Thick faux fur coat over wedding dress

If you want to show off as much as you can of your gown, don’t hesitate to go for a bolero jacket instead. Wool is a fabulous material for fall or winter and it actually goes pretty well with wedding dress fabrics like gauze and taffeta. For spring or summer, you may even pair your wedding dress with a short satin bolero with trumpet sleeves and lace edging. Brides who don’t stand on tradition might even select a contrasting shade for their jacket or coats. In fact, this is a very easy way to add your ‘something blue’ touch to your overall attire.

Shawls and shrugs over wedding dress

Woollen bolero for fall

Also, don’t hesitate to take a leaf out of Kiera Knightley’s book and slip into a waist-length jacket over a shorter wedding dress. Throw in an oversized bridal bouquet, white glittery heels, a flower crown and you’ve got yourself the perfect wedding jacket attire! As a last resort, brides who aren’t too fond of jackets might even wrap a shrug or shawl around their shoulders to keep warm. Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t add some long sleeves to your wedding dress or go for a thicker material to keep warm.

Keira knightley jacket over short wedding dress


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The best dress options for a petite bride

Sweet, dainty and ladylike, brides with a petite figure can certainly carry off their bridal gowns to perfection. Indeed, throughout films and literature, the most beautiful brides were quite on the petite side with a tiny nipped in waist, slender figure and short frame. While this sort of figure is quite easy to dress in everyday clothes, there are a few concern when it comes to the wedding gown. The bad news is that petite brides can’t slip into any gown. Fortunately, though, there is no lack of options for them to try on.

Petite bride

In fact, a common mistake is to think that since you’re petite, you will be able to pull off just about any outfit. However, while you should of course dress in any attire of your choice, there’s no reason why you can’t follow a few fashion rules that will help you look your very best on the most special day of your life. The most important thing that petite brides should remember is to steer clear from thick ballgowns, taffetas and other such fabrics.

Petite bride drowned in ballgown

Indeed, a short lady would be completely drowned in Princess-cut or Ball gowns, resulting in a rather mediocre-like look. After all, you do want to look your best on your wedding day, don’t you? So, stick to figure-hugging and flattering fabrics in the likes of cotton, lace, gauze, silk and satin. For more informal weddings, don’t hesitate to slip into a linen dress that will show off your petite frame to perfection.

Mermaid dress to create illusion of curves

Another important thing to consider is the cut of your chosen gown. Far too many brides spend their time focusing on the details and fabrics rather than the actual cut. But what most brides ignore is how easily the cuts can affect how the dress flows on you. Asymmetrical cuts, for example, will very easily lengthen your figure while making you appear much less thinner. The same goes for a V-shaped waist lined with pearls or sequins to draw attention to the contour between your waist and hips.

Tea length wedding dress

Don’t ignore the height of your dress as well: Long dresses, for example, do a great job as masquerading curves as they flow down, but, since petite brides are normally on the skinny side, it’s might not be a good idea to go for a floor-length frock. Tea-length and short wedding dresses are you best assets in this case. Ultra-traditional brides who must absolutely have their long dresses can alternatively go for mermaid wedding frocks which will instantly make them appear taller and much more curvaceous.

Short wedding dress


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Shopping for the perfect dress: some helpful money saving tips

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress is always an exhilarating experience. The thrill of trying on dress after dress and of discovering new, unfamiliar designs will never fail to render just about any bride hyper. Indeed, there’s a reason why brides tend to try around thirty or more gowns before finding the one of their dreams.

Trying on wedding dresses

On the flip side, however, most brides also happen to be on a restricted budget, something which can seriously dampen the entire wedding dress shopping experience. In most cases, the unfortunate scenario is that most brides to be end up going way above their budget just to get their hands on the dress of their dreams- no matter how outrageously expensive it is. The lure of the wedding dress in display windows can be quite irresistible to most. But, contrary to what most brides believe, there’s really no reason to stretch the purse strings just to get the perfect wedding dress. In fact, there are quite a few helpful money saving tips that will help you shop for the gown of your dreams.

Wedding dresses in display window

For starters, you should be ready to make just a few concessions that will help you cut back on any necessary expenses. For example, consider buying your wedding dress online since these gowns tend to be a lot cheaper than those hanging in display windows. Be sure to take your proper measurements and ask the seller about his returns and exchange policies before ordering. Most importantly, you should also order your online wedding dress at least four to five months before the big day. This way, you’ll have ample time to try it on, exchange, return or modify it to your liking.

Tailored wedding dress

Another fabulous option would be to give up the idea of slipping into a ready-made dress in favor of a bespoke one. If one of your friends is into sewing or if you know a reliable tailor or designer, don’t hesitate to give him or her an exact idea of what you want and watch as your wedding dress comes to life. Tailored dresses are fabulous options, not just because they are cheaper, but because it also gives you more control over the exact design of your frock. In fact, if you’re having your wedding dress made from scratch, you might even go for a simple, inexpensive white dress and ask your tailor to vamp it up with some lace, ribbons, sparkles and sequins. Adding some rhinestones to a simple frock, for example, is an extremely easy and cheap way to bring some extra flair to any wedding dress.

Adding rhinestones to simple white gown


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Wedding dresses to flatter skinny girls

Even if half of the world’s population is trying to become as skinny as possible, naturally slender girls aren’t always as lucky as we seem to believe. Indeed, this is one of the hardest body shapes to dress, especially if the woman lacks curves. This is why skinny brides often have such a hard time finding a perfectly suited wedding dress that will enhance their figure while adding a few curves.


On a more positive note, however, is that with just a few tips and tricks, you can very easily find the sort of wedding dresses that will flatter your slender figure. For example, skinny girls are often small busted, which can cause some dresses to flow in an excessive straight line down your body. If you suffer from this problem, it’s a good idea to go for a strapless wedding dress. This particular cut is extremely flattering on thin figures because it automatically lifts the bust and nips in the waist, hence creating the perfect hourglass silhouette. To avoid the risks of the dress slipping down, it’s recommended to go for a well-fitting strapless bra which will provide a better grip for the dress to hold on to.

Strapless dress to flatter the bust

Two toned wedding dresses are other great options for the slender bride because it will instantly add weight to your figure. While this option is not at all recommended for curvier ladies, these types of dresses are absolutely going to enhance a skinny body shape. Think bold color combinations such as chocolate brown and white, red and white, ivory and gold and other such hues. Of course, short wedding dresses are also fabulous options for skinny brides because they will display your legs in all their glory. Since you have the body shape for it, don’t hesitate to go for sultry wedding dresses as well. A transparent gauze starting from the knee will instantly bring some extra panache to your overall outfit.

Two toned dress for skinny bridesShort dress to show off the legs

Regardless of the type of wedding dress that you’ve decided to go for to enhance your skinny body shape, bear in mind that accessories are other cheap and easy ways to add bulk to your figure. A thick veil, round earrings and an overly long taffeta train are the types of items that will automatically distract from your slenderness. To appear more curvaceous that they really are, skinny brides should also avoid high heels. These will only add length to the figure, hence making you look even more skinny.

Sultry dress to enhance slender figure


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Trendy alternatives to the traditional white wedding dress

Not everyone wants to fit into a traditional mold. Unfortunately, most people automatically don traditional attires and do everything the “normal” way on their wedding day. But, don’t forget that this doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re one of these free spirits who like to break free from typical customs and if you want to add a deeply personal touch to your wedding, why not vamp up you wedding attire? After all, nothing screams different like donning a stunning alternative to a white wedding dress.

Cleopatra bridal costume

The Fairytale Bride
If movie weddings can be all dreamy and romantic, there’s no reason why your real life wedding shouldn’t be plucked straight from a fairytale as well! Think beyond a poufy white dress. Instead, a fairytale costume wedding dress, complete with silvery angel wings, a tiara and maybe a glittery wand will certainly help you look like a Disney princess on your special day. For a homogenous look, ask your groom to dress up in a Prince Charming getup as well!

Fairytale costume wedding dress

Cleopatra bridal costume
If you’re getting married, then you certainly deserve to look like one of the most elegant women of all times! The good news is that Cleopatra costumes are extremely popular and you’ll very easily be able to purchase a full set, complete with all of Cleopatra’s accessories. To mix and match, don’t hesitate to wear your traditional white wedding dress but accessorize it with Cleo’s world famous headgear. Some dramatic black eye makeup, a slick of bright red lipstick and chunky Egyptian jewelry and you’re all ready to go!

Bridal pantsuit collage

The Bridal Pantsuit
Extremely flattering on almost every body shape, the pant suit consists of a pair of boot-cut or flared trousers with a matching shirt and dinner jacket. Exquisitely sophisticated and trendy, the bridal pantsuit is gradually filtering into most wedding stores. Not only is this outfit a stunning substitute to the traditional white wedding dress, but the pantsuit can also be accessorized with various wedding-related accessories. A long thick lace veil, for example, will look positively amazing trailing behind your pant suit as you glide down the aisle. Don’t hesitate to vamp up your look with a tiara, chocker necklace or even gloves. More exuberant brides can even wear a bright red suit for a fiery look.

Bridal oriental skirt and crop top

Oriental or Mini wedding dress
If you’d like to wear a two-piece outfit but still want a skirt, why not look into an Oriental-like wedding outfit? With a floor-length skirt and crop top, this is one outfit that’s bound to wow your groom! Alternatively, you may even go for a mini wedding dress, which can be quite handy if you’re planning a beach wedding!

Honeymoon Testers Attempt To Break Wedding Vow Record In Queensland


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Wedding dress options for the curvy bride

We all want to look our best on our wedding day; that’s a given. While the wedding industry is simply oozing with a wide variety of choices for several body types, it’s extremely important to select a gown that flatters your figure and hides any unruly bulges or lumps. Most crucially, the bride should feel completely at ease in whatever gown she chooses to wear. After all, remember that it is your very own, once-in-a-lifetime special day and it’s quite important that you feel comfortable in your wedding dress.

Curvy bride with empire-waist dress

While there are a lot of options for curvier brides, some of them might feel ill at ease in certain types of dresses. A strapless dress with a tight bustier, for example, is quite a popular choice among brides, but curvy ladies should be particularly careful while choosing this type of dress because they can accidentally expose more cleavage than they bargained for! To be on the safe side, it’s best to go for a halter-like dress which will lift the bust while bringing a streamlined look to your silhouette. However, if you’ll feel more comfortable in a strapless dress, make sure that the bodice and cleavage allows room for movement and don’t forget to wear a properly-fitted strapless bra.

Curvy bride

If you want to look more slender on your wedding day, stay far away from thick, meringue-like taffeta gowns. Ballroom dresses only look nice on curvy brides if you make sure that the waist is properly nipped in. A popular trick among fashion designers is to create quite a lot of ruffles and designs on the upper part of the dress in order to draw attention away from the hip and waist areas, hence elongating the silhouette. This simple tip can make any bride appear at least ten pounds lighter.

Curvy bride with properly fitting corset top

Brides who aren’t obsessed with the idea of wearing white for their wedding should absolutely experiment with colors. We all know that white is quite an unforgiving hue and wearing white from head to toe can be quite a difficult look to pull off if you’re not ultra-confident in your skin. So, if you’re okay with wearing colored wedding frocks on your special day, try to go for red, blue or even yellow gowns for a more slimming effect. Don’t hesitate to create a contrast with different colors as well. For example, if you want to elongate your lower body, try to go for a white, sparkly corset and a black, A-line skirt.

Curvy bride in red wedding dress

Whichever color you decide to go for, keep in mind that Empire Waists, A-line and Mermaid cuts are the most forgiving ones. Also, it’s important to make sure that your dress is neither too loose nor too tight on you: too tight will show off any bulge while too loose will only add pounds to your figure. Don’t forget that the proper pair of shoes can also work wonders in bringing a flattering effect to your figure.

Curvy bride with A-line dress


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Choosing the most flattering fabric for your wedding dress

Wedding dresses come in several shapes and sizes- but so do brides. This is why it’s crucial to really pay attention to the actual fabrics when you’re shopping for your wedding dress. Indeed, most brides understandably get carried away and focus more on the dress length, style and cut than the fabric itself. However, what most of us forget is that it that, in the end, the fabric determines the overall flow and shape of the dress.

Organza and Silk wedding
Indeed, a petite bride will look completely drowned in thick organza or taffeta while a curvaceous lady should refrain from silk or satin to hide any unruly bulges. It’s also extremely important to bear in mind that your fabric should ultimately match your dress cut for a more flattering fit. Full-figured brides, for instance, should preferably opt for A-line cuts made from gauze, organza or a blend of cotton and taffeta. A flared dress in mingled lace and gauze will also help you hide any love handles or muffin tops. Indeed, this particular fabric is renowned for its flattering, figure-enhancing effect and best of all, it can very easily suit several body types.

Taffeta and silk wedding dress with beaded bodice
If you’re tall and skinny, don’t hesitate to go for a satin, figure hugging dress which will cling to every parcel of your body, creating alluring curves while drawing the eyes to the contours of your figure. Tall and slender brides can also go for the ultra-glamorous combination of gauze and feathers. Ladies who are lucky enough to be blessed with a proportionate hourglass body can very easily select the ultimate blend of taffeta and silk.

Satin wedding dressOn the other hand, petite brides should preferably stick to lighter wedding dress fabrics in the likes of tulles. Don’t hesitate to experiment with various styles and blend two different fabrics for a more striking effect. Petite ladies, for instance, can even go for a knee-length wedding dress with a clingy lace bodice and tulle skirt.

Gauze and feather wedding dressBrides should also remember that beaded bodices and lace are flattering to most- if not all- body types and heights. So, if you’re unsure of the perfect fabric for your body shape, you can safely go for intricately beaded bodices with lace skirts. All-over lace wedding dresses will also draw out the features and create a beautifully streamlined, hourglass silhouette.

Lace and gauze wedding dress


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2014 Wedding Trend: Short Wedding Dress

When you mention wedding dresses, your beautiful brain would always conjure up an image of a long white dress, slowly draping over the floor as you walk down the aisle. This 2014, why don’t you set the trend anew? Sport a short wedding dress and show them that bridal elegance isn’t how long your wedding dress is. Short wedding dresses are actually refreshing, casual, contemporary and chic. Let these five short wedding dresses illustrate.

Lacy Vintage Dress

Lacy Vintage Wedding Dress
Bring out the delicate antique elegance with a laced tea-length dress in white. Perfect for a retro-inspired wedding, this fancy dress would bring out the glowing aura of the bride. A simple cut for the dress is already great for the detailed intricacy of the lace will prove the sophistication. A complimenting waist ribbon will also help show off the bride’s curves.

Chiffon Bohemian Dress

Chiffon Bohemian Wedding Dress
A flowy creamy white chiffon dress is an easy way to captivate a Bohemian characteristic. Make the dress’ sleeves elbow-length to further bring out the avant-garde feel. Floral crowns and fancy long necklaces will also do the trick. This style of dress would strongly support a garden or beach wedding.

Couple and other brides

Sweet and Romantic Wedding Dress
Play it fancy by donning a simple knee-length white dress with flower accents and a cute little bow. Wear with white stockings and closed heeled shoes and you’re one dainty bride. This look works well with a rustic or intimate wedding. It shows a feel-good and warm appeal.

Bride with umbrella

Tube Top Wedding Dress
You’ll surely be one charming and sassy bride in a tube top white wedding dress which is cut just a little above the knee. Pull up your hair into a bulging ‘do and wear bold-colored pumps. For an extra tweak, you could adorn your hair with some headband with a bow.

Modern Wedding Dress

Modern Wedding Dress
Achieve the look of a sultry modern bride with a modern-cut plain white dress. Nude pumps outlined with black will accentuate the overall modish impact of the look. Have a little black bow accented on the waist and go for a smokey eye makeup.


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Grecian Wedding Gowns

Exude the majestic aura of a Greek goddess in a Grecian wedding gown. You are Aphrodite in your own right, especially on your wedding day. Yes, darling, you are so full of love and beauty that you deserve your own statue, even just in your husband’s head. So get the Santorini mode on and sashay down the aisle in a bridal dress similar to one of these glamorous Grecian wedding gowns.

Assymetrical Grecian Gown

Asymmetrical Top
The most familiar picture when the word goddess is mentioned – a gorgeous woman in a white, asymmetrical draping dress. Don the look with a gown like this. Let your hair down and use chandelier earrings to counter the simplicity of the gown. You’ll look grandiose in a pristine white bridal gown styled this way.

Greek Goddess Gown

Backless, Arraying Gown
For garden weddings, an arraying, long-and-puff-sleeved gown with a revealing back portion would be the most agreeable mode. Think of a hipster slash Midsummer Night’s Dream. Floral headdresses and fishtail braids are all over the girls and women entourage. You don’t need to talk in a fairy voice though. Let the gown do the talking.

Backless Grecian Gown

Classic Laces
For a touch of sophistication, go for a lace-covered, mermaid-shaped bridal gown on a draping length. Add a lacey layer as a pinned shawl and you’re definitely nailing the Grecian wedding look. Have your hair tied up in a bun with studded hair pins to emphasize the beauty of the lace on your smooth back.

Lacey Sleeve Grecian Gown

Flowy Goddess Gowns
If you want to go feminine all the way, you better go for a flowy goddess gown, usually made of chiffon. This is simply perfect for beach weddings. You could even go barefoot after the official ceremonies and enjoy the sand on your feet. Your silhouette on the gown amidst the sunset would give you a very elegant, flawless look.

Beach Gracian Wedding Dress

Dainty Style
You can still go for puffy gown skirt with your Grecian gown. Use a lacey cloth for your top and the look would still be Grecian. The huge ribbon on the waist is a darling complement too. You don’t have to exert effort to look dainty in this type of gown. Just keep your makeup and jewelry simple to keep the chic glow on.

Puffed Sleeves Organza and Satin Wedding Dress


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