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Wedding shoes: Avoiding the dreaded heel hangover

It is truth universally acknowledged that every woman loves shoes. Shoes are, in fact, one of the reasons why bridal shopping is so gloriously exciting. The rows after rows of glittery, sequined, pearled or beaded wedding shoes twinkling under the bright store lights are more than enough to melt the heart of just about any bride to be.

Brides and wedding shoes collage

Not only will they add a few inches to your height, but they’ll change your overall appearance, elongating the silhouette and bringing that particular swing to your step. But most of all, the perfect pair of wedding shoes are definitely going to make you feel much better about yourself.

Bridal shoes collage

A more realistic, less pleasant version of the truth, however, is that most brides find themselves in the midst of a heel hangover in the very middle of their reception. Indeed, there’s nothing like a pair of aching, blistered feet to dampen your ultra-special day. However, the good news is that you don’t have to give up your favorite pair of shoes, or even settle for flats just to be comfortable in your heels. There are, in fact, a multitude of techniques that you can adopt to avoided the globally dreaded heel hangover.

Bride trying on shoes

For starters, never, ever save your bridal shoe shopping for the last minute. Shoes- especially heels- require quite a few weeks to break in and adapt to the shape of your feet, which is why it’s extremely important to find the perfect pair at least a month before your special day. Once you’ve found the perfect pair, don’t hesitate to wear it around the house, something which will certainly allow your feet to get used to the shoes. It also pays off to practice going up and down the stairs with your shoes- something which will instantly facilitate the breaking in process. Try to avoid tough fabric like genuine leather as well: this material is quite tough and takes an extremely long time to break in.

Bridal shoes with pointy heels

Brides should also consider purchasing a few gel soles which will pretend blisters and corns, while providing adequate support on the feet. Extremely discreet, these soles have been specially designed to allow the bride to dance the night away, without a single ache or blister. When you’re shopping for your wedding shoes, always make sure to go for the perfect size as well: too large will mean that you can easily lose your balance in the heels whereas too tight will pinch your toes, sending stabs of pain down your feet all night long.

Wedding shoes with bride in background


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Wedding shoes: Heels or no heels?

The wedding industry is positively booming with a plethora of accessories and clothes. Nothing ever comes close, however, to competing with the intense attention that usually accompany wedding shoes. Indeed, the most important wedding attires- other than the dress of course- are the wedding shoes. Lace, satin, leather, white, silver or even blue, wedding shoes are the ultimate bridal accessories. After all, every girl knows that the perfect pair of shoes will instantly make you feel more confident and elegant, while adding that particular spring in your step that only heels can bring.

Wedding shoes

Let’s be realistic though: sky high heels are absolutely awesome but if you’re not used to heels, you may start to feel like you’re walking on coals after just half an hour. Besides, even if you’re a heel-addict like Victoria Beckham, weddings and receptions can be long affairs and you certainly want to be as comfortable as you possibly can be on your special day. Brides who aren’t used to high heels, for example, can look into flat ballerina shoes or even sandals. In fact, if you’re tall enough, you may not even need heels on your wedding day and in this case, flat sandals might be the perfect choice for you. This is also a great option for brides who are getting married in vineyards, flower fields or beaches.

Low heeled wedding shoesFlats for beach weddings

Other great wedding shoes options are wedges. One of the most comfortable footwear in the industry, wedges have the advantage of supporting your feet in a very harmonious manner. Best of all, wedges can easily be worn on beaches and even in damp fields or forests- if these happen to be your wedding venue. However, brides who absolutely need their heels can try to look into low heels: these are shaped exactly like stilettos, but they’re lower and can hence be worn for extended periods of time.

Wedding wedges

Ladies who aren’t afraid to explore new boundaries and look into more cutting-edge options can even go for ankle or knee boots. Your boots aren’t even going to be visible under a long dress, which means that you’ll be able to be ultra-comfortable without risking a leg injury on skyscraping heels.

Bridal wedding boots

Petite brides who wish to look taller on their special day can also give platform shoes a try. These can be quite tall as well, but on the flip side, platform shoes provide support on both the front and back part of your feet, which ensures easy balance.

Wedding shoes- platforms


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The perfect wedding shoes for your dream beach wedding

The soft swell of turquoise, glittering waves sloshing softly in the background. The glorious sensation of your toes sinking into warm, powdery sand. Your hair fanned by a cool, summery sea-breeze. And then, just as the sun starts to set over the pinkish horizon, you finally pronounced the everlasting words: “I do.”

Beach Wedding
Of course, there’s absolutely no doubt that beach weddings are among the most romantic ceremonies. However, if you’ve decided to go for a beach wedding, bear in mind that traditional wedding shoes are not going to cut it. The last thing you want is for your stilettos to sink into the sand while you’re flitting down the aisle.
So, read on to find the best beach wedding shoes according to your personality and sense of style.

Beach wedding shoes- Sophisticated Bride
The Sophisticated Bride
If you’re more of a sophisticated, fashion-conscious bride, fret not. Just because you’re trading your sky-scraping stilettos for a beach wedding doesn’t mean that you should give up on glamorous footwear. On the contrary, a beach wedding might even be the perfect occasion for you to showcase your glamorous sense of style. Jewel-encrusted wedding shoes or feet jewellery, for instance, are the perfect way to bring some flair and sophistication to your special day. Be sure to go for the proper jewels which will flatter your skin tone. Fair-skinned brides, for instance, can go for gold, pink, green or even black hues. Darker skin tones, on the other hand, look absolutely gorgeous with silver, turquoise, red, clear or diamond-tinted bejewelled flats.

Beach wedding shoes  Contemporary Bride (2)
The Contemporary Bride
Generally, Contemporary Brides aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and explore new trends and styles. This can admittedly be a challenge if you’re getting married next to the sea since you won’t be able to indulge in the latest pointy heels. Your best options, in this case, would be to go for beautifully designed, sparkly wedges. Don’t hesitate to go for the really tall ones if you wish: wedges provide balance and stability on even the roughest of terrains, which will make it quite easy for you to walk down a beachside, carpeted aisle. A pair of silver, stone encrusted wedges, for example, is going to look absolutely stunning when paired with a short wedding dress, long veil and pearl jewellery. Alternatively, you may also go for flats with tiny square heels enhanced by pearls and glitters for some added wow factor.

Beach Wedding Shoes- Romantic  Bride 2
The Romantic Bride
Are you more of a Romantic, hearts-and-flowers bride? Then you’re very easily going to find the perfect pair of beach wedding footwear! Luckily for you, the market is simply oozing with several varieties of delicate lace flats that will certainly bring a fairy-tale like touch to your outfit in general. For a pronounced romantic touch, try to avoid bold-coloured shoes in favour of pale white or ivory ones.
Since your feet will be on display, don’t forget to get a proper pedicure. A really lovely touch would be to add tiny jewels or patterns on the very corners or edges of your nails in a contrasting colour. For example, if you’re going for a French pedicure, you can trace a red, sparkly heart on the nail bed for some added glamour. In fact, once your nails are properly groomed, Romantic Brides can even forget about the shoes and stroll completely barefooted down the aisle and towards the love of your life.


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2014 Bridal Trend: Green Wedding Shoes

Culminate your singlehood life while walking on trendy green bridal shoes and walk into a world of balance, harmony and life. Green, aside from a refreshing pop of color that it would give to your feet, is believed to symbolize those very things. Your immaculate white bridal dress would surely be anything but plain and boring with these fun and hip green shoes.

Ankle-strap sandals with bow
Ankle-strap sandals with bow
Pop up some poses with these dainty sandals with bow. The silky feel and the open-toed feature make the shoes even more appealing. These sandals would work best on bridal gowns with 1920s skirt length. This length would give the sandals the exposure that they deserve. Keeping them under a heavy and long bridal gown will definitely waste the charm of this pair.

Bride and Groom with green flair
Velvety Flats
If you’re the type of woman who aren’t comfortable in heels, then you could opt to go with these ballet flats, but still maintain the aura of sophistication and bridal comeliness. Choosing a pair with a fine detail like a velvet shoe clothing will do the trick. This is automatically preferable if you’re having a country wedding wherein the road that you’ll walk on is a little rocky. Play match with your groom and let him wear green vintage socks to complement your green flats.

Rustic Green Shoes
Satin Low-Heeled Shoes
Don’t want to go all the way flat? Then low-heeled shoes are great options. You can find satin-covered ones with enough style for a bridal shoe. Closed low-heeled shoes can also appear modish if worn with the right kind of bridal dress. These green ones are undeniably adorable beneath the soft crepe, chiffon or organza.

Sparkly Green Pumps
Sparkly Green Pumps
Feeling fancy? Why don’t you try some sparkly green pumps on? If you’re donning a vintage wedding gown, then this would be great. Go vintage all over too and if you must, go for a Great Gatsby Wedding theme.

Green Converse Wedding Shoes
Green Converse Wedding Shoes
Most couples want to stand out. Have a customized green converse wedding shoes for the bride. For cathedral length wedding gowns, it would be okay to put some Converse on. They wouldn’t be seen even if you walk. Think of doing this for comfort, style and attitude. Surely, you’ll be one rocking bride.


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How to Wear Cowboy Boots with a Wedding Dress

Some women don’t really prefer high-heeled shoes even when they’re at work. They either find it hard to walk on them or they find it uncomfortable to wear or they just simply dislike it. A wedding just doesn’t make the cut to wear one either, even if it’s their own wedding. Nightmare? Absolutely not. You know what? You can wear cowboy boots with a wedding dress down the aisle! No, I am not kidding.

Bride Sitting in a Lacey Dress
Why wear Cowboy Boots on Your Wedding Day?

If you grew up to be a country girl and you met your groom in your city, then it would be sentimental to have a barn or ranch wedding. Think of yourself, riding a white horse in your flowy white wedding gown. The barn façade adorn with hanging LED lights and stringed cut-out flowers. Now, when you’re in your cowboy boots, you could just easily slip off your horse to your cowboy prince in poise.
On the other hand, it would also be practical to wear one. If you’re really going for that natural rustic wedding, then you should note that the path that you’re going to walk on is rugged with pebbles and granite. Wearing cowboy boots would make you feel more at ease.

Brown Cowboy Boots under Wedding Dress

What Type of Cowboy Boots Should You Wear with Your Wedding Dress?

The thought of wearing cowboy boots with dresses might scare off some brides, but if done correctly, it would be one unique and rocking bridal outfit of modern times. If you want to be safe, then you should go with brown boots with minimal embellishments and design. If you think brown is boring, then you could go all-white with white or light taupe cowboy boots – elegant, pristine and classy. Those bold brides who want to incorporate their color motif into their cowboy boots can wear color accented boots. Among the colored boots that you can fashion are brass-aqua, brass-multicolor and red. Be careful to choose those over-the-top booties as you may dwindle your bridal charm.

Bride and the Bridesmaids with Boots
It would be nice, especially in the pictures, if you and your bridesmaids could wear similar, same-hued boots. As a bride, you deserve to have all the attention to you on that day and to stand out, you could have a boot with a length slightly taller than theirs or you could have yours with heart cutouts or dainty floral prints.

Bride Wearing Cowboy Boots with Groom

What Type of Wedding Dresses Look Best with Cowboy Boots?

If you want show off that you’re wearing cowboy boots, you may opt to go with tea-length bridal dresses or the 1950s-style short ones. However, if you want to stand out from the entire bridal entourage, you can always choose the classic lengthy bridal dress – it doesn’t matter. Or, you can have a tea-length front dress with the length slowly increasing from the sides to the back.

Aqua Blue-Brass Cowboy Boots


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2013 Spring&Summer Sparkly Swarovski Crystal Shoes for Wedding

Girls usually can’t resist sparkle and glitter decorations which add a younger more fashionable feel. Swarovski crystals are not exception and have always been a favorite. The popularity of applying Swarovski crystals to design of accessories, dresses, and shoes has grown; we can find that from 2013 new collection released by fashion house and red carpet look by celebrity.

Handcrafted flat lambskin red Swarovski wedding shoes

Handcrafted flat lambskin white Swarovski wedding shoes

Through special cutting technique, Swarovski crystals with various hundred identical facets feature the glistening effect real diamonds possess in the sun, but the price is cheaper than that of diamonds.

Shoes are one of the most important accessories for wedding dress, special occasion dress, and daily ensemble, for they can really spice up boring outfit. If bling is your style, then Swarovski crystal shoes is the way to go! Shop one for the coming 2013, and doing it yourselves is also a great choice if you want to have look uniquely on you. Choose the color and style you like, make inspirational design, you will feel successful when finishing, it is really a big challenge. Swarovski crystals are very useful and will live up simple shoes and give stylish and glamour. With crystals on the heels, platform and overlay of shoes, they exude flexible and versatile look.



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