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The Vegan Wedding Menu: Healthy, Tasty and Cozy

Planning for the wedding menu is done by the bride and groom because they will be having the guests which are mostly their friends and relatives. The emerging menu nowadays since everyone seems to go organic, is the vegan wedding menu. By this, you will be doing your attendees a favor because vegan is healthy, tasty and cozy.

The all-healthy-totally-no-meat recipes are the latest trend today that does not only keep your guests away from hypertension, heart ailment and arthritis but are totally delectable.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Shanghai rolls

Shanghai rolls are way better compared to muffins with colored icings. This one is rich in omega3 and beta-carotene.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Mushroom Pie

Creamy and tasty are the features of good food. The mushroom, spinach, onions and tofu roll will make your heart alive as well as fill your tongue with flavor.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Sushi

As an alternative of sugary desserts, you can place sushi as your eye catcher. They can be presented with rainbow wraps where the fruits and veggie filling are captivating.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Mushroom and Tofu

The mushroom and tofu mix will get your taste buds filled. It loads the tummy but not the cholesterol count.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Desserts

Desserts and side dishes can only be gratifying if the palatability value is present. These veggie recipes have it so your guests will not be looking for those conventional cupcakes that will only get them at war with their sugar levels. Let them taste the natural sweetness of fruit and vegetables not sugar.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Main Courses

Plated main courses are usually done during the wedding reception. Filling that plate with colors coming from Mother Nature will definitely excite your attendees and their flavor buds.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Salads

You can save on the decoration because the food totally have an expressive medley of beautiful color combinations that are healthy to eat and absolutely flavorful.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Vegan Salad

The vegan wedding menu is a good trend that even celebrities like Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway have considered the natural food for their own weddings.


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The Taylor Swift Wedding Dresses

Taylor Swift has been phenomenal these past few years where aside from the charm and youth, she got taste for dresses that are worthy to be worn as a wedding gown.The Taylor Swift Evening Dress

This bateau neck, metallic trimmed satin sheath with cropped detail on the sides is perfectly chic for the brides that have an eye for a momentous outdoor or indoor wedding.  Glamorous with the shimmering waves of tinny trim on the bust and an arc on the mid thighs to the back.

Taylor Swift with Party Gown in CMA Awards

This strapless, fully sequinned, tulle, princess gown is a great choice if your wedding is celebrated during late spring and early fall. You can get the the white version of this or stick to the original color.

Taylor Swift with Princess Gown

As for the Taylor Swift fans, this ensemble is the best not only because the country pop singer wore it on the music video of Love Story but because the gown is worth to be worn on the most beautiful day of a woman’s life.

Taylor Swift Party Dresses in Ceremony

For the destination wedding this could be your relaxed version of the goddess cut. It is splendid with both the straps and the tiered, off shoulder detail and definitely sensual with the wide neck.

Taylor Swift with Halter Gown

Of course you can have the short Taylor Swift version which you can use for a civil wedding or at the reception of a church wedding as your 2nd Wedding dress.

The Taylor Swift Wedding Dresses

Another success story of the side Cutwork is this ensemble that makes the banana shape appear like an hourglass figure. This gown is very interesting as well as very modish wherever you may look at it.

Taylor Swift in Concert

Taylor Swift is the girl of the moment and her style is a sure hit the same her music.


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Wedding Gowns to Die For

There are wedding dresses that you cannot help but blurt out silly words when you see them, there are also those that will make you say nothing at all because it captures everything that you would expect from such but there are bridal gowns where you could affirm that they are the best that you will ever see in your entire life and they are nothing short of an art piece that is made by the hands of the superior being himself. These are the wedding gowns TO DIE FOR!


Lace is always a beauty in every design but in this wedding gown it becomes celestial not because of the fabric alone but of the design, the craftsmanship and the magic it creates when rolled as one.


The grandiose of ruffles and the majesty of the pickups can be present at any gown but in these pieces, the flare, brilliance and viciousness of art and passion combined made them stand on the apex of grace and glamour.



The masterpieces done with meticulous details and the mission to arrive at something that a designer visualizes is what stirs the hands and the heart to create divinity like these.


Surely you have seen designs that are somewhat similar to these pieces before but you have never seen one appear this way. You have definitely never have seen anything that have made your eyes grow that wide the very first time you had a glimpse of it. Surely you have never seen a dress like these that you would be ready to die for.



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Back to Back Bewitchment

The details that the bride would give her attention to in choosing the wedding dress to be paraded on the altar should not only be focused on the front but have a breathtaking back view as well. Remember that during the ceremony three quarter of the time will be spent showing your back and even when you are about to throw the bouquet during the reception.

Here are the most promising backs of the year.


Bella Swan’s modified portrait back trimmed with lace and gloriously crossed with aligned covered   buttons is the feature that marked the minds of the Twilight Saga’s fans.


This gown on the other hand is obviously a masterpiece that no one can turn their back from.

Claire Pettibone S2013 Collection

The vintage with this back is not only sweet but feisty with the translucent lace back amplified by the floral gilded draping ribbons on the shoulders.


This sequin and rhinestone flanked bare back should be worn by brides that is proud of their rear side because they truly deserve beauty such as this.


Dare to expose it all if you wish for it on your wedding day because no one will have the courage to say a thing if you wear the white dress elegantly.


And what will be the use of having a grand reception if your gown is not heavily ruffled down to the tip of the royal train?


Medieval wedding gowns can only be successful if it is fluffed to the fullest and has a magnificent back side.


And you will never be wrong if you choose to have the gentlest fabric for a wedding gown splashed with precious stones and sequins on the electric pleated, leafy patterned layers from front to back to your heart’s content.

The back side maybe underrated most of the time but today, they will change your mind.





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Christmas Wedding: Celebrating Love on the Joyous Time of the Year

The sound of the Christmas carols, the chilly winter air, the glistening trees and the happiness that abounds on the happiest season of the year can be infectious that Christmas weddings take place.  The bridal gowns on this realm are inspired from everything that is Christmassy.

The Angel

christmas wedding dress3

Derived from the most popular symbol of hope and peace, this wedding gown is made in pure white with the feathery cloak to give an angelic aura as one of the prominent features on the Christmas tree.


Santa Claus

christmas wedding dress4

The bearded man that rides a sleight pulled by them speedy reindeer makes kids happy and even the brides of Christmas wants their dresses to be drawn from the well loved Santa’s red, white and black motif.


The Christmas Tree

christmas wedding dress1

Who does not love the Christmas tree? All of the houses have their own version of this as well as the women that plan to get married in the season of cheers.


The Gift

christmas wedding dress2

Inspired from the act of giving and sharing during the Christmas Eve this wedding gown is adorned with an over-sized bow sash to capture the spirit. The bride would usually have her ensemble as a wrapped gift for the symbolic offering of herself to her husband to-be. The purity of this intention is a commendable act especially during this time of the year.


The Nutcracker

christmas wedding gown

This wedding gown is inspired from the ballerina under the Christmas tree that is well liked by the little girls and this time by the senora who will say I do.


The Mistletoe

green wedding dress

Wearing this as a wedding gown could make the bride all worthy to be given the first kiss on the moment she is proclaimed Mrs. Right.


These ensembles are all taken from the blissful things of Christmas where even at the altar, these can very well represent the season and the woman with a high regard for joyful things.



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Loved and Loaded Brides: The Story of Pregnancy in a Wedding Gown

No one can ever measure what love can do. It can make the impossible possible because of its unending search for ways that will bring it to the sought after end. This is the reason why weddings take place. This is the reason why no matter what situations would take the marrying couple to, they see it as bliss. Just like all the beautiful brides striding their way to the altar to achieve the utmost proof of love which is getting married, conveying them the feeling of ecstasy; FYI, the pregnant one feels double.

pregnant bride

They experience twice the happiness because the bride is carrying another person which is the proof of life based on the love that she and the groom share. Isn’t it lovely two times?


Self confidence is never an issue here because when you are asked for marriage even if you are pregnant, you will feel that you are the most beautiful girl in the world.


You can have your wedding gown with shirr detail on the baby bump having the empire cut  or you can wear it loud and proud with the sheath silhouette.


Pregnancy is a blessing more than anything else and having an angel in your tummy when you wear the white dress is heaven.


So be the lovely bride with your little bundle of joy and celebrate passion and verve to the highest point.


Because love is unfathomable, sometimes brides could have a bigger tummy than usual and be a bit lovelier.






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Wedding Hairstyles for Brides

The best of you is expected on your wedding day and aside from the wedding gown that occupies a large percentage of your look, your hair must be worthy to be called your crowning glory. Here are the bridal dos that you can choose from whether you have long, medium or short hair.

The classic bun is a massive favorite of brides because of its serene and elegant impression the same way for the wavy and natural look that is by all means fit for a woman to be married.

For the vintage bride, either you take it tidily or pull them up relaxed with ancient hair combs, it will look gorgeous.

For the avid fans of fairy tales, there is a choice to either fluff it up or comb it neat and clean with prim curls.

Even if you have the long locks that is commendable to let down or just a little of it, all brides are beautiful, you bet.

For the bohemian aficionados whether you let your hair as it is with a floral accent, or pony-tailed with braids and stones, no one that can stop the most important celebrant of the big day.

Whether you are a Gothic bride or a goddess, your wedding day hair is always for you to decide.

And even if you opt for a medieval hairdo or a modern bride hairstyle, the odds will be eliminated because what your idea of a perfect coiffure is the finest. There are no bad hair days in weddings only good vibes and bliss.



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Traditional Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses of today are the epitome of wisdom, craftsmanship and passion just like the olden designs where cultures and tribes are using up to this day. The ingenuity of these pieces has traveled their way to centuries and countless brides have worn these traditional garments.

The Hindu wedding includes a variety of rituals that is carried out on the day of the union. They call the wedding dress sari for the bride which is typically in vibrant colors like deep red, gold, silver, maroon, bright blue and purple.

The accessories worn by the bride including the henna that is painted on her hands and the jewelries, lots of them are one of the most luxurious dress-up in the world. All the jewelries owned by the bride and her family both heirlooms and newly bought ones are flaunted during the big day.

The Chinese cheongsam rather have the gold trimmings and floral designs in a glossy fabric that is usually in red.

The African bubba as what they call the bride’s wedding attire is a four piece number that has a top, skirt, shawl and the headdress. These are presented in colors and symbols that characterizes their tribe to point out which part of Africa they came from.

The checkered kilt of the groom is matched with the embellishment on the bride’s gown. It is a tradition in Scotland for the marrying couple to both wear skirts during the wedding.

The Korean bride has a ceremonial dress called the hanbok which is a ball gown having an empire waistline. This is usually created with living colors as the bride wears the circular headdress.

The Japanese kimono is a huge favorite not just of the ancient people and the traditional but the modern fans as well because the contemporary rendition of this is widely used by many races.

The traditional wedding dresses in each culture is unique and the craftsmanship dates back to eras before us that valuing it today is an honor.


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Best Bunches of Beauteous Bouquets

The first priority in the realm of flowery touches on the wedding is the bride’s bouquet. The choice of having a contemporary, ordinary, whimsical and bizarre bunch of flowers to be held by the bride throughout the occasion and thrown to the bridesmaids later is by all means available. Here are the best types of wedding bouquets that will bring your floral wit to another level.

These are the round bouquets commonly used that is regular favorites of the modern bride. The posy which is mostly if not all made of single floral specie and the nosegay bouquet where the flowers are arrange in a uniform manner with much of greens in it are the frequent picks.

The tussie-mussie on the other hand is the Smorgasbord of flowers from the big ones to the smallest. Sometimes it is even adorned with pearls and berries.

This is another rendition of the round bouquets called the Biedermeier Bouquet where the flowers are presented in layers. The pomander is the wedding bouquet attached with a string that holding it is stress free.

There are brides who prefer the cone bouquet and the composite flower bouquet that has a huge dominant flower at the center.

The cascading bouquet is desired by brides because of its extensive beauty.

The crescent bouquet on the other hand is chosen because of its sheer grace and the fan bouquet of its individuality and distinct beauty for the bride.

Bridal bouquets are always there with the bride that making these for the most important lady in the wedding must be thought of in detail.


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Wedding Dresses: How High Can You Take?

Wedding dresses that does not reach the floor or partly reaches the floor have been around since the 1920’s. Because of their length that is not common today, they are called chic and modern but truthfully, if you would look at the 1930’s wedding gowns, the prevalent hemline would be tea length.

The high and low hemmed wedding dress has been a huge favorite some two years ago until now because of the glamour of the cut that have made brides go crazy about it. They can go from a vintage rendition or a sensational and sensual design that will make the groom hurry for the honeymoon.

Tea lengths are prim and dramatic by nature whether they are fully fluffed or appeased. Maybe because of the truth that it shows only a little part of the legs which made it all mysterious and classy.

Knee lengths on the other hand are youthful and full of verve because the hemline falls on the joint of the upper and the lower part of the legs.

The picture of a bride wearing a wedding dress whether on the ceremony or on the reception, the spirit of fun and youth goes with her.

The mini which is not a very often choice is used only by the women with legs that you can bet on. The cut could bear a detachable train that can be converted into a full gown and a mini, two in one. Mini wedding dresses are frequently bought by brides for their civil wedding, for an outdoor wedding or the reception.



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