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Top Trendy Styles for Cheongsam Wedding Dresses

Chinese weddings come in big lavish packages. Naturally, the Chinese bride must look ravishing on her cheongsam wedding dress for her big day. Here’s how to look hot and stylish without defying tradition.

The Color Red
More often than not, the characteristic color for a cheongsam wedding dress is red. The color red is auspicious. It’s believed to bring luck, joy and happiness – all the stuff that make for great weddings and marriages. Sometimes, the cheongsam wedding gown highlights an embroidered phoenix, perhaps to throw in more luck.

Top Trendy Style Wedding Veil for Cheongsam Dress

Color Enhancer and Color Departure
Some Chinese brides wear a long ornamental jacket over their dress – usually they use a different color palette like gold or white or blue and black needlework to enhance the color red.

Pink Satin Mini Sheath Cheongsam with Side Slits
A gold cheongsam wedding dress will give a feeling of luxury. Gold is a symbol of fortune and wealth for the couple. Don’t want to use gold as your main color? Use this gorgeous hue for touches of gold embellishment.

Floral Sequined Tulle over Satin Mini Sheath Cheongsam
Daring to go a bit more stylish? Go for a silver cheongsam wedding dress instead. This will make a lustrous and chic wedding. Aside from the sparkle a silver color brings, silver indicates fulfillment and purity. Plus a silver cheongsam wedding dress is a sure ringing stunner.

Rosy pink is more fun and playful than the classical red color. Pink still has the touch of red – luck will still be on your side plus it brings more romance and love.

 Straight Neck Phoenix Patterned Red Satin Mermaid Cheongsam

Go for Elaborate Royalty
The Chinese bride can wear a crown-like veil to accessorize the cheongsam dress. Decorate it with pearls and feathers to represent the phoenix. You can choose to wear this only for posterity and show.

 White Cotton Sheath Cheongsam with Plum Blossom Pattern

Go for Figure-Hugging Knockout Dress
Svelte Chinese brides will look knock out gorgeous in a long form-fitting cheongsam or Qipao wedding gown. You can opt for a mermaid Chinese dress that blends coolly with a crochet lace fabric. This is perfect for an evening wedding. The silhouette will enhance the bride’s slim figure. It highlights a mandarin collar, a cutout at the back of the dress and a traditional Chinese hand-made knot button.

 White Sleeveless Mandarin Lace over Satin Ankle Length Sheath Cheongsam

Go for Sweet-styled Wedding Dresses
Some hip Chinese brides do away with the Mandarin collar. Modern Cheongsam wedding dresses are stylishly designed like red sweetheart or sleeveless brocade, others are straight-neck – the color red and the Chinese design woven in metallic threads will pay homage to Chinese tradition.

Two Toned Floral Sequined Lace over Satin Mermaid Cheongsam


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Flower Girl Tutu Inspiration Dresses

Flower girls, with their rosy cheeks and angelic eyes are already adorable on their own. They have the certain charm that can seize everybody’s attention during the entire wedding ceremony. Do you know what will make these girls more adorable than ever? Just try to tutu skirts.

Feather Tutu

Tutu dresses make wonderful flower girl dresses for the refined little ladies. Just by fine-tuning the tulle type, design, colors and accents, a tutu dress can be made appropriate for a wide variety of themed weddings. To start you up, here are examples of delightful flower girl tutu dresses.

Flowered top tutu dress

A classic style of tutu dresses is incorporating a sash accessory which ties into a big bow at the back or in the front. For a fashionable, bold move, choose a sash color which would pop against the plain top. For subtle, exquisite and blissful effect, choose a sash in a color that complements the dress hue.

Crochet top tutu dress

A favorite cut for tutu dresses is the empire cut (as if a tutu skirt is not already endearing enough). Usually, the upper portion of the dress is short, just under the breast area. From that line then starts the flow of the tutu skirt, stretching all the way to an ankle-length or even a little longer. To make things interesting, the top can be adorned with flowers, giving an illusion of a purely flowered top. This style would be perfect in pastel shades, appropriate for garden weddings.

Spaghetti Strapped Ful Length Satin and Organza Flower Girl Dress

To provoke a sense of simple country finish on the flower girls’ aura, a crocheted top would be a smart and contemporary adoption. As much as possible, the tulle to be used should be matted and not sparkly or even shimmery. The last two options are reserved for non-crocheted tops.

Sleeveless Beaded Pick Up Ivory Flower Girl Dress with Pleats and Flowers

This heavily bodied trio-color tutu dress adorned with a huge flower on the center is modish chic. The key to achieving this look is to use three tulles, the colors of which pleasantly complement each other. With this type of tutu, glimmer tulles can be used for a soft shimmering sheen to the skirt.

Sleeveless Satin Flower Girl Dress in Ivory with Floral Waistline

Another tutu dress is made with two differently colored tulles, the darker one of which is of a sparkly type. This is perfect for a sunny, outdoor wedding – cheery and jovial. Let the girls wear a hippie flower band for some cute touch.

Two Toned Appliqued Satin A Line Flower Girl Dress with Bow Sash

Lastly, a tutu dress can be made of several layers of different kinds of tulle to achieve a fuller skirt effect. The ends of the outer layer can be embellished with feathers for a soft and magical touch.


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The Chic Winter Wedding Dresses

Make your own fairy tale wedding even this coming winter. Choose a dreamy winter wedding dress and strut your way towards happy every after as you walk down the aisle in an icy season.

Chic Ruffle Wedding Gown with Feathers
Winter may not be the most colorful season to hold such a warm ceremony but for the romantics, any season is perfect to tie the knot. It’s just up to the bride and groom on how they will handle the intricacies of celebrating an intimate and unforgettable event of their lives. So before jumping on that honeymoon, perfect your winter wedding with the most romantic wedding dress.

Chic Mermaid Gown with Bow Sash
Look like a winter doll in a ¾ sleeved silk wedding gown with lace embroidery all over. The vintage cut can make the bride-to-be stand out from the crowd. Showcase a v neckline gown adorned with beads that intentionally show off the curves of the body. Match it up with a plain white sash across the waist for a modern look or do away with the extra fabrics and leave only a tulle overskirt or a beaded waist for a slender and classic look.

Chic Portrait Neck Ball Gown with Decorative Bows
Long sleeved lace satin wedding dress is as elegant as the holiday season. The bride will look even more stylish with the artistically embellished beads and sequins all over the dress. Since it is winter, a straight neckline dress will be perfect with a long sleeved lace wrap for a warm look.

Strapless Organza over Satin Ball Gown with Beading and Embroidery Detail
While winter is not nearly as perfect as spring or summer when brides can show off their flawless skin, it is still perfect in its own right for donning chic sleeved wedding gowns. Take the latest style of a puffed sleeved bridal number with ruffles. The square neckline is lined with tulle ruffles for a regal style.
Winter wedding gowns are perfect with feathers, too. Brides can choose a bodice covered with feathers or simply choose a one-shoulder gown in organza and satin fabric with few feathers and flowers as accents. Match it up with an up-do and a simple hair accessory or headband for a classy and elegant bride.

Strapless Satin Beaded Ball Gown with Rhinestoned Embroidery and Pick Up Skirt
Be the Bohemian winter bride and don a cap sleeved empire-cut wedding dress. The chiffon fabric is meant to flow along the aisle as the floral details are enhanced even in the court train. The simple cut of the dress is a sure win for the brides who still want to go for a Boho-themed wedding in the winter season.


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How to Wear Cowboy Boots with a Wedding Dress

Some women don’t really prefer high-heeled shoes even when they’re at work. They either find it hard to walk on them or they find it uncomfortable to wear or they just simply dislike it. A wedding just doesn’t make the cut to wear one either, even if it’s their own wedding. Nightmare? Absolutely not. You know what? You can wear cowboy boots with a wedding dress down the aisle! No, I am not kidding.

Bride Sitting in a Lacey Dress
Why wear Cowboy Boots on Your Wedding Day?

If you grew up to be a country girl and you met your groom in your city, then it would be sentimental to have a barn or ranch wedding. Think of yourself, riding a white horse in your flowy white wedding gown. The barn façade adorn with hanging LED lights and stringed cut-out flowers. Now, when you’re in your cowboy boots, you could just easily slip off your horse to your cowboy prince in poise.
On the other hand, it would also be practical to wear one. If you’re really going for that natural rustic wedding, then you should note that the path that you’re going to walk on is rugged with pebbles and granite. Wearing cowboy boots would make you feel more at ease.

Brown Cowboy Boots under Wedding Dress

What Type of Cowboy Boots Should You Wear with Your Wedding Dress?

The thought of wearing cowboy boots with dresses might scare off some brides, but if done correctly, it would be one unique and rocking bridal outfit of modern times. If you want to be safe, then you should go with brown boots with minimal embellishments and design. If you think brown is boring, then you could go all-white with white or light taupe cowboy boots – elegant, pristine and classy. Those bold brides who want to incorporate their color motif into their cowboy boots can wear color accented boots. Among the colored boots that you can fashion are brass-aqua, brass-multicolor and red. Be careful to choose those over-the-top booties as you may dwindle your bridal charm.

Bride and the Bridesmaids with Boots
It would be nice, especially in the pictures, if you and your bridesmaids could wear similar, same-hued boots. As a bride, you deserve to have all the attention to you on that day and to stand out, you could have a boot with a length slightly taller than theirs or you could have yours with heart cutouts or dainty floral prints.

Bride Wearing Cowboy Boots with Groom

What Type of Wedding Dresses Look Best with Cowboy Boots?

If you want show off that you’re wearing cowboy boots, you may opt to go with tea-length bridal dresses or the 1950s-style short ones. However, if you want to stand out from the entire bridal entourage, you can always choose the classic lengthy bridal dress – it doesn’t matter. Or, you can have a tea-length front dress with the length slowly increasing from the sides to the back.

Aqua Blue-Brass Cowboy Boots


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Top Trendy Styles for Wedding Veils

The time that a woman really feels like a bride is the moment when she puts on her wedding veil. Married women can definitely attest to that. So if you have been so busy about the knickknacks of your wedding and have totally forgotten about this little piece of cloth on top of your head, well it’s time that you consider making it up and choose the perfect veil for you.

Ivory Elbow Length 2 Tiers Ruffled Lace Edged Wedding Veil with Comb

Veils are important part of the wedding. It symbolizes many things according to different cultures and traditions. Matter of fact is, it is still a part of the bride’s final look before and after going through the aisle.

White 2 Tiers Brusher Length Voile Flower Girl Veil with Floral Hoop

Brides with classic attire should find a matching classic veil to complete her outfit. The best example and is one of the most patterned of today’s wedding veils is that of Duchess Catherine’s. Kate Middleton’s veil has style that is timeless and with much elegance. It can be chosen with various lengths and embellishments.

White Two Tiers Embroidered Voile Comb Wedding Veil

The 1 tier voile with pearls look very delicate as it covers the face of the bride. The pencil cut edge and the pearls are added for a sophisticated look. The edges are neither laced with ribbon nor does it have scallop design. It is just plain in order for the pearls to get noticed. Others use rhinestones thrown all over the fabric. They can also opt for beads along the edges for an elegant touch.

Ivory One Tier Embroidered Voile Wedding Veil in Cathedral Length

Some brides use their grandmother’s veil or their mother’s veil. During their time it is common and virginal to use mantilla cathedral length wedding veil with embroidered fabric. It still in fact, one of the best choices today especially if the wedding gown has simple style and traditional fabric.

White Three Tiered Voile Comb Wedding Veil with Pearls

The modern bride may work a little more on her veil and don a birdcage veil attached to a rhinestone studded comb. The comb holds the veil steady on top of the head. This veil is short (just enough to cover a part of the face), chic and very modern.

White 1 Tier Voile Wedding Veil with Appliqued Edge

Angel-cut wedding veils are ethereal and encourage solemnity. It has white lace ribbon sewn on the edges for a soft and gentle look. This is perfect with balcony or square-cut necklines. The hair should be firm on a bun in order to contain the weight of the hip-length fabric.

Ivory Cathedral Length 1 Tier Voile Bridal Veil with Lace Edge

One favorite of the classic bride is the long single-layer veil made of fine tulle. It gives a royal princess drama to the total wedding outfit. It can be adorned with a satin bow, tiara or rhinestone comb as hair clamp.


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Top Trendy Styles for Bridesmaid Dresses

Weddings are always perfect when the entourage standouts from the rest of the visitors. While the bride and groom plan to look their best on this eventful day, the bridesmaids should also be presented in their best wedding looks.

Like the bride, bridesmaids are also excited about their dresses. They do consider the uniqueness of their attire or whether the color complements their skin, or whether the fabric and cut accentuates their figure.

Sleeveless V Neck Chiffon Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress with Sash

This year’s top picks include a chic and stylish short cocktail dresses accentuated with one shoulder strap. Make it way formal by using the latest color trends of green, blue, red or black. Finish the look with a matching high-heeled closed shoes and minimal accessories. For a laid-back wedding, bridesmaids can match peep-toe shoes with their preppy dress. Choose this style for outdoor and indoor weddings and use colors that are perfect for the season.

One Shoulder Strap Satin Mini Bridesmaid Dress with Brooch and Flower

Wanted something elegant for a black-tie wedding? Opt for a floor length strapless satin fabric. It should look classic and understated while it accentuates the slim figure of the bridesmaid. This style looks good on formal ceremonies and night weddings. Go for the dark colors to avoid it looking like the bridesmaid has just got from a prom.

Sweetheart Neckline Sheath Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress with Ruching

Knee-length and long pastel dresses are perfect for the sweet and romantic bridesmaids. Choose a different color for each of them and the wedding picture will look like the bride and groom are surrounded by cotton candies. Highlight each piece of attire with bright colored bouquets and even brighter colored shoes. Pure white flowers and shoes can also do the sweet trick. Prefer pastel colors for outdoor weddings on a fair weather. Set the reception outdoors and get the bridesmaids looking like bundles of hydrangeas of various colors. Make the look perfect by choosing to wear the hair tight in a bun or for strapless dresses, wear the hair long and wavy.

Halter Strap Ruched Satin Chiffon Long Sheath Bridesmaid Dress

Fancy dresses always look good on different wedding themes. Who says shimmering numbers only work during the night? Bridesmaids will definitely look pretty and lively in dresses adorned with sequins and fabrics with metallic sheer. And take note, they can wear it even when the sun is high up in the sky on a country themed wedding.

Strapless Chiffon Knee Length Bridesmaid Dress with Embellished Sash

Since Kate Middleton’s wedding gown was thrown all over front page of magazines and internet websites, wedding designers can’t help but adapt the lacy and dainty style to the bridesmaid dresses as well. Cream, old rose, pastel and white colored lacy dresses are cut right above the knee to give a vintage mood to the wedding theme.

One Shoulder Strap Satin Knee Length Bridesmaid Dress with Bow Sash

Bridesmaid dresses are aplenty but in choosing the right outfit for them, it is still important to consider the wedding theme including the venue and the season.


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A Brief Introduction to Brown Wedding Themes

Brown is supposed to be versatile color which is supposed to get along with every other color as well. Although, brown might not be the first choice when it comes to color choosing for wedding theme, style, and decor, but it certainly is one of the best choices of colors to choose for a wedding. It varies from pale mocha to deep espresso. It is more of a mature choice when an individual plans for a brown wedding theme. It adds a charm of beauty to the occasion and a touch of sophisticated elegance to the wedding as well. There are various ways for an individual to plan a successful and amazing brown wedding themed occasion.

Wedding Flowers with Brown Elements

Brown is not supposed to be a color which is used as a solo or a color to be only focused on as it lacks that energy or vigor, therefore, it is mostly used with an accent color so that it has that punch to the wedding. However, this all depends on how an individual pick and choose beautiful colors which gets along with each other. A perfect combination of colors can make a brown wedding themed glamorous.

Brown Wedding Centerpiece

The greatest way to use the brown color with some incredible combination is with sage green. It produces mellower than lime green, therefore, this combination is known as one of the best for a brown wedding themed occasion. Though when it comes to the bridal dress, the brown bridesmaid dresses with a sash in lime or aqua blue color enhances the beauty of the dress as well the prettiness of the lady who is wearing that dress.

Brown Wedding Invitations

The color brown when added to a particular part where charm of beauty and elegance is required plays a perfect role at the perfect time. The power of this color is truly remarkable and incredible. Even though, it is not some color which can be put up alone to any wedding theme but the combinations of accent color it has provides great look to a special occasion. All in all, brown is the color which can sometimes looks amazing when put up alone, but it can show truly remarkable signs as it can transform and get along easily with other color or accent colors, if perfectly chosen.

Brown and Gold Wedding Centerpiece Decorations

This color is the best way to upscale the ambiance in such special occasions hence; it is such a versatile color which can be chosen to make a special day more beautiful.


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5 Braided Wedding Hairstyles That You’ll Love

You’ve finally ironed out all the big wedding details – guest lists, caterers, reception venue, your wedding dress. But, wait. Have you decided on your hairstyle yet? The hair could pull everything together from your jewelry to your wedding dress to your shoes. However, it could also shatter the whole look. To make your look perfect during your big day, get inspiration from these 5 braided wedding hairstyles below.

The messy braid bun
Aside from exuding sexiness and romance in the air, this messy braid bun ‘do will keep your hair in place, making this choice a practical one for beach weddings or summer weddings. To make your look sweeter, you can do a combination of pinned tendrils and plaits or you can weave in some fresh flowers, studs or feathers.

The Messy Braid Bun

The low-braided side fishtail
For a dainty bride donning a long hair, the low-braided side fishtail would magnify her endearing persona. The intricate braiding plus the wispy bits at the front whispers an enchantingsensation. The secret to this hairstyle is to give the braid a loose look for a casual flair. To go bohemian, just pull apart the braid gently.

The Low-Braided Side Fishtail

The waterfall braid
If you are going for a barn wedding or any other easy-themed wedding, then a waterfall braid would be the best choice. You should have at least shoulder-length hair for this hairstyle to work. The fun part with waterfall braids is that you can do a lot of varieties with it. You can interlock laces and studded strings with your braid or you can just put little embellishments on your hair.

The Waterfall Braid

The braided crown
For a classic, vintage goddess look, you can have braided crowns on your wedding day. The look would remind you of cherubs, medieval women and bohochics. This style is perfect for thick-haired women and to those who wants to keep their tresses out of their faces during the whole event. However, if you’re hair is thin, but you want to fashion this ‘do, you can always buy hair extensions and clip on braids.

The Braided Crown

The sleek low bun braid

If you are sophisticated and classy bride, you obviously need a hairstyle that would match your personality. What suits you better than this sleek low bun braid? None of the other hairstyles, of course. This neat and chic style would give emphasis on your neck and shoulders, hence it is an appropriate style if you’re going to wear a tube wedding dress. This would make you look regal.

The Sleek Low Bun Braid


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5 Most Eye-catching Designs on a Wedding Dress

1. Splash Some Color

The use of color on a traditional wedding dress is one unique feature that can be added on a wedding gown. The customary color added to the conventional white color is Ecru or any shade of white. However, you can go a bit more daring and venture into other newfangled colors like Rum Pink, Baby Blue, Blush—light pastels. Or Coffee Late, perhaps?

Floral One Shoulder Taffeta and Organza Mermaid Bridal Dress


2. Exquisitely Laced

Lace is another interesting design on a wedding gown. Of course, all traditional bridal dresses have lace on it – somehow the look of lace and the feel of lace bring some kind of romance to the dress. Look for intricately designed laces or opt for geometrical designs – definitely something out of the box. A plush detail of old-world lace with exquisite draping is another thing to consider.

Allover Lace Strapless A Line Bridal Gown with Sash

Allover Lace Strapless A Line Bridal Gown with Sash

3. Show Stopping Exceptional Fit

Flattering clean lines, graceful silhouettes, softly shaped necklines, graceful brush trains, slim skirts—all these details make a wedding dress exceptional. A taste for high fashion glamour isn’t enough. If the gown’s couturier possessed such unmatched craftsmanship coupled with serious attention to detail, then you can be assured of an impeccable fit and walk your way to a show-stopping march down the aisle.

Sweetheart Satin A Line Bridal Gown with Ruched Bodice and Rhinestone

Sweetheart Satin A Line Bridal Gown with Ruched Bodice and Rhinestone

4. Flash Fabric

Some distinctive bridal gowns are just effortlessly fabulous and just simply have the oomph factor because of its classic romantic and cutting-edge fabric. Beam, blush and be beautiful on a gown made from fine fabric like upscale silk chiffon, silky crepe, satin and organza, or taffeta. Chiffon is a chic material for eye candy. It’s light and lithe and gives a dreamy and feminine windswept romantic look.

Sweetheart Chiffon Empire Wedding Dress with Embroidery and Ruched Bodice

Sweetheart Chiffon Empire Wedding Dress with Embroidery and Ruched Bodice

5. Play up the Details

Celebrate the traditional elements of a bridal gown by getting into delicate details and embellishments – like flower accents, ruffle trims, beautiful and exquisite hand-beading, sparkling sequins, embroidered beading in ivory, white or pearl or Swarovski crystals. Finish the look with details on hand-draping and beaded silk coverings.

Strapless A Line Applique Tulle over Satin Wedding Dress

Strapless A Line Applique Tulle over Satin Wedding Dress


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The Flower Girls: Adorable, Angelic and Agitated

A wedding is a very happy celebration as well as an occasion that gives uneasiness to the bride and groom. The bridesmaids are there to assist the bride and the groomsmen to give the groom a good glass of wine before the wedding ceremony starts. The role of the flower girls on the other hand where some of them can barely walk, is distraction; distraction from edginess  that is.

Flower Girl with Purple and White Decoration

Who would not be happy if you are surrounded by innocent and angelic little girls that would want to try your shoes on and puts the tip of your veil on their heads? They actually provide ease for the bride that reminds her to be carefree and take things like a little girl who is at all times enthusiastic and cheerful.

Flower Girls with Funny Faces

Adorable as they are, these pretty little things that like to walk around with their gowns are as excited as the bride. They would look pretty much like a cherub but they would behave the opposite sometimes.

Flower Girls In Sunlight

The flower girls are delighted to wear those fabulous tiaras and the sought after tutu dress. Their anticipation of holding that tiny bouquet and wearing that pretty dress is as intense as the expectancy of the bride herself.

Flower Girls with Ring Baskets

Anyway they would all look good whether they have the little crowns, the floral headpiece or the headband. They gladly toss the flowers from their baskets while some would do other things. They would love to run around that is why their dresses are made comfortably. The style would only come second because of the mood swings that they would have when their wardrobe malfunctions.

Adorable Flower Girls

The flower girls are your little bundle of joy during the ceremony. They will provide a light feeling on the couple. Even Princess Kate chose to have flower girls and junior bridesmaids rather than an adult bridesmaid because not only it is the normal royal wedding but the kids really are amazingly adorable.

Angelic Flower Girls

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