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Summer Wedding MakeUp Tips

What makes a summer beach wedding whimsically romantic? It’s the gentle gush of the wind on your hair, the salty smell of the oceans, the pinkish to purplish hues painted on the sky when the sun sets and of course, the burning love of the newlyweds for each other.

However, the downside of beach weddings include the warmth of the surrounding air, making it a little difficult for the bride’s makeup to last long and look fresh all throughout the event. To look your best during your beach wedding, here are a few tips on how to apply your summer wedding make up.

Orange Lippie

Not Too much moisturizer
It’s a big yes to moisturize our skin, but on your wedding day, apply a little of it on your face. Applying too much would make your skin look oily later on, especially when you start to sweat. You can just apply moisturizer on dry areas like the laugh lines. Better yet, use tinted moisturizers and BB creams with SPF instead. You need SPFs as exposure to the sun’s rays can harm your skin.

Airbrush Foundation

Blend, blend, blend
Hide those blemishes and dark under eye circles by using a sweat-proof concealer. Stay away from powder foundation and stick with airbrush foundation to have a flawless finish.


Summery glow
Going matte is a mistake for summer weddings. Hey, it’s summer and you can go glow and it’s totally alright. Don’t overdo it though. Use highlighting powder your inner eye tear duct, center eye socket and bow of the lip. Don’t apply on your cheekbones and nose bridge. Also, you might want to pick a powder with restrained luster so that you’ll not look like a shining crystal from afar.

Bronze Bride

Bronze it up
Sweep bronzer on spots where the sun would naturally brush your face like the cheeks, tip of the nose, chin and forehead.

Candy Colors for Summer

Emphasize either eyes or lips
Remember, choose only to emphasize either the eyes or the lips. You cannot do both if you want to go for a sweet bride with a subtle aura. You can go with the classic combo – lush black lashes + pale pink lips. Pop out color. Line an aqua blue or pale green shimmer on your waterline and lash line if you want to spice up your look. If you’re bold enough, wear colored eye shadow and natural lips. Now, if you want to pop out colors on your lips, then don an orange lippie while having simple, natural eye makeup.


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Top 5 Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Styles

If you are an individualist, then commonality wouldn’t appeal to you. This holds true even during your own wedding. You would want to empower everyone to express themselves even if it is your wedding day. You are no Bridezilla, but yet you can manage how to achieve that cohesive bridal entourage. Tap the mismatched bridesmaid styling.

With mismatched bridesmaid dressing, your bridesmaids can play with their own outfit with your guidance, of course. Set some “rules” to be able to have aunified look on the big day. Here are some suggestions.

Stick to one hue or one color combination
You could pick out one hue for your entire entourage. Provide the textile and allow your bridesmaids to pick out their own designs. They can have it in halter tops, tube tobs, assymetrical, princess cut or whatever they like. You might want to make the length of the skirt the uniform to minimize the messy effect. Say, an inch above the knee?

mismatched bridesmaids

Go for a rainbow hue
If you couldn’t decide for a certain color, then go for a rainbow to make things more interesting. Assign your entourage their specific color. You can go from red to purple. You could even add black to spice it even more. If you have more girls than the colors of the rainbow, then play with each color hues. It’s entirely up to you.

Colorful Leggings

Flick some Florals

If you want your wedding to be vintage and laid-back, then you could experiment with simple floral material. Tap the 1940s divas without you and your girls. Picking out different textiles wouldn’t hurt as long as you limit the dress style to simple ones – halters and tube tops. And oh, go floral on the bouquets too.

Floral Dresses

Blushing Pastels
With blushing pastels, you could do more since the color scheme is light and classy. Overdoing the designs would actually give more sophistication and elegance. You can play up with lace textiles. Toss in some silky ones. Make one ruffled. And place some bows on the waists. The entourage will still look dazzling. Just make sure your chosen textiles gives out similar stir; you wouldn’t want one to overpower the others.

Brown Dresses

Play with Accessories
If you’re feeling heavier on the eclectic side of the scale, then you could even play up with the accessories. Let your girls wear the same styled shoes of different colors. Or make them wear colored leggings under their meek dresses. This would be great if all of your girls are game for it.

Blush Neutrals

In mismatched bridesmaid dresses, as long as you have a theme and stick with it, nothing could ever go wrong. However, work closely with your girls if they’re just okay with your “rules”.


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Classy Bridal Jackets for Your Wedding

Most bridal gowns are tubes and halters. You can hardly find one which can cover your back unless you have one custom made. However, custom-made gowns can be very costly. This would be your dilemma if you are having a wedding in winter or during the cold season. You wouldn’t want to bare your back and suffer from runny noise the next day. Worry not. There are classy bridal jackets that could warm things up. Here are a few.

Sleeveless Wedding Jacket

Simple Bridal Jacket
If your wedding dress is already beaded and full of appliques, you don’t want to scatter the attention from the dress to your jacket. Tone down things a bit by wearing a simple bridal jacket – only a plain tulle or organza with accented sleeves. Simple elegance is easy to achieve with this one.

Simple Wedding Jacket with Applique

Lacy Bridal Jacket
If you’re going for dainty, then this off-shoulder lacy jacket will help you nail the look. The raw, but neatly defined edges will add sophistication to your entire look. Let the intricate jacket bring out the woman in you. With the detailed jacket, you just need minimal accessories. A white headband or hairband and studded earrings will do.

Lacy Bridal Jacket

Bridal Bolero
Pull off a sophisticated look with this silky white bridal bolero. The creased stand-up collar on the top is the main element of the garment. The stitched on sleeves adds a fashion support. This is best paired with beaded tube top gowns.

Bridal Bolero

Fur Winter Jacket
If it’s the tie of the year when it’s heavily snowing and all, then you have your excuse to wear a full fur winter jacket. The jacket should be at arms-length only in order not to drown your entire aura. Show a little skin. Also, this is best paired with tube gowns with minimal accents. The fur is a bold accessory already.

Winter Fur Bridal Jacket

Black Bridal Jacket
If you don’t want to go white all the way, then you can opt to go for a black bridal jacket which is feminine, lacy and hugging. Accent it with a black waist wrap so that it wouldn’t look so out-of-place. A long-sleeved black jacket will do as long as it’s sheer and light.

Black Bridal Bolero
In choosing a bridal jacket, make sure that the textile that it’s made from will somehow match and coordinate with your bridal dress. You want to pull of alucid and lovely look and nothing less – or more.


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Grecian Wedding Gowns

Exude the majestic aura of a Greek goddess in a Grecian wedding gown. You are Aphrodite in your own right, especially on your wedding day. Yes, darling, you are so full of love and beauty that you deserve your own statue, even just in your husband’s head. So get the Santorini mode on and sashay down the aisle in a bridal dress similar to one of these glamorous Grecian wedding gowns.

Assymetrical Grecian Gown

Asymmetrical Top
The most familiar picture when the word goddess is mentioned – a gorgeous woman in a white, asymmetrical draping dress. Don the look with a gown like this. Let your hair down and use chandelier earrings to counter the simplicity of the gown. You’ll look grandiose in a pristine white bridal gown styled this way.

Greek Goddess Gown

Backless, Arraying Gown
For garden weddings, an arraying, long-and-puff-sleeved gown with a revealing back portion would be the most agreeable mode. Think of a hipster slash Midsummer Night’s Dream. Floral headdresses and fishtail braids are all over the girls and women entourage. You don’t need to talk in a fairy voice though. Let the gown do the talking.

Backless Grecian Gown

Classic Laces
For a touch of sophistication, go for a lace-covered, mermaid-shaped bridal gown on a draping length. Add a lacey layer as a pinned shawl and you’re definitely nailing the Grecian wedding look. Have your hair tied up in a bun with studded hair pins to emphasize the beauty of the lace on your smooth back.

Lacey Sleeve Grecian Gown

Flowy Goddess Gowns
If you want to go feminine all the way, you better go for a flowy goddess gown, usually made of chiffon. This is simply perfect for beach weddings. You could even go barefoot after the official ceremonies and enjoy the sand on your feet. Your silhouette on the gown amidst the sunset would give you a very elegant, flawless look.

Beach Gracian Wedding Dress

Dainty Style
You can still go for puffy gown skirt with your Grecian gown. Use a lacey cloth for your top and the look would still be Grecian. The huge ribbon on the waist is a darling complement too. You don’t have to exert effort to look dainty in this type of gown. Just keep your makeup and jewelry simple to keep the chic glow on.

Puffed Sleeves Organza and Satin Wedding Dress


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Wedding Flower Feature: Tulips

In Persia, it is believe that tulips, specifically the red and yellow ones are given as a declaration of love. The black center of the flower represents a heart burning with passion. Tulips have also been used as symbols in the poets and literature. On your wedding day, let this passionate love come alive with the celebrated tulips as your wedding flowers.

As bridal bouquets
Tulips can stand alone, plain and simple as bridal bouquets. As a bunch, they already speak elegance per se. No need of additional flowers for added accents. For the minimalist, a simple white silk ribbon tied around the flowers is enough. It’s organic, perfect for rustic or white weddings.

White Tulip Bouquet

As aisle flowers
The aisle art deco on weddings with tulips as flowers is effortless. Get a bunch of tulips, place them inside a stainless container and hang them on a chair. Viola. You got yourself a shabby, but chic wedding aisle presentation. Nothing too fancy or you’ll ruin the crude classiness embodied by these bulbs.

Aisle Flowers

As table centerpieces
Reception tables should also be donned with tulips. For a countryside effect, you can put a bunch inside a water pail. To pull up a modish look, you can place colorful tulips inside glass vases that are as tall or even taller as the bunch. You could squeeze in many stalks and create a full effect or you could go towards the minimalist panache.

Tulips Centerpieces

As flower chandeliers
Tulips come in different colors and species. You could pick out from the fringed tulips family or the sorbet tulip mixture. Gather them, arrange them in Styrofoam flower blocks and hang them upside down. Make sure the stems are long for the tulips to appear limpy when hung upside down. You could make them as wedding flower chandeliers and hung them on the reception areas.

Tulip Chandelier

As boutonnieres
Tulips also make statement boutonnieres. Again, they can stand alone, even if it’s just a tiny tulip, alone by its bulb on a man’s suit pocket. It’ll still exude a sophisticated a charming aura. If it’s a little too bare for you, then you can add a leaf maybe or a tiny ribbon with it. Nothing too fancy should do.
There are lots of tulips colors and types to experiment with. You can even have a multi-colored bouquet for your bridesmaids. One with the violet tulip bouquets, the other with the yellow and you with the white ones.


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2014 Top Trend: Dramatic Wedding Veils

Everyone present on the wedding cannot contain their excitement for the lovely pair. Everyone just want to see how the bride looks that day, but nobody can level with the excitement and eagerness of the groom in seeing his bride. Veils build up that anticipation, only allowing the audience to see the silhouette of the bride’s body and a faint trace of her face.

Dramatic Wedding Veils

There were several assumed reasons of how the veil came to be – a sign of virginity and purity, a protection against the wind and sun for women living near the deserts, a tool for preserving the modesty of women and many more. As for you, make a lasting bridal entrance on 2014 with one of these dramatic wedding veils.

Long-length Veils
If you want instant glamour and majestic vigour, opt for long-length veils. Long veils are still classified into floor-length veils, chapel-length veils and Cathedral-length veils. The latter are the longest, extending to about 120 inches long and considered as the most formal type. These veils are ideal for full length, classic bridal gowns. Aside from the added elegance on the aisle, these long-length veils can be utilized to create dramatic wedding photos. Imagine your long, flowy and sheer veil dancing with the breeze as your groom plants a kiss on your soft lips.

Cathedral Length White Lace Edged Wedding Veil

Laced Veils
Being a woman, you are always particular of the details and intricacies of articles. When it comes to your veil, embroideries always add an elegant touch. Whether you’re donning a shoulder-length, elbow-length or a knee-length veil, lace is a sure way to go. One tier veils would be enough for laced veils. You don’t want to overdo it. Also, since your veil is already intricately designed, your dress is better off simple, but elegant looking.

Lace Embroidered Wedding Veil

French Nest and Birdcage Veils
French nest and birdcage veils are visor veils which do not extend past the chin. This type is for the bold bride whose gown is a little eclectic, modish or sophisticated like one with a high-neck detail dress. Usually, these types of veils are commonly used on vintage weddings. You can actually have fun with them by lavishing them with Swarovski crystals, silk or feathers.

Birdcage Veil with Feather and Pearl

Boho Veils
Having a southern homey wedding or a summer wedding? Then boho veils are the right ones for you, love. Pin that romantic bohemian bride look with boho veils, styled in whatever way you want. You can use laces with big flowers on the side, or even art-deco inspired ones made from beads and sparkly jewelleries.

Boho Wedding Veils

Whatever wedding veil you choose, just make sure that the style, length, color and material used would jive perfectly with your wedding dress.


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Unique Red Wedding Dresses

Do you want to be a stand out bride? Are you an idealist who feels uncomfortable if she conforms with society? Do you want your individuality to shine through especially at your own wedding? Then do something bold only the few can pull off – enough with the white and raise the red flag. Say yes to a red wedding dress. Here are some inspiration to start you off with your own.

Close up of a Red bride

A princess cut red dress with a fitting top is a fine choice for red wedding dresses. With this cut, you can show off your elegant shoulder blades. A volumized skirt would make you look slim and curvy on top. The top can be made from a lacey textile or if you want, you can have beads incorporated into it. Accent it with matching red choker necklace and you’re one fiery bride in red.

Red Taffeta Wedding Dress

Since you’re wearing red, play with the color on your face too. Put on a vibrant red lipstick. However, be gentle and simple on the eye makeup to balance the look. Only emphasize the lips to match the dress. Avoid overblown hairdos too. A simple bun would complete the look. Chandelier earrings would also be overly dramatic. Stick with drop earrings in white or silver.

Red Gothic Wedding Dress

As if red isn’t dramatic enough, create a gown from full velvet. The rich crimson shine would allure everyone who crosses your way. Make the skirt of the gown appear thick and full for regal sophistication. If you’re a lover of contemporary but classic looks, you would love a laced-pattern on top of a skin tone fabric. It’ll be breathtaking.
A simple white veil might mess up with your majestic red dress so going for a black French nest veil would be a smarter choice. Maintain the sophistication of the dress by accenting it with black and not white.

Red Mermaid Bridal Dress

As for the flowers, you might want to stay away from having a pure red bouquet, it’ll be blending with your dress if you carry it in front of you. You can include light-colored flowers in your bouquet. If you want a dark-schemed one, then choose a color that would contrast with your red wedding dress.

Sweetheart Dress with Red Elements

If you want to keep your look sweet while donning a red dress, then go for a knee-length tutu dress with a simple tube top. You’ll look darling with a flair of naivety.


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The Chic Flower Girl Hairstyles

Adorable hairstyles add fun and charm to the cute flower girls. From the gay floral to butterfly headpieces, they can also don a classic look with a simple bun or a majestic tiara. There are popular choices of styles that will cover the locks of the charming little ladies and it can go from easy-to-do to a quite complicated one.

The Chic Flower Girl Pigtails with Halo Hairstyle

Little girls can be as charming as they are but remember that they are still kids and tend to be playful like any kids their age. You would not want them tied on the chair while finishing their Celtic-inspired hair with lots of knots and ties or you better allot just a few minutes with their hairstyle and let them just strut their stuff.

The Chic Flower Girl Full Braided Hair Up-Do with Tiara

Flower girl hairstyles should not be that complicated. If possible, do not use too many hair pins and hair spray. They are kids. Let them carry a hair-do that looks fascinating, elegant and fun without the extra fuss.

An all-time favorite chic flower girl hairstyle is the pig tail. Divide the hair in two and hold both sides with an elastic band. This style will look cute in wavy or straight hair. Finish the style with a halo of flowers according to the wedding theme color. Some halos have beads as accent while some even use butterflies instead of flowers.

The Chic Flower Girl Straight Hair Do

Glam up your little dolls with a half up-do that emphasizes her waves and curls. Braid the upper part. You can do a half braid, a waterfall braid or a tree braid. You can also put ribbon laces in between the locks of braid for a playful look.

Regency Beaded Taffeta A Line Flower Girl Dress with Pick Ups

An up-do with twisted braids is perfect for indoor and outdoor weddings. Twist and braid the hair on the sides and bring the rest of the hair in a messy bun. A colorful feathery headband or a stem of flower can finish the flower girl look.

Tired of the neat and perfect ballerina bun? Lay down your girls’ hair for an elegant and laid-back style. Just gather the front hair and pull them by the side on to the back part like doing a half up-do only that the gathered hair will remain down at the back side. Clasp the gathered hair loosely and insert a stem of rose for a vintage drama.

The Chic Flower Girl Twisted Braid Hair Up-Do

Want to maintain your darling’s fresh look until the end of the celebration? Then finish her hair with a braided up-do. Braid the sides up to the end. Tie each end carefully gather them into a bun and sparkle up with a cute tiara set a little on the side of the top head.


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The Chic Purple Bride

Are you ready to make a statement on your big day?

Go ahead. Break tradition. Walk down the aisle on a purple wedding dress and feel like royalty. Purple is a mixture of blue and red – the steadiness and firmness of blue and the get-up-and-go oomph of red. That’s why purple symbolizes luxury, power, extravagance, wealth, mystery and yes, dignity and wisdom.

The Chic Purple Wedding Hat

Purple has always been associated with monarchs and crowns, so it wouldn’t really hurt if you add a purple crown or hat on your head to add a little bit more of purple flamboyance.

Go for a pretty strapless puffy organza and satin purple wedding dress – tote up more glam factor by using beads pattern over the ball gown. Move over, Princess Kate. Here comes, the purple queen.

The Chic Purple Organza Wedding Gown

Purple wedding dresses can come in a plum colored strapless ball gown. Or a satin tiered skirt with embroidery in hot royal purple. A sweetheart ruffled purple wedding gown with splashes of white will surely give out a collective wow from all the guests—groom included of course. Be a blushing beautiful bride on a classic strapless with crystal beads on a purple wedding dress. Or how about a purple strapless lace neckline ruffle satin? You can either choose the bold purple or the sweet lavender or lilac tone. Feel like a million bucks on a beautifully-fitted corset top and ruffled skirt ball gown – oh yes, in purple.

The Chic Purple Lace Overlaid Wedding Shoes

Eager to add more purple power to your wedding ensemble? Kick off your glass slipper and choose purple shoes on your wedding day. Don’t let anything hold you back by daring to make this purple statement. Whether you’ll get lilac or violet or royal purple – lace overlaid purple wedding shoes add a feminine splash to your wedding outfit. Beautify it, add some ribbons and crystals and beads. Let in the rest of your wedding party and don those spunky purple shoes – from lavender to bright purple to dark plum. It’s time for purple reign!

The Chic Purple Satin Wedding Gloves

To complete the purple dream, why don’t you dare put on a cute pair of satin bridal gloves? Or let your entourage put on those pretty purple gloves to complete the picture – choose from wrist length to below elbow length or above the elbow or the opera length. Embellish those purple gloves with beads and ribbons and crystals, if you wish. Imagine a purple lace fingerless below elbow length wedding gloves — perfect for your evening wedding.

While you’re at it, let your groom and his men, put on purple bow ties and let them join the purple wedding party.


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Wedding Flower Feature: Baby’s Breath

Have you ever been to a wedding without flowers? Of course not! Flowers do play a major role in the wedding venue and mood. As much as it contributes much to the overall impression of the wedding, it also eats up a large portion of the budget, especially if you want to have fresh and vibrant flowers on your wedding day. Here’s a secret. If you want to have that elegant, stylish flowery wedding touch without having going overboard with the expenses, then go with Baby’s Breath.

Baby's Breath Styles 1

Gypsophilas (Baby’s Breath) are usually used as bouquet fillers or accents, but they make really graceful and charming wedding flower. Their hidden allure is revealed when they are designed creatively. Baby’s breath are also long-lasting and at the same time, inexpensive. Here are several ways on how you can utilize Gypsophilas on your wedding day.

Baby's Breath Styles 2

Putting together a freshly cut bundle of Baby’s Breath do wonders. Tie it with a flowy white lace for a dainty touch or make a slim rope bundle from the bouquet’s neck until near the stem bottom for a rustic feel. Or, you could make balls out of the flowers and attach a ribbon handle for the flower girls.

Baby's Breath in mason jars

Centertables and Pom-poms
Depending on your theme wedding, there is an appropriate style on how to use Baby’s Breath as center table pieces or pom-poms or hung chandeliers. When used as a center table accent, you can choose the quantity and stem length of the flowers. You could also choose the type of container it’ll have. Will it be tin cans, long-necked bottles or just plant styrofoams? You could also make balls of Gypsophila and hung them around the venue. If you’re feeling fancy, you can put them in mason jars and hung them on strategic places.

Baby's Breath Bouquet + centerpiece

Headdresses and Boutonniere
Match your bridal entourage’s bouquets with headdresses for the women and girls and little boutonnieres for the men and the little big boys. You can have a slim or thick headdress. You could also just use handful of baby’s breath to serve as a braided hair accent. For the boutonniere, you can experiment with other crafts that you can integrate with the baby’s breath. A tiny twine tying around the little boutonniere, perhaps?

Baby's Breath Boutonniere

Typography and Frame Boarders
Have the baby’s breath shaped into your and your partner’s initials. Display it on the venue entrance or even on top of the tables. You can always get other flowers as accents. Experiment with colors and outlining. You could also have a rectangle frame be filled with these Gypsophila. Then, use the frame for photo ops that your guests could enjoy. Just put a handle at the back for an easy grip.


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