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2014 Bridal Trend: Green Wedding Shoes

Culminate your singlehood life while walking on trendy green bridal shoes and walk into a world of balance, harmony and life. Green, aside from a refreshing pop of color that it would give to your feet, is believed to symbolize those very things. Your immaculate white bridal dress would surely be anything but plain and boring with these fun and hip green shoes.

Ankle-strap sandals with bow
Ankle-strap sandals with bow
Pop up some poses with these dainty sandals with bow. The silky feel and the open-toed feature make the shoes even more appealing. These sandals would work best on bridal gowns with 1920s skirt length. This length would give the sandals the exposure that they deserve. Keeping them under a heavy and long bridal gown will definitely waste the charm of this pair.

Bride and Groom with green flair
Velvety Flats
If you’re the type of woman who aren’t comfortable in heels, then you could opt to go with these ballet flats, but still maintain the aura of sophistication and bridal comeliness. Choosing a pair with a fine detail like a velvet shoe clothing will do the trick. This is automatically preferable if you’re having a country wedding wherein the road that you’ll walk on is a little rocky. Play match with your groom and let him wear green vintage socks to complement your green flats.

Rustic Green Shoes
Satin Low-Heeled Shoes
Don’t want to go all the way flat? Then low-heeled shoes are great options. You can find satin-covered ones with enough style for a bridal shoe. Closed low-heeled shoes can also appear modish if worn with the right kind of bridal dress. These green ones are undeniably adorable beneath the soft crepe, chiffon or organza.

Sparkly Green Pumps
Sparkly Green Pumps
Feeling fancy? Why don’t you try some sparkly green pumps on? If you’re donning a vintage wedding gown, then this would be great. Go vintage all over too and if you must, go for a Great Gatsby Wedding theme.

Green Converse Wedding Shoes
Green Converse Wedding Shoes
Most couples want to stand out. Have a customized green converse wedding shoes for the bride. For cathedral length wedding gowns, it would be okay to put some Converse on. They wouldn’t be seen even if you walk. Think of doing this for comfort, style and attitude. Surely, you’ll be one rocking bride.


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Fall Wedding Flower Girl Dresses

When the rusty colors of leaves spot the ground, it feels like as if the air is filled with ardour and lightness. Walking beneath the trees equates into a fulfilling activity. That’s why fall weddings are one of the most romantic weddings. Make yours stand out in pretty ways. Dress up your little ladies in inimitable fall dresses. Breathe in inspiration on the dress ideas below.

Rustic flower girl
Take the fall literally
Spell autumn on your flower girl dresses literally and have fabric leaves drape out gracefully from their skirts. This is a tricky design to pull off though. The fabric of the dress should complement the leaves. Silky, dark chocolate textiles and cream tutus will do the trick.

Tutu Skirt
Layer on some soft tutus
To have a sweet aura, let your girls wear pale tiered dresses. Short ruffled tutus on layers make a promising fall wedding flower girl dress. You wouldn’t need further designs or accents because the authentic simplicity of the dress make it stand out. Plus, ruffles and flats will absolutely look darling on the girls.

Tiered Ruffle Dress
Dress up a little hippie
If you want to do away with formal and cheesy flower girl dresses, you may opt for rocking hippie look. A vintage dress with warm colors and fabric patterns would be perfect for a rustic slash hippie wedding. Boots would seal the look of a cute, rocking little miss. String bands with minimal flowers would soften the look.

Little girl on her back
Pick out some regal colors
If you’re pulling a vintage slash fall wedding, then the choice of the little girls’ dresses’ colors and textiles would help you pull off the look. Think of velvety dark orange accents and cream, silky base cloth. A paisley-printed skirt would break the monotony of the dress. However, the print should be subtle enough to make the entire look ravishing rather than over-styled.

Dark, silky textiles
Play up with some flowers
Though it is not a spring wedding, dark-colored flowers could still make an outfit look autumn-ish. When you incorporate flowers though, pick out those in brown and orange hues. Avoid the brightly colored purples, blues and pinks. Stick with the orangey, reddish and brownish ones. Same thing with your desired textiles, stick with the mentioned hues and you’ll never go wrong.


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Denim Bridesmaid Dresses

Having a barn or a rustic wedding? Or just wanting to have a standout classic wedding? Make it more awesome by making your bridesmaids wear denim dresses. There’s nothing more organic and unique than your bridal entourage sashaying in sophisticated-styled denims. Who says denims can only be rugged? Here are real proof that will make your think otherwise.

Bridesmaids with the Bride
Soft Denim Fabrics
Having a denim-themed wedding doesn’t necessarily require you to use those stiff and thick denim textiles in creating your bridesmaid’s dresses. It would be a nightmare. There are soft and delicate denim-looking fabrics which you can use instead. Style should be flowy and frilly to bring out the feminine side.

Denim Tops
Denim Tops + Frilly Bottoms
Another charming idea is to wear ordinary denim jackets on top and a frilly, tutu-like bottom. Fold up the sleeves until just above the elbow to sharpen the look. Use a beige to brown belt to cover the tucked in portion of the outfit. Wearing a boots would also make the entire ensemble look rocking.

Mismatched Denims
Mismatched Denim Dresses
To cut on the expenses and to stimulate chic wedding fashion, why not let your bridesmaids wear their own favorite denim dresses? You can just put say, some guidelines like dresses should be an inch above the knees or that the dress shoudn’t reveal too much skin. As long as you trust and believe that your friends have great taste in fashion, you are allowed to choose this dodgy option.

Elegant Denims
Elegant Denim Dresses
To achieve elegance and sophistication with denim bridesmaid dresses, you can request for a floor-length cut from your seamstress. Try to make it a tube-cut dress to exhibit feminity. Also, a minimalistic design wouldn’t hurt. You just can play with folds and creases on the dress top, but you wouldn’t want to embellish it with heavy beadwork – it is uncalled for. With this style, less is always more.

Simple denim dresses
Denim Overalls
Denim overalls are the ultimate way to go if you’re desiring to have that timeless and refined bridal entourage. If you want to nail this look, the design of the dress should be sophisticated – wide leg pants, folded scarf-like tops and dazzling accessories. To complete the look, you can opt to wear high heels with a denim touch.


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Blue Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Blue, being the color of the ocean and the sky, signifies tranquillity, inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. The Ancient Egyptians even believe that lapis lazuli, a deep blue semi-precious stone represents heaven.
Have the same feeling of calmness on your wedding day by having blue-colored flowers on your bridal bouquet. The blue flowers would be perfect as you carry them against your pristine white bridal gown. There are lots of blue flowers to choose from. To get you started, here are a few.


Blue tulips are rare. To get them, you either have to produce a hybrid between violet and lilac tulips or you could die white tulips yourself to achieve the very shade of blue that you want. The effort is worth it though in making one as blue tulips are said to give a message of perfect love. You could even use them with white roses for a unspoiled touch.


Delphiniums are cone- and column-shaped small perennial flowers, gracefully spiking out a main stem as if they were arranged from the darkest flowers to the lightest ones. To arrange a Delphinium bouquet, you first have to pick if you want an elegant spiking organic bunch or a bundled, uniform one. Either way would still look lovely.


Hydrangeas are native flowering plants which grow in panicles or in corymbs at the ends of the stems. There are four major species of this plant, but the most adorable one to use is the arborescens since they would make enchanting mophead flowers or pom-pom-likes bridal bouquets. You could arrange them in a ball and attach a lace to its body and viola, you now have a pom-pom bridal bouquet.


If you want to achieve a sophisticated bridal bouquet, then better use blue orchids for it. Yes, orchids are terribly hard to maintain and pretty expensive, but hey it’s your wedding day, there’s nothing too beautiful for it. Blue orchids are best used on cascade and long bridal bouquets. You can use them in combination with pink and violet blooms. If you’re feeling fancy, you can add peacock feathers as the latter’s blue center will complement the blue orchids.


There are a lot of blue flowers and accent blooms that you can use in your bridal bouquet such as muscari, anemones, nigella and viburnum berries. Experiment and have fun. You just have to match your bridal bouquet with your wedding them, bridal dress and wedding motif.


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Artificial Wedding Flower Ideas

Flowers are a very important part of a wedding as these flowers offer sophistication to the entire wedding itself. It just means that without the presence of the flowers, the wedding will be lifeless.

Artificial Pearl Fancy Bouquet
There are two options to choose from in terms of picking the flowers for a wedding day, and one of them is choosing the fresh flowers. You can find a large selection of florists that are accessible in the market that would help you in getting the flowers for your wedding beautifications.

Artificial Wedding Flower Button Bouquet
Then there’s the second option which is the artificial wedding flowers. This type of wedding flowers could be made of velvet, silk, or satin. Or do away with the basic replica of flowers and go with beads, crystals and pearls! Be all elegant with a pure mother of pearl wedding bouquet. The creamy color of pearls gives the perfect glow to the bride as she walks down the aisle.

Artificial Wedding Flower Crystal Bouquet
Love hemming? Be resourceful and use artistic buttons as wedding bouquet. Use pastel buttons of various sizes. Add few artificial white flowers for a dreamy look. You can also reflect the color all around and march with a crystal bouquet. The clear beads let light in and give crystal shining effect from the hands of the bride. Use this on a winter wedding or, if you want to reflect a snowy, cold wedding hold a snowflake-designed bouquet. The one that’s glassy and looks very fragile (though it isn’t!).

Artificial Wedding Flower Golden Bouquet
Extravagant weddings may set aside the use of the most expensive flowers. They can’t keep it for the longest time, that’s why. Have a jeweller customize a golden brooch wedding bouquet with Swarovski crystals and pearls.

Artificial Wedding Flower Snowflake Design
You can find a lot of reason why one has to choose artificial flowers for the wedding over the fresh ones, and one of the major reasons is that they don’t get withered so you can keep them as long as you want.


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Unique Wedding Ceremony Seat Ideas

Gone are the days of typical and monotone wedding arrangements. New and extraordinary ways are now on hand to make your wedding unique. Creative seating decors and arrangements are one of the details that make a wedding event one of a kind. Fantastic and beautiful seating decors and arrangements on the wedding ceremony venue add pleasure to the eyes.

Personalize the most endearing event with various range of seating arrangements to leave an overwhelming impression on the guests. The following are few of the exceptional wedding seat ideas to help you pick the best setting that will fit your wedding theme.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Hay Bales

Hay bales – a unique wedding seat idea perfect for farm theme, ranch style or outdoor weddings. Turn out those bales of hay into an outlandish bench for wedding guests. Just tie a table cloth or lace cloth on its edges and a small bunch of flowers or ribbon on its side to put a little accent on it. Groups of arranged hay bales create a conventional wedding ambiance.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Pastel Seats

Wedding pastel seats – a comfy yet bizarre type of seat for weddings especially on exclusive weddings where guests are few like very important persons only. The visitors may feel special treatment on this kind of wedding seats because of the comfortable sense.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Wooden Seats

Wooden seats – bringing back the old fashion at this generation creates a new and fresh type of wedding seats. To diversify and make it more unique put some trappings or backdrop to coin a little adornment such as tied curtains on its back. Uniform wooden seats with perfect sitting arrangement on the wedding place build an overwhelming mood to the visitors. Wooden seats are ideal for almost any type of wedding setting like garden wedding, beach weddings, church weddings and more.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Flower Seat Drapery

Flower drapery seat – carries out an elegant and grandeur looking type of wedding seat. This type is ideal on very special weddings like weddings held on five star hotels. The flower drapery style designed at the back of the chair bears a stylish outlook. The flowery decor gives out an enchanting and welcoming overall elegance.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Comfy Seat Cushions

Cushion seats – are extraordinary type of seat for weddings. Cushion seats are best for summer beach weddings or garden weddings where guests can sit back and relax while witnessing the exchange of vows. The relaxing and soothing setting removes the tense and nervy feeling of the couples and the family of both parties.


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Unique Wedding Aisle Ideas

Weddings are one of the special events that happen in one’s life. Ever wonder why weddings sometimes take almost a year to prepare? This is because the couple wants every detail to be straightened out before the big day. They simply want it to be picture-perfect as it will be the most memorable time that they will reminisce when they grow old. No matter how many times they renew their vows, their wedding day still remains the most momentous occasion of all.

Unique Wedding Aisle Hanging Garden Wheels
Wedding planning does not start and end with the outfit, the color motif, the ceremony or the food. The wedding aisle has the biggest part of the event and it should be prepared dramatically as well. Whether the event is happening indoors or outdoors, there are unique styles of making the center aisle special like no other.

Unique Wedding Aisle Patterned Petals Adorn the aisle with do-it-yourself baby’s breath or lavender flowers in tin cans if the event is outdoors. This is a unique style of freshening up the venue especially if it’s a garden or backyard wedding. Just one tin can the size of a pail in each row of seats can make the venue lively and full of zest. Single-colored flowers give a touch of elegance in this laid-back theme while colorful blooms add up joy and giggles to the event.

Unique Wedding Aisle Statement Ramp
Outdoor weddings are best admired if there is something unique in it. Not the typical seats and bouquets or banquet and officiating table. For style and funkiness, the couple can hang up colored rim of bicycle wheels on the side lines. They can use it as decoration or flower holder. Hanging them in different lengths add up some style. Also use flower variations for a hanging garden effect.

Unique Wedding Aisle Blooms on Pails
Some wedding aisle details are admirable when used indoors or outdoors. The trend of couples today is wearing statement shirts why not use it on the wedding runway? Instead of rolling down the heavy red carpet, roll down personalized tarpaulin with a statement. They can have their names with “Mr. and Mrs.” and the wedding date printed on it. Or they can adorn the walkway with patterned petals that will be totally swept apart once the bride and the entourage come to march. The wedding train will be leaving trails of petals behind creating a mellow touch to the aisle.

Unique Wedding Aisle Vintage Lanterns
The use of wedding lanterns is also upbeat. What can make it unique? Use it in a night wedding and literally use it as a lantern. Put these lighted lanterns along the aisle to light the bride. And what can be more heavenly than seeing the bride, all dress in white and with a bouquet in hand, walking down the dark aisle lit only by lanterns. Let some soft lighting effect put spotlight on her and there you go, the bride going towards her groom.


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Top Trendy Styles for Wedding Flowers

Weddings are most romantic with bombastic floral treats during the ceremony and at the reception. Throw up a bunch of colors along the aisle using fresh flowers. And remember, centerpieces at the reception should also be served up with some glam.

Top Trendy Styles Orchids Wedding Flowers

Pick up a theme and hover through the bundles of bouquet that will bring a super-luxe look at the wedding.

Spruce up the entrance of the wedding ceremony venue or the wedding reception venue with personalized initials of the bride and groom using adorable flowers. It simply gives a twist to the way people look at flowers as mere centerpieces and bouquets. White daisies with a bunch of green hydrangeas may do the trick. Or mix and match flowers straight from the backyard and see how it can create drama to the initials.

Top Trendy Styles Initials Wedding Flowers

Country style weddings can make use of birch branches spruced up with chic country flowers gathered up in tall vase. The blooms will look like an inverted chandelier right at the center of round reception tables. Add further bucolic touch with wheat grass and dahlias. An archway made of red dogwood branches can also enliven the country style theme.

Candy hues of bright colors can make the reception utterly full of life. Use yellow and orange bouquets set on top of a lemon mound for a lively citrus theme. It can definitely spell summer or spring. Guests will be looking around with awe and the newly wedded couple will surely receive more praises for being stylish. Lemons and oranges can also be placed inside clear vases while holding the bouquet in place.

Top Trendy Styles Lemon Wedding Flowers

Complete a Bohemian style wedding with a floral headpiece. Pick up some white or baby pink or baby blue peonies for a vintage finish. Or you can go for yellow roses with some garden greens for a finale. Peonies are one of the favorites too during weddings so might as well join the bandwagon. They come perfect in peach, white and pink.

Top Trendy Styles Ranunculus Wedding Flowers

White ranunculus flowers can line up the aisle. Bundle it up in balls and let stand in short pillars from the entrance to the altar. For a summer feel, pick up the orange and red hues. Lilies are also pleasant to the eyes and can even end up into the bride’s hands as absolute show-stopping wedding bouquet.

Top Trendy Styles Bohemian Wedding Flowers

Tulips and cymbidium orchids are truly exotic choices. They are best in garden weddings. The distinct colors of lavender, purple, white and blue are perfect combination for chic foliage of wedding blooms. Cymbidium orchids of orange and green colors can lavishly adorn the bride herself.


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Top 5 Chic Bridesmaid Dress Styles for Different Body Types

Gowns should perfectly fit the body. But aside from that, it is also important to know the perfect cut of the dress that will flatter the bridesmaid’s best parts.

A Line Dress

Believe it or not, bridesmaids are also nervous for the wedding day. They want to make sure that they will also look stunning in the dress that they are going to wear. There are wedding themes that the bridesmaids do not have to wear exactly the same style of dress. The latest wedding couture encourages bridesmaids to wear the same color but of different styles. They should don a number that will flaunt their best parts and hide their not so desirable parts.

Mini Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Let’s not talk about shapes as they exaggerate the body type of the bridesmaid. Let’s talk about figures instead.

Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress with Pleats

Petite bridesmaids are the ones with small body frames. An A-line cut dress is perfect for this body type. It elongates the body therefore adding height to the bridesmaid. The fabric should only be light in texture. The bride should not consider asking petite bridesmaids to wear ball gowns or heavy fabric as it will only look too much for the wearer. Wearing a ¾ sleeved dress will also help add some inches to the height.

The Chic Dress for the Petite Bridesmaid

As they say, “Thin is in,” but a bridesmaid dress should not make a girl look like she has not eaten for months. Avoid the exposure of obvious collarbones and instead go with chic shoulder straps over a ball gown type of dress.

The Chic Dress for the Slender Bridesmaid

You think your body is just fine until you fit a dress and notice your tummy sticking out? Or your waist almost the same width as your hips? You have to know that you will perfectly fit in an empire-cut dress. The cut that does not emphasize the mid section of the body. Pick a strapless neckline to move the eyes away up the torso.

Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress with Long Tailed Sash
Afraid that you can’t get rid of your full hips until the wedding? Put on an A-line bridesmaid dress with bare shoulders. The cut will hide the unflattering width of the hips and the shoulders will give just enough proportion of the upper and lower torso.

The Chic Dress for the Full-Waist Bridesmaid

Full-figured bridesmaids should don sexy attire. Yes you read it right. They, too, can look sexy with the right bridesmaid dress. Let them fill in an off-shoulder nipped-in waist dress and they will instantly look like they’ve lost 10 pounds. The slimming effect of strapless or sexy strapped tops will also make them look voluptuous and romantically very daring.


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Top Black and White Wedding Flower Ideas

White is the classic bridal gown. It symbolizes purity and virtuousness of the bride. However, if you are that daring chick, going all white is a boring move. If you want to be extra modish, why don’t you add some black accents into it? Only a few would go for a black and white wedding motif because only a few know how to make it work. If you are planning to go black and white for your wedding, here are some black and white wedding flower ideas that would rock the wedding.

Wedding Bouquet
For your wedding bouquet, you can choose a lot of white flowers – peonies, tulips, chamomiles, hydrangea, roses and a lot more. To make it inimitable, you can integrate long black feathers into your bouquet. Tie Calla Lilies, white peonies along with black flower accessories (it can be plastic) along with the feathers and viola – you just got yourself a sophisticated bridal black and white bouquet.

Black and White Wedding Bouquet

Mimicry at its best
If your location and pockets wouldn’t permit for fresh flowers to invade the scene, then why not go plastic with your bouquets? A black and white plastic bouquet would still look stylish if you know which accessory to put together. Use studded, polka-dot flowers with glittered black leaves that stand as the heavens. Wrap the stem up with a silky black lace and enhance with studded embellishments.

Black and White Plastic Flower Bouquet

Aisle Flowers
It has already been part of the tradition that you put flowers along the aisle where you and your entire bridal entourage will walk. Pin up a bundle of white flowers along the side chairs. You can go with fluffy white flowers like roses and peonies to do the trick. Add a lenthy lace of silky black ribbon and you’re good to go.

Black and White Aisle Flowers

For the table centerpieces, you can put in a mix of white flowers – orchids, peonies, lilies and roses. Vary the heights of the flowers to promote style. For the black accents, you can wrap the base of the flowers with a black cloth and throw in a black table runner.
black and white wedding flower centerpieces

Don’t forget the cake
Of course, you must not let the cake look out of place. Dress it in black and white too. You can just have the classic white fondant cake and have black accents go along the sides of its base. Add a two or more varieties of white flowers, fondant-like or even real.

Black and White Wedding Flowers on Cake


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