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Tips on How to Use Floral Crowns in Your Wedding

Brides have been swept off their feet by seeing pictures of other brides and bridesmaids wearing floral crowns and halos. These hair trimmings have been revived and have taken the modern wedding setting by storm. If you are seduced by the whimsical playfulness of these trinkets, then read on to spark some inspiration which you could infuse into your own wedding.

Crowns on flower girls

Different Sizes
There are many styles and types of floral crowns. There are crowns with full flowers, ones which are only half-way occupied and there are ones which only have a bundle of flowers on one side. Either way, they are still adorable. The sizes of the flowers on your floral halos can translate into the wedding hierarchy. For instance, the bride wears the biggest ones. Middle-sized florals can be made for the sponsors and bridesmaids. Then for those little flower girls, they’ll have the tiny flowers tucked into their golden locks.

Different Sizes

Oversized Bridal Floral Crowns
If you are modish enough, you could confidently don an oversized floral crown and still look demure and regal. Lilies would make lovely crowns. If you’re going for boldness, then there’s nothing wrong with picking out bright-colored flowers for oversized crowns. However, if you cannot carry it, then avoid oversized flowers and evade awkwardness.

Oversized Bridal Floral Crown

Whimsical Crowns
Depending on the bride’s choices, a floral crown can actually impart an effect to the observer. Usually, crowns are made to appear whimsical and fairy-like. To achieve this effect, you should carefully choose the hues, the type of flowers and the arrangement that you would be creating. To seal the look of whimsy, you can opt to go for Berzillia, garden roses, Ranunculus, Jasmine and rice flowers. Choose flowers in blush hues and in little bundles with tiny almost-spiking stems.

Whimsical crowns

Flower Crowns Used with Veil
Another useful function of the floral crowns is to keep the wedding veil in place. Place the floral crown atop the veil. If you want, you could just go half-way – veil would only fall on one side (for a boho chic effect). As long as the veil fabric complements the texture and color scheme of the floral crown, then make use of the dainty combo. With this style, functionality and flair are being covered.

Floral Crown used with veil


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Summer Wedding Flower Girl Dresses

Summer is the time of the year when everybody increases their downtime and immerse in the sun. It is a great season for you to celebrate your wedding, knowing that people have more time for leisure activities and your flower girls don’t have school yet. Instigate some fun for the little ladies. Dress them up with cutesy unconventional wedding flower girl dresses which they would be comfortable wearing during the hot days.

Plain white dress with bow

Plain white dresses
If you’re having a vineyard wedding, a plain white dress with minimal accents would play nice with a dark-colored floral crowns. They would look like cherubs walking down the aisle in this simple outfit. Nothing too fancy, but more than endearing and sweet.

Pretty pastels

Pale Pastels
Rustic weddings can also have neutral-colored dresses, stylishly designed. If it’s too plain, you can add floral accessory on the dress. Having a bow with a huge flower wouldn’t hurt too. Kids can carry out the floral drama because they always look irresistible.

Rustic and Vintage Summer

Ruffled, printed dresses
Stay away from heavy and glamorous textiles if you’re hoping for a laid-back, summer wedding. To make your flower girls’ dress look interesting, you could have a sort-of patchy dress with paisley and floral prints. Add ruffles made from light-colored fabrics on the end of the skirt to accomplish a quixotic look.

ruffle flower girl dresses

Cool colors
If you want to pick out textiles which are silky or detailed, you may want to balance them out with the color. Choose ones which are light on the eyes. A light blue laced layer covering a pop-out dress would be a nice touch. The design should be styled such that it wouldn’t trap the heat in your girls’ bodies. Go for a tube dress instead to make them feel more comfortable.

Colorful Tutu skirts

Tutu dress
Tutu dresses are great for beach weddings. Add a starfish accessory and everything’s perfect. Tutus in different shades can also create depth and promote appealing accents on the dress’ impact.
In choosing out your flower girls’ dresses for your summer wedding, it would be important to consider the color, style and textile of the dress. Use light colors and materials in order not trap the heat. Also, the style should be tube dresses and halter tops for maximum comfort. The heat would not be tolerable if you’d go for body hugging dress styles.


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Rustic Wedding Hairstyles

Country weddings are intimate. It is when the couples choose to get married on their hometown for varied reasons – the proximity of everyone, the warm feel of the location and for a refreshing and secured familiarity kind of ambiance. Make your wedding even more dreamlike by making your women bridal entourage model these rustic wedding hairstyles.

Floral Crown with braids

Floral Crown with braids
Like a garden pixie, you can be floral queens and princesses with floral crowns worn on top of your blonde and brunette heads. Loosely braid your hair at the back and pull in two little locks towards the front of your face. Design your floral crowns as to the color motif of the wedding for some cohesive effect.

Straight messy locks with boho band

Straight messy locks with boho band
If you’re going for a rustic wedding with a touch of hipster, then boho bands would be delicate additions to your girls coiffure. Let those pretty tresses fall down naturally. You can go for the messy look, but don’t overdo it. You or your bridesmaids wouldn’t want to be appear stressed out and untidy. With garden weddings, the more organic the style is, the more exciting the outcome will be.

loose wedding updo

Loose Wedding Updo
Updos are great choices if you want to show off your neck and back. If your bridal gown calls for some back exposure (for the beadwork at the back is not to be missed), then you can opt for this style. Don’t make the updo too tight to avoid the sleek look. You’re after that loose, comfortable hair which is a must for country weddings. Use slim boho bands, flowers and feathers to accessorize.

Braids with tiny flowers

Braids with tiny flowers
Big flowers and flower crowns would be too over the top? When you want to keep the hair simple or if you’re just after the minimalistic effect, then just accessorize with tiny flowers like baby’s breath. If you’re planning to go very detailed with the braiding, then this tiny flower style would complement your plan.

Half Up Floral Style

Half-Up floral style
For a sweet and romantic look, leave some manes draping on your shoulders. Only clip the top portion of your hair and make it bulge a little for body. For an additional dainty touch, pin some flowers and leaves onto the pinned area.


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Polka Dots Flower Girl Dresses

If traditional isn’t your choice, you can go for modern mod fashion for the little girls. Polka dots may be vintage, but with they are not commonly used as flower girl dresses. Normalcy dictates that polka dot dresses are Sunday dresses not fit for a wedding. Be bold and take the dots. You’ll see how those mini bridesmaids will astound the wedding crowd.
Sassy and Simple
A yellow and white polka dot dress is like a ray of sunshine. It’s cute and sassy, perfect for rustic weddings. The simplicity of the attire plus the angelic aura of the girls is just a perfect combination. Make sure though that the flowers that they’re going to carry ain’t yellow or else everything will become redundant and refinement will be lost.

Asymmetrical Grey Polka Dot Dress

Elegantly Dotted
Glitters and studs on the tulle netting of the dress is stylish too. The asymmetrical cut adds more urbanity into the already chic dress. To tone down things a bit, a monochromatic and silky textile would be preferred.

Pink and white Polka Dots

Little Audrey
Tiny black dots on a pristine white dress spell charming elegance, even for the little ones. A wide black belt would be a subtle accessory to the dress. They’ll all be looking like little Audrey Hepburns in no time. To make them look even more adorable, opt for a bulging top hairdo. It’ll be the final oomph of the entire ensemble.

Classic Black and White Polka Dot Dress

Chic Large Circles
In contrast, huge, closely-spaced black circles which are neatly patterned on white dress are equally endearing. Pop out some color through the belt. Choose a bright one like hot pink or green. That will break the monotony of the dots and bring a splash of excitement in the outfit instead.

Big Polka dots

Half Polka
If you don’t wanna go all polka, you can always limit the dots on either of the following: belts and tops. The bottom could be a tutu skirt. Be creative. For instance, a navy blue and white polka dot halter top paired with a long flowing white maxi skirt is a delightful choice for your flower girls attending your beach wedding.

Yellow polka dot dress

Dainty Dots
If you’re vying for a whimsically romantic look, then pale pink and white polka dot dresses is the ultimate way to nail the look. Add a bow-tied ruffled belt and cuteness overload is just around the corner. Don’t forget the floral crowns, the polka dotted leggings and the cute little doll shoes.


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Pink Bridal Flower Bouquet

On your wedding day, carry your childhood color with you. It’s a symbol for love, gratitude, grace and elegance. It’s the color of your cheeks when it deemed on you that your man is actually proposing for a forever with you. It’s pink and it’s a pretty color for your bridal bouquet.There are actually lots of pink flowers to choose from. You can go with the blush shades to the brightest pink or you can have a combination of both. Here are some of the charming pink flowers that you can choose from.

Pink roses are the loveliest. As one source claimed, it is the most prevalent among the old garden rose types. Choosing to go with a rose bouquet leaves you with a lot of options. You can have a intact bouquet of just plain pink roses – minimalistic and elegant at the same time, or you could join them with other pink flowers and add varieties that are like flower spikes – it would be a breath of fresh arrangement.

Tulips were once made into headdresses for the Persians of the Middle East, few thousand years back. They represent the finer things in life. On your wedding day, give out a vibe of royalty by having tulips in your flower bouquets. No grand arrangement is needed for tulips. Just tie a ribbon around their long stems and viola, you have a bridal bouquet that is elegant per se.

Clove pinks or carnation would fashion an elegant, almost pompom bridal bouquets. The texture and shape of the carnation makes them excellent choices for pompom bouquets. Gather several flowers and arrange them into a half circle. Don’t include anything else. The simpler, the better, the more sophisticated-looking it’ll be. You could tie it with a white ribbon, the only acceptable accessory. You may also use carnations in combo with other pink flowers.

Magenta Gerbera Daisy
Magenta Gerbera Daisy
For a bright and fun bridal bouquet, you can order Magenta Gerbera Daisies. The inner portion which is a vivid and bright pink is wonderfully emphasized by its surrounding paler pink daisy petals. They would be perfect for country weddings, especially if you mix in dark pink spider mums and dusty millers with it.

Peonies. These are Blair Waldorf (of Gossip Girl) flowers, effortlessly classy. Pair peonies with white and other pale flowers for a winter wedding. Hot pink peonies paired with purple spiky perennials will be so modish, perfect for a modern wedding. Actually, a few peony stems make a breathtakingly gorgeous bouquet. It’s that easy.


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On Wedding Flowers: Helpful pointers

A wedding isn’t complete without the sweet aroma filling the air, the graceful colors brightening up the room and the breathtaking arrangement that will win some aahs and oohs from the guests. Flowers, of course. They are essential in every wedding. Book your florist before the best ones are already taken. Make sure the blooms are in their prettiest on your wedding day. Here are steps on how to do it.

Recycle Flowers
Build up a concept first
Just like all the framework, the entire thing should be anchored on a theme. In choosing which flowers to use and how to arrange them, you need to have a clear vision of the reception and the aisle first. Will it be held on the beach? Will the flowers eat up the majority of the room space? Will the flowers solidify the theme more? Talk to your florist or to your friend-turned-creative-director first and work on it before ordering flowers online.

Fixing the flowers
Play up with the colors
Matching your bridesmaids’ dress with the flowers may seem like a bad idea. It would look so monotonous on the pictures – unless it’s the look that you’re aiming for. Holding a violet bouquet against a violet dress would be close to like making the flowers fo invisible. Don’t be afraid to play up with the colors. Use accents and stick to your theme hues. In the contrary, don’t go overboard with putting more than 8 flower varieties in one bouquet. Too much is not good either.

Accent with the dress
Throw some DIYs too
If you’re on a budget and wouldn’t want to hire a florist, you could still have that awesome flower power. Besides, DIYs are popular nowadays. Sometimes, a cut bunch of flowers tied by a simple ribbon spells out undying beauty of simplicity. It’s still chic especially if you’re having a rustic wedding. Place the flowers in colored plastics or place them in mason jars. You could even recycle your flowers in a good way. Gather the aisle flowers and use them as center table pieces. Or, spread their petals on your reception entrance.

DIY Wedding Flowers
Preserve the blooms
No matter what flowers you have chosen, you’ll still have that grand garden effect. That is, if your flowers maintain their freshness all throughout the event. Choose flowers that can last for a couple of hours. Otherwise, you’ll have wilting flowers by the time you exchanged your vows and it’ll spoil the entire look. You can do several things to preserve the life of your flowers. Don’t spray water on the petals. Place them inside the fridge the night before. Don’t place them in areas where they can receive the strong sunlight. Don’t place fruits near them because both release ethylene and this can cause mutual poisoning.

Flowers in photo ops


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How to Draft Creative RSVPs

Weddings have become lovely traditions which everyone has witnessed at least twice or thrice a year. Indeed, they have become part of life and though they are special to the bride and groom, they may be dragging and plain for most of the guests. Remember how the hall slowly becomes unfilled when meal time is finished? Now, create that longing and excite into your guests by having a unique RSVP. Leave an impression that your wedding is going to be a fun one. Here’s how to draft creative RSVPs that your guests will adore.

RSVP with song suggestion

Hilarious RSVPs
Checklists remind us of dreary surveys. The usual “Yes, celebrating” and “Regretfully, no” might just not cut it. Go for funny. Integrate funny excuses into the yes and no like, “Yes, I’ll come for the celebratory booze.” And “No because I am totally lame.” However, make sure that your guests can ride along with it. Weigh your words that they would not cross the offending border.

RSVP with pictures

Fill-in-the-blanks RSVPs
Give your guests something to think about except whether they’re going or not when you hand them your wedding invites with RSVP cards. You can place blanks where your guests could jot down adjectives, nouns and feelings on your little story invite. It’ll be a fun exercise for the major entertainment that is bound to happen on your wedding. You could even have blank spaces for their suggested songs to play on your wedding or food allergies that they may have.

Fill in the Blanks RSVPs

RSVP with Notes
You can double your RSVP as suggestion cards, wish notes and advice columns. Have your guests write down whatever message they have for the both of you at the back of the RSVP cards and hang them on the wedding reception during the Big Day. They can include family recipes, a trade marriage secret or some DIY wedding suggestion.

RSVP with notes

Online RSVP
If you have created your wedding blog where you could document the entire preparation, you can add a page there for your online RSVPs. You could avail of the online forms services for free. If you want premium forms, you could go for the paid ones. Of course, you can style your own RSVP form according to the wedding theme. This online RSVP is the most convenient for modern weddings.

Online Rsvp


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How to Choose Your Wedding Rings

To seal your love for each other and to show everyone that you already have a better half, your wedding rings must be worn on your finger for all times. It is the symbol of your undying love for your partner, a forever remembrance of that special day when you have exchanged vows in front of the God that you believe in. Your wedding rings will be a huge part of your life and your wedding budget. That’s why you should carefully choose them. Here are some helpful tips.

Couple on ordinary days
Choose the one that’s within your budget
Wedding rings sit atop of the hefty budget pile that you already have. They sure are costly, but if you know where to find, then you are safe. Don’t go overboard when choosing a ring. Its price isn’t a measure of the love that you have or you will have for each other. In choosing the ring, it is important that both of you are present so you can agree on the budget that those rings will eat up.

Couple choosing
But don’t compromise quality
When you have settled on options that you can actually afford, check for the quality of the rings. Make sure that they have the manufacturer’s trademark and quality mark. These simply show that the people behind the ring can stand by their work, translating to quality finds.

Mismatched Wedding Rings
Matching rings aren’t required
Just because the two of you are already wed doesn’t mean that every single thing you have is identical – wedding rings included. Give each other the freedom to choose his or her own style. After all, you will be not the one who will wear your husband’s ring. It would be him. Wearing something you aren’t comfortable in is dreading. However, suggest to the ring artist to incorporate slightly similar touches like color and material.

Make sure it’s functional
In choosing the style, keep in mind that your ring isn’t just for show for that day. You will be wearing it for all of your days. You will wear it when you go to the market, when you go to work, when you attend business meetings, when you go for a trip. Evaluate your lifestyle and choose a ring that will fit. Sporty people may want to go for slimmer rings with not much stones. Those whose jobs entail social interaction and less field work may go for the fancier varieties.

Blue gemstone


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How to Apply Wedding Makeup for Great Indoor Photos

Photo shoots are always part of the wedding ceremonies. It would be endearing to take a walk down memory lane someday to reminisce your special day. Look breathtakingly beautiful and vibrant on your shots. There is a difference when you’re taking photos indoors. The light is not that great so there is a need of artificial lighting and this is where the makeup limitations come in. Read more so you wouldn’t look like a crystal ball in your photos.

girl putting on make up
Avoid the shimmers and glitters
Since light will be flashing everywhere, you need to stay away from shimmery makeup to avoid shiny spots and uncalled for photo reflections. You wouldn’t want your photos to look app-edited and ready for Instagram. Wedding photography deserves a spectacular album and isn’t as superficial as the breakfast that you have eaten that morning.

Eye Makeup
Use some bronze magic
In addition, the lights and the camera flash can easily make your skin appear shades whiter than they originally are. In short, you can look pale if you or your makeup artist isn’t aware of this. To avoid this, tap up some bronzer to warm up your tones a little. Tip: Use a bronzer that is a shade darker than your skin tone.

Applying concealer
Blend well
Lenses nowadays make reel looks real. The crispness and details are amazing. That is why you need to have the perfectly-blended skin on your wedding day. You may have dark spots that you want to conceal, but if you overprotect those with concealer, they would look like blotches on your face when the pictures come out. Airbrush your makeup if you can.

Apply maskara
Dig for some deep hues
As for your cheeks and lips, you also need to go a little darker on them. If you want to go for nude lips, choose a shade that’s a little brown. Watch out for the amount of blush that should go on to your cheeks. You want it to be brighter, but not so bright that you’ll look like as if someone has slapped your face. For, in pictures, shades can appear lighter than they usually are.

Have a trial photo shoot
To test the amount of makeup that you are wearing, you could have a trial photo shoot inside your house. Get some lights and get a camera with a good flash. Snap on and evaluate your face. You’ll eventually find the right makeup combination.


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Here Comes the Bride Placards

Another hip wedding detail have been spotted on latest wedding photos online – it’s the “Here Comes the Bride” signage that is carried by little gentleman before the bride comes marching down the aisle. It’s a preparation for the audience, especially to the groom, that the most beautiful woman is about to enter the scene. When you see that sign, hold on to your breath and get your handkerchiefs ready. Here are some of the “Here Comes the Bride” signage which you can draw upon inspiration for your own.

Heart Blackboard

Heart Blackboard
This heart blackboard tied around a cute little gentleman’s neck is a cute one. This is perfect for rustic weddings for its homey effect. You can even draft your own version of the line. Jot down, “Uncle [Insert Groom’s name here], here comes your girl.” You can replace girl with babe or woman, depending on your choice.

Flower girl and ring bearer

Little Girl, Little Boy and a Placard
To add more awwws from the audience, have a little flower girl and one of the bearers carry the sign together. It’ll just be adorable, especially when the two are in their respective wedding attire.

Three little gentlemen

Little Gentlemen, One Banner
The adorable little bearers can carry the banner all together if you want. If the sign is big enough to be carried by only one kid, then you can opt for this setting.

Dog Carrier

Dog Carrier
If you are a dog-lover, then your dogs are surely part of your family. If your dog is well trained enough, you can make him or her carry the sign for you. Just make sure that the wooden plank is not too heavy for your furry friend. You can even have a wedding dog attire tailored especially for your doggy carrier. Surely, it’ll generate some chuckles in the audience. Inform your church or wedding rites location manager of your plan to set this up. Some places don’t allow animals.

Wooden Planks

Separate Wooden Planks
If you want to add more thrill (as if there’s none), you can separate the words into different wooden boards and have a several kids carry each. Build up tension and suspense with the fragmented words and a longer line-up of the bridal signage kids.

Whatever “Here Comes the Bride” Signage that you will choose, it’ll always work. To have a more coherent design, you may want to match your signage style to your wedding theme.


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