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Retro Wedding Hairstyles

You finally have decided to go for a retro wedding. You are up for the Gatsby Glamour and you wouldn’t have a wedding less fancier than that. Have you decided on your bridal look yet? Are you done looking for the classy retro wedding hairstyle that will suit your vintage wedding theme and your bridal dress? If not, then don’t fret. Classy girls don’t panic. They keep calm and do some brainstorming. These samples could help you out.

With Classy Headband

Piled up High
The easiest way to achieve the retro glam look is to pile up your hair high. You can have it done in a sleek, no fringe way or you could opt to go for a side wavy fringe for a more seductive look. Make sure you use a bright red lippie for an intense look.

White blond with bow

Glam Curls
Even if you have this in-the-middle length of hair – not too long, not too short, you could still pin that retro wedding look. Have glam curls and side-swept curled bangs together. Think of Gwen Stefani for this inspiration. This is a playful look thus you could make use of textile bows.

Girl Putting on Lipstick

Backcombed Style
A popular way of doing retro hair is the backcombed style. This technique will volumize your hair, making it appear to be big. It’s a fast way of looking the part of a glamorous retro bride. The finish must be sleek and shiny. You could add a delicate floral hair band to soften up your look. Usually, backcombed style gives you a fierce opulent look.

Long Finger Waves

Long Finger Waves
If you aren’t fond of having buns and you would want to preserve your long, majestic hair for your wedding day, then you could go for the long finger waves. Have your hair curled loosely, but sleekly. Have 3 – 4 waves hit your hair. Embellish your hair with a glittery pin and finish with a matte burgundy lippie.

Hair Bob

Hair Bob with Headdress
If you’re sporting a short hair, then you couldn’t have any of those aforementioned updos. However, you could spice up everything by having the twenties bob. Let your hair down. Add some bangs. Choose a forehead band which complements your wedding dress. The Gatsby party looks are example for this – short, frilly, glittery dress and forehead bands.


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Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

If you have always been sweet and romantic, then you should go for coral for your wedding theme. For one, coral or rose peach is a soul spirit color, perfect for hippie weddings. It also reveals the angelic aura and soul star chakras of people. It gives a calming feeling of warmth. Coral weddings are also great for beach wedding and country rustic style wedding. Here are bridesmaid dresses of sorts in coral.
Classic Tube Top Gowns
The simplest cut for a coral bridesmaid dress is the classic tube top gown. Flowy. Feminine. With fancy creases on the top. And floor-length. It spells freshness and simple elegance that no bride will fail to appreciate.

Coral Different Styles
Floral Coral Dress
If you’re going for a laid-back country style wedding, then your girls could simply wear floral cocktail dresses with coral accents. The great thing about short skirt dresses is that they look fresh. Add the flowery details and it silently whispers summer romance.
Lacy Coral Dress
For sassiness and an urban chic effect, you can go for bridesmaid dresses made from laced textiles. This type of dress is better styled short. This wouldn’t be great with long cuts. This is perfect for spring weddings.

Bride with bridesmaids
Textured Coral Dress
If fierceness and individuality is what you seek, you can have bridesmaid dresses with geometric patterns designed on it. Yes, the color is soft, but the modish appeal is delightfully delivered by the sharp edges and bold designs.

Coral and Teal
Dress with Teal Accents
IF plain coral is too boring for you, then you could always add some color accent in the form of teal. Tie teal ribbons around the bouquets. Make your bridesmaids wear teal shoes.

Twist Wrap Dress
Twist Wrap Dress

The twist wrap dress is a perfect investment for the bride who plans on having a mismatched bridesmaid dresses. You can just purchase one dress for all of your bridesmaids and have your stylist do their magic on each piece. It may be a halter top, a tube top or a playfully seductive top.

Mismatched Coral Dresses
Mismatched Coral Dresses
Mismatched is a rising trend for weddings and it would be a great style for coral bridesmaid dresses. Different shades can also be considered. Only one rule remains though: the dress should be utterly stunning for everyone.


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2014 Wedding Trend Navy Blue

Wedding planning is ought to be shared by the couple and not just the bride. The man should also have the final say to the wedding details. Now, if your groom doesn’t like the idea of having an all too girly wedding, you two could compromise. A nice color base for weddings that don’t spell too much saccharine sweetness is navy blue.Actually, this 2014, navy blue is a hot wedding color. Find out how you can tweak this color to suit your wedding style.

Navy and Sparkles
Complement with some sparkles
If you’re rooting for a glamour wedding, you could add white accents and sparkles with the navy blue base. For your bridal gown, you could have a beaded white top. Your bridesmaids could go for beaded belts with their navy blue gowns. The fun thing to add to your ensemble are sparkly accessories. Think about studded clutches, sandals, tiaras and jewelry.

Add a pop of yellow
Add a pop of bright yellow
Going all dark on your wedding day may be monotonous and boring. Throw in a dash of bright yellow into your darling wedding set up – your dresses, the reception area, the church aisles. You can do this by having a jar of lemon candies by the dessert table, having yellow roses as your bridesmaids’ boquets and tying yellow ribbons on the chairs near the aisle.

Navy blue with green and yellow
Match it with Kelly Green and Straw Yellow
For an unconventional wedding allure, try mixing navy blue with some calming colors like Kelly Green and Yellow Straw. This bold move is perfect for model brides who strive to go for a fashion-forward wedding. It might take a lot of cash for drafting a modish navy blue body-hugging dress with pop up skirt and Kelly green and straw yellow design details, but it’ll all be worth it. Donning green stilettos and decorating your reception with green and yellow chairs will add casual elegance too.

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Attire
Make an elegant twist with camel and white
Nautical-themed weddings are as common as the seagulls on the seashore of Central Pacific islands, but make yours stand out with camel and pristine white as sub colors. Go for camel-colored accessories like straw hats, boat ropes and women nail polish. Suggest this color theme to your wedding stylist and describe the nautical sophistication that you want to achieve. If she’s good enough, then she’ll know what to do.

Nautical Theme


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2014 Wedding Color Trend: Neutrals

There are billions of hues in this world. How could a woman make up her mind when faced with a billion choices? Let this article help you convince that Neutral Glam is the dazzling choice this 2014. Now, choosing neutral has limit your choices to thousands. Fast elimination, huh? To choose those perfect hues perfect for you, read on.

Wedding Details in Neutral

Neutrals aren’t bias to anyone.They look good on both dark- and fair-skinned women. See, this is one thing that the bride has to consider aside from her own personal interest. After all, you know your friends’ fashion weaknesses, you wouldn’t have to rub it on them if a certain color works for you and not on her. You would feel terrible if another color works the other way around.

Neutral Paint Palette

Neutrals aren’t limited to whites and greys.Pale pinks, light browns and subtle blues can also be considered neutrals. You aren’t restricted when you go for neutrals. It’s just that your color tone is light and pale. It doesn’t hurt the eyes and it is actually calming.
If you pick neutrals, you could pick out a second theme which would support your whole wedding theme. Say, would you rather have a rustic, paper kind of wedding? Or the neutral glam kind of wedding? With the former, you could include paper art, handwritten notes and cutout novels in your DIYs. As with the latter, you could add some gold and silver into your neutral color base to spice things up.

Bride and Bridesmaids in neutral gowns

Same principle goes for the bridesmaid dresses. For a rustic mood, you could just pick out plain, flowy textiles. For the neutral glam theme, you could have glitter gowns and laces. If you think pale is boring, then the glitter option is a great way to zest things up.

wedding decoration

To avoid the chameleon effect on the decorations, you could actually choose to accent with slightly darker hues. On table settings, say, you could include crystal glasses and aluminium vases. Just make sure that the things are coherent to look at.

Neutral Look

The neutral look is oh-so sophisticated, especially the neutral drama effect that makeup artists do with the eyes. It’s just brown, cream and black eye shadow transformed into perfect seduction. Neutral shades of nail polish even add the urbanity into your entire aura. Those slim fingers surely will look great on your wedding ring wedding photos. Now, that’s a reason to groom your nails into utmost classiness.


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Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles According to Wedding Theme and Season

For most women, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. It has to be perfect; from the choice of carpet, to the last button of her wedding gown. Some women even have their dream weddings already planned as early as their teenage years.There are millions of choices and decisions to make in order to have a successful wedding day; and, believe it or not, choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle is one of them. You’ve picked the wedding gown, listened to your choice of wedding band, and confirmed the menu. Now it’s time to face the hundreds of different wedding hairstyles to choose from—this can be pretty overwhelming but, don’t you worry, here’s a list of some classic wedding hairstyles to choose from.

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Elegant Up-Do
Hairstyle 1: The Elegant Up-Do
This is the perfect hairstyle for a formal indoor wedding. If you have long locks that can easily be styled on top of your head, go for an elegant up-do. This is the most popular among all the other wedding hairstyles because it goes with tradition and can go well with almost any kind of wedding veil. One of the common up-dos is applying some hair volumizer at the back part of the head so it gives an additional illusion of height to the bride. You can ask your hairstylist to do a bunch of twists or braids at the back to add a little more kick to your ‘do.

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Simple Bun
Hairstyle 2: The Simple Bun
If you want your face to be the main focal point of your guests (and your groom!) this is the perfect hairstyle to go for. With a simple bun, your hair still looks elegant and sophisticated but not too flashy that it will take all the attention away from your blooming face. In addition to that, if you have short hair, you can easily trick your guests into thinking that you’ve grown it longer—there are fake hair buns in the market which your stylist can get her hands on! This is a great look for summer weddings; it makes the bride look fresh despite the heat.
Hairstyle 3: The Carefree Waves
For a more relaxed vibe during the wedding, you can opt for a wavy hairdo. This goes well with long, cascading locks. Big waves are the trend nowadays as it adds volume to the hair and makes thin hair look thicker and richer. If you’re worried that your hair is too short to pull off this look, you can get hair extensions at salons—no one will even know it’s not your real hair!

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Side Swept
Hairstyle 4: The Side Swept
Here’s an edgy version of the usual hairdo—all of your hair swept over one side of your shoulder. You can add some waves and curls to add a little class to the ‘do. If you want to achieve a more ethereal look, stick in bejeweled hairpins all over your locks! This hairstyle is great for outdoor weddings as it gives off a more natural aura from the bride.

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Floral Beauty
Hairstyle 5: The Floral Beauty
Now that flower crowns and floral prints are back in the fashion loop, floral brides are also becoming more popular. If you want a garden wedding or a wedding in the woods, this hairstyle is perfect for you! Embrace the beauty of nature by pinning in some flowers along with your locks. You can ask your stylist to loosely braid your hair and intertwine a few fresh or artificial flowers within the braids. This is a simple yet stunningly gorgeous hairstyle for all the nature lovers out there!

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Stylish Curls
Hairstyle 6: The Stylish Curls
There are tons of ways to curl your hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is short or long; you can achieve a curly hairstyle if you want, the longer the hair the bigger the curls. You can also add headpieces if you’re not planning on wearing the traditional veil—headbands, clips, pearls, and other jewels can be used to accentuate the hair.
Hairstyle 7: The Half Moon
One of the traditional wedding hairstyles is the Half Moon. Basically, it’s a half-ponytail but with more volume and style. You can wear a half moon with straight hair, or perhaps keep the other half curled or wavy. This hairstyle is great for formal settings and indoor weddings. You can also add some accessories if you’re not planning on using an extravagant veil.


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Top 5 Best Choices for Wedding Flowers

Picking the right flowers is one of the most important things in a wedding ceremony. Can you imagine a ceremony without any flowers at all? Looks a little weird, right? Flowers play a big role in weddings not only for the beauty they add to the whole place and the wonderful scent they carry, but also because flowers have meanings that can be symbolic to the couple. Now, if you are faced with the difficulty of choosing the perfect floral arrangement for your wedding, it’s best to be informed about the top choices of flowers among most weddings and why, exactly, they are chosen by most couples.

Top 5 Wedding Flowers Gardenia
Flower 5: Gardenia
At our fifth spot, we have the ever present Gardenia. It means “You’re lovely” and is also the symbol of secret love. This exquisite flower is one of the most common for weddings because of its heavy scent and its delicate appearance. Once made into a bouquet, Gardenias look vividly stunning and sophisticated. It can also be used to make fragrant corsages. However, the ivory petals of this stunning flower tend to bruise easily so you’ll have to be extra gentle in handling them.

Top 5 Wedding Flowers Hydrangea
Flower 4: Hydrangeas
With the variety of intense colors offered by Hydrangeas, it’s no wonder it has become yet another one of the most commonly picked flowers for weddings. They add a splash of color that brightens up the whole place. Hydrangeas can also be used to add more beauty and class to the bride’s bouquet. Another perk of this flower is that it’s more affordable compared to others which allows for a lighter budget for floral arrangements.


Flower 3: Tulips
A universal symbol of “happy years” and “consuming love”, Tulips come in third on our list. These flowers come in a lot of different colors such as cream, white, pastels, and even brighter shades such as purple and magenta. As they are easily harvested most of the year, Tulips are very budget friendly and hardly goes out of stock. Tulips can easily blend well in bouquets as well as table arrangements—they automatically add a dash of elegance. There are three main Tulip varieties: Dutch, the most common kind which are usually seen in most flower shops and gardens; French, which features longer stems and are more expensive than the common tulips; and Parrot, which come in intense colors.

Flower 2: Peonies
Peonies are commonly found in Central America and around Asia. They work well together with gerberas and orchids, but can also be arranged individually. In contrast to its bright color and strong scent, the Peony means “bashfulness”. A whole bouquet of peonies can be dazzling and it can also be used to make lovely centerpieces and floral arrangements for weddings. However, peonies bloom only from spring to summer which makes it a little expensive.

Flower 1: Roses
Surprise, surprise! For the top flower choice among most weddings, we have the ever dependable Roses. Universally considered a symbol of “true love”, roses have been used to express emotions that one cannot verbally communicate. Despite its being common, roses are far from boring—especially now that they are available in almost any color imaginable! The best thing about roses is that since they are grown commercially all year round, they are very affordable.


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The Flower Girl Ideas

More often flower girls can be the showstoppers of your wedding – they’re too cute to behold in their curly locks and flower halos and pretty little dresses.Up their cuteness level one notch higher by letting them do something different on your wedding day. Here are some ideas for giving their flower girl job a fanciful twist:Instead of letting them toss petals on the aisle, let them keep the basket filled with flower blooms or carry a small bouquet of lovely flowers or a lovely corsage – what a picture perfect sight.

The Flower Girl with Bubbles
Let your flower girls blow bubbles in lieu of the customary petal tossing. Or tote up the fun and whimsical factor by adding pops of color to your wedding by having them carry bright jumbo balloons in cheerful brilliant hues like marigold yellow or hot pink. This is going to be a wedding to remember especially if you dress up your flower girl in a flowy dress in the same bubbly hues as the oversized balloons.

The Flower Girl Holding Balloons
Splash more fanciful touches on your wedding day by making your flower girls genuinely smile by letting them carry pinwheels. As the breeze blows the pinwheels, the sight will surely elicit genuine smiles and giddy giggles from the cute little ones. It’s a sweet idea and it’s definitely uber fun not just for the flower girls but for everyone.

The Flower Girl Holding Colored Pomander
Getting married outdoors? Shade your flower girls from the sun’s heat by letting them hold fancy colored parasols. Add a sweet message on the parasols for everyone to read.

The Flower Girl Holding Signs

Your flower girls are too little? Let them ride on a fancy wagon – then deck out the wagon with lots of flowers and blooms. Let the ring bearer ride along for double fun.

Let your flower girls carry dozens of pretty flower garlands instead of flower baskets. Let them hold hands as they walk down the aisle. Don’t forget to let them wear flower halos to complete the perfectly cute flower girl look.

The Flower Girl Holding the Couple's Pet
Inviting your pets to the wedding? Let your flower girl hold its leash – festoon the leash with flowers and sprigs and all things beautiful.
Who says it should be all about sights and sounds – throw in some wonderful scents to your wedding celebration by letting your flower girls carry pomanders of aromatic substances.
In lieu of the traditional baskets filled with petals – let your flower girls carry fanciful signs to prepare everyone for the bride’s entrance. Or to carry messages of romantic love.


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Yellow Bridal Flower Bouquet

Waking up to a pocketful of sunshine is a great way to start your day and a great habit to form to build up your positive character. There are people who could easily lighten up the mood and set the positive aura for everybody. Those people are God’s angels on earth. If good old friends feel like you are their pocketful of sunshine, then definitely take yellow flowers for your bridal bouquet.Project your happy disposition through these yellow bridal bouquet ideas.

Yellow Tulips
Planning to go for sophistication and simplicity? Pick out yellow tulips and wrap up a ribbon beneath their heads, on their green soft, but burly stems. No need to go over the top when tulips are your flowers for they are already synonymous with effortless elegance. To zest them up, you can use other colored tulips with yellow – purple, white, pink, purple, orange or blue.

Yellow Craspedia
Are you not a fan of the usual yellow flowers? Want to offer something uniquely fun in your wedding bouquets? Then have a bunch of Craspedia tied together. Those yellow puffs would surely pop some color into a plain bridal motif. This type of bouquet is best for weddings with grey, white and pale blue motifs.

daffodil bouquet
Yellow Daffodils
Spring country weddings call for daffodils in your bridal bouquet. The yellow daffodils on a garden wedding screams spring. You can have a bouquet of plain daffodils or you could throw in some accent flowers into the creation. Flowers with the same hue of daffodil yellow would be a nice texture play.

Yellow Sunflowers
Sunflowers remind us to always look for the sun and have some summer fun. Again, the yellow bridal bouquet would be a seemly choice for rustic, country and garden weddings. It would also be pleasant for nautical-themed weddings as the yellow would pop out some color into the predictable blue-and-white décor.

Yellow Combo
If you’re feeling fancy and adventurous, you could principally combine yellow with other colors. Break the monotony by having a color combination or two. White is a safe choice. Blue would throw in some excitement and that can be refreshing. Go vivid and play with some pinks and oranges into the yellow flowers. For an autumn wedding, an addition of orange and brown flowers or acorns or leaves would be interesting.


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White Cascading Waterfall Bridal Bouquets

White is a symbol of purity, innocence, completeness and wholeness. These are the essence of being a bride. Go pristine white all the way on your wedding day. To make everything look extra lovelier, start off with your bridal bouquet. Have a white cascading waterfall bridal bouquet that everyone will adore. Pick up inspiration from these flower types which will pin the waterfall style.

Orchids exude elegant per se, but just imagine how this elegance will be doubled all the more when they are arranged on a cascade. All you’ll need is floral tapes, wires and a creative eye to create a lovely orchid waterfall bouquet. You can ask somebody to do that for you since it has to be neat, fresh and grand.

Roses are common blooms, but to give them a breath of new bridal bravura, use them in cascading bouquets. You’ll just need a few roses of different sizes and other floral and leaf accents, depending on your wedding theme color. You can add spike flowers or a branch of colored leaves. You can also choose long-stemmed pastel-colored blooms for some accent.

Another great cascade bouquet style is having a bunch of flowers bundled on top with copious tiny flowers dangling down from the main bouquet. Cream and blush peonies are ideal to be used for the top bouquets and for the dangling ones, you can use any white varieties of tiny flowers. You can use the floral tape and wire technique for the latter to achieve a perfect waterfall floral impression.

Calla Lilies
Calla Lilies
When flower form and color fusion are the basis, Calla Lillies would be the best the other blooms. It’s fairly easy to make a cascading waterfall bouquet out of Calla Lillies since they have long, graceful and bending stalks of green. To make the bouquet, you just need to cut several lilies in different lengths and bundle them together in a willowy arrangement. Raw and supple, simply perfect for rustic and vintage weddings.

Flowers are made up of different forms, which makes them candidates for flower combo cascading bouquets. Just make sure that the two or three or four varieties of flowers will complement each other in terms of their color, form, length and size. Also, stick to the wedding theme in picking out those flowers.


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Wedding Hats

Add some glorious spice into your wedding couture by donning bridal hats suited for your own type of wedding. Accessories need to be worked out and not just worn on. The season, location, color and theme of the wedding calls for different kind of wedding hats. To start dishing out for yours, read on for some wedding hat advice.

Tiny wedding hats
Tiny Wedding Hats
These tiny wedding hats go by different names – cocktail hats, minis, etc. If the look that you want to achieve is dainty, sassy and feisty, then these little hats are perfect for you. They may be made of feathers, flowers and other tiny trinkets. They may double as headdresses and thus, can be worn inside the church during the ceremony without distraction. Their color scheme should match your bridal entourage. You don’t want something on your head that will feel a little out of place.

oversized wedding hats
Oversized Hats
Oversized hats are posh additions into your entire bridal outfit as long as the texture, material and color accords the bridal dress. Oversized hats may just be used outside of the ceremony area to respect the solemnity of the wedding and the sanctity of the location, for example a church. These hats may be worn pre-entourage or during post-ceremonial activities. These accessories would also look lovely in your wedding day photo shoot.

Ecelectic Hats
Eclectic Hats
Recall the royal wedding pictures that have gone viral online. Surely, you’ll remember those eclectic hats worn by the royal cousins. These hats have a name. They’re called fascinators for a reason. However, on your wedding, you have the right to use such hair accessories, but don’t abuse this power as this may nudge sophistication into the crudeness scale.

1920s wedding hats
1920s Wedding Hats
Having a vintage themed wedding? Alas, you have the excuse to dress like Daisy of Gatsby. Exude the jazz kind of charm with 1920s wedding hats – feather thrown across your head and beads dangling gracefully on your forehead. This is the type of wedding wherein glitz and glamour could mix and never be an hyperbole. Because it’s jazz age, darling. Anything which sparkles is in.

Winter Bridal Hats
Winter Hats
Those furry hats are stylish and functional at the same time. Having a winter wedding is exciting and so fairytale-ish, so you might as well bring it on to the next level by donning fleecy hair fittings. Pose on a snowy area in your spotless white gown with your groom in a snowy area and if your photographer is that great, your shot will be like a page from a bridal magazine.


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