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A Princess-like hairdo on your wedding day

Every bride deserves to look like a Princess- or a Queen for that matter- on her wedding day. Unfortunately, with the constant avalanche of new, trendy, cutting-edge wedding hairstyles, it can be quite a challenge to settle for the perfect look. Bridal magazines are bursting with suggestions, tips and illustrations which can make it extremely tough for the bride-to-be to make a choice. Indeed, how do you know whether you should go for an updo, a half-updo, curls or no curls, tiara or no tiara?

Updo wedding hairstyle for long hair
Of course, it’s always easier to plonk yourself down in front of a professional and allow him or her to do the work but let’s face it: we’re not always a hundred per cent satisfied with the ideas that our makeup artists or hairstylists come up with. So, to avoid the tricky situation of walking down the aisle with a really uncomfortable and overly heavy chignon on your head, it’s always safer to approach your hairstylist with a few ideas of your own prior to trying the various hairstyles.

Voluminous Updo Wedding hairstyle
The good news is, it’s not that difficult to find the perfect Princess-like hairdo on your wedding day. All you have to do is create a symmetry between your facial features, accessories and of course, wedding dress. Fret not: it’s way easier than it sounds. For example, if you have sharp, angular features with high cheekbones and if you’re wearing a clingy satin or taffeta gown, you’re certainly going to look ultra-glamorous with a voluminous updo or chignon. Best of all, a thick updo is perfectly suited to both short and long hair and you can always top off the whole look with a glittery tiara, pearl pins or an eye-catching headpiece.

Romantic wedding hairstyle with delicate flower tiara
On the other hand, if you have softer features, wide eyes and if you’re going for the traditional belle-of-the-ball princess dress, never hesitate to straighten your hair and let it down to frame either side of your face. This strikingly romantic hairstyle will look even better if paired with a delicate glass or crystal tiara or a simple crown of intricately woven flowers. This wedding hairstyle is bound to set your groom’s heart pattering as he watches you glide down the aisle towards him!

Elegant swept to the side wedding hairstyle
However, this style isn’t exactly suited to brides who have thin hair. In this case, you’ll probably want to create thick bouncy curls that will add volume to your hairdo. If you’re opting for curls, you can either let your hair down, sweep everything to the side or even do a half-up, half-down style. Brides with rounder facial features should preferably opt for the swept to the side hairdo because this style automatically slims and elongates the profile while expertly camouflaging any double chin. Pair this look with a strapless, A-line dress, some artful dusting of gold shimmer over your shoulders and cleavage and you’re all ready to sparkle like a Princess on your wedding day!

Curly wedding hairstyle


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Wedding Flowers: How to break free from tradition

There’s no doubt about it: The traditional cascade of white flowers with a few springs of Gypsophila tucked here and there certainly makes for an appealing bridal bouquet. Still, if you’re among the trendy brides who want to vamp it up and stand out from the crowd, don’t hesitate to look into some more original and eye-catching options that will never fail to wow your guests. In fact, some types of untraditional wedding bouquets can even enhance your dress, bringing a classy and sophisticated look to your attire.

Multi-Coloured Bridal bouquet
Brides who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries, for instance, can check out the glamorous Bridal Brooches bouquets. The latest wedding flower trend, these bouquets are entirely crafted from stones- precious or semi-precious- which is the perfect way for you to include your something blue in your overall look! If you can afford it, do not hesitate to ask your jeweller to craft a waterfall bouquet of sparkling diamonds, twinkling blue sapphires and just a few pink stones here and there to complete the look. Brides who are on a limited budget can go for pearls- or even faux pearls for that matter- as well as other affordable semi-precious stones.

Jewelled brooch bouquet
These wedding bouquet brooches are readily available online on various wedding-related stores and best of all, they’ll never wither or dry and you’ll always have a memento of your wedding to keep on your mantelpiece. Of course, it goes without saying that you can always go for a smaller natural bouquet to throw after the ceremony.

Purple wedding bouquet with bejewelled stem
If you don’t want to go for a wedding brooch but you still want to add some sparkle to your wedding flowers, why don’t you ask your jeweller or florist to create a bejewelled stem for your bouquet? Sophisticated and glamorous, these can be done in a variety of colours. In fact, to break free from tradition, try to go for a shade that will drastically contrast with your wedding dress. Red, purple, deep, emerald green, sunny yellow and pink are usually the most popular choices.

Of course, brides can always go for classic bouquets but never hesitate to enhance it up by skipping the traditional wedding roses in flavour of something more exotic such as lilies or even sunflowers. Indeed, a particularly lovely touch would be to go for a stunningly colourful bouquet crafted with the most exotic flowers such as lavender, hibiscus, birds of paradise and sunflowers, among others. After all, your wedding day’s certainly a cause for celebration so feel free to lock up the traditional white flowers and go absolutely crazy on contrasting hues!

Traditional White bridal bouquet


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To Veil or not to Veil?

While it certainly is traditional to glide elegantly down the aisle with billowy streams of lace or gauze floating behind you, not all brides choose to veil themselves on their special day. Indeed, whether you choose to wear the veil or not usually depends on your dress, the type of veil and of course, your personal preferences.

Bridal headpiece with a hint of veil
So, whether you want a two foot train and veil in the likes of Lady Diana on her wedding day, or if you’re looking for something retro chic like Celine Dion’s famous wedding crystal headpiece, it’s quite important to familiarize yourself with the different types of wedding veils. Brides should also carefully consider the pros and cons of wearing the veil in order to determine whether they’ll be comfortable with wearing one or not.

Victorian bridal headpiece to replace veil
Luckily for you, the market is simply brimming with a wide variety of elegant and intricately woven wedding veils that will win the hearts of just about any bride. For example, if you’re more of an old-fashioned, romantic lady, then don’t hesitate to go for Cathedral-length veils. The longest of all veils, these can certainly be a pain to manage and arrange around your dress, but by the same token, they certainly never fail to make a stunning impression. On the flip side, one of the major cons of this particular accessory is that Cathedral veils usually trail for a couple of feet behind the bride and usually need to be arranged by a couple of bridesmaids prior to walking down the aisle.

Fingertip length veil
Alternatively, you can also take a leaf out of Kate Middleton’s book and go for fingertip-length veils. A firm favourite among fashionable and modern brides, these wedding veils usually skim your upper back and flatters most dress styles. If you’re uncomfortable with veiling, this is probably your safest bet. Just be sure to go for the lightest organza or tulle: in fact, these two fabrics are so deliciously light that pretty soon, you’re going to forget that you’re wearing a veil!

Half Birdcage Veil
For an ultra-chic look with just a hint of vintage, why don’t you look into half birdcage veils? Commonly crafted from netted fabrics, these veils usually skim the forehead, bringing a mysterious, rather sensual look to the bride. To make a more pronounced impression, do not hesitate to accessorize your half birdcage veil with semi-precious stones, pearls, lace or crystals. The one disadvantage with this type of wedding veil is that the netting can irritate your skin and make you want to scratch your forehead smack in the middle of the ceremony! This definitely is the type of veil to avoid if you have ultra-sensitive skin.

Contemporary head piece as a veil substitute
Of course, if you’re not at all comfortable with veils, you can totally skip this particular accessory and wear an elaborate headpiece as a substitute. A very popular trend is to go for a stone-encrusted headpiece with just a hint of veil playing underneath. Otherwise, feel free to play around with tiaras or contemporary head chains for an ultra-glamorous look. Brides can even bring a rustic, old-fashioned touch to their wedding by replacing the veil with a lace Victorian headpiece and cap. Don’t be afraid to experiment and push the boundaries until you find a wedding veil that matches your sense of style: after all, it is your big day, no one else’s!


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Choosing the most flattering fabric for your wedding dress

Wedding dresses come in several shapes and sizes- but so do brides. This is why it’s crucial to really pay attention to the actual fabrics when you’re shopping for your wedding dress. Indeed, most brides understandably get carried away and focus more on the dress length, style and cut than the fabric itself. However, what most of us forget is that it that, in the end, the fabric determines the overall flow and shape of the dress.

Organza and Silk wedding
Indeed, a petite bride will look completely drowned in thick organza or taffeta while a curvaceous lady should refrain from silk or satin to hide any unruly bulges. It’s also extremely important to bear in mind that your fabric should ultimately match your dress cut for a more flattering fit. Full-figured brides, for instance, should preferably opt for A-line cuts made from gauze, organza or a blend of cotton and taffeta. A flared dress in mingled lace and gauze will also help you hide any love handles or muffin tops. Indeed, this particular fabric is renowned for its flattering, figure-enhancing effect and best of all, it can very easily suit several body types.

Taffeta and silk wedding dress with beaded bodice
If you’re tall and skinny, don’t hesitate to go for a satin, figure hugging dress which will cling to every parcel of your body, creating alluring curves while drawing the eyes to the contours of your figure. Tall and slender brides can also go for the ultra-glamorous combination of gauze and feathers. Ladies who are lucky enough to be blessed with a proportionate hourglass body can very easily select the ultimate blend of taffeta and silk.

Satin wedding dressOn the other hand, petite brides should preferably stick to lighter wedding dress fabrics in the likes of tulles. Don’t hesitate to experiment with various styles and blend two different fabrics for a more striking effect. Petite ladies, for instance, can even go for a knee-length wedding dress with a clingy lace bodice and tulle skirt.

Gauze and feather wedding dressBrides should also remember that beaded bodices and lace are flattering to most- if not all- body types and heights. So, if you’re unsure of the perfect fabric for your body shape, you can safely go for intricately beaded bodices with lace skirts. All-over lace wedding dresses will also draw out the features and create a beautifully streamlined, hourglass silhouette.

Lace and gauze wedding dress


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Winter Bridesmaid Dresses to flatter every figure

Bridesmaids come in all shapes, sizes and heights. So, there’s absolutely no reason why these special ladies shouldn’t get to feel stunning on your wedding day. After all, they’re going to be on display in front of several friends and relatives and let’s face it, not everyone is comfortable with that! So, as the bride, it’s your duty to orchestrate the proper clothes and accessories in order to enhance your bridesmaids’ figures and features, a task which can be quite problematic during colder weathers.

Bridesmaid dress with coat
While Winter Weddings are undeniably romantic, you do have to bear in mind that winter clothes aren’t always flattering. A full-figured bridesmaid, for instance, might not feel comfortable in a thick, bulky anorak. Similarly, a slender, albeit petite lady will be drowned by those thick faux fur coats that are present in almost every winter wedding.

Winter Bridesmaids dresses with coats and shawls
So, to find the perfect winter bridesmaid dresses that flatters every figure, do not hesitate to first find a common ground between all the ladies. Grecian-style dresses, for instance, are flattering to just about everyone, whether your bridesmaid is skinny, pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped or curvaceous. To add a winter twist to the Grecian style dress, do not hesitate to go for elbow-length velvet gloves in a contrasting colour. Bridesmaids can even go for a thick stole, not only to keep warm during the ceremony, but also to add an elegant, eye-catching accessory to the overall outfit.

dark blue bridemaid dressIf you want to be different, forget about wearing the traditional bright pastel hues. In fact, for an ultra-contemporary touch and to bring some flair to the morose winter season, bridesmaids can even opt for white or ivory outfits – not unlike the bridesmaids and flower girls at Kate Middleton’s royal wedding. On the other hand, traditionalists may select dark blue bridesmaid dresses with black dress coats. This will provide quite a beautiful contrast to the white or ivory wedding gown.

A-Line-bridesmaid-dressesAnother flattering winter bridesmaid outfit would be an A-line dress with either a full coat or faux fur shrug thrown over it. In fact, shrugs have the tendency to draw attention to the curve between your waist and your hips, hence bringing a homogenous and proportionate look to your silhouette. The double layers will certainly keep the bridesmaids warm and the nipped-in A-line waist is extremely flattering to most, if not all, body shapes. Bear in mind that full-length coats and a shawl around the neck will very easily hide any bulge or wobble, especially if you’re wearing a clingy dress. If it’s snowing, bridesmaids can even go for the classic, albeit fiery shades of red and black to bring some flair and panache to a promising, romantic winter wedding.


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The perfect wedding shoes for your dream beach wedding

The soft swell of turquoise, glittering waves sloshing softly in the background. The glorious sensation of your toes sinking into warm, powdery sand. Your hair fanned by a cool, summery sea-breeze. And then, just as the sun starts to set over the pinkish horizon, you finally pronounced the everlasting words: “I do.”

Beach Wedding
Of course, there’s absolutely no doubt that beach weddings are among the most romantic ceremonies. However, if you’ve decided to go for a beach wedding, bear in mind that traditional wedding shoes are not going to cut it. The last thing you want is for your stilettos to sink into the sand while you’re flitting down the aisle.
So, read on to find the best beach wedding shoes according to your personality and sense of style.

Beach wedding shoes- Sophisticated Bride
The Sophisticated Bride
If you’re more of a sophisticated, fashion-conscious bride, fret not. Just because you’re trading your sky-scraping stilettos for a beach wedding doesn’t mean that you should give up on glamorous footwear. On the contrary, a beach wedding might even be the perfect occasion for you to showcase your glamorous sense of style. Jewel-encrusted wedding shoes or feet jewellery, for instance, are the perfect way to bring some flair and sophistication to your special day. Be sure to go for the proper jewels which will flatter your skin tone. Fair-skinned brides, for instance, can go for gold, pink, green or even black hues. Darker skin tones, on the other hand, look absolutely gorgeous with silver, turquoise, red, clear or diamond-tinted bejewelled flats.

Beach wedding shoes  Contemporary Bride (2)
The Contemporary Bride
Generally, Contemporary Brides aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and explore new trends and styles. This can admittedly be a challenge if you’re getting married next to the sea since you won’t be able to indulge in the latest pointy heels. Your best options, in this case, would be to go for beautifully designed, sparkly wedges. Don’t hesitate to go for the really tall ones if you wish: wedges provide balance and stability on even the roughest of terrains, which will make it quite easy for you to walk down a beachside, carpeted aisle. A pair of silver, stone encrusted wedges, for example, is going to look absolutely stunning when paired with a short wedding dress, long veil and pearl jewellery. Alternatively, you may also go for flats with tiny square heels enhanced by pearls and glitters for some added wow factor.

Beach Wedding Shoes- Romantic  Bride 2
The Romantic Bride
Are you more of a Romantic, hearts-and-flowers bride? Then you’re very easily going to find the perfect pair of beach wedding footwear! Luckily for you, the market is simply oozing with several varieties of delicate lace flats that will certainly bring a fairy-tale like touch to your outfit in general. For a pronounced romantic touch, try to avoid bold-coloured shoes in favour of pale white or ivory ones.
Since your feet will be on display, don’t forget to get a proper pedicure. A really lovely touch would be to add tiny jewels or patterns on the very corners or edges of your nails in a contrasting colour. For example, if you’re going for a French pedicure, you can trace a red, sparkly heart on the nail bed for some added glamour. In fact, once your nails are properly groomed, Romantic Brides can even forget about the shoes and stroll completely barefooted down the aisle and towards the love of your life.


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Stylish Bridal Manicure

Months before your wedding, you must have a lot of beauty regimens that you do so that you’ll look beautifully flawless on your big day. Your hair should be hydrated, your skin glowing and your teeth sparkling. Weeks before the wedding, don’t forget your hands! It’ll be the center of attention for the whole night. You’ll be wearing your wedding ring for the first time, remember. If you’ve gone tired of those French tip manicure, here are bridal manicure styles that you are about to root for.

Sparkly French

Sparkly French
If you’re having a neutral blush themed wedding, then this sparkly French would add some zing to your wedding. You can do this by applying a layer or two of any pearly, milky polish in white or in pale pink. Then, you can apply glitters heavily on the tip, while degrading the quantity as you progress to the top.

Silver Pattern

Silver Pattern
For delicate souls, a white nail polish with detailed silver patterns would be the ultimate style. You could have floral patterns or even geometric patterns if you like. This kind of bridal polish would gracefully go with any intricately-developed bridal gown like a beaded or laced top.

Beaded White

Beaded White
Want to have a playful kind of bridal manicure? Then join in with the latest manicure craze – beaded manis! This kind of manis include beads which you can coat with your layer of polish. You can choose to have the beads in one color or a combination of color. It gives out a textured finish for a classy, unique look.

Varied Gold

Varied Gold
If the classic French manicure bores you, then monotony bores you even more. Have a varied mani without appearing overdramatic. Mimic a French manicure on four nails. But, do it with a twist. Apply a layer of pale pink nail polish, then add a band of sparkling gold polish. You can do this by covering the upper part and lower part of your nail with tape, leaving a thin band three-fourth the way to the end of your nail tip. On the fourth nail, you could dramatically apply gold sparkles. There you have it, your varied gold bridal manicure.

Metallic Chic

Metallic Chic
Here’s a modern chic-ish twist to the usual French manicure – Metallic Chic Manicure. Apply a layer or two of a silver metallic polish. Then, tip with a tinsel silver for a nice elegant finish. This is perfect for the modish modern bride. A black-themed wedding surely calls for this style of bridal manicure.


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Stripes Bridesmaid Dresses

Do away with the usual cheekiness of bridesmaid gowns and go for a refreshing kind – that of the striped collection. Who knew stripes could be elegant enough to be used in bridesmaid dresses? It’s not only the silky textiles and glittery dresses that would make the cut to being proclaimed as fashionable bridesmaid gowns, stripes could even top the list. See for yourself.

Southern Stripes

Southern Stripes
A casual wedding calls for a casual attire. Rustic weddings are typically held on barns or at local churches, but you can make things more interesting by having thin-striped dresses sewn out for your girls. Choose a striped textile with subtle colors and go for playful cuts. A tulip-styled skirt would be a nice example.

Wide striped dress

Wide Stripes
Timeless elegance can be found on wide-striped black and white bridesmaid dresses. It’s just simple, but so chic. Think of Audrey Hepburn. Make their look extra sophisticated by having them wear their hair in sleek buns. Spice up this look by advising your girls to wear different solid-colored pump – in pink, blue or orange.

Ombre Striped Dress

Ombre Stripes
Here’s an fascinating way of tweaking up your stripes: play up with ombre. A simple cut dress would instantly be translated into a runway-worthy dress if its stripes are progressing by shades. You could have it short or long and you can even ask your designer to arrange vertical stripes for the top and horizontal stripes for the skirt to have some variety.

Multicolored and varied stripes

Multicolored Stripes
If plain stripes bore you, you could choose a textile with multi-colored, differently sized stripes and turn it into a skirt. A nice example of a color combination is blue and yellow. To tone down the bold variation, you can just have a plain yellow top worn with the skirt. The tricky part of pulling off this move is finding a great textile to start with.

Striped Skirt

Striped Skirts
Striped skirts work well with solid tops. You could turn this lovely ensemble into a bridesmaid dress. This would only work if you are opting to go for a spontaneous, off-the-cuff kind of wedding. You can choose to have wide stripes on the skirt, limited to only two colors. For the top you can go for those ruffled tops and neatly tuck them in the skirt.


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2014 Wedding Trend: Short Wedding Dress

When you mention wedding dresses, your beautiful brain would always conjure up an image of a long white dress, slowly draping over the floor as you walk down the aisle. This 2014, why don’t you set the trend anew? Sport a short wedding dress and show them that bridal elegance isn’t how long your wedding dress is. Short wedding dresses are actually refreshing, casual, contemporary and chic. Let these five short wedding dresses illustrate.

Lacy Vintage Dress

Lacy Vintage Wedding Dress
Bring out the delicate antique elegance with a laced tea-length dress in white. Perfect for a retro-inspired wedding, this fancy dress would bring out the glowing aura of the bride. A simple cut for the dress is already great for the detailed intricacy of the lace will prove the sophistication. A complimenting waist ribbon will also help show off the bride’s curves.

Chiffon Bohemian Dress

Chiffon Bohemian Wedding Dress
A flowy creamy white chiffon dress is an easy way to captivate a Bohemian characteristic. Make the dress’ sleeves elbow-length to further bring out the avant-garde feel. Floral crowns and fancy long necklaces will also do the trick. This style of dress would strongly support a garden or beach wedding.

Couple and other brides

Sweet and Romantic Wedding Dress
Play it fancy by donning a simple knee-length white dress with flower accents and a cute little bow. Wear with white stockings and closed heeled shoes and you’re one dainty bride. This look works well with a rustic or intimate wedding. It shows a feel-good and warm appeal.

Bride with umbrella

Tube Top Wedding Dress
You’ll surely be one charming and sassy bride in a tube top white wedding dress which is cut just a little above the knee. Pull up your hair into a bulging ‘do and wear bold-colored pumps. For an extra tweak, you could adorn your hair with some headband with a bow.

Modern Wedding Dress

Modern Wedding Dress
Achieve the look of a sultry modern bride with a modern-cut plain white dress. Nude pumps outlined with black will accentuate the overall modish impact of the look. Have a little black bow accented on the waist and go for a smokey eye makeup.


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Shoes for Short Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are often pictured to be long, elegant, heavy kind of gowns. The modernist would wish to disagree though. Simple, tea-length dresses are fastly becoming a fad. To highlight some key points, they are lighter to wear, refreshing to look and chic to display. Now, how would you decide on what pair to use? If you’re sassy and an individualist, you may consider one of the suggestions below.

Ribbon and Glitters
Sassy Shoes
There are those brides who are natural social butterflies who often set the trends on their workplace or for their girlfriends. These are natural go-getters who would still love to stand out even though they already do. For these kind of empowered divas, a glitter shoes with some dainty ribbons would perfectly suit their attitude. It’s modern, chic and feisty.

Whimsical Sandals
Whimsical Sandals
Are you the fashionista that you claim you are? Then, make some statement with the shoes that you’ll be wearing for your rustic themed wedding. Wear a vine-y sandals with floral designs. This would be perfect if you’re going to have a garden or woodland wedding. With these shoes, you will be sort of like the Head Fairy and your bridesmaids as your faithful pixies.

Bold Colors
Bold Pumps
A nice way of popping colors into your bridal ensemble is to use some boldly colored pumps. The white part is elegant, but can get so boring if you don’t know how to accessorize. You can choose ankle-lock sandals, which gives an extra modish look. You could also match your bouquets and wedding color theme with your sandals. Normally, the ironic part of the wedding is that the bride doesn’t wear any hint of her chosen color motif. Now, you can do so with your shoes.

Classic Nudes
Classic Nudes
Rooting for elegance and some blush charm? The nude pumps never go out of style. They’re stylish and easy to pull off. This type of pairs would be great if you’re having pale colors as your wedding motif. Again, you could match the shoes with your bridal bouquet.

Colored Sandals
Colored Sandals
If you’re feeling happy and sassy, you could choose a playful pair of sandals in bright colors to lighten up your bridal look. Little bows on the sandals would help you achieve that dainty look. Open-toed heels just look adorable with short wedding dresses.


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