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Wedding dresses to flatter skinny girls

Even if half of the world’s population is trying to become as skinny as possible, naturally slender girls aren’t always as lucky as we seem to believe. Indeed, this is one of the hardest body shapes to dress, especially if the woman lacks curves. This is why skinny brides often have such a hard time finding a perfectly suited wedding dress that will enhance their figure while adding a few curves.


On a more positive note, however, is that with just a few tips and tricks, you can very easily find the sort of wedding dresses that will flatter your slender figure. For example, skinny girls are often small busted, which can cause some dresses to flow in an excessive straight line down your body. If you suffer from this problem, it’s a good idea to go for a strapless wedding dress. This particular cut is extremely flattering on thin figures because it automatically lifts the bust and nips in the waist, hence creating the perfect hourglass silhouette. To avoid the risks of the dress slipping down, it’s recommended to go for a well-fitting strapless bra which will provide a better grip for the dress to hold on to.

Strapless dress to flatter the bust

Two toned wedding dresses are other great options for the slender bride because it will instantly add weight to your figure. While this option is not at all recommended for curvier ladies, these types of dresses are absolutely going to enhance a skinny body shape. Think bold color combinations such as chocolate brown and white, red and white, ivory and gold and other such hues. Of course, short wedding dresses are also fabulous options for skinny brides because they will display your legs in all their glory. Since you have the body shape for it, don’t hesitate to go for sultry wedding dresses as well. A transparent gauze starting from the knee will instantly bring some extra panache to your overall outfit.

Two toned dress for skinny bridesShort dress to show off the legs

Regardless of the type of wedding dress that you’ve decided to go for to enhance your skinny body shape, bear in mind that accessories are other cheap and easy ways to add bulk to your figure. A thick veil, round earrings and an overly long taffeta train are the types of items that will automatically distract from your slenderness. To appear more curvaceous that they really are, skinny brides should also avoid high heels. These will only add length to the figure, hence making you look even more skinny.

Sultry dress to enhance slender figure


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Cute alternatives to flower girl dresses

Definitely one of the cutest ladies of the entire ceremony, flower girls often wear long, poufy dresses to walk down the aisle. From the typical pink princess dress to miniature version of the bride’s wedding gown, there certainly are a wide variety of flower girl dresses to choose from.

Flower girl collage

However, if you want to be different and bring some extra flair to your wedding day, why not dress up your little princess in another outfit? Contrary to what most people seem to believe, there’s really no law which dictates that the flower girl has to wear a long dress for the wedding. Don’t forget that your little girl can feel quite intimidated by the very fact of walking down the aisle in front of all these people, which means that she’s need to feel entirely comfortable in what she’s wearing. So, if she’s more of a tomboy, there’s no reason why she can’t wear pants instead of a dress.
So, here’s a list of some of the cutest alternatives to flower girl dresses.

Flower girl tutu skirt and top

Why not add some fun to your wedding day by dressing the flower girls in different types of costumes? Popular options include angel, princesses or even fairy costumes. These are quite conventional costumes though, so, if you really want to push the boundaries, think about dressing the flower girl in a Little Mermaid or even a Pocahontas outfit. Masks, tiaras and glittery necklaces can be added to make the little girl feel ultra-pretty.

Fairy flower girl costume

If you’re having a barn or rustic-like wedding, don’t hesitate to add some touches of the Wild West by dressing both the flower girl and the ring bearer in matching cowboy outfits. If the flower girl absolutely wants to wear a dress, fret not. There are quite a few ways to accessorize a western-like skirt and turn it into a cowgirl outfit. White leggings, a fringed blouse and a fringed faux leather purse to match are all fabulous ways that you can turn your flower girl into a cowgirl.

Cowboy flower girl

Of course, if you’re having an informal wedding and if you want to keep things on the down-low, there’s no reason why the flower girl shouldn’t wear something casual such as jeans and a brightly colored top. A really symbolic gesture would be to give each flower girl a pretty crown of flower or buds to complement their outfits.

Flower girl walking down the aisle


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Preparing your hair for the big day

If you want your hairstyle to look its best for the big day, it’s crucial to start preparing your hair at least two weeks prior to your wedding. Too many brides make the huge mistake of assuming that their wedding hairstyle will automatically look perfect because it will be done by a professional hairdresser. The sad truth is, this is not always the case. Even if you hire the most talented hair stylist, there’s no guarantee that your hair will look its best if it’s lackluster, hence the importance of carefully preparing your pre-wedding hair. So, scroll down to learn how you can have the perfect hair for your wedding.

Wedding hairstyle collage

Oil and Condition as much as you can
Nothing brings some extra shine and body to your pre-wedding hair than some intense conditioning. Try to condition at least three times per week but be sure to go for a high-quality product: your wedding is not the time to skimp on a few cents. If you often use curling or flat irons, try to go for heat-defense conditioners which will repair broken strands and make your hair absolutely perfect for the big day.

Hair oil

Oil treatments are also a huge must-have if you want to have shiny, bouncy hair for your wedding. Indeed, intense oiling will make your head much more supple and easier to manage, which guarantees you the perfect wedding hairstyle. A fantastic tip for the bride to be is to wrap a damp towel around her oiled hair to guarantee that the product penetrates each and every single strand. Don’t hesitate to consult a couple of hairdressers as well: they’ll be able to advise you on the best treatments for your hair type.

Hair treatment

Experiment with various wedding hairstyles
Don’t stick to one single hairstyle either. On the opposite, it’s highly recommended that brides to be experiment with several types of wedding hairstyles prior to walking down the aisle to make sure that you found the style that’s perfect for you. An excellent tip is to try various hairstyles while wearing your wedding hair and accessories: this will give you the best idea on how you’re going to look on the ultra-special day.

Wedding hairstyles

Bridal magazines and websites are also fabulous places to turn to for inspiration. If you’re unable to decide on a single hairstyle, why don’t you pick one for the actual ceremony and another style for the reception? After all, you do deserve to look your absolute best on this memorable day!

Applying hair conditionner


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Trendy alternatives to the traditional white wedding dress

Not everyone wants to fit into a traditional mold. Unfortunately, most people automatically don traditional attires and do everything the “normal” way on their wedding day. But, don’t forget that this doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re one of these free spirits who like to break free from typical customs and if you want to add a deeply personal touch to your wedding, why not vamp up you wedding attire? After all, nothing screams different like donning a stunning alternative to a white wedding dress.

Cleopatra bridal costume

The Fairytale Bride
If movie weddings can be all dreamy and romantic, there’s no reason why your real life wedding shouldn’t be plucked straight from a fairytale as well! Think beyond a poufy white dress. Instead, a fairytale costume wedding dress, complete with silvery angel wings, a tiara and maybe a glittery wand will certainly help you look like a Disney princess on your special day. For a homogenous look, ask your groom to dress up in a Prince Charming getup as well!

Fairytale costume wedding dress

Cleopatra bridal costume
If you’re getting married, then you certainly deserve to look like one of the most elegant women of all times! The good news is that Cleopatra costumes are extremely popular and you’ll very easily be able to purchase a full set, complete with all of Cleopatra’s accessories. To mix and match, don’t hesitate to wear your traditional white wedding dress but accessorize it with Cleo’s world famous headgear. Some dramatic black eye makeup, a slick of bright red lipstick and chunky Egyptian jewelry and you’re all ready to go!

Bridal pantsuit collage

The Bridal Pantsuit
Extremely flattering on almost every body shape, the pant suit consists of a pair of boot-cut or flared trousers with a matching shirt and dinner jacket. Exquisitely sophisticated and trendy, the bridal pantsuit is gradually filtering into most wedding stores. Not only is this outfit a stunning substitute to the traditional white wedding dress, but the pantsuit can also be accessorized with various wedding-related accessories. A long thick lace veil, for example, will look positively amazing trailing behind your pant suit as you glide down the aisle. Don’t hesitate to vamp up your look with a tiara, chocker necklace or even gloves. More exuberant brides can even wear a bright red suit for a fiery look.

Bridal oriental skirt and crop top

Oriental or Mini wedding dress
If you’d like to wear a two-piece outfit but still want a skirt, why not look into an Oriental-like wedding outfit? With a floor-length skirt and crop top, this is one outfit that’s bound to wow your groom! Alternatively, you may even go for a mini wedding dress, which can be quite handy if you’re planning a beach wedding!

Honeymoon Testers Attempt To Break Wedding Vow Record In Queensland


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Selecting the perfect symbolic flowers for your wedding bouquet

While contemporary brides usually go for their favorite flowers or, at the very least, the sort of flowers that matches their outfits, there was a time when ladies used to select their bridal bouquets according to the various symbolisms.

Bride with bouquet

This tradition is still practiced by Royal families from all over the world, with Kate Middleton selecting her flowers according to what they represent. For example, she selected Lily of the Valley because, during Queen Victoria’s time, this particular bloom was representative of happiness and trust. The new Duchess very endearingly selected some Sweet William flowers as a nod to her husband. Other flowers included Myrtle- which is a Royal tradition and Ivy because it typically stands for affection, friendship and fidelity.
So, if you want to borrow a leaf from the Duchess’ book, here’s a list of the most popular wedding flowers and their different symbolisms:

Orange flowers

Orange Flowers: Exquisitely festive, this particular bloom will certainly take your look to the next level. Orange flowers commonly stand for Bridal Festivities and are absolutely perfect for cutting-edge brides.

Ivy bouquet

Peony: One of the most popular bridal flowers in Japan, Peonies usually stand for masculinity, virility and a happy marriage. This is why some groom usually tuck a single peony in the pockets of their tuxedos as they tie the knot. Like Kate, you may include this flower in your overall bouquet as a not to your future husband.

Red roses bridal bouquet

Rose: Present in practically every wedding bouquet, roses stand for love in its various forms. Representative of romance and friendship, these flowers come in various colors, hence allowing the bride to create a combination of roses which will match with their dresses. It is a well-known fact that red represent romance, but few people know that blue-lavender or white roses are commonly used to honor the elders. So, if you’re very close to your grandparents, or if you want to honor a departed grandparent on your special day, don’t hesitate to tuck a blue-lavender rose in your bouquet.

Purple Lilac

Purple Lilac: If you fell in love with your significant other at first sight, this is undeniably the perfect flower for you. Indeed, the Purple Lilac is often used to symbolize love at first sight, which is why it’s so often used for wedding bouquets. This bloom is also representative of early love and spirituality, which makes the Purple Lilac quite perfect for church weddings.

Overall, the flowers that you select for your bridal bouquet should ultimately be a representation of your personality and your groom’s. In fact, for a more poetic touch, don’t hesitate to use for flowers t tell your love story.


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Origin of the bridal bouquet

One of the most important accessories that a bride can have, the bridal bouquet is deeply rooted in ancient customs and traditions. Unknown to many, this particular bouquet is so much more than an object which beautifies the bride: indeed, there was a time when the bridal bouquet was used to ward off any negativity and protect the newlyweds from the much dreaded evil eye.

Bridal bouquet collage

Of course, nowadays, the bridal bouquet has become one of the most popular and important accessory that a bride can carry. But, the notion of carrying flowers on your wedding day originated in a far less romantic notion: indeed, during the 15th century in Europe, bathing water was quite scarce which meant that citizens couldn’t wash up frequently. So, in a bid to fight off any unruly body odor, brides used to walk down the aisle with large bunches of sweet-smelling flowers.

Elaborate bridal bouquet

In more superstitious families, however, the wedding flavor was usually carried in a bid to ward off evil spirits. In such cases, they didn’t even carry flowers: brides usually clutched to an all-aromatic bouquet of herbs including rosemary, sage, thyme and even a few bulbs of garlic. Sometimes, the herbs bouquet were adorned with a few springs of freshly cut flowers, which gradually turned into a full-fledged flower bouquet. In wealthy Medieval families, orange blossoms were also added to the bouquet.

Simple bridal bouquet

The tradition of carrying completely flower bouquets stemmed from Ancient Britain during later centuries and at first, it was considered as a symbol of fertility. It wasn’t until much later on, during contemporary times, that the bride started adding symbolic flowers to her bouquet. Roses, for instance, nowadays represent everlasting love. Other such symbolisms include Stephanotis is for good luck, lilac to represent their union and Ivy for fidelity. In ancient times, edible flowers were also added to the bouquet and these were commonly served during the reception.

Old fashioned bridal aromatic bouquet of rosemary

In our modern time, however, brides are gradually ditching fresh flowers for artificial silk or satin ones. Ladies who aren’t on a budget can also consider jeweled bouquets: classy and elegant, these can last for a lifetime, which means that you’ll definitely have a memento of your special day.

Jeweled wedding bouquet

Another modern twist on the bridal bouquet is adding some candy to your flowers. Guaranteed to bring a pronounced touch of fun to your special day, a few lollipops or cake pops nestled among the flowers will definitely add some extra flair to the wedding. More adventurous brides are even going for full-fledged candy bouquets that are later distributed among close friends and families after the ceremony.

Candy bouquet


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Wedding shoes: Avoiding the dreaded heel hangover

It is truth universally acknowledged that every woman loves shoes. Shoes are, in fact, one of the reasons why bridal shopping is so gloriously exciting. The rows after rows of glittery, sequined, pearled or beaded wedding shoes twinkling under the bright store lights are more than enough to melt the heart of just about any bride to be.

Brides and wedding shoes collage

Not only will they add a few inches to your height, but they’ll change your overall appearance, elongating the silhouette and bringing that particular swing to your step. But most of all, the perfect pair of wedding shoes are definitely going to make you feel much better about yourself.

Bridal shoes collage

A more realistic, less pleasant version of the truth, however, is that most brides find themselves in the midst of a heel hangover in the very middle of their reception. Indeed, there’s nothing like a pair of aching, blistered feet to dampen your ultra-special day. However, the good news is that you don’t have to give up your favorite pair of shoes, or even settle for flats just to be comfortable in your heels. There are, in fact, a multitude of techniques that you can adopt to avoided the globally dreaded heel hangover.

Bride trying on shoes

For starters, never, ever save your bridal shoe shopping for the last minute. Shoes- especially heels- require quite a few weeks to break in and adapt to the shape of your feet, which is why it’s extremely important to find the perfect pair at least a month before your special day. Once you’ve found the perfect pair, don’t hesitate to wear it around the house, something which will certainly allow your feet to get used to the shoes. It also pays off to practice going up and down the stairs with your shoes- something which will instantly facilitate the breaking in process. Try to avoid tough fabric like genuine leather as well: this material is quite tough and takes an extremely long time to break in.

Bridal shoes with pointy heels

Brides should also consider purchasing a few gel soles which will pretend blisters and corns, while providing adequate support on the feet. Extremely discreet, these soles have been specially designed to allow the bride to dance the night away, without a single ache or blister. When you’re shopping for your wedding shoes, always make sure to go for the perfect size as well: too large will mean that you can easily lose your balance in the heels whereas too tight will pinch your toes, sending stabs of pain down your feet all night long.

Wedding shoes with bride in background


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Wedding dress options for the curvy bride

We all want to look our best on our wedding day; that’s a given. While the wedding industry is simply oozing with a wide variety of choices for several body types, it’s extremely important to select a gown that flatters your figure and hides any unruly bulges or lumps. Most crucially, the bride should feel completely at ease in whatever gown she chooses to wear. After all, remember that it is your very own, once-in-a-lifetime special day and it’s quite important that you feel comfortable in your wedding dress.

Curvy bride with empire-waist dress

While there are a lot of options for curvier brides, some of them might feel ill at ease in certain types of dresses. A strapless dress with a tight bustier, for example, is quite a popular choice among brides, but curvy ladies should be particularly careful while choosing this type of dress because they can accidentally expose more cleavage than they bargained for! To be on the safe side, it’s best to go for a halter-like dress which will lift the bust while bringing a streamlined look to your silhouette. However, if you’ll feel more comfortable in a strapless dress, make sure that the bodice and cleavage allows room for movement and don’t forget to wear a properly-fitted strapless bra.

Curvy bride

If you want to look more slender on your wedding day, stay far away from thick, meringue-like taffeta gowns. Ballroom dresses only look nice on curvy brides if you make sure that the waist is properly nipped in. A popular trick among fashion designers is to create quite a lot of ruffles and designs on the upper part of the dress in order to draw attention away from the hip and waist areas, hence elongating the silhouette. This simple tip can make any bride appear at least ten pounds lighter.

Curvy bride with properly fitting corset top

Brides who aren’t obsessed with the idea of wearing white for their wedding should absolutely experiment with colors. We all know that white is quite an unforgiving hue and wearing white from head to toe can be quite a difficult look to pull off if you’re not ultra-confident in your skin. So, if you’re okay with wearing colored wedding frocks on your special day, try to go for red, blue or even yellow gowns for a more slimming effect. Don’t hesitate to create a contrast with different colors as well. For example, if you want to elongate your lower body, try to go for a white, sparkly corset and a black, A-line skirt.

Curvy bride in red wedding dress

Whichever color you decide to go for, keep in mind that Empire Waists, A-line and Mermaid cuts are the most forgiving ones. Also, it’s important to make sure that your dress is neither too loose nor too tight on you: too tight will show off any bulge while too loose will only add pounds to your figure. Don’t forget that the proper pair of shoes can also work wonders in bringing a flattering effect to your figure.

Curvy bride with A-line dress


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Bridal coiffure: The most popular styles

A bride’s hairstyle is the one factor that will ultimately set off her entire attire. Whether you choose to go for an updo or leave your hair flowing across your shoulders, there certainly isn’t a lack of wedding hairstyles to choose from. Indeed, since wedding magazines are literally brimming with various styles and hair accessories, some brides can even feel overwhelmed by the number of options displayed in front of them.

Bridal hairstyle collage

Choosing the proper wedding hairstyle that matches with your dress will certainly enhance your look, turning you into an even more striking bride. The easiest way to select the perfect bridal coiffure is to go for one that’s in harmony with your dress. Updos are definitely among the most popular styles but, that being said, there are quite a few different types of wedding updos. If you have curly hair, for example, an intricate knot piled on top your head with a few escaping strands will look absolutely divine. Alternatively, you may also go for a half-up, half-down hairstyle and in this case, it’s recommended to go for a flowing lace dress which will bring a romantic aura to your special day.

Bride with intricate updo

The twisted knot is another popular wedding hairstyle which goes fabulously with curly hair. If you have straight hair, however, bear in mind that it’s more difficult to arrange straight strands in an intricate bun without the use of several pins. For a more dramatic effect, don’t hesitate to go for a beaded or diamante pins. These will also bring some added glamour to your outfit, hence making such accessories perfect for the ultra-contemporary bride. If you want to adopt a more Princess-like, romantic look, try to go for flowered pins. In that case, don’t hesitate to opt for multi colored flowers such as pale pink or yellow. A sapphire-incrusted hair comb is also another original way to add your special “something blue” to your outfit. Bear in mind that tiaras are other fabulous accessories that will go beautifully with bridal updos.

Bride with loose hair

Another very popular wedding hairstyle is a straight, loosely flowing arrangement with just a few curls here and there. However, if you do decide to keep your hair straight, it’s important to make sure that your hairstyle doesn’t look like your everyday, ordinary coiffure. Hence, never hesitate to go for combs or even hair glitters that will bring an ultra-special touch to your wedding coiffure.

Hair pins in brides hair

Several brides also choose to go for a French Braid on their wedding day. In this case, you may string some flowers in your hair or enhance your braid with a couple of multicolored studs.
Ladies who are found of the demure, flower-girl look can even don a flower crown or simple flowered headpiece. Such accessories will look twice as amazing if paired with an intricate French braid, glittery diamond studs and a long, flowing veil.

Bride with her hair down and veil


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Wedding shoes: Heels or no heels?

The wedding industry is positively booming with a plethora of accessories and clothes. Nothing ever comes close, however, to competing with the intense attention that usually accompany wedding shoes. Indeed, the most important wedding attires- other than the dress of course- are the wedding shoes. Lace, satin, leather, white, silver or even blue, wedding shoes are the ultimate bridal accessories. After all, every girl knows that the perfect pair of shoes will instantly make you feel more confident and elegant, while adding that particular spring in your step that only heels can bring.

Wedding shoes

Let’s be realistic though: sky high heels are absolutely awesome but if you’re not used to heels, you may start to feel like you’re walking on coals after just half an hour. Besides, even if you’re a heel-addict like Victoria Beckham, weddings and receptions can be long affairs and you certainly want to be as comfortable as you possibly can be on your special day. Brides who aren’t used to high heels, for example, can look into flat ballerina shoes or even sandals. In fact, if you’re tall enough, you may not even need heels on your wedding day and in this case, flat sandals might be the perfect choice for you. This is also a great option for brides who are getting married in vineyards, flower fields or beaches.

Low heeled wedding shoesFlats for beach weddings

Other great wedding shoes options are wedges. One of the most comfortable footwear in the industry, wedges have the advantage of supporting your feet in a very harmonious manner. Best of all, wedges can easily be worn on beaches and even in damp fields or forests- if these happen to be your wedding venue. However, brides who absolutely need their heels can try to look into low heels: these are shaped exactly like stilettos, but they’re lower and can hence be worn for extended periods of time.

Wedding wedges

Ladies who aren’t afraid to explore new boundaries and look into more cutting-edge options can even go for ankle or knee boots. Your boots aren’t even going to be visible under a long dress, which means that you’ll be able to be ultra-comfortable without risking a leg injury on skyscraping heels.

Bridal wedding boots

Petite brides who wish to look taller on their special day can also give platform shoes a try. These can be quite tall as well, but on the flip side, platform shoes provide support on both the front and back part of your feet, which ensures easy balance.

Wedding shoes- platforms


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