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The Different Shades of Splendor

White is right but why do brides desire the different side?

They wear them bleeding in red tint and shy crimson. They execute their love by putting on pure passion itself rather than chastity in the palest kind. The catch of white maybe perpetual but the head turning colors will change all that.

If there is a chance, the unadulterated expression of fashion may fall on the wedding dress itself where the love for exquisite floras will be sewn in the very gown of the bride. There is no rule pertaining to the clothing in getting married only untainted faithfulness and devotion.

It is about how the women embrace love in the strongest form today more than any other time that they flaunt not just ingenuity but zeal. The exact opposite of white is worn on the day of the union. Knowing the female species to be the benefactors of life and appreciators of beauty in all figures, they deserve to be praised.

And because of their sincere interest in splendor and everything, that it covers silvery things and gold gilding making their nuptial dresses shine like their loyalty to their groom.

The softness of their hearts and the sensitivity of their eyes in shedding the happy tears saying I do in a pink wedding gown can never be matched nor be bought with riches.

Whatever the color of the wedding dress, the fact remains that when the bride walks down the aisle to be united with her husband, she is the most beautiful creature there is.


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Wedding Dresses Trains

The train is fabric that sweeps the floors, either cut into the skirt of the dress or attached as a separate piece. Like the veil, the train is a romantic evocation of the bridal dress,  with attendants carrying the acres of fabric into the church for that dramatic sweep down the aisle.

Brush Trains: This is the shortest style and just brushed the floor, which has effect of lengthening the silhouette slightly as it pulls the dress gently away from you as you walk. Good for column, slip and empire styles.

Court Trains:

Chapel Trains:

Cathedral Trains:

Royal Trains:

Watteau Trains:

Panel Trains:


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Wedding Dress Backs

The importance of the neckline continues to the back of the dress, particularly if you consider that it is the view that the wedding party will spend most time contemplating as you are conducted through the service.. The back of the dress can give dramatic effect in the combination of dress, train and veil, which must be taken into account when you come to deciding upon the details.

V-BACK: Deep or shallow, the V-back cuts below the shoulder blade to the waist, or as low as you dare. Meeting at or above the waist, there may be a further button or laced detail below the point. Usually paired with halter-neck and strappy styles cut wide on the shoulder , deep V-backs are good for showing off well toned shoulders and back, and accentuate a slender waist. For the pear shaped, a shallow V can still enhance the slimming effects of a cinched or bound waist and will work with most styles.

X-Back: Basically a V-back with additional straps that cross at the center back for support. These can vary from very fine spaghetti straps to delicately support a swatches bias-cut back, to wide, flat lace-lace ribbon styles. Multiple straps can be woven together as they intersect for interesting effects. Best with column, A-line and mermaid styles.

Draped: Like the cowl style neck, a low-draped back can be a dramatic counterpoint to a high or modest front style. The softening effect of the drape can also add contrast to other decorative touches like diamante lacing. Best with column and A-line styles.

Lace Insert: The illusion of a cut-away back can be given using lace or sheer fabric, either for striking details , or to give additional support. This flattering style is also good for camouflaging problem areas, Works well  with trompe I’oeil strapless and sweetheart styles where the lace continues to a higher neckline.


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Wedding Dress Sleeves Brief

Whether you opt for sleeves or not will depend on the style of your dress, and how happy you are to be exposing your arms. Remember you can use gloves, a wrap and a veil to good effect too,  particularly if you must cover up to satisfy the dictates of the ceremony.

Off The Shoulder – More like broad straps or puffed bands, which are attached just at the underarm to give an alluring bare-shouldered silhouette. Best with a fitted bodice, but can add width so beware if are ever broad shouldered.

Cap – A closed – fitting sleeve that caps the shoulder, often found on shift-style 1950s dresses. Softer versions can be gathered onto a band or in several sheer layers of Empire styles. Best for showing off well-toned arms or teamed with opera-length gloves.

Short –  Sleeves in a T-shirt style, which will suit most dresses. Good for Camouflaging upper arms.

Tulip – Short sleeve comprising petal-shaped overlap. A more delicate short-sleeve style, usually in a sheer fabric.

Elbow – An elbow-length sleeve that is usually slim fitting, but may have a cuff or band ad the hem. Sometimes shaped or cut away.

Three Quarter – Cut between the elbow and the wrist, this length can be slimming if your arms are not so toned. It should finish at the narrowest point on the arm to give an elongate effect.

Long – Long, slim sleeves are great for lace and sheer fabrics, giving the illusion of an exposed arm while keeping you covered. Scalloped edges in lace, cuffs and bound edges can give an added dimension.

Puff – There are several variations on puffed sleeves, depending on the amount of volume in the sleeve and where it is cut. Juliet sleeves have a small puff at the shoulder and continue as long, slim sleeve. Leg-of-mutton or balloon sleeves puff to the elbow and are slim to the wrist, while the Poet sleeve is full from shoulder to wrist.

Bell – The opposite of the puff is the bell, which is slim to the elbow, flaring gently to the wrist.

Kimono – Kimono sleeves are deep and wide Oriental-style rectangular sleeves, often cut into the body of the dresses.

Cape – Circular sleeves are usually in soft or sheer fabrics, which are gathered onto the shoulder and fall in a cascade to any length.


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Wedding Veils Story

Roman brides wore veils, known as flammeum, which were dyed a golden shade with saffron ti represent the flame of Vesta, the domestic goddess and giver of life. The veils was to protect the bride from evil spirits and was a symbol of her betrothal for life.

Normal style of bridal veils including;

Blusher Wedding Veils. : A short, shoulder-length style that is fixed atop the head so it can easily be pushed back during the ceremony. Best for simple, modern dresses and suits. Will suit all face shapes.

Elbow Wedding Veils : As the name suggests, simple veil that falls to the elbow. These include fountain styles, which may be multiple layers of fabric gathered at the crown, either softly cascding or in stiffer fabrics to create added height and shape.


Fingertip Wedding Veils : A veil that reaches to the fingertips, it is a classic veil length, often trimmed in lace or satin ribbon. If you are not so slim, be careful that this style does not visually add width to your waist.

Waltz Wedding Veils : A calf- or ankle-length veil that will usually be softer style. Good for rounder face shapes as it will hep to slim and elongate.

Chapel Wedding Veils : A more traditional style of veil, it is often worn with ball gowns. The chapel veil just sweeps the floor and may cascade in the several layers. Often worn at the back of the head, it can help balance a long or thin face. May be worn with a blusher..

Cathedral Wedding Veils : The longest and most formal style, it is usually seen at royal weddings. This veil will fall as train behind the wearer.

Mantilla Wedding Veils : Spanish-style lace veil that encased the wearer from top to toe and falls from the crown of the head. Will work beautifully with simple column or mermaid styles.



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Win An Luxury Wedding Dress – Today!

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One Hundred Years of Bridal Fashion and Style

A book – “One Hundred Years of Bridal Fashion and Style”


1900-19: Frills, Flounces and Furbelows

1920s: All That Jazz

1930s: The Boudoir Bride

1940s: Something Borrowed

1950s: Silk, Satin and High Society

1960s: Demoiselles and Dandies

1970s: The Barefoot Brides

1980s: Taffeta and Tiaras

1990s to Now: Today’s Designers

The beginning of this book define wedding gowns – it is a meaningful dress. And the wedding dress is hardly to choose because this occasion steeped in ancient superstition, merge religious significance with  cultural expectations.


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Vintage Style Thicken Pure Cotton Slim Cheongsam for Winter

Vintage is all the rage when it allows you to get the image you want to have, one that is uniquely you. Some retro elements are added and applied for modern design, so does the cheongsam nowadays.

For Chinese, cheongsam boasts special meanings with long history, which can be originated from Qing Dynasty, and modern style appeared in Shanghai in the 1920s, that is similar to what we saw today, slender and fitting with high cut. Modern women who are looking for designs with traditional edge love cheongsam. It is the best fusion of Chinese tradition and modern styles.

Original Chinese Formal Dresses

Every woman deserves one. Whoever saw cheongsam will know why I said like this, they will figure out what looks perfectly on a woman and will be amazed by how beautiful and charming a dress can make you look once being put on.

Mandarin collar is Chinese traditional collar and has been used largely in cheongsam. It looks simple and elegant with lines of buttons, and shows off beautiful neck. If you are a retro forward, plain distressed color with plain flowers and yellowed leaves sounds great. Many fabrics are used for cheongsam, such as wool, satin, silk, cotton, etc. I like cotton best which breathes and has comfortable touch. As winter is coming, thicken pure cotton is great choice, unlike silk which is too thin to keep warm, and wool which is too thick to move.

As representative of China, Cheongsam has been around for thousands of years. Now it is not only a fashion, but also the reflection of attitude for life, returning to the original and revealing peace and quiet heart bring us.


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2013 Spring&Summer Sparkly Swarovski Crystal Shoes for Wedding

Girls usually can’t resist sparkle and glitter decorations which add a younger more fashionable feel. Swarovski crystals are not exception and have always been a favorite. The popularity of applying Swarovski crystals to design of accessories, dresses, and shoes has grown; we can find that from 2013 new collection released by fashion house and red carpet look by celebrity.

Handcrafted flat lambskin red Swarovski wedding shoes

Handcrafted flat lambskin white Swarovski wedding shoes

Through special cutting technique, Swarovski crystals with various hundred identical facets feature the glistening effect real diamonds possess in the sun, but the price is cheaper than that of diamonds.

Shoes are one of the most important accessories for wedding dress, special occasion dress, and daily ensemble, for they can really spice up boring outfit. If bling is your style, then Swarovski crystal shoes is the way to go! Shop one for the coming 2013, and doing it yourselves is also a great choice if you want to have look uniquely on you. Choose the color and style you like, make inspirational design, you will feel successful when finishing, it is really a big challenge. Swarovski crystals are very useful and will live up simple shoes and give stylish and glamour. With crystals on the heels, platform and overlay of shoes, they exude flexible and versatile look.



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