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Cute alternatives to flower girl dresses

Definitely one of the cutest ladies of the entire ceremony, flower girls often wear long, poufy dresses to walk down the aisle. From the typical pink princess dress to miniature version of the bride’s wedding gown, there certainly are a wide variety of flower girl dresses to choose from.

Flower girl collage

However, if you want to be different and bring some extra flair to your wedding day, why not dress up your little princess in another outfit? Contrary to what most people seem to believe, there’s really no law which dictates that the flower girl has to wear a long dress for the wedding. Don’t forget that your little girl can feel quite intimidated by the very fact of walking down the aisle in front of all these people, which means that she’s need to feel entirely comfortable in what she’s wearing. So, if she’s more of a tomboy, there’s no reason why she can’t wear pants instead of a dress.
So, here’s a list of some of the cutest alternatives to flower girl dresses.

Flower girl tutu skirt and top

Why not add some fun to your wedding day by dressing the flower girls in different types of costumes? Popular options include angel, princesses or even fairy costumes. These are quite conventional costumes though, so, if you really want to push the boundaries, think about dressing the flower girl in a Little Mermaid or even a Pocahontas outfit. Masks, tiaras and glittery necklaces can be added to make the little girl feel ultra-pretty.

Fairy flower girl costume

If you’re having a barn or rustic-like wedding, don’t hesitate to add some touches of the Wild West by dressing both the flower girl and the ring bearer in matching cowboy outfits. If the flower girl absolutely wants to wear a dress, fret not. There are quite a few ways to accessorize a western-like skirt and turn it into a cowgirl outfit. White leggings, a fringed blouse and a fringed faux leather purse to match are all fabulous ways that you can turn your flower girl into a cowgirl.

Cowboy flower girl

Of course, if you’re having an informal wedding and if you want to keep things on the down-low, there’s no reason why the flower girl shouldn’t wear something casual such as jeans and a brightly colored top. A really symbolic gesture would be to give each flower girl a pretty crown of flower or buds to complement their outfits.

Flower girl walking down the aisle


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The Flower Girl Ideas

More often flower girls can be the showstoppers of your wedding – they’re too cute to behold in their curly locks and flower halos and pretty little dresses.Up their cuteness level one notch higher by letting them do something different on your wedding day. Here are some ideas for giving their flower girl job a fanciful twist:Instead of letting them toss petals on the aisle, let them keep the basket filled with flower blooms or carry a small bouquet of lovely flowers or a lovely corsage – what a picture perfect sight.

The Flower Girl with Bubbles
Let your flower girls blow bubbles in lieu of the customary petal tossing. Or tote up the fun and whimsical factor by adding pops of color to your wedding by having them carry bright jumbo balloons in cheerful brilliant hues like marigold yellow or hot pink. This is going to be a wedding to remember especially if you dress up your flower girl in a flowy dress in the same bubbly hues as the oversized balloons.

The Flower Girl Holding Balloons
Splash more fanciful touches on your wedding day by making your flower girls genuinely smile by letting them carry pinwheels. As the breeze blows the pinwheels, the sight will surely elicit genuine smiles and giddy giggles from the cute little ones. It’s a sweet idea and it’s definitely uber fun not just for the flower girls but for everyone.

The Flower Girl Holding Colored Pomander
Getting married outdoors? Shade your flower girls from the sun’s heat by letting them hold fancy colored parasols. Add a sweet message on the parasols for everyone to read.

The Flower Girl Holding Signs

Your flower girls are too little? Let them ride on a fancy wagon – then deck out the wagon with lots of flowers and blooms. Let the ring bearer ride along for double fun.

Let your flower girls carry dozens of pretty flower garlands instead of flower baskets. Let them hold hands as they walk down the aisle. Don’t forget to let them wear flower halos to complete the perfectly cute flower girl look.

The Flower Girl Holding the Couple's Pet
Inviting your pets to the wedding? Let your flower girl hold its leash – festoon the leash with flowers and sprigs and all things beautiful.
Who says it should be all about sights and sounds – throw in some wonderful scents to your wedding celebration by letting your flower girls carry pomanders of aromatic substances.
In lieu of the traditional baskets filled with petals – let your flower girls carry fanciful signs to prepare everyone for the bride’s entrance. Or to carry messages of romantic love.


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Summer Wedding Flower Girl Dresses

Summer is the time of the year when everybody increases their downtime and immerse in the sun. It is a great season for you to celebrate your wedding, knowing that people have more time for leisure activities and your flower girls don’t have school yet. Instigate some fun for the little ladies. Dress them up with cutesy unconventional wedding flower girl dresses which they would be comfortable wearing during the hot days.

Plain white dress with bow

Plain white dresses
If you’re having a vineyard wedding, a plain white dress with minimal accents would play nice with a dark-colored floral crowns. They would look like cherubs walking down the aisle in this simple outfit. Nothing too fancy, but more than endearing and sweet.

Pretty pastels

Pale Pastels
Rustic weddings can also have neutral-colored dresses, stylishly designed. If it’s too plain, you can add floral accessory on the dress. Having a bow with a huge flower wouldn’t hurt too. Kids can carry out the floral drama because they always look irresistible.

Rustic and Vintage Summer

Ruffled, printed dresses
Stay away from heavy and glamorous textiles if you’re hoping for a laid-back, summer wedding. To make your flower girls’ dress look interesting, you could have a sort-of patchy dress with paisley and floral prints. Add ruffles made from light-colored fabrics on the end of the skirt to accomplish a quixotic look.

ruffle flower girl dresses

Cool colors
If you want to pick out textiles which are silky or detailed, you may want to balance them out with the color. Choose ones which are light on the eyes. A light blue laced layer covering a pop-out dress would be a nice touch. The design should be styled such that it wouldn’t trap the heat in your girls’ bodies. Go for a tube dress instead to make them feel more comfortable.

Colorful Tutu skirts

Tutu dress
Tutu dresses are great for beach weddings. Add a starfish accessory and everything’s perfect. Tutus in different shades can also create depth and promote appealing accents on the dress’ impact.
In choosing out your flower girls’ dresses for your summer wedding, it would be important to consider the color, style and textile of the dress. Use light colors and materials in order not trap the heat. Also, the style should be tube dresses and halter tops for maximum comfort. The heat would not be tolerable if you’d go for body hugging dress styles.


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Polka Dots Flower Girl Dresses

If traditional isn’t your choice, you can go for modern mod fashion for the little girls. Polka dots may be vintage, but with they are not commonly used as flower girl dresses. Normalcy dictates that polka dot dresses are Sunday dresses not fit for a wedding. Be bold and take the dots. You’ll see how those mini bridesmaids will astound the wedding crowd.
Sassy and Simple
A yellow and white polka dot dress is like a ray of sunshine. It’s cute and sassy, perfect for rustic weddings. The simplicity of the attire plus the angelic aura of the girls is just a perfect combination. Make sure though that the flowers that they’re going to carry ain’t yellow or else everything will become redundant and refinement will be lost.

Asymmetrical Grey Polka Dot Dress

Elegantly Dotted
Glitters and studs on the tulle netting of the dress is stylish too. The asymmetrical cut adds more urbanity into the already chic dress. To tone down things a bit, a monochromatic and silky textile would be preferred.

Pink and white Polka Dots

Little Audrey
Tiny black dots on a pristine white dress spell charming elegance, even for the little ones. A wide black belt would be a subtle accessory to the dress. They’ll all be looking like little Audrey Hepburns in no time. To make them look even more adorable, opt for a bulging top hairdo. It’ll be the final oomph of the entire ensemble.

Classic Black and White Polka Dot Dress

Chic Large Circles
In contrast, huge, closely-spaced black circles which are neatly patterned on white dress are equally endearing. Pop out some color through the belt. Choose a bright one like hot pink or green. That will break the monotony of the dots and bring a splash of excitement in the outfit instead.

Big Polka dots

Half Polka
If you don’t wanna go all polka, you can always limit the dots on either of the following: belts and tops. The bottom could be a tutu skirt. Be creative. For instance, a navy blue and white polka dot halter top paired with a long flowing white maxi skirt is a delightful choice for your flower girls attending your beach wedding.

Yellow polka dot dress

Dainty Dots
If you’re vying for a whimsically romantic look, then pale pink and white polka dot dresses is the ultimate way to nail the look. Add a bow-tied ruffled belt and cuteness overload is just around the corner. Don’t forget the floral crowns, the polka dotted leggings and the cute little doll shoes.


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Fall Wedding Flower Girl Dresses

When the rusty colors of leaves spot the ground, it feels like as if the air is filled with ardour and lightness. Walking beneath the trees equates into a fulfilling activity. That’s why fall weddings are one of the most romantic weddings. Make yours stand out in pretty ways. Dress up your little ladies in inimitable fall dresses. Breathe in inspiration on the dress ideas below.

Rustic flower girl
Take the fall literally
Spell autumn on your flower girl dresses literally and have fabric leaves drape out gracefully from their skirts. This is a tricky design to pull off though. The fabric of the dress should complement the leaves. Silky, dark chocolate textiles and cream tutus will do the trick.

Tutu Skirt
Layer on some soft tutus
To have a sweet aura, let your girls wear pale tiered dresses. Short ruffled tutus on layers make a promising fall wedding flower girl dress. You wouldn’t need further designs or accents because the authentic simplicity of the dress make it stand out. Plus, ruffles and flats will absolutely look darling on the girls.

Tiered Ruffle Dress
Dress up a little hippie
If you want to do away with formal and cheesy flower girl dresses, you may opt for rocking hippie look. A vintage dress with warm colors and fabric patterns would be perfect for a rustic slash hippie wedding. Boots would seal the look of a cute, rocking little miss. String bands with minimal flowers would soften the look.

Little girl on her back
Pick out some regal colors
If you’re pulling a vintage slash fall wedding, then the choice of the little girls’ dresses’ colors and textiles would help you pull off the look. Think of velvety dark orange accents and cream, silky base cloth. A paisley-printed skirt would break the monotony of the dress. However, the print should be subtle enough to make the entire look ravishing rather than over-styled.

Dark, silky textiles
Play up with some flowers
Though it is not a spring wedding, dark-colored flowers could still make an outfit look autumn-ish. When you incorporate flowers though, pick out those in brown and orange hues. Avoid the brightly colored purples, blues and pinks. Stick with the orangey, reddish and brownish ones. Same thing with your desired textiles, stick with the mentioned hues and you’ll never go wrong.


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Flower Girl Tutu Inspiration Dresses

Flower girls, with their rosy cheeks and angelic eyes are already adorable on their own. They have the certain charm that can seize everybody’s attention during the entire wedding ceremony. Do you know what will make these girls more adorable than ever? Just try to tutu skirts.

Feather Tutu

Tutu dresses make wonderful flower girl dresses for the refined little ladies. Just by fine-tuning the tulle type, design, colors and accents, a tutu dress can be made appropriate for a wide variety of themed weddings. To start you up, here are examples of delightful flower girl tutu dresses.

Flowered top tutu dress

A classic style of tutu dresses is incorporating a sash accessory which ties into a big bow at the back or in the front. For a fashionable, bold move, choose a sash color which would pop against the plain top. For subtle, exquisite and blissful effect, choose a sash in a color that complements the dress hue.

Crochet top tutu dress

A favorite cut for tutu dresses is the empire cut (as if a tutu skirt is not already endearing enough). Usually, the upper portion of the dress is short, just under the breast area. From that line then starts the flow of the tutu skirt, stretching all the way to an ankle-length or even a little longer. To make things interesting, the top can be adorned with flowers, giving an illusion of a purely flowered top. This style would be perfect in pastel shades, appropriate for garden weddings.

Spaghetti Strapped Ful Length Satin and Organza Flower Girl Dress

To provoke a sense of simple country finish on the flower girls’ aura, a crocheted top would be a smart and contemporary adoption. As much as possible, the tulle to be used should be matted and not sparkly or even shimmery. The last two options are reserved for non-crocheted tops.

Sleeveless Beaded Pick Up Ivory Flower Girl Dress with Pleats and Flowers

This heavily bodied trio-color tutu dress adorned with a huge flower on the center is modish chic. The key to achieving this look is to use three tulles, the colors of which pleasantly complement each other. With this type of tutu, glimmer tulles can be used for a soft shimmering sheen to the skirt.

Sleeveless Satin Flower Girl Dress in Ivory with Floral Waistline

Another tutu dress is made with two differently colored tulles, the darker one of which is of a sparkly type. This is perfect for a sunny, outdoor wedding – cheery and jovial. Let the girls wear a hippie flower band for some cute touch.

Two Toned Appliqued Satin A Line Flower Girl Dress with Bow Sash

Lastly, a tutu dress can be made of several layers of different kinds of tulle to achieve a fuller skirt effect. The ends of the outer layer can be embellished with feathers for a soft and magical touch.


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The Flower Girls: Adorable, Angelic and Agitated

A wedding is a very happy celebration as well as an occasion that gives uneasiness to the bride and groom. The bridesmaids are there to assist the bride and the groomsmen to give the groom a good glass of wine before the wedding ceremony starts. The role of the flower girls on the other hand where some of them can barely walk, is distraction; distraction from edginess  that is.

Flower Girl with Purple and White Decoration

Who would not be happy if you are surrounded by innocent and angelic little girls that would want to try your shoes on and puts the tip of your veil on their heads? They actually provide ease for the bride that reminds her to be carefree and take things like a little girl who is at all times enthusiastic and cheerful.

Flower Girls with Funny Faces

Adorable as they are, these pretty little things that like to walk around with their gowns are as excited as the bride. They would look pretty much like a cherub but they would behave the opposite sometimes.

Flower Girls In Sunlight

The flower girls are delighted to wear those fabulous tiaras and the sought after tutu dress. Their anticipation of holding that tiny bouquet and wearing that pretty dress is as intense as the expectancy of the bride herself.

Flower Girls with Ring Baskets

Anyway they would all look good whether they have the little crowns, the floral headpiece or the headband. They gladly toss the flowers from their baskets while some would do other things. They would love to run around that is why their dresses are made comfortably. The style would only come second because of the mood swings that they would have when their wardrobe malfunctions.

Adorable Flower Girls

The flower girls are your little bundle of joy during the ceremony. They will provide a light feeling on the couple. Even Princess Kate chose to have flower girls and junior bridesmaids rather than an adult bridesmaid because not only it is the normal royal wedding but the kids really are amazingly adorable.

Angelic Flower Girls

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