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The best shoes and accessories to wear with your Cheongsam

Elegant, refined and exquisitely sophisticated, it’s no wonder that the Cheongsam is always growing in popularity. While this used to be the traditional Chinese wedding outfit, this figure-hugging gown is quickly soaring in Western countries as well. Indeed, who wouldn’t want to slip into a fabulously flattering and eye-catching dress on the most special day of their lives?


Pearl or diamante jewelry to wear with cheongsam

Most importantly, Cheongsams- unlike traditional wedding dress- are very easy to pair with a plethora of jewellery and accessories. Of course, the accessories, shoes and jewellery that you decide to go for will ultimately depend on the type of Cheongsam which you will wear. For example, classic long Cheongsams with a high neck rarely require much jewellery. In fact, these are so beautifully detailed and elegant by themselves that they rarely need to be accessorized, unless you really want to go all the way and lay on the accents for your wedding day. Brides who want to keep a toned down look and minimal accessories can only wear a long pair of teardrop earrings and select a gold or bright red Cheongsam with intricate patterns. The traditional Cheongsam colour is red so if you decide to go for this hue, don’t hesitate to go for accessories in contrasting shades such as orange, gold, silver or brown.

Bride in long cheongsam  with minimal accesories

Contemporary Cheongsams are normally on the short side and lack the traditional high neckline. Longer versions may even include a lit up the thigh. Since these tend to look a tad less elegant than longer ones, it’s important to take the proper time and care to accessorize your Cheongsam. This is your wedding, after all, and you do want to look more dressed-up than on any regular day! Brides should remember that diamonds go extremely well with modern Cheongsams so don’t hesitate to invest in a diamond chocker, bracelet and matching tiara. Of course, not everyone can afford a full set of diamond jewellery. In that case, you can very easily substitute real diamonds for diamante accessories. Semi-precious white or clear stones are other great options to beautify your wedding Cheongsam.

Bride in contemporary Cheongsam

And then of course, there’s the shoes. Cheongsams look doubly sophisticated when paired with strappy heels, preferably in sparkly gold or red. However, brides should try to avoid wedges with this type of garment because they won’t balance out the figure-hugging aspects of the Cheongsam and make you look bulky instead. If you’re tall enough, you can even slip into some sequined flats.

Strappy heels to wear with cheongsam


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Get married like a celebrity

We all love to stare at their wedding pictures in magazines. And whether we admit it or not, our hearts always give this little flutter of envy as we watch celebs twirl around in their designer wedding frocks. One of the reasons why celebrity weddings are so mediatized is because of the glamor and sophistication that usually surround these ceremonies. Extravagant wedding dress

So, if you’d always dreamt of having your very own celebrity wedding and if you can afford to splurge, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. After all, this is one of the most- if not the most- special day of your life so it’s quite important to make the absolute most out of it. Couples who are on a restricted budget can also have a celebrity-like wedding without having to spend more than their budget. Be sure to use a lot of imagination and try to indulge in some DYI in order to save up on money.

string quarter band

If you want to get married like a celebrity, the one thing that you should absolutely knock off is the overly funky band, DJ or, worse, stereo. Try to invest in a well-known string quartet band that will automatically bring a glamorous feel to your wedding. While you should of course have some upbeat songs that will lead your guests into some beautifully choreographed dance moves, it’s important for the first song to be something sophisticated and classical. Music from Swan Lake, Beethoven or even Mozart are all ultra-glamorous options for your first dance.

Extravagant wedding cake

Don’t be afraid to go for an extravagant wedding cake as well. As far as celebs go, the motto is “the taller, the better”, so, be sure to put as many tiers as you can afford on your wedding cake. And of course, it wouldn’t be a celeb-like wedding if not for a perfectly luxurious setting. Think white beaches, turquoise seas, stupendous villas, vineyards, forests and the likes. Celebrities never do things half-way so it’s important for you to indulge in some fabulous decors and aisle that’s bound to wow your guests.

Luxurious setting for wedding

Since the day’s focus will ultimately be on the bride, it’s crucial that she looks as radiant as possible. Do not hesitate to go for some dramatic makeup: Cleopatra eyes, glossy lips, bronzer, shimmer and blusher are your friends. Don’t neglect your nails as well. Most people will ask to look at your wedding ring so you should get a celeb-worthy manicure. Forget about boring painted nails and go for some nail art that includes rhinestones, glitter and swirly patterns.

Dramatic wedding makeup


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Top Trendy Styles for Cheongsam Wedding Dresses

Chinese weddings come in big lavish packages. Naturally, the Chinese bride must look ravishing on her cheongsam wedding dress for her big day. Here’s how to look hot and stylish without defying tradition.

The Color Red
More often than not, the characteristic color for a cheongsam wedding dress is red. The color red is auspicious. It’s believed to bring luck, joy and happiness – all the stuff that make for great weddings and marriages. Sometimes, the cheongsam wedding gown highlights an embroidered phoenix, perhaps to throw in more luck.

Top Trendy Style Wedding Veil for Cheongsam Dress

Color Enhancer and Color Departure
Some Chinese brides wear a long ornamental jacket over their dress – usually they use a different color palette like gold or white or blue and black needlework to enhance the color red.

Pink Satin Mini Sheath Cheongsam with Side Slits
A gold cheongsam wedding dress will give a feeling of luxury. Gold is a symbol of fortune and wealth for the couple. Don’t want to use gold as your main color? Use this gorgeous hue for touches of gold embellishment.

Floral Sequined Tulle over Satin Mini Sheath Cheongsam
Daring to go a bit more stylish? Go for a silver cheongsam wedding dress instead. This will make a lustrous and chic wedding. Aside from the sparkle a silver color brings, silver indicates fulfillment and purity. Plus a silver cheongsam wedding dress is a sure ringing stunner.

Rosy pink is more fun and playful than the classical red color. Pink still has the touch of red – luck will still be on your side plus it brings more romance and love.

 Straight Neck Phoenix Patterned Red Satin Mermaid Cheongsam

Go for Elaborate Royalty
The Chinese bride can wear a crown-like veil to accessorize the cheongsam dress. Decorate it with pearls and feathers to represent the phoenix. You can choose to wear this only for posterity and show.

 White Cotton Sheath Cheongsam with Plum Blossom Pattern

Go for Figure-Hugging Knockout Dress
Svelte Chinese brides will look knock out gorgeous in a long form-fitting cheongsam or Qipao wedding gown. You can opt for a mermaid Chinese dress that blends coolly with a crochet lace fabric. This is perfect for an evening wedding. The silhouette will enhance the bride’s slim figure. It highlights a mandarin collar, a cutout at the back of the dress and a traditional Chinese hand-made knot button.

 White Sleeveless Mandarin Lace over Satin Ankle Length Sheath Cheongsam

Go for Sweet-styled Wedding Dresses
Some hip Chinese brides do away with the Mandarin collar. Modern Cheongsam wedding dresses are stylishly designed like red sweetheart or sleeveless brocade, others are straight-neck – the color red and the Chinese design woven in metallic threads will pay homage to Chinese tradition.

Two Toned Floral Sequined Lace over Satin Mermaid Cheongsam


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A Brief Introduction to Brown Wedding Themes

Brown is supposed to be versatile color which is supposed to get along with every other color as well. Although, brown might not be the first choice when it comes to color choosing for wedding theme, style, and decor, but it certainly is one of the best choices of colors to choose for a wedding. It varies from pale mocha to deep espresso. It is more of a mature choice when an individual plans for a brown wedding theme. It adds a charm of beauty to the occasion and a touch of sophisticated elegance to the wedding as well. There are various ways for an individual to plan a successful and amazing brown wedding themed occasion.

Wedding Flowers with Brown Elements

Brown is not supposed to be a color which is used as a solo or a color to be only focused on as it lacks that energy or vigor, therefore, it is mostly used with an accent color so that it has that punch to the wedding. However, this all depends on how an individual pick and choose beautiful colors which gets along with each other. A perfect combination of colors can make a brown wedding themed glamorous.

Brown Wedding Centerpiece

The greatest way to use the brown color with some incredible combination is with sage green. It produces mellower than lime green, therefore, this combination is known as one of the best for a brown wedding themed occasion. Though when it comes to the bridal dress, the brown bridesmaid dresses with a sash in lime or aqua blue color enhances the beauty of the dress as well the prettiness of the lady who is wearing that dress.

Brown Wedding Invitations

The color brown when added to a particular part where charm of beauty and elegance is required plays a perfect role at the perfect time. The power of this color is truly remarkable and incredible. Even though, it is not some color which can be put up alone to any wedding theme but the combinations of accent color it has provides great look to a special occasion. All in all, brown is the color which can sometimes looks amazing when put up alone, but it can show truly remarkable signs as it can transform and get along easily with other color or accent colors, if perfectly chosen.

Brown and Gold Wedding Centerpiece Decorations

This color is the best way to upscale the ambiance in such special occasions hence; it is such a versatile color which can be chosen to make a special day more beautiful.


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The Vegan Wedding Menu: Healthy, Tasty and Cozy

Planning for the wedding menu is done by the bride and groom because they will be having the guests which are mostly their friends and relatives. The emerging menu nowadays since everyone seems to go organic, is the vegan wedding menu. By this, you will be doing your attendees a favor because vegan is healthy, tasty and cozy.

The all-healthy-totally-no-meat recipes are the latest trend today that does not only keep your guests away from hypertension, heart ailment and arthritis but are totally delectable.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Shanghai rolls

Shanghai rolls are way better compared to muffins with colored icings. This one is rich in omega3 and beta-carotene.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Mushroom Pie

Creamy and tasty are the features of good food. The mushroom, spinach, onions and tofu roll will make your heart alive as well as fill your tongue with flavor.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Sushi

As an alternative of sugary desserts, you can place sushi as your eye catcher. They can be presented with rainbow wraps where the fruits and veggie filling are captivating.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Mushroom and Tofu

The mushroom and tofu mix will get your taste buds filled. It loads the tummy but not the cholesterol count.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Desserts

Desserts and side dishes can only be gratifying if the palatability value is present. These veggie recipes have it so your guests will not be looking for those conventional cupcakes that will only get them at war with their sugar levels. Let them taste the natural sweetness of fruit and vegetables not sugar.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Main Courses

Plated main courses are usually done during the wedding reception. Filling that plate with colors coming from Mother Nature will definitely excite your attendees and their flavor buds.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Salads

You can save on the decoration because the food totally have an expressive medley of beautiful color combinations that are healthy to eat and absolutely flavorful.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Vegan Salad

The vegan wedding menu is a good trend that even celebrities like Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway have considered the natural food for their own weddings.


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Vintage Style Thicken Pure Cotton Slim Cheongsam for Winter

Vintage is all the rage when it allows you to get the image you want to have, one that is uniquely you. Some retro elements are added and applied for modern design, so does the cheongsam nowadays.

For Chinese, cheongsam boasts special meanings with long history, which can be originated from Qing Dynasty, and modern style appeared in Shanghai in the 1920s, that is similar to what we saw today, slender and fitting with high cut. Modern women who are looking for designs with traditional edge love cheongsam. It is the best fusion of Chinese tradition and modern styles.

Original Chinese Formal Dresses

Every woman deserves one. Whoever saw cheongsam will know why I said like this, they will figure out what looks perfectly on a woman and will be amazed by how beautiful and charming a dress can make you look once being put on.

Mandarin collar is Chinese traditional collar and has been used largely in cheongsam. It looks simple and elegant with lines of buttons, and shows off beautiful neck. If you are a retro forward, plain distressed color with plain flowers and yellowed leaves sounds great. Many fabrics are used for cheongsam, such as wool, satin, silk, cotton, etc. I like cotton best which breathes and has comfortable touch. As winter is coming, thicken pure cotton is great choice, unlike silk which is too thin to keep warm, and wool which is too thick to move.

As representative of China, Cheongsam has been around for thousands of years. Now it is not only a fashion, but also the reflection of attitude for life, returning to the original and revealing peace and quiet heart bring us.


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