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Trendy ideas for your bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dresses can get a little bit boring after a while. After all, there’s nothing new in dressing all the ladies in identical dresses with the exact same cut and colour. Admittedly, this homogenous look will bring a rather neat and organized visual aspect to your wedding and while there’s certainly nothing wrong with this trend, some couples might want to spruce it up a bit. So, don’t hesitate to look into some trendy ideas for your bridesmaids’ dresses and overall attires. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be different and use as much creativity as you can to add some extra panache to your special day.

Bridesmaids in pants

Couples who are having a super casual wedding might even consider having all their bridesmaids wear jeans or pants to the wedding. It may sound quite unconventional but then again, it is your wedding day and no one else, so, it’s ultimately up to you to decide what the dress code should be. In fact, bridesmaids in pants or jeans might even add a cutting-edge flair to the grand day so be sure to explore new, unchartered horizons to add a unique twist to your big day.

Bridesmaids in skirt and top

Another not so conventional option would be to get your bridesmaids dresses and tops instead of the traditional dress. Long skirts might be more appropriate for evening weddings while shorter ones are more suited for outdoors and day weddings. However, couples who are more traditional might go for the customary bridesmaid dresses but try to avoid the whole identical look. Instead, allow the girls to select their own individual outfit to create a non-matching bridesmaid dress scheme. In fact, this little bit of versatility might even take the visual aspect of your wedding to the next level.

Non matching bridesmaid dresses

A more daring and fun look would be to go for costumes instead of bridesmaid dresses. If you’re selecting this option, make the most out of it and go absolutely wild: poufy Victorian frocks, 50’s style flared polka dots outfits or even 20’s style flapper dresses are going to add some extra sizzle to your wedding. Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t go into a full-blown costume party mode and add masks, trains, gloves and spiky heels to their ensembles?

Bridesmaids in costumes

To keep things much more toned down, but different, you could ask your bridesmaids to wear white or ivory gowns. It is an unspoken rule that no one but the bride should wear white to a wedding, but, more and more couples are embracing the idea of having the entire bridal party wear white. From the bridesmaids to the page boys, ring bearers and even flower girls, an all-white bridal party will undoubtedly leave a striking effect on your guests.

Bridesmaids and bride


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Winter Bridesmaid Dresses to flatter every figure

Bridesmaids come in all shapes, sizes and heights. So, there’s absolutely no reason why these special ladies shouldn’t get to feel stunning on your wedding day. After all, they’re going to be on display in front of several friends and relatives and let’s face it, not everyone is comfortable with that! So, as the bride, it’s your duty to orchestrate the proper clothes and accessories in order to enhance your bridesmaids’ figures and features, a task which can be quite problematic during colder weathers.

Bridesmaid dress with coat
While Winter Weddings are undeniably romantic, you do have to bear in mind that winter clothes aren’t always flattering. A full-figured bridesmaid, for instance, might not feel comfortable in a thick, bulky anorak. Similarly, a slender, albeit petite lady will be drowned by those thick faux fur coats that are present in almost every winter wedding.

Winter Bridesmaids dresses with coats and shawls
So, to find the perfect winter bridesmaid dresses that flatters every figure, do not hesitate to first find a common ground between all the ladies. Grecian-style dresses, for instance, are flattering to just about everyone, whether your bridesmaid is skinny, pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped or curvaceous. To add a winter twist to the Grecian style dress, do not hesitate to go for elbow-length velvet gloves in a contrasting colour. Bridesmaids can even go for a thick stole, not only to keep warm during the ceremony, but also to add an elegant, eye-catching accessory to the overall outfit.

dark blue bridemaid dressIf you want to be different, forget about wearing the traditional bright pastel hues. In fact, for an ultra-contemporary touch and to bring some flair to the morose winter season, bridesmaids can even opt for white or ivory outfits – not unlike the bridesmaids and flower girls at Kate Middleton’s royal wedding. On the other hand, traditionalists may select dark blue bridesmaid dresses with black dress coats. This will provide quite a beautiful contrast to the white or ivory wedding gown.

A-Line-bridesmaid-dressesAnother flattering winter bridesmaid outfit would be an A-line dress with either a full coat or faux fur shrug thrown over it. In fact, shrugs have the tendency to draw attention to the curve between your waist and your hips, hence bringing a homogenous and proportionate look to your silhouette. The double layers will certainly keep the bridesmaids warm and the nipped-in A-line waist is extremely flattering to most, if not all, body shapes. Bear in mind that full-length coats and a shawl around the neck will very easily hide any bulge or wobble, especially if you’re wearing a clingy dress. If it’s snowing, bridesmaids can even go for the classic, albeit fiery shades of red and black to bring some flair and panache to a promising, romantic winter wedding.


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Stripes Bridesmaid Dresses

Do away with the usual cheekiness of bridesmaid gowns and go for a refreshing kind – that of the striped collection. Who knew stripes could be elegant enough to be used in bridesmaid dresses? It’s not only the silky textiles and glittery dresses that would make the cut to being proclaimed as fashionable bridesmaid gowns, stripes could even top the list. See for yourself.

Southern Stripes

Southern Stripes
A casual wedding calls for a casual attire. Rustic weddings are typically held on barns or at local churches, but you can make things more interesting by having thin-striped dresses sewn out for your girls. Choose a striped textile with subtle colors and go for playful cuts. A tulip-styled skirt would be a nice example.

Wide striped dress

Wide Stripes
Timeless elegance can be found on wide-striped black and white bridesmaid dresses. It’s just simple, but so chic. Think of Audrey Hepburn. Make their look extra sophisticated by having them wear their hair in sleek buns. Spice up this look by advising your girls to wear different solid-colored pump – in pink, blue or orange.

Ombre Striped Dress

Ombre Stripes
Here’s an fascinating way of tweaking up your stripes: play up with ombre. A simple cut dress would instantly be translated into a runway-worthy dress if its stripes are progressing by shades. You could have it short or long and you can even ask your designer to arrange vertical stripes for the top and horizontal stripes for the skirt to have some variety.

Multicolored and varied stripes

Multicolored Stripes
If plain stripes bore you, you could choose a textile with multi-colored, differently sized stripes and turn it into a skirt. A nice example of a color combination is blue and yellow. To tone down the bold variation, you can just have a plain yellow top worn with the skirt. The tricky part of pulling off this move is finding a great textile to start with.

Striped Skirt

Striped Skirts
Striped skirts work well with solid tops. You could turn this lovely ensemble into a bridesmaid dress. This would only work if you are opting to go for a spontaneous, off-the-cuff kind of wedding. You can choose to have wide stripes on the skirt, limited to only two colors. For the top you can go for those ruffled tops and neatly tuck them in the skirt.


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Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

If you have always been sweet and romantic, then you should go for coral for your wedding theme. For one, coral or rose peach is a soul spirit color, perfect for hippie weddings. It also reveals the angelic aura and soul star chakras of people. It gives a calming feeling of warmth. Coral weddings are also great for beach wedding and country rustic style wedding. Here are bridesmaid dresses of sorts in coral.
Classic Tube Top Gowns
The simplest cut for a coral bridesmaid dress is the classic tube top gown. Flowy. Feminine. With fancy creases on the top. And floor-length. It spells freshness and simple elegance that no bride will fail to appreciate.

Coral Different Styles
Floral Coral Dress
If you’re going for a laid-back country style wedding, then your girls could simply wear floral cocktail dresses with coral accents. The great thing about short skirt dresses is that they look fresh. Add the flowery details and it silently whispers summer romance.
Lacy Coral Dress
For sassiness and an urban chic effect, you can go for bridesmaid dresses made from laced textiles. This type of dress is better styled short. This wouldn’t be great with long cuts. This is perfect for spring weddings.

Bride with bridesmaids
Textured Coral Dress
If fierceness and individuality is what you seek, you can have bridesmaid dresses with geometric patterns designed on it. Yes, the color is soft, but the modish appeal is delightfully delivered by the sharp edges and bold designs.

Coral and Teal
Dress with Teal Accents
IF plain coral is too boring for you, then you could always add some color accent in the form of teal. Tie teal ribbons around the bouquets. Make your bridesmaids wear teal shoes.

Twist Wrap Dress
Twist Wrap Dress

The twist wrap dress is a perfect investment for the bride who plans on having a mismatched bridesmaid dresses. You can just purchase one dress for all of your bridesmaids and have your stylist do their magic on each piece. It may be a halter top, a tube top or a playfully seductive top.

Mismatched Coral Dresses
Mismatched Coral Dresses
Mismatched is a rising trend for weddings and it would be a great style for coral bridesmaid dresses. Different shades can also be considered. Only one rule remains though: the dress should be utterly stunning for everyone.


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Denim Bridesmaid Dresses

Having a barn or a rustic wedding? Or just wanting to have a standout classic wedding? Make it more awesome by making your bridesmaids wear denim dresses. There’s nothing more organic and unique than your bridal entourage sashaying in sophisticated-styled denims. Who says denims can only be rugged? Here are real proof that will make your think otherwise.

Bridesmaids with the Bride
Soft Denim Fabrics
Having a denim-themed wedding doesn’t necessarily require you to use those stiff and thick denim textiles in creating your bridesmaid’s dresses. It would be a nightmare. There are soft and delicate denim-looking fabrics which you can use instead. Style should be flowy and frilly to bring out the feminine side.

Denim Tops
Denim Tops + Frilly Bottoms
Another charming idea is to wear ordinary denim jackets on top and a frilly, tutu-like bottom. Fold up the sleeves until just above the elbow to sharpen the look. Use a beige to brown belt to cover the tucked in portion of the outfit. Wearing a boots would also make the entire ensemble look rocking.

Mismatched Denims
Mismatched Denim Dresses
To cut on the expenses and to stimulate chic wedding fashion, why not let your bridesmaids wear their own favorite denim dresses? You can just put say, some guidelines like dresses should be an inch above the knees or that the dress shoudn’t reveal too much skin. As long as you trust and believe that your friends have great taste in fashion, you are allowed to choose this dodgy option.

Elegant Denims
Elegant Denim Dresses
To achieve elegance and sophistication with denim bridesmaid dresses, you can request for a floor-length cut from your seamstress. Try to make it a tube-cut dress to exhibit feminity. Also, a minimalistic design wouldn’t hurt. You just can play with folds and creases on the dress top, but you wouldn’t want to embellish it with heavy beadwork – it is uncalled for. With this style, less is always more.

Simple denim dresses
Denim Overalls
Denim overalls are the ultimate way to go if you’re desiring to have that timeless and refined bridal entourage. If you want to nail this look, the design of the dress should be sophisticated – wide leg pants, folded scarf-like tops and dazzling accessories. To complete the look, you can opt to wear high heels with a denim touch.


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Top 5 Chic Bridesmaid Dress Styles for Different Body Types

Gowns should perfectly fit the body. But aside from that, it is also important to know the perfect cut of the dress that will flatter the bridesmaid’s best parts.

A Line Dress

Believe it or not, bridesmaids are also nervous for the wedding day. They want to make sure that they will also look stunning in the dress that they are going to wear. There are wedding themes that the bridesmaids do not have to wear exactly the same style of dress. The latest wedding couture encourages bridesmaids to wear the same color but of different styles. They should don a number that will flaunt their best parts and hide their not so desirable parts.

Mini Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Let’s not talk about shapes as they exaggerate the body type of the bridesmaid. Let’s talk about figures instead.

Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress with Pleats

Petite bridesmaids are the ones with small body frames. An A-line cut dress is perfect for this body type. It elongates the body therefore adding height to the bridesmaid. The fabric should only be light in texture. The bride should not consider asking petite bridesmaids to wear ball gowns or heavy fabric as it will only look too much for the wearer. Wearing a ¾ sleeved dress will also help add some inches to the height.

The Chic Dress for the Petite Bridesmaid

As they say, “Thin is in,” but a bridesmaid dress should not make a girl look like she has not eaten for months. Avoid the exposure of obvious collarbones and instead go with chic shoulder straps over a ball gown type of dress.

The Chic Dress for the Slender Bridesmaid

You think your body is just fine until you fit a dress and notice your tummy sticking out? Or your waist almost the same width as your hips? You have to know that you will perfectly fit in an empire-cut dress. The cut that does not emphasize the mid section of the body. Pick a strapless neckline to move the eyes away up the torso.

Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress with Long Tailed Sash
Afraid that you can’t get rid of your full hips until the wedding? Put on an A-line bridesmaid dress with bare shoulders. The cut will hide the unflattering width of the hips and the shoulders will give just enough proportion of the upper and lower torso.

The Chic Dress for the Full-Waist Bridesmaid

Full-figured bridesmaids should don sexy attire. Yes you read it right. They, too, can look sexy with the right bridesmaid dress. Let them fill in an off-shoulder nipped-in waist dress and they will instantly look like they’ve lost 10 pounds. The slimming effect of strapless or sexy strapped tops will also make them look voluptuous and romantically very daring.


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Top 5 Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Styles

If you are an individualist, then commonality wouldn’t appeal to you. This holds true even during your own wedding. You would want to empower everyone to express themselves even if it is your wedding day. You are no Bridezilla, but yet you can manage how to achieve that cohesive bridal entourage. Tap the mismatched bridesmaid styling.

With mismatched bridesmaid dressing, your bridesmaids can play with their own outfit with your guidance, of course. Set some “rules” to be able to have aunified look on the big day. Here are some suggestions.

Stick to one hue or one color combination
You could pick out one hue for your entire entourage. Provide the textile and allow your bridesmaids to pick out their own designs. They can have it in halter tops, tube tobs, assymetrical, princess cut or whatever they like. You might want to make the length of the skirt the uniform to minimize the messy effect. Say, an inch above the knee?

mismatched bridesmaids

Go for a rainbow hue
If you couldn’t decide for a certain color, then go for a rainbow to make things more interesting. Assign your entourage their specific color. You can go from red to purple. You could even add black to spice it even more. If you have more girls than the colors of the rainbow, then play with each color hues. It’s entirely up to you.

Colorful Leggings

Flick some Florals

If you want your wedding to be vintage and laid-back, then you could experiment with simple floral material. Tap the 1940s divas without you and your girls. Picking out different textiles wouldn’t hurt as long as you limit the dress style to simple ones – halters and tube tops. And oh, go floral on the bouquets too.

Floral Dresses

Blushing Pastels
With blushing pastels, you could do more since the color scheme is light and classy. Overdoing the designs would actually give more sophistication and elegance. You can play up with lace textiles. Toss in some silky ones. Make one ruffled. And place some bows on the waists. The entourage will still look dazzling. Just make sure your chosen textiles gives out similar stir; you wouldn’t want one to overpower the others.

Brown Dresses

Play with Accessories
If you’re feeling heavier on the eclectic side of the scale, then you could even play up with the accessories. Let your girls wear the same styled shoes of different colors. Or make them wear colored leggings under their meek dresses. This would be great if all of your girls are game for it.

Blush Neutrals

In mismatched bridesmaid dresses, as long as you have a theme and stick with it, nothing could ever go wrong. However, work closely with your girls if they’re just okay with your “rules”.


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Top Trendy Styles for Bridesmaid Dresses

Weddings are always perfect when the entourage standouts from the rest of the visitors. While the bride and groom plan to look their best on this eventful day, the bridesmaids should also be presented in their best wedding looks.

Like the bride, bridesmaids are also excited about their dresses. They do consider the uniqueness of their attire or whether the color complements their skin, or whether the fabric and cut accentuates their figure.

Sleeveless V Neck Chiffon Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress with Sash

This year’s top picks include a chic and stylish short cocktail dresses accentuated with one shoulder strap. Make it way formal by using the latest color trends of green, blue, red or black. Finish the look with a matching high-heeled closed shoes and minimal accessories. For a laid-back wedding, bridesmaids can match peep-toe shoes with their preppy dress. Choose this style for outdoor and indoor weddings and use colors that are perfect for the season.

One Shoulder Strap Satin Mini Bridesmaid Dress with Brooch and Flower

Wanted something elegant for a black-tie wedding? Opt for a floor length strapless satin fabric. It should look classic and understated while it accentuates the slim figure of the bridesmaid. This style looks good on formal ceremonies and night weddings. Go for the dark colors to avoid it looking like the bridesmaid has just got from a prom.

Sweetheart Neckline Sheath Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress with Ruching

Knee-length and long pastel dresses are perfect for the sweet and romantic bridesmaids. Choose a different color for each of them and the wedding picture will look like the bride and groom are surrounded by cotton candies. Highlight each piece of attire with bright colored bouquets and even brighter colored shoes. Pure white flowers and shoes can also do the sweet trick. Prefer pastel colors for outdoor weddings on a fair weather. Set the reception outdoors and get the bridesmaids looking like bundles of hydrangeas of various colors. Make the look perfect by choosing to wear the hair tight in a bun or for strapless dresses, wear the hair long and wavy.

Halter Strap Ruched Satin Chiffon Long Sheath Bridesmaid Dress

Fancy dresses always look good on different wedding themes. Who says shimmering numbers only work during the night? Bridesmaids will definitely look pretty and lively in dresses adorned with sequins and fabrics with metallic sheer. And take note, they can wear it even when the sun is high up in the sky on a country themed wedding.

Strapless Chiffon Knee Length Bridesmaid Dress with Embellished Sash

Since Kate Middleton’s wedding gown was thrown all over front page of magazines and internet websites, wedding designers can’t help but adapt the lacy and dainty style to the bridesmaid dresses as well. Cream, old rose, pastel and white colored lacy dresses are cut right above the knee to give a vintage mood to the wedding theme.

One Shoulder Strap Satin Knee Length Bridesmaid Dress with Bow Sash

Bridesmaid dresses are aplenty but in choosing the right outfit for them, it is still important to consider the wedding theme including the venue and the season.


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